Padme Amidala Padme light blue Tatooine dress/cape

Discussion in 'Costuming and Props' started by Mrs_MayimNaar, Mar 13, 2002.

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    I think a more likely approach is to try to find someone who will dye the fabric- which is, again, easier if you get a bunch of costumers involved. I can do some research on that; I know at least one person who works in textiles and maybe she can tell me where I can find someone to do a dye job for us.
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    Polyester is as hard for the commercial dyer as the home, but the good news is that the colour is so pale it is a lot easier than say trying for a navy blue ;)

    That said I had a look as well:
    (60m would be enough for 4 people if anyone wanted to go shares in a roll ;) )
    (wrong colour but shows how the fabric is the "wrong" side compared to most knits.

    Thanks HeatherD for bumping this thread open with your find! Still my favourite EpII costume of Padme :)
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    Well certainly cotton would be easier to dye. Have you been able to have a look at either of these fabrics in person?

    Unfortunately I don't have my Dressing the Galaxy here with me, but I seem to remember the story of this fabric was the original choice fell through, so this costume ended up being the only one made with synthetic rather than natural fiber. Perhaps somebody can check on that? I'm not sure when I can get back to my copy!

    Regardless, if the texture of the cotton crepe knits was close, dyeing at home would be a cinch.
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    Ok, I've been scouring the thread for this photo! This is one of Kaydee's fabulous shots and shows the texture of the fabric.

    It does almost look velvety! The fabric I found mimics the texture, but I'm sure it's not so velvety. This really seems like a one of a kind fabric, too bad for us costumers!