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Discussion in 'Santa Cruz, CA' started by DarkLordSid, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Okayokayokay, so this was on the main page, but I can't help giggling about this. Yes, giggling.

    Look, it does not so much walk as is does SLIDE, anything but a perfectly clean dry surface and you're looking at the ground from a much lower angle. And the thing vibrates so badly with each step not only do the "guns" rattle but so must the driver's teeth. Finally, it shoots massively lethal tennis balls, deadly to at least stormtroopers as we all know and very slow moving ants. Nope, even the ants would survive that impact.

    Okayokayokay, so I know it's a prototype, and it's for fun, but I keep thinking about how...

    A good rug would be enough to defeat it, not to mention a couple of tiny people in rug costumes with small rocks and sticks... maybe George had it right after all in Jedi... "Arm the men with the dreaded carpet remnent guns and aim LOW!"

    The tennis balls are shooting at "Space Invaders" icons, heh. And MISSING. Need to add the flying saucer in the background and put in another quarter to get to level two.

    It must build up one hell of a static charge with all that slinding, wonder if that's its secret weapon... "Come here boy, pull my FINGER" ZZZZZZzZZOT! *Luke screams*

    Now re-read the above with Joe Pesci narrating and you can see why I keep GIGGLING.

    Still would look great with a bunch of guys in armor at a convention.

    As long as the place had tile floors.

    Maybe a set of training wheels... painted white of course...

    *dies laughing*
Thread Status:
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