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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Actaeon, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Actaeon

    Actaeon Jedi Youngling

    Oct 25, 2009
    [hl=yellow]Pandemic or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Zombie Apocalypse[/hl]


    ?I remember when the first zombies started to show up here in the little city of Rising. Do you think that counts as irony? Never mind. Anyway carrying on, the stuff you see in the movies well unsurprisingly that happened, you know death, chaos, people desperate to get out of the city, so on so forth. Soon enough the National Guard shows up moved in set up a couple of outposts you know, regular military crap.

    You see these aren?t the stereotypical rise out of the grave and eat your brain zombies ? I mean they?ll rip you the shreds but they won?t be snacking on your flesh so don?t listen to the rumours, at least I don?t think they do, anyway. These poor fellows are infected, a virus, and anyone left in this city could be vulnerable to it that is if you left them get close enough to give you a nasty cut. Don?t look so glum mate, there is an upside, not everyone is susceptible to this horrid disease, no actually people are immune to it. People like myself, I happen to find that out the hard way. But it doesn?t mean they can?t kill you! So just be careful.

    Just so happens that many soldiers that had been injured were starting to, change, learning this and wanting to stop it from spreading the man in the office ordered a embargo, nobody in, nobody out. However, things got out of hand and the Guard couldn?t keep the entire city from escaping, so now they fought both the zombies and the people, so what do you in? Get the air force to blow the bridge!

    Oh come on you really need to start smiling mate; I mean not all hope is lost. Still plenty of people alive, plenty of food, water, just...load of rabies affected humans running around wanting to kill you. You?ll be fine.

    Well our journey is over, that makeshift fort down there is Checkpoint Charlie, you should be safe there, people and the Guard alike. But I wouldn?t recommend a prolonged stay mate...

    Anyway, cheerio mate. Enjoy the Apocalypse!?


    Welcome to Pandemic a zombie-based survival role-playing game, since we are nearing Halloween what would be better. So what is the objective of this game? Well to survive. Your task isn?t to solve why this has happened, you are not part of a special task force going in guns blazing, and you are not a part of anything related to the virus. You are a citizen of the city of Rising.

    The Rules:
    *NO GODMODDING! This is the most important rule of all, your character can die so beware!
    *No Mary-Sues! I?ll be going into detail about this in the character sheets.
    *My word is law, if you have trouble with something or a complaint, send it to me in a PM.
    *Let?s try not to have too much OOC chatter.
    *Have fun

    Character Sheet:

    Okay I just want to go over something about player-characters, I want no Mary-Sues! What I really want is boring people, with normal jobs and normal life?s. Like teachers or shop clerks, personally I find their stories more interesting than the Special Commando who is armed to the teeth. So the more boring/normal the character the better the story.

    As for weapons you can use anything, be realistic but also creative ? like a baseball bat with a nail in it. As for firearms, they?re difficult to come by and even more difficult for your character to use, I know in movies and games once you find it?s like you?ve always known how to use it, like riding a bike, however in real life using a actual weapon is harder than it seems, however I will allow it ? however like I said be REALISTIC! Remember about ammo and accuracy. A head shot is consider a lucky shot!

    The City of Rising: Citizen registration


    Life before the Pandemic:

    Oh, one more thing, as I mentioned at the brief overview at the star
  2. Actaeon

    Actaeon Jedi Youngling

    Oct 25, 2009
    The City of Rising:
    A quick, though not the best to be frank, map of the city but I hope it helps.
    *The Suburbs
    *The Downtown District
    *Industry Complex
    *The Docks
    *[hl=silver]The Gray Squares[/hl] - Nothing but buildings.
    *[hl=green]Sprayed Green[/hl] ? Nature
    *[hl=green]Solid Green[/hl] - National Guard items *Aside from Henderson Park*
    *[hl=white]Thin black lines[/hl] - The roads of Rising city
    *[hl=black]Thick black lines[/hl] - Transit routes between areas, so you can't go from the suburbs to the Industry complex, you would have to first go through the docks and then onto the Industry complex.

    The Suburbs:
    The Suburbs is the nicest area of the city with lush foliage and the nicest house, it?s usually reserved for the rich. Henderson Park is a popular location for many folk in the area and is usually crowded by most people of the city during the summer days.

    The Suburbs however have been heavily affected by the outbreak as many of the infected came through Henderson Wood, the last place to have been reported to have had survivors was the church?cliché, no?

    The Downtown District:
    A mirror of the great divide between glasses of the city. Starting with the upper-side of town is where those who can afford it live, along with some of the fanciest shopping stores; it?s a popular stop with the upper hierarchy of the city.

    The lower side of town is not for the faint of heart, crime and poverty are rife here as it has risen in the city in recent years, and the Lower side seems to be the hub. However many of the communities here as close-knitted ones and look out for one another.

    Other locations in the Downtown District are the Hospital and the Rising Football Stadium.

    When the outbreak hit, downtown was hit the hardest ? and was the first spot the National Guard set up shop. Checkpoint ?Charlie.? Now having been turned into a minor fort, it?s where most of the alive flock to in hope of protection. But as time goes on the Guard stationed here will start to run low on ammo...and rumors around camp say that the infected are starting to learn!

