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Parasite (JA)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Ibis, Mar 6, 2001.

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  1. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Hi everybody!I'm back. :) I wrote a new fully completed Fan Fiction and will be posting it here. I hope you enjoy.

    Title: Parasite
    Rating: PG to PG-13 for some viloence
    Time Frame: Obi-Wan is 22.
    Disclaimer: I don't own any of the recognizable Star Wars characters and I'm not making any money off this.


    The creature watched as the sun set on Coruscant. From its viewpoint, high on a balcony of one of the taller buildings, it could see the lights begin to flicker on in the city. But it ignored the dazzling lights and cast its vision in the direction of the Jedi Temple. The creature couldn?t see the Temple, but it could feel it. A beacon of light and goodness in the middle of a corrupt city. Perhaps that was the main reason it wanted the temple destroyed. After all, the creature?s only purpose was to spread darkness throughout the universe. It had been doing so for over one hundred millennia, long before the Jedi had even come into existence. The Jedi stood for all the creature was trying to destroy, and some confrontation was bound to happen sooner or later. It wanted it to happen now, and thanks to the creature?s new allies it might.

    It sensed someone approach it from behind. The creature could feel the darkness and power radiating off the person, yet he still was hesitant to disturb the creature. The creature turned and faced its company. It recognized the person to be Darth Maul the Sith apprentice.

    Maul was not known to be afraid of anything, but then the creature that stood before it wasn?t something you see everyday. It?s power and strength surpassed that of ever Lord Sidious, and from what Lord Maul had seen of this creature, he knew better than to bother it.

    After a few more moments Maul spoke. ?My Master wishes to speak with you.?

    The creature turned back to its vigilance of the city. When it spoke, it created a strange sound, as though two people were speaking at once. One voice was higher like that of a woman, but the other was a reflection of the creatures true essence, a deep low hissing voice that hinted at the evil that laid within. ?Tell your Master I will see him within the hour.?

    Though the creature had its back to him, it could still sense his surprise. No one made a Sith Master wait. ? My Master-? Lord Maul began, but was silenced turned and cast a cold sharp glance at him. He quickly left, not wishing to anger the creature.

    It then returned to its watch, alone. Perhaps that?s what the creature liked most about its new allies. Most of the time they weren?t around and left the creature by itself.

    It?s thoughts drifted away from the Jedi a moment and focused on the Sith. They were valuable allies, yet the creature despised them and planned to kill them after they had lost their usefulness. In the creature?s mind they were hypocrites. The Sith claimed to have given themselves totally over to the Dark Side, yet no matter how dark they were they still had one speck of pure Life Force in them. For that speck was the only thing that allowed them to live and without it they would wither away. The creature on the other hand would not.


    Feedback is welcome.
  2. Jedi Obi-Wan

    Jedi Obi-Wan Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 18, 2000
    Creepy! More? :D
  3. JediCandy

    JediCandy Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 24, 2000
    Uh oh. I keep hearing the soundtrack to "The Exorcist" in my mind now .....eerie.

    Please post more.

  4. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Here's some more while I'm here.


    Having decided it had left the Sith Lord waiting long enough, the creature left the balcony and entered the huge building in which the Sith resided. It walked with an unnatural grace through the darkened hallways. To an observer, the creature would appear to melt into one shadow and emerge from another just to melt back in again.

    The creature turned corner after corner, it?s long black leather cloak streaming out behind it like dark threatening clouds bring a fierce storm. The creature?s boots made no sound as they tread across the steel floor. The creature turned another corner and stopped dead in it?s tracks. What it saw surprised it, and it hated being surprised.

    The usual dimmed lights in the corridor were turned on to their brightest. While the creature was in the shadows just before the light, the brightness of it stung its eyes for a moment. Light, it hated light! It?s first thought was that Lord Sidious had ordered Maul to do this, but a noise from inside one of the rooms along the hallway made it dismiss the thought.

