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Part I of Part II

Discussion in 'Greenville, SC' started by Dark_side_fatty, Jan 27, 2003.

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  1. Dark_side_fatty

    Dark_side_fatty Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 26, 2002

    ''With the jedi nearly being wiped out with the attack on New Republic,all we have to worry about are the Knights of the IUS.''Said Commander of Clandestine Warfare.
    ''I see,but how can we destroy them?The have now allied with the Republic Rebels.And many of them are jedi.''The Moffs words echoed in Rajins head.We would not be here if they didn't have a plan you incompetent Bantha.
    ''With these,''The commander pulled up the holo image of an odd looking stormtrooper with a sheild and lightsaber.''These are the infantry of the future,gentelmen,''
    ''Amazing!But,they all can't be force sensitive can they?''Finally, the fat hairy Bantha makes sense.
    ''Trained with a lightsaber,but not force sensitive.We here at the IDoCW were very happy to recive the task of also training a group to be discrete,''

    ''My lord,you wished to see me?''
    ''Come in my young apprentice,,''
    ''The Empire has some new troops you may be interested in,''
    ''Maybe we should reconsider using them instead.I mean,they are the perfect base from which to attack the Jedi.And they to hate the Jedi,''
    ''My child there is something you should know.''The cloaked man turned around.It could not be.
    ''Yes,it is I Boba Fett.And today I will teach you all you need to know.''
    Boba got his gun and shot him.
    ''Like that.''
    Boba left the room.In his mind he could only think of the bounty.And this bounty was more valuable than money.As he swiched the communinication divice to he settings he had been told follow,a holo image of a cloaked man lit up the holo board.
    ''I got your man,so,what do you want.''
    ''Soon you shall find out,now,about your reward,the planet of Malanorid is one quarter yours.Train your so called warriors there.The funds are being wired to the planet now.''
    ''Thank you Master Scourchise.''

    ''Enriff,you fool,you must be quite stupid to attack my Death Star!''Rajin said as he looked at the battle screen.
    ''But sir,we just lost the Wankiusia,there must be a threat if they can take out a Super Star Destroyer,''
    ''Not likely,look on the planets surface.Those new troops have destroyed the base,they have no where to go,only to capture,''
    ''Incoming message from the planet of Had Abbadon.The imperial outpost is under attack!''
    ''So?They can handle it.''
    ''Get Down!''
    The space station shook as the the super lazer was hit by a suicide pilot flying a A-Wing.
    ''The battle is over sir!''
    ''That was the last of them,we won!''
    ''I see,''

    ''Absolutley not,Mr.Dodanna!''Said Enriff.
    ''Why