    The Industry Complex:
    Many of the working class call the industry complex their home away from home. Dozens of cargo bays and a large factory inhabit this area. Very few people live here as it?s smoggy, dirty and a location for many drug dealers and addicts.

    The Industry Complex was the least affected by the outbreak but quite a few infected from here aren?t entirely like their cousins. The guard never bothered setting up outposts in this area and moved straight onto the docks, so the infected are great in numbers here.

    The Docks:
    Fishing and Trade is what Rising City was built upon, and its? a tradition still carried on to this day. Numerous boats are docked at the harbors, a fun-fair and several amusements take up the western side of the harbor.

    The National Guard set up H.Q in the Docks as the Bridge of out Rising was destroyed. It remains the only way for the Guard to stay supplied and many a hopeful, a way out. But even the attempt to escape has been met with death but not at the hands of the infected, but by the very people sent to protect them.

    Despite being cleared the Docks have once again became infected as the bright lights and noise from the fun-fair, which is still running, seems to draw them.

    Rising Mall:
    The mall was finished in late 2007 and sits between the Docks and Suburbs. It houses a dozen of stores ranging from clothes to D.I.Y stores. As it happens the mall has became something of a new stereot
  3. Actaeon

    Actaeon Jedi Youngling

    Oct 25, 2009
    The Infected:

    Zombies, the Living Dead, the Cursed, Ghouls, the Infected, and several other names they?ve gone by. But to be more precise, they are the Infected. Unfortunate people who have contracted the virus, but what is the virus?

    The Virus:

    Very little is understood about the Virus at this point. But many at Rising Hospital believed that it was an evolved form of Rabies. Rather than causing death the patent would change, in the animal world animals with Rabies, especially dogs ? have a second stage known as excitative stage, or furious rabies. This usually lasts between three to four days where the animal is aggressive, hyperactive and would bite/attack anything near. This stage is followed by the paralytic stage in which the animal loses its motor neuron and becomes paralytic. Death is usually happens after.

    The Doctors at Rising expected the same to occur in the patents under observation; they entered the excitative stage but shown different symptoms. They were much more aggressive and didn?t appear to be overly hyperactive; they were also perceptible to high noises and bright lights. After a week the patents did not leave this stage and still had full functions of their bodies. The theory of Brain Damage isn?t a supportive one as some patents have shown the ability to learn and track. Many believe that the Infected have reverted into a feral animal state.

    Contracting the Virus is mostly transmitted by a bite, it isn?t airborne or waterborne, unless the Infected as came into contact with water. Infected Salvia coming into contact with wounds can also transmit the Virus.

    Despite this many people are immune to the effects of the Virus. Why, this isn?t clear as research to find out why came to halt after the outbreak. But it is hoped that if people can resist the effects then it may be possible to create a vaccine.

    Signs that YOU might have the VIRUS!

    Early symptoms include!

    Symptoms when you know something is up!
    *Paleness of skin/Dark rings around eyes
    *Severe shaking
    *Loss of the ability to talk
    *They may try to bite you shortly after the above have happened!

    What to do if YOU or a LOVED ONE has the VIRUS!

    Ask if anyone has any last requests!

  4. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008

    [blockquote][b]Name:[/b] Attean Chetan ((Nicknamed Chet))

    [b]Gender:[/b] Male

    [b]Age:[/b] 34

    [b]Job:[/b] [i]Tribal-[/i] Healer, Artist, Craftsman. [i]Formal Occupation-[/i] Photographer

    He?s a fairly rough character, and can handle a punch without batting an eye. In initial meetings, he will come across as though he could care less about you or anything to do with you - and this would most usually be true. He is far from being the cuddly type, and if you start complaining in his presence, he will scowl and probably tell you to shut your trap or else he?s done here. He doesn?t take well to gossip, either, and if you say something that he doesn?t like, you?ll know it because he will start to openly glare at you.

    What most people don?t realize is that, indeed, Chet has a soft side ? mostly when it involves females. If he deems the girl as worthy, he will highly respect her, particularly if they are of his mother?s age. Though still rough around the edges, he is loyal to anyone called friend. In public situations, he is normally quiet and reserved unless he has something that he feels needs to be said. Yes, he is more of the quiet type and saves his breath for words that count. That doesn?t exactly make him wise, however.

    In recent times, he has been known to take on more of a sarcastic, evening teasing nature. This is most only reserved for friends, though, so you may not be seeing this side of him for a while.

