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Discussion in 'Prequel Trilogy' started by Darth-Horax, Dec 5, 2005.

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    But it's still funny that the main site mentioned the wrong movie. :p
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    Ugh! I am seriously getting annoyed with the hate!

    I'm on a forum elsewhere, and it's mostly with kids my age, it's a great site, but sometime an argument breaks out. So I asked the one dude how old he was and he said he is 17 soon to be 18, most of the people on that site are around the same age. The thing I don't get is why most of the people there are generally disappointed with the prequels, I'm 15 and I love the Prequels, not to mention I only started liking star wars around 5th grade, when my Star Wars love was kicked into hyper drive by a friend of mine. I asked the guy on the forums if he jumped on the band wagon of hate, he said when AOTC came out, he hated it. Now I don't know why that is the case, possibly his parents didn't like it, who knows.

    But one of the things that annoys me so much is the whole Band Wagon thing! Now back to the friend who got me into star wars, and practically mentored me in the Star Wars ways. He got me started though the clone wars (First one I remember was Bombad Jedi, which is still one of my favorites) he knew almost everything about star wars, and loved all 6 movies and TCW! His favorite movie was ROTS, because he always loved the bad guys! And then one day, probably around season 3 or 4 four of TCW, he came to me and said he doesn’t like TCW anymore, because it messes up canon, that’s when I said “Who Cares!” He also said it was for kids, but I knew that was not true. I asked him where he heard this, and he said the Internet. This was probably 6th grade.
    So then another year passes, and I am now on the internet more, and I’m hearing all this Prequel hate, so I go and ask him if he ever heard of this, he said yea. But then in 8th grade Student Teacher comes to teach in our Band/Marching band we are in, he was disappointed with the Prequels, and told us about how he felt. He’s a cool guy, but I don’t agree with his opinion on the PT. So now months are going by, and he seems to be getting negative about the prequels, and this annoys me because I see the whole saga as one. So I asked him what his favorite star wars movie was, and now he says TESB. I asked him why it wasn’t ROTS anymore, and he says George Lucas messed up the prequels now! It’s funny to see how the internet changes people opinions, and sad too!

    Needless to say, if a solar flare hit the earth and knocked out the power to the internet for a decade, the world would be a better place!
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    Pretty hard to mess that up, but they did...

    And yes, it was worthy of a laugh.;)
  5. Pensivia Force Ghost

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    @Legacy Jedi Endordude: What's even sadder is that this "bandwagon" effect you're noticing continues even after people have left their childhood/teenage years far behind..not just in relation to SW opinions but in relation to so many things large and small. [face_sigh]

    But...shifting gears a bit, since the thread title encourages the posting of funny SW vids, here's one I came across recently...I think it's somewhat uneven, but I did especially enjoy the bit from about :37 to 1:20 which deals with Obi-Wan's comments about Anakin being a "cunning warrior" and a "good friend" and the way Obi-Wan's apparently "chagrined" expression in ANH is used to poke fun at the introduction of the midichlorians concept in the PT (from about 2:33 to 2:47):

    I also want to clarify in advance that I am not a PT basher :)--overall, I enjoy each of the PT films despite the things they are often criticized for. While the intentions of the person who made/posted this vid may in fact be to criticize the PT (the opening comments/description from creator "SorWiz9" seem to be purposely open-ended), that is not my intention in posting it here. I just thought it had a funny and creative use of editing in the particular parts I mentioned above.
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    Much have I meditated on these questions. If you're 15 then that pins you at... Oh lord you were a toddler when TPM came out! I'm only 22 and that makes me feel old. I digress, when you're exposed to something at a younger age, its a lot more of a mental imprint. SW clearly makes a bigger impact on younger people, and so empirically a lot of the PT/OT divisiveness is generational. I'm happy to hear you say you view the whole saga as one. I try really hard to see it that way myself, but the PT didn't enter my life until I was 9 and I'd already seen the OT 100 freaking times, so there's still a vestigial disconnect there. I was a teensy bit of a prequel-bashing bandwagoner for a little while in high school or whatever, but in the closet I still loved re-watching the PT. And of course there are all the people who only saw the PT movies a couple times and might have liked them, until they watched the RLM reviews or had their 'star wars fan friend' tell them what to like and what not to, thus completely souring their perceptions. And worst of all, those who turn the PT into the butt some joke, operating under the assumption that the entire human race was collectively disgusted with them.

    These are the kinds of fans that are hard to sweep under the rug and ignore. As far as Star Wars is concerned, they live inside bubbles of cynicism and negative feedback, but that does not make them bad people, and doesn't mean they should sit down and learn to love the prequels. In addition, there are many who disliked the PT legitimately, raising valid complaints from a film-critical standpoint, and that's totally okay too.