    Looking down the passageway, the creature saw an open door. A middle-aged human exited the room carrying a box. He turned and set it on the floor so he could close the door. Just a worker getting something out of storage, the creature thought to itself. It made a low menacing growing sound from its throat. Upon hearing it, the man looked up in the direction of the sound. The moment he saw the creature standing almost completely concealed in the shadows, he froze. The creature took at step toward him, being careful to remain in the shadows. This time the man turned and ran, leaving the box where it was.

    The creature smiled to itself. The man thought he had gotten away, but the creature would simply hunt him down later and punish him for his stupidity. It wouldn?t kill him, that might displease the Sith, not that it cared, but the Sith weren?t in deep enough yet. It didn?t want them to back out of their arrangement. So the man wouldn?t die, it would just take his sight from him, so he wouldn?t need to turn on a light again. Now the question was how to do it, skewer or gouge, or perhaps it would just claw them out, but it would decide later.

    Now it had to choose whether to go around to another hallway or go down the lighted one. The lighted way would be faster, and it wanted to get the meeting with the Sith Lord over as soon as possible. Decision made, the creature stepped into the light, and it immediately went out. The creature looked up at the light fixture. A wave of satisfaction rolled over it, even light refused to shine in its presence.

    The creature continued down the hallway. One by one, the lights went out, and one by one came back on once it had passed. It resumed its journey through the labyrinth of corridors, until it came to a particular door.

    The door itself was no different than any other in the building. It was gray durasteel just like all the others. The only thing that made it different was the swirling clouds of the Dark Side of the Force that emanated from it. The creature went to open it but found it was locked. Undeterred, and not willing to knock, the creature turned perpendicular to it and executed a sidekick to its center. The result was a brief shrieking of metal, and the door flying twelve feet to the opposite end of the room. There it was wedged in the wall.


    The next time I can post is tomorrow. [face_devil]
  5. Eryce

    Eryce Jedi Master star 2

    Feb 29, 2000
    Tomorrow ? Why not now ??? :mad:
  6. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Just uping tihs so I can find it when I post more today.
  7. Jedi Gryph Grin

    Jedi Gryph Grin Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 25, 1999
    I like it, you've definitely piqued my interest... :D

    Excellent imagery while describing the 'creature' BTW, very vivid.
  8. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Wow, stuff really falls off the first page fast. Anyway here's the next part.


    The creature entered the room to find both Sith standing around a table. Maul looked stunned as he gazed at the door embedded in the wall. There was a sizable gash in his left shoulder where the door had grazed him. Had he been standing any further left, the door would have hit him head on, and he would now be buried in the wall behind it.

    Sidious, however, was not at all surprised at the creature?s entrance. He turned towards the creature. ?You?ve finally decided to join us?? The creature gave no reply and walked up to the table, studying the holo-map there. Meanwhile, Darth Maul finally seemed to snap out of his trance and focused his attention back on the holo-map.

    After a moment, the creature spoke in the small strange two-toned voice. ?So what is this brilliant plan to destroy the Jedi, you have??

    ?One that will work, I assure you.? Sidious said. ?For the past three weeks you?ve been here, Lord Maul has been infiltrating the Jedi Temple and placing gas canisters in these specific locations.? he said, indicating the X?s on the map. ?The canisters have been programmed to release on command. Upon release the gas will fill every room in the Temple, except the Council Room.?

    ?What king of gas is it?? the creature asked.

    ?XR-13. It?s a sleeping gas. The only way to reverse the effects is with an injection of phylisanilyn.? Lord Sidious replied.

    The creature looked up at him unhappily. ?It isn?t deadly??

    ?No. I don?t want to kill them right away. I have other plans for them.? Lord Sidious said.

    ?You said the Council Room wouldn?t be filled.? the creature said.

    ?Yes and the Jedi Council will be in session. Darth Maul will deal with them.? Darth Sidious replied.

    ?How many?? the creature asked.

    This time Darth Maul spoke. ?Twelve Council members and an additional Master and his apprentice, if we do this at noon tomorrow.?

    ?How old is the apprentice??

    Maul thought for a moment. ?Twenty-two.?