    [b]Appearance: [/b]
    Chet has a tan complexion from all the time spent out under the sun working the land. His hands are fair callused due to this, and he considers that a good thing. His arms are long, perhaps a bit abnormally so, not that he would care or has ever noticed. He is tall for a man, standing up straight at 6?3?. He is rather skinny and lanky, but don?t be fooled, he has plenty of muscle to knock you into next week if he were to so choose. His face is round in shape though he does have an obvious point at the chin. His lips are small and usually set it a firm line, and his mouth is medium in width, perhaps slightly bigger than normal. Nothing much to report about his eye brows, could probably be well described as bushy, but Chet never really thought about it. His nose is rounded slightly at the tip, sitting a bit crooked on his face, due to the time he'd gotten it broke many years ago. He has dark hair and his preference is to keep it cut short, which keeps it out of the way. That way it doesn't present a constant distraction to him while he's working. However, you might miss the length and color of his hair anyway, because he is almost always wearing a white Stetson hat, to keep the sun out of his eyes. His ears are visible through his hair; as mentioned before, he keeps it cut. His hair is also rather rough in texture - he only knows this from the times he's run a hand through it in a show of frustration. His eyes are a bit larger than average and very dark. If you look closely, you can see that they are actually green - a very dark green, with an occasional brown flake to be seen here or there. More often than not, his eyes are narrowed as he looks at someone or something, or perhaps he is thinking some matter over. Some lines are already showing up around his eyes, though this is probably not due entirely to laughing.

    [i]-Herbal Medicine
    -Horseback Riding
    -Archaic Marksmanship

    [b]Life before the Pandemic:[/b]
    Born to a tribe of all Native Americans living secluded from the nearest city, Rising. Attean Chetan, was the first born of his parents, the name meaning 'Brave Hawk'. The boy grew up traditional, for the tribe wanted to teach the meaning of life to all the children before they went on their way. To commune with nature, and to have peace. His father taught Chet how to survive off the land, craft traditional weapons, hunting, and how to heal himself. The young native liked to work with medicine and talked to the local heal>
  5. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Although this is far from being my cup of tea - it is practically a different drink - from the looks of things, your Introductory Post and information has been set up very well.

    I certainly approve and wish you luck with this game.
  6. Rally_Fan_84

    Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 14, 2009
    GM Approved CS. are we getting out of here again?
    [b]Name:[/b] Gabriel "The Gun (baseball), Wild Thing (racing)" Tissandier
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Age:[/b] 29
    [b]Job:[/b] Charter and commuter pilot (fixed-wing and helicopter)/ semi-pro racing driver (le mans style endurance)/ ex AA baseball pitcher
    [b]Personality:[/b] Sarcastic sense of humor, brutally honest, thinks fast and acts just as quickly, doggedly determined when involved in something
    [b]Appearance:[/b] Standing all of 5'11'' tall and light bronze of complexion, Gabriel is not only thick-boned but also has longish limbs, something that proved rather useful in baseball. Given that 12 and 24 hour races are very demanding of a driver, Gabriel has made it a point to keep in shape without becoming a gym and supplement nut

    With jet-black hair that reaches midway down his neck, jade green eyes, slight but noticeable stubble on his face (grown at the behest of racing team media geeks), and ruggedly handsome features, he may be no male model in appearance but if his personality was non-existent he quite possibly could get female attention on his looks and stories alone.

    - Able to operate most motorized vehicles (does not do well with RVs)
    - Skilled and adaptable mechanic
    - Incredible pitching speed (record stands at 105 mph during a game)
    - Some wilderness survival skills
    - Excellent sense of direction, especially in urban environments
    - Multilingual (Fluent in English and Hungarian, working Spanish, limited Japanese and Portuguese)

    [b]Life before the Pandemic:[/b]
    Although not born and raised in Rising, Gabriel Tissandier has lived in the city long enough to not only be considered a local but take any assault metaphorical or literal as an offense against himself and his neighborhood.

    Tissandier was born in Deerfield, Illinois, the first of three kids to his father Elek and mother Krisztina. While both are US citizens they were both in fact born in Hungary and became refugees along with the rest of their respective families when the Soviets put down the 1956 Hungarian revolution. As a result while he is firmly American he also learned to celebrate his roots and his heritage.

    While he grew up in a mostly normal fashion, Gabriel also was discovered to have a talent for languages and got on very well with people, giving rise to the idea that he might have a future as a translator or negotiator of some kind. As it would turn out however Gabriel held two very different passions: physical speed and baseball. Guided by those two passions Gabriel came both a skilled amateur mechanic, budding driver, and an exceptionally talented baseball player.
    Not only did he win several autocross events soon after he got his drivers license, but he made the varsity team of his high school baseball program during his freshman year, first as a second string second baseman but quickly transitioned to pitcher after his throwing speed and accuracy was noted. However the drivers license wasn't enough for him, and he quickly set about enrolling in a junior pilots program as well as learning how to ride motorcycles behind his parents' back

    Before his high school junior year his parents moved to Rising in order to get away from the hustle of the fast living environment of the Chicagoland area, where Gabriel continued his love of baseball and speed, becoming a varsity starter for the new team rather quickly. Eventually he graduated with plenty of friends and with honors, then moved on to college. Though he initially speculated that he wanted to go into veterinary medicine, he realized that he could translate his love of speed into something different and instead opted to take advanced commercial aviation courses, as well as continue on in his baseball career.

    After graduating college with his degree and multi-engine lisence he was picked up by a local AA minor-league baseball team and signed on to play for them. By that point he had developed a fierce overhead pitching style that utilized his long limbs and thick build, as well as a batting style that was r>
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