    There are very few real Star Wars bashing Star Wars fans, who in my very frank opinion, should not be made welcome to this fandom.
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    Oh, no...if you feel old at 22, where does that leave those of us like myself who are part of the "original generation" of SW fans?! (I'm 43!) :D

    I think this can be true, but (thank goodness!) there are a number of JCF'ers in their 30s and 40s who enjoy both the PT and OT.[/quote]

    ...And welcome to the JCF, @Darth Eddie! Hope you enjoy it here.
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    Haha, I didn't mean to make anybody feel even older - but it just blew my mind to think that the Star Wars fans that you'd find in the 1st or 2nd grade were born after Revenge of the Sith. I guess they're the Clone Wars generation. I suppose this whole feeling older is something i'll have to get used to :p

    I'm glad to know there are plenty OG PT fans out there... although I'm frequently reminded of an older friend of mine, a karate dad if that paints a picture, who I can have interesting passionate and hilarious discussions with regarding the original film or ESB, but the second anything RotJ or PT-related comes up, the hellish engines of dismissal and derision fire up, and inevitably get torn a new one for liking the movies that he didn't.

    also thanks for the words of welcome!
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    Welcome to the Boards @Darth Eddie!


    Yes indeed, there are plenty of OG-PT fans running around these parts, and for the record...

    I've been kicking arse with wooden/metal/plastic/carbon-fiber sabers since the summer of seventy-seven.;)
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    star 4 that phrase [face_laugh]
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    @SithStarSlayer: I like your new title underneath your name, too ("PT Troll Hunter":) ) (..or maybe it's not new and I'm just noticing it now?).

    Just curious--how long have you been modding the PT forums? I can't imagine taking on that task considering how bent out of shape some people seem to get about the prequels. What I guess I don't understand is why some (not all) of those who disliked the prequels seemingly can't just let the people who do enjoy them, do so. It really seems to disturb them that some people enjoy what they consider to be bad movies. I wonder if they go around on other sites and in "real life" trying to convince people not to like other movies they think are bad and/or outright mocking them for doing so, or do they limit this behavior just to SW fandom? I know plenty of people who like movies that I think are just awful, but I have never felt the desire (in real life or online) to point out to them all the reasons that I think those movies are awful. It's amazing how high the emotion level seems to get in some of these "discussions" (granted that happens on both sides sometimes). I guess it is just the "internet" effect (I'm new to internet forums in general, so reading through some of these threads where people are so "intense" about their opinions has been rather eye-opening to me..[face_sigh] )
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    Officially, I have been modding in PT for a few months.
    As for my titles, I have been known to change em from time to time... glad to see that somebody outside of MS noticed.

    If I told you I used to be a basher, would you believe me? :eek:

    I know both sides. I used to crush Lucas for killing Maul too early, for wasting my time with AOTC & for re-writing the best parts of ROTS. And by "crush" I mean, "bash". But after TCW came out, my POV started to change & after a couple of seasons I softened my stance. Now, I appreciate the PT as much as the OT and five years ago, that wasn't the case...

    If I can forget ignore the time Luke swapped spit with his sissster, I can forget that Anakin was originally in Palpatine's Office when the Jedi posse showed up. :p
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    Guys, I know exactly how you feel. I' m 16, and I became an SW fan at the age of 14. My family are not fans of sci - fi, I' m the only one. It was summer 2011 when my mom brought me TPM. These were summer holidays, but unfortunately, I was very unlucky that time, because my computer has broke down I had to wait till they repair it, as they didn' t have spare parts for it. Plus I got ill. Then my mom, who had no idea what is Star Wars, brought me the DVD. I was glad there is something new to watch. During the film, I didn' t try to seek any minor flaws like many critics do. And I can say, I didn' t regret watching it. I liked the story, and it really intrigued me. Then it was AOTC, then ROTS, then ANH, then ESB. My mom couldn' t find ROTJ, but I later downloaded it, and have it on my computer( which, by the way, was repaired) now. That' s how I became an SW fan. Later I found out about the EU, and started reading Wookiepedia. I also play SWTOR( I have a Jedi and a Sith there) , and I' m going to start KOTOR. I' m also going to start watching TCW.

    I can say without a shame that my favourite film so far is TPM( prequel haters, beware) . Yes, I like young Anakin Skywalker and his " talented little genius" image. I also have no problems with accepting he is a good guy in most of the PT, and a bad guy in the most of the OT, because unlike these purists, who seem to be unable to accept anything new, I understand nothing in this world is pernament except for some things( but let' s not go offtopic, as this topic is not about philosophy) , everything and everyone changes. I also have nothing against CGI, in fact, I feel offended if someone says " CGI sucks! " just because they don' t like it, because I' m also a CGI artist, I enjoy 3D modeling and using these skills to mod games( especially my beloved The Sims 2) .