    ?Hmm. Almost a Knight.? the creature said to itself. It then turned to Maul. ?Do you really think you can kill fourteen Jedi??

    ?He isn?t going to kill them.? Sidious said.

    The creature just stared at him for a moment. When it spoke again anger radiated through its voice. ?If you?re not going to kill them, then what pray tell are you going to do??

    ?That will be revealed to you in time.? Sidious replied.

    ?Listen!? the creature hissed. ?The only reason I agreed to assist you was because I wanted to destroy the Jedi, not play games.?

    ?We will, but first I have other plans on what I want to do to them. They caused the Sith Order to almost die out. I think they deserve to suffer somewhat for their crimes against us.?

    ?Very well.? the creature said. ?What are the names of the Master and apprentice?? it asked Maul.

    ?Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.? he answered.

    Having all the necessary information, the creature left without another word. As it traveled through the maze of hallways, it thought of the Sith?s plan. It wasn?t happy with them, but there was little it could do about it now. Reemerging back onto the balcony, the creature resumed its vigilance. Soon, it thought as it looked in the direction of the Jedi Temple. Soon its 25000 year wait would be over. Let the Sith play their games, they will fall soon. Finally the main hurtle in the creature?s path would be clear. And as the night waned, the creature could think of only one thing: tomorrow at noon...


    My next post will have Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in it. I'll probably post it tomorrow. :)
  9. Jedi Obi-Wan

    Jedi Obi-Wan Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 18, 2000
    EEK! That was great writing. I love the descriptions of the creature. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post! :D
  10. Healer_Leona

    Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 7, 2000
    Fascinating and creepy!

    I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far and look forward to the entrance of my favorite Master and Padwan.

    Post often, post soon!

  11. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Here's the nexr part. I hope you enjoy!


    The great Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn skillfully snuck up upon the creature. He made not a sound as he moved, for he knew the creature was dangerous in this state. He took another step forward. The creature made a growling sound, and he froze. Fortunately, the creature did not awaken from its slumber. As the Jedi Master inched closer, the creature lay oblivious to what was taking place around it.

    Seeing his opportunity to strike, Qui-Gon leapt forward, arms outstretched. The creature had no chance as the Jedi Master ripped away the protective coverings it had wrapped around itself. The creature, at least partially awake, finally became aware of its surroundings and out of instinct grabbed its last layer of protection and clung to it with all its strength as the Jedi Master tried to get through it.

    The end result was inevitable; the Jedi Master won out against the creature. At last Qui-Gon peeled away the last of the creature?s protection and got a glimpse of it. What he saw was a sleepy-eyed, 22 year-old Padawan. One of the fiercest and most dangerous of the creatures at the Jedi Temple.

    ?It?s eleven o?clock, Obi-Wan.? Qui-Gon said gently, throwing aside the last of his apprentice?s bed covers. ?We have to be up to the Council in an hour for our next mission, which means you have to get up.? He looked down at his apprentice who stared back at him blankly. For a moment Qui-Gon thought that Obi-Wan hadn?t heard him, but after a few seconds his Padawan began to show signs of life. Slowly he got out of bed and trudged to the bathroom, murmuring something along the lines of ?Yes Master.?

    Qui-Gon walked back out into the living area of the apartment. He set out some breakfast and waited for his Padawan to appear. After about fifteen minutes, Obi-Wan emerged from the bathroom fully dressed. He walked over and sat down at the table next to his Master. He ate in silence, then looked up at Qui-Gon.

    ?How do you do it?? he asked.

    ?How do I do what, Obi-Wan?? his Master replied.

    ?How do you return from a mission after midnight and still get up early the next day?? Obi-Wan asked.

    ?Give it time, Obi-Wan, you?ll learn to live without sleep.? Qui-Gon said with a small smile.

    ?Very funny, Master.? Obi-Wan said, rolling his eyes. ?Why are we going before the Council anyway??

    ?They are giving us another mission.? Qui-Gon said, bracing himself for Obi-Wan?s reaction.

    ?What? You have to be kidding, we just got back from completing three in a row. We don?t even get one day of rest??

