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NSWRPF Archive Outbreak: Encounter

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Master_Dmentae, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Master_Dmentae

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    Jun 17, 2006
    Outbreak: Encounter


    The 'Governemnt' is the world government, as this rp takes place on an altered earth, with the same countires, but different landmasses, cities and most of the world speaks English. This RP takes place in the Continent of Gerion - Our Europe, an all english-speaking country, with Unity City as its 'Capitol'.

    The Army used an experimental injection cannled Vector-C7 on soldiers to attempt to enhance their abilities in combat, but the test subjects turned into Rare zombie breeds and broke free, ripping the base apart. The Government kept the ?incident? a secret and altered the drug, asking for it to be tested again. Groups came forward, unaware of the fate of the others. They also turned, into the horde. The Government kept it a secret again, but discontinued the tests, executing all related scientists and researchers ? so they couldn?t tell anyone, or create any more abominations.
    Zombies: The zombie population increased rapidly, as the army?s rare zombies infected humans, creating more of their breeds, and the horde met up with them due to the Captains. Their goal is to feed themselves on the flesh of humans until they have eradicated all man, then turn on one another for dominance. The swarm of zombies broke into small packs, spanning the eastern tree line of the Unity Copse ? a dense and large forest that borders Unity City, a bustling Metropolis.
    The Present: You are travelling in Unity Copse of you own accord, isolated from the rest of the world, with only those around you for support, and the restricted Military Outpost ? Fort Echelon, otherwise known as The Citadel. You have suspicions about strange activity and have heard rumours of disfigured groups of figures crowding along the east borded or the forest. Your reason to venture into the woods could only be an allyby to check these rumours out...

    [b]Zombie Classes;[/b]
    [b]Swarm[/b] ? Baseline Zombies, most common, vary in speed, but speed increase takes away hitpoints, slower speed makes for larger hitpoints, medium attack. Like most zombies, rare or normal, they release an ear-splitting scream when attacking.

    [b]Rare Infected Classes:[/b]
    [b]Leaper[/b] ? Enhanced Jumping & Leaping Capability, grunts with every jump, roars with pounce, pins survivors but can be shaken, can lunge at different body parts to immobilize or disarm.
    [b]Stalker [/b]? Fast-Moving and silent zombies, except for low moan. Slashing Claws & fast attacks, they can blend into the shadows, as their skin has blackened tremendously.
    [b]Juggernaut[/b] ? Large zombie with enhanced muscle tissue which bulks about its torso, causing it to run like a gorilla, he is slow but tough to take down; his hits normally kill instantly, but attack slowly.
    [b]Adept[/b] ? Intelligent zombie, can use weapons but usually coordinates attacks on survivor groups, is commonly guarded by a Brute by released pheromones. However, their level of intelligence has also given them emotions, and they are alot more merciful than other breeds of zombie.
    [b]Drifter/Rogue[/b] ? Extremely dangerous zombie that wanders the land, only attacking that which disturbs it. The Drifter carries various metal rods in a backpack. Will attack other zombies and is hard to kill.
    [b]Scout/Prowler[/b] ? A variation of the Sentry. This Zombie has elongated nails that re-grow to a certain size in seconds, these nails are detachable, and so the scout can throw them at will from long ranges. It can also use these nails to climb tall objects. The Scout can report survivor?s locations to the horde to alert them of their presence.
    [b]Sentry[/b] ? Zombie with detachable spikes growing from its spine, the Sentry throws these like an axe, and can use them in melee combat, mostly patrol with a Horde and/or Prowler.
    [b]Captain[/b] ? Leads a horde, increasing its aggressiveness, speed and health. The Captain?s screech also attracts more zombies, of various classes. The Captain is always with a horde, even a summoned one.
    [b]Dispatcher[/b] ? Fast and hard-to-k>
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