Saga OT written "around" the technology

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    Hmmmm....interesting....[link=]GL interview on youtube[/link]

    So, if GL wrote/made the OT "around" the available technology, I wonder how different it would be if he re-wrote/re-made the OT based on the current existing technology...taking into account the PT, TCW, etc.?

    Not that GL would ever do that...just something interesting to think about.
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    1. I thought from the title that it would mean he wrote the OT around an idea he had of which technologies would be acceptable in-universe.

    2. Check out the early drafts of the OT to see what sorts of things he would have had in mind. Off the top of my head, an involved speeder bike chase and wookies in a ground battle in the original film and acrobatic aliens riding air whales in ESB probably would have needed more advanced filmmaking technology. Basically what I'm hearing is that the Hoth battle in ESB would look more like the Geonosis one, and the Endor space battle would look more like the ROTS one.