    ?I?m afraid not, Padawan.? Qui-Gon said. ?Now come on, before we?re late.?

    The two stood up and left the apartment, with Obi-Wan slightly to the right and behind his Master, as was his place. The two walked to a turbo-lift and went strait up to the Council Chambers. There they waited until the Council was ready to see them, then they entered. They took their place in the middle of the circle of Council Members.

    ?Greetings.? Master Yoda started. ?A new mission for you we have. On the planet-? Yoda stopped mid-sentence, as a wave of the Dark Side of the Force spread throughout the room. The worst part was that it didn?t leave, it hung in the room like a dense fog. Yoda?s comlink went off, and he immediately answered it, making it so that everyone in the room could hear.

    The voice on the other end was clearly panicked and rushed. ?Master Yoda. This is Healer Zentan. Some kind of gas is coming through the vents here. Three people have already collapsed and-? There was a coughing sound and then silence.

    ?Healer Zentan?? Master Yoda called, but there was no reply. Master Yoda quietly turned off the comlink. He then looked up to see thirteen concerned faces looking at him. Master Yoda, in all his years of experience, had never faced a situation like this, and he had not the slightest idea what exactly was going on.

    So thick was the Dark Side of the Force around them
  12. Jedi Obi-Wan

    Jedi Obi-Wan Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 18, 2000
  13. Healer_Leona

    Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 7, 2000
    What do i think????

    Fantastic start of that post. Though confused as I read the beginning once I realized what was going on I had to reread the beggining, laughing all the way through it. Very good Ibis! LOL!

    Great interaction between Obi and Qui and quite the nifty cliffhanger you leave us in.

    More soon I hope!

  14. Master_Tahl

    Master_Tahl Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 10, 2000
    Great story Ibis, loved that last post. Ahh, the deadly creatures of the Jedi Temple. =) Don't leave us hanging to long!
  15. Jedi-Faith

    Jedi-Faith Jedi Master star 2

    Dec 21, 2000
    AHHHHH!!! don't stop there!!! =) Great fic so far! Can't wait for more.
  16. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Hi. I don't know if I'll be able to post tomorrow, but I'll try. If I can't, I'll make sure I post on Sunday.


    The creature entered the Temple through one of the air-ducts. Dropping from a vent, it surveyed it?s surroundings. Unconscious Jedi Padawans littered the hallway. Maul must have set off the gas early, it thought unhappily, either that or it had taken longer than the creature had expected to deal with the stupid worker. It walked to where it knew the Council Chamber to be. The creature entered the room to find it empty. It turned to leave when it noticed a puddle of blood on the floor and a lightsaber in the corner.

    Picking up the lightsaber and placing the weapon beneath it?s cloak, the creature left the room. It closed it?s eyes and drew in a deep breath through it?s nose. Walking down the hall, it followed it?s sense of smell. Whoever was hurt was bleeding enough that the creature could follow the sent. Rounding a corner, it saw a cloud of gas before it that hadn?t yet dissipated. It walked through the cloud, not bothering to hold it's breath. The creature wasn?t at all affected; it had trained it's body to be immune to such weaknesses.

    A few minutes later, it came to a door where the smell of blood stopped. It opened the door and walked in. Maul was standing against the wall watching the Jedi, who were being detained in a makeshift cell.

    The cell itself was of ingenious design. The Jedi had obviously been made to stand against the wall while the Sith placed three portable laser walls around them and activated the lasers. After quickly examining the cell, the creature saw that the Jedi all had electro-binders around their wrists.

    The Jedi paid the creature no heed, which was not what it expected. Two were kneeing on the floor tending to a young man, lying there unconscious. The rest were standing around them with concerned looks on their faces. From the creature?s viewpoint, it could see that the Jedi had removed the man?s tunic and were tearing it into strips, feverishly trying to bind a ghastly injury the young man had retained in his side. The creature also saw the difficulty the men were having do to their bound wrists, and that the young man also had a badly wounded hand.