    Both OT and PT have their pros and cons. Yet despite all their flaws, I still like the saga, and I never split it on the OT and the PT. I can say I hardly ever read movie reviews, because like Sherlock Holmes, I think they' re useless to me and just unnecessarily fill my memory. I can make up my mind about a film myself, because I definately won' t go and watch some suckish chick flick or soap opera like many girls of my age do. I even tried to write my own review about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 once, but unfortunately in the end I accidentaly pushed the wrong button and deleted everything completely. Then I got upset and too lazy to rewrite it. I tried to read thes bloody RLM reviews just out of pure curiosity, I skipped them right at the beginnig, thinking they' re too boring and narrow - minded, and instead of continuing to read them, I saved my time for watching another episode of Tron: Uprising( I' m a Tron fan too, whether you like it or not) .And I can say I didn' t lose anything when i skipped them. I still like TPM, and I don' t care what these [snip] ( sorry for being rude, just I think it' s the fitting word for RLM, and I can' t resist saying it) .

    I just don' t like this attitude " Prequels suck and it' s absolute" . RLM are as subjective as I am, and because they are older/ have more listeners/ have more money, doesn' t mean they are absolutely right. One of the things I don' t like about humans in general is that most of them always put labels on things and judge. This is good, this is bad... It' s relative, it is the way it is, and nothing else. One can call milk " water", but it is still the liquid white substance produced by animals, and can be used as a drink, instead of a transparent substance which is common here on Earth and also can be used as a drink.I mean, no matter which names we make, which labels we put, it is still a point of view. But let' s get back to the topic. I made lots of speeches here around the web in the defence of th prequels, I recieved lots of hate, but I still don' t regret it. It' s my point of view, and I have the right to speak it as anyone else.
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    The [Enter] button is your friend, Master Elaine.:p

    One MONDO paragraph is kinda hard to read, so I broke up your post into four parts.
  16. Master Elaine Nega Jedi Master

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    I just was in a hurry.
    Also, anyone has idea how to reveal the fact that your character are not what they seem to be? I mean, everyone thought she was a human, but really she is... how to call the race... let' s just say she is artificial.
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  17. SithStarSlayer Manager Emeritus

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    In Tron Legacy? She was called an "Iso"...
  18. Pensivia Force Ghost

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    Ah, an inspirational "conversion" story sure to melt the hearts of PT bashers everywhere:) ...uh, well, we can always hold out some hope, can't we?! ;)
  19. Master Elaine Nega Jedi Master

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    No, I didn' t mean Tron Legacy. I just asked what is the best way to reveal your character' s true nature in a fanfic...
    P. S. Is my English bad?
  20. SithStarSlayer Manager Emeritus

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    I'm not qualified to answer that, the closest I have been involved with something like was when I used to write in the Role Playing Forum. We have a Fanfic section: and the Mod I'm most familiar with is mavjade... I think that would be a great place to start.:)

    And I think your English is fine. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't be able to reply.:p
    If I can change my mind, anyone can. I'm the most stubborn person that I know.:p
  21. Master Elaine Nega Jedi Master

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    Just I' m not a native English speaker, so i worry if my speech is clear and understandable. I spent 12 years learning English, though( yes, I started learning it when i was 4) .
  22. Pensivia Force Ghost

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    I think your English is fine, @Master Elaine Nega. By the way, what is your native language? (Just curious...I always enjoy "meeting" people from other countries :))
  23. Master Elaine Nega Jedi Master

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    The official language of my country is Ukranian, but I consider Russian as my native language( in my country, people speak both) , because that is the language I spoke from birth, and that is the language my parents use. I also learn German, and for some time I used to learn French( however, I had to stop later and now I' ve almost forgotten it. Still hope I will be able to restore it once) .
    Also, how many languages you guys know, or at least learned?
  24. Pensivia Force Ghost

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    I studied French for about 7 years in high school and then college but it's been over 20 years since I last studied it so as you can imagine it's pretty rusty. Plus, though I was pretty good at reading and writing it (back then), I never learned to speak it well since I never had to the opportunity to live/study in French-speaking country. I also studied German for a couple of years although again that was a while back. I think it's great that you have already studied several different languages at your young age:) I would love to be really fluent in at least one other language, but I doubt I'll ever have the time to devote to it. I would love to study Italian as I think it is one of the world's most beautiful-sounding languages. I also think Russian sounds pretty cool :cool:

    So, what's Ukraine like? I have traveled to several different countries in Europe, but none in Eastern Europe (so far!).
  25. Master Elaine Nega Jedi Master

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    Well, in the sense of culture slightly different from Russia. Languages( I mean Ukrainian in Russian) can be similar sometimes( especially the syntax, which is almost identical) , still they can be pretty different sometimes when it comes to vocabulary. Like I said, though Ukrainian is official, people speak both( Russian is mostly spoken in the Eastern regions, while the western ones mostly use Ukrainian) . Level of life not particularly high, but could be worse anyway( I guess this subject is too sensitive for everyone) . I guess Wikipedia can explain everything better than my poor explanation skills.
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