Padawan Memories(Qui-gon Jinn's Padawan years)

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    Yep, It's me again. =)
    Here is where I an going to post short stories about Qui-gon Jinn. Starting when he is taken on as a padawan to his knighthood. Atrus will show up in some of them. So tell me what you think.

    As soon as I get the first part checked by my beta reader, I'll get it in, it should be tomorrow or the next day.
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    I think thats a great idea, I like young Qui stories. Start posting soon! :)
  3. Neon Star Jedi Knight

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  4. Neon Star Jedi Knight

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    Here is the first part! Please comment!

    Padawan Memories
    A New Life

    *Sith, sith, sith, sith!* 13 year-old Qui-gon Jinn thought as he ran down the hall to his classes. He knew he was late and he knew he was dead.

    *But it isn?t my fault. Mace shouldn?t have dared me, * Qui-gon thought, *No, it is my fault. I didn?t have to do it. *
    He really wasn?t paying attention to where he was going. Suddenly he tripped over something, or more importantly, someone.

    ?Get off me you will!? Yoda shouted.

    ?S?sorry, Master Yoda.? Qui-gon stuttered as he scrambled of the Jedi Master.

    ?Go where are you?? Yoda asked as he got up.

    ?I am late to class.? Qui-gon said, ashamed to admit it.

    ?Then hurry you should. Go now you should.? Yoda said.

    ?Yes, Master Yoda. Thank you, Master,? Qui-gon said, then rushed down the hall.

    Yoda chuckled and walked off.
    *Great, I am going to get kicked out of the temple for this. * Qui-gon thought as he finally entered his classroom.

    ?Qui-gon Jinn, Why are you late?? Master Core asked, disapproval showing on his face.

    ?I ran into a small problem.? Qui-gon said.

    ?Don?t let it happen again.? Master Core said then turned to the holo board to begin the lesson.

    Qui-gon heaved a sign of relief.
    Qui-gon walked down the hall after class with his best friend, Mace Windu.

    ?Nice going, Qui-gon, I thought you were dead for sure.? Mace said.

    ?I thought I was too.? Qui-gon said.

    Just then a young Padawan walked up to them.

    ?I am looking for Qui-gon Jinn,? the girl said.

    ?I am he,? Qui-gon said.

    ?The Council needs to see you,? the girl said then walked off.

    *They found out! I am going to get kicked out of the temple! * Qui-gon thought.

    ?Don?t worry, Qui, its probable nothing.? Mace said, feeling his friend?s fear.

    ?Yeah, you are probable right. See you later, Mace.? Qui-gon said as he walked toward the turbo lift.
    He arrived on the Council floor and walked into the Council chamber. He bowed before the Council.

    ?You wished to see me, Masters?? Qui-gon asked.

    ?Yes, we did. Master Yoda?? one of the Council members said.

    Yoda stood and approached Qui-gon.

    ? Master Yoda, I am sorry.? Qui-gon blurted out.

    ?For what?? Yoda asked.

    ?For what I did that brought me here,? Qui-gon said.

    ?Nothing wrong have you done. Kneel.? Master Yoda ordered.

    Qui-gon was puzzled, but he did what he was told.

    ?Qui-gon Jinn. I ask you. Accept will you to be my Padawan?? Yoda asked.

    Qui-gon?s midnight blue eyes widened. He was scared, happy, confused and a hundred other emotions at once.

    ?Why?? he asked.

    ?Watch you for a long time I have, great Jedi you will be. In the Force, I see it.? Yoda said.

    ?I accept, Master Yoda.? Qui-gon whispered past the emotion he was feeling as tears welled up in his eyes.

    Yoda smiled gently and turned to the Council.

    ?Take I as a Padawan learner, Qui-gon Jinn.? Master Yoda announced.

    ?Leave you may, Padawan, pack your stuff, you will, and met me at my apartment.? Yoda said.

    ?Thank you, Master!? Qui-gon said.

    He rose, bowed to the Council, and left.

    Qui-gon headed to his small quarters. Mace walked up to him and saw that his friend was very excited.

    ?What did they want you for? Come on you can tell me!? Mace asked.

    ?You won?t believe this, Master Yoda picked me to be his Padawan.? Qui-gon said, excited.

    ?No way!? Mace said.

    ?Yes. Help me get packed!? Qui-gon said.

    The two boys walked into Qui-gon?s small quarters and packed his few items in a small pack.

    ?Well, I guess that?s everything.? Qui-gon said, looking at the empty room, a small amount of sadness showed in his excitement as he thought about the years he spent there.

    ?Yeah. Well, I guess this is goodbye.? Mace said sadly.

    ?Why?? Qui-gon asked.

    ?Because you are becoming a Padawan and I am still going to be here while you go off
    on missions,? Mace said.

    ?We can still be friends and I bet you are going to get a Master soon.? Qui-gon said, putting a ha
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    Neat start! Would you post more this weekend, Neon Star? Please, stuff about Qui-gon as a teenager is always good. :)
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    Don't forget about this one Neon!
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