    After the two Jedi had bound the young man?s side, they used the rest of the left over material to bandage his hand. Their task complete, the older of the two, a gray haired man who wore his hair long and tied back, took off his own brown robe and wrapped it around the young man. Remembering an earlier discussion with the Sith, the creature figured the man to be Qui-Gon Jinn, and the one unconscious on the floor to be Obi-Wan Kenobi. The creature also identified the other kneeling Jedi to be Mace Windu.

    The creature looked over to Lord Maul with an expressionless stare. ?I thought you were going to wait for me.? it said with it?s eerie two-toned voice. Maul gave no reply and the creature turned back to the Jedi. One of the female Masters looked away from Obi-Wan for a moment and up at their captors. Her eyes passed smoothly over Darth Maul, but when her eyes fell on the creature they instantly stopped and her body went rigid. Another Master noticed her behavior and looked up as well only to react the same way, and one by one the others looked up and were momentarily frozen in time.

    The creature wasn?t surprised, in fact it wondered if the Jedi were aware that what they were looking at was the manifestation of pure evil. Eventually the Jedi tore their gaze away from the figure and looked at one another. They continued to glance at one another, and after a few minutes the creature realized they were talking to each other through the Force. Discussing a means of escape no doubt, but the creature wasn?t worried, with their hands bound and no lightsabers, they weren?t going anywhere.

    It again turned it?s gaze towards Maul. ?What now?? it asked.

    ?We shall wait for my Master?s instructions.? he hissed back. The creature was not pleased, but it
  17. Jedi Obi-Wan

    Jedi Obi-Wan Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 18, 2000
    "In fact it wondered if the Jedi were aware that what they were looking at was the manifestation of pure evil. "
    That is so creepy! Keep this coming!
  18. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Here's the next part. Enjoy!


    The first thing Obi-Wan Kenobi became aware of was the pain. The entire side of his body felt like it was on fire. Then he realized his hand too burned. Recalling his Jedi training, he relaxed, took several deep breaths, and acknowledged the wounds. As a result, the pain subsided, somewhat.

    He next worked on the task of simply opening his eyes. His eyelids felt like they were weighed down by a ton of bricks. Finally he managed to open them. The first thing he noticed was that the lights in the room were slightly dimmer than they should have been. He looked down at himself to see his Master?s robe laid on him. Trying to move his hands to a more comfortable position made him realize they were bound, and although his Master?s robe blocked his vision, he felt part of his back touching the cold floor and realized his tunic was gone. After contemplating this for a moment he became conscious of the fact that his tunic must have been used to bandage his side and hand, both of which were still causing him pain. Slowly part of his memory of what had happened came back to him.

    He looked over to his side and saw the entire Council, including his Master, all with hands bound conversing through the Force. The pain from his injuries prevented him from being able to concentrate enough to interpret what was being said. Looking to his other side, he saw his horned adversary. Had he alone been able to capture the Jedi Council?

    It was then he noticed the other person standing to the right of his foe. At first he couldn?t see the face of the person due to the fact that he or she was turned toward the horned man. But as if it sensed his waking, it turned and looked at him. He had never seen anything like this creature.

    It was a human girl and a beautiful one at that. In fact the girl was more than beautiful. She looked to be his age, perhaps a year younger. Black clothing lined her perfect figure. Her hair was the darkest black he had ever seen and it fell to her shoulders. Her skin was pale, in stark contrast to her dark hair. Obi-Wan?s eyes met hers, and his heart froze.

    The irises of the girl?s eyes were completely black. They showed only one thing... evil. Pure evil. Obi-Wan now realized that the beautiful girl he had been staring at in awe, wasn?t really a girl. He didn?t know what it was, but he knew he wanted no part of it. He tried to look away, but he couldn?t. He struggled against the creature?s glare, but it held on to him. It felt like the creature?s eyes were beginning to gnaw at his soul.

    Obi-Wan was beginning to panic. He found himself completely paralyzed by the creature?s stare; the thing was like a predator looking at it?s next meal. Obi-Wan was now definitely afraid. He gathered all his energy and called out through the Force. <Master!>

    Qui-Gon was there in a second, kneeing by his Padawan. He leaned over Obi-Wan and blocked his view of the creature. The moment Obi-Wan lost eye contact with the thing, whatever hold it had on him broke. Obi-Wan started to sit up, but his wounded side screamed in protest, and he laid back down, an involuntary hiss escaping his lips.

    <Don?t try to get up, Padawan.> Qui-Gon warned over their bond. <You?re hurt far too badly.>

    <Master, who is that woman, what is she?>

    <I don?t know, Obi-Wan. How much do you remember?> Qui-Gon asked.

    <The last thing I remember is having our attacker?s lightsaber at my throat. How did we get here?>

    Qui-Gon wasn?t sure what to tell Obi-Wan, he didn?t want to upset him, but he had a right to know. <The red and black tattooed man threatened to kill you if we didn?t obey him. We followed his orders and waited for an opportunity to overtake him, but he never held his lightsaber more than an inch from your neck.>

    <You mean it?s my fault we?re trapped here?>

    <No Padawan.> Qui-Gon said quickly. He didn?t want Obi-Wan thinking that he had caused this. <You were barely conscious. It?s amazing y
  19. Jedi Obi-Wan

    Jedi Obi-Wan Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 18, 2000
    Whoa! I half expected the creature to be some kind of miniature godzilla, not a beautiful girl. This is so great, Ibis! I can't wait for tomorrow's post! :D
  20. Master_Tahl

    Master_Tahl Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 10, 2000
    You certainly made the phrase beauty is only skin deep true ibis.
    And of course like JOW sig says: Poor Obi
  21. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Hi, everyone. I'm typing up the next part of my story tonight, so I should be able to post it tomorrow. Enjoy.


    The creature had been watching the Master and apprentice. It had heard most of their conversation, for it too had the power to use the Force. Personally, it was disgusted and irritated by the fact that one had comforted the other. It would have also enjoyed watching the apprentice squirm a little longer, but the Master had ruined that for it too. Too bad the other Jedi hadn?t been so susceptible to it?s gaze. It would have had a lot more fun.

    Suddenly there was a beeping sound. The creature looked over to Maul, who was placing the earpiece of his comlink in his ear. The creature noticed that the Jedi too, had looked up. After a few moments Maul said, ?Yes, Master.? He then put his comlink back on his belt and began walking to the door. The creature was instantly in front of him. He looked back to where it had been and then to where it was now and for a second wondered how it could travel so quickly in such a short amount of time.

    ?Well? What does the Sith Lord want?? it hissed.

    ?Nothing.? Darth Maul replied smoothly.

    ?Nothing?? the creature repeated. It?s hand was a blur as it grabbed Maul?s neck and lifted his feet off the floor. Maul instinctively went for his lightsaber, but the creature grabbed his wrist with it?s other hand. It just held him there.

    Obi-Wan, who had been watching everything since being awakened by the comlink, marveled at the woman. He didn?t know many girls that could hold up something the weight of a man with only one hand.

    The creature just held Maul up, while he was gasping and struggling to get a breath. After about thirty seconds the creature pulled the Sith Lord towards itself, then in one smooth motion threw him into the wall across the room. He hit the wall with a sickening thud and dropped to the floor, where he stayed for a few moments trying to regain his strength. The creature stood staring at him, a small smile on it?s lips. After a minute had passed, it approached Maul. Reaching down, it pulled him to his feet by his tunic, then pushed him toward the door.

    ?Hurry up Sith.? it said. ?You don?t want to be late to do nothing.?

    Maul turned and looked at it, anger burned in his eyes. ?Parasite!? he hissed at the creature.

    ?Hmm, Parasite. I like it, it really seems to fit me. From now on, that will be what you will address me by. You?re such a clever boy sometimes.? the creature said to him as he left.


    I hoped you liked it!
  22. Jedi Obi-Wan

    Jedi Obi-Wan Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 18, 2000
    Strong, powerful, cunning, and evil. The creature reminds me of my 6th grade math teacher. :D

    I love this!!! You're doing an excellent job. Hurry with the next post!
  23. Ibis

    Ibis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 1, 2000
    Ok. This is a very long post, but it's kind of important that you read the whole thing.


    Qui-Gon waited until the horned man left before he stood up. He gave a quick glance toward Obi-Wan, who remained on the floor. The young man had given up on sleeping. Qui-Gon approached the laser wall. The other Masters looked at him with curiosity. He had noticed the woman was arrogant, and arrogant people loved to talk about themselves. He hoped to use that weakness to gather more information about their captors.

    ?Who are you?? Qui-Gon asked.

    The creature turned and looked him up and down, it stared at him as a predator stares at it?s prey. ?Your murderer.? it replied in it?s two-toned voice.

    ?Don?t you mean murderess?? he asked calmly. Qui-Gon watched as the woman or creature, he didn?t know which better suited it, let out a small laugh.

    This time when it spoke the female voice was almost drown out by the evil one. ?I am whatever I choose to be. My body may be female, but that is all it is, just a body. Just a vessel for me to travel in, it is only my essence that matters.?

    Qui-Gon had an idea. ?You must be brilliant to be able to organize all this.? he said moving his hand casually across his the front of his body, his other hand following due to the electro-binders.

    ?I am brilliant.? the creature said, the savage voice had lowered to where it was the same volume as the second voice.

    ?You don?t like what he is doing.? he said.

    ?I don?t like what he is doing.? the creature replied.

    ?You will let us out to get back at him.? Qui-Gon said moving his hand.

    The creature looked at him, it?s face completely expressionless. Slowly the corners of it?s mouth moved up, and the thing smiled, but it wasn?t a nice smile. The smile made the creature look more frightening as it revealed two sets of milky white fangs, one on her top set of teeth and one on her lower. ?I will get back at him.? it said. ?But I will only let one of you out.? The creature stopped smiling. It?s gazed focused on one of the laser walls. The creature used the Force to make a small hole in the wall at the floor. It appeared that Qui-Gon?s suggestions had worked. The Council members looked at it for a moment. Only Master Yoda and Yaddle were small enough to walk through it. Master Yoda approached the hole.

    ?I wouldn?t do that if I were you.? the creature said. ?You?re not getting out. It reached out a hand toward the cell and then made a fist. The creature suddenly pulled it?s hand back quickly, and Obi-Wan was pulled across the floor.

    Qui-Gon made a grab for his apprentice but missed. He saw his Padawan being dragged out through the hole in the laser wall by the thing he?d just been talking to. The second Obi-Wan was clear of the lasers, they moved back into place, and Obi-Wan came to a stop at the creature?s feet.

    Obi-Wan had been surprised by the sudden movement and despite the pain struggled to get to his feet, but all he managed to do was sit up. ?Did you actually think you could control me?? the creature said to Qui-Gon.

    Qui-Gon looked at the creature. At first he?d thought it was a human female, but now he didn?t know what to think. She or it was one of the strongest beings he?d ever met, as far as he knew no Jedi had ever parted a laser wall, let alone been able to move something in the process. And now this, this Parasite as the horned man had called it, had his Padawan. He felt his heart wrench at the sight.

    The creature returned it?s attention to the Jedi apprentice. ?Here,? it said. ?Let me help you.? With a flick of it?s wrist Obi-Wan levitated into the air. He felt as though something were holding him up by his shoulders as his feet dangled a few inches above the ground. The cloak Qui-Gon had wrapped around him fell to the floor, revealing his bare chest and bandages. Obi-Wan was beginning to hate his electro-binders, he felt more vulnerable without the movement of his arms. Not to mention being upright af
  24. Healer_Leona

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    I like long! I like long alot!

    When Parasite opened the small hole I thought for sure it wanted Yoda. That was a great surprise, it taking Obi and even more so healing him.

    Great post!

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    Hey Ibis! See? I'm here. :p
    Well, it's late, so I don't have time to read it now, but I will tomorrow! Just wanted to check it out first. Cya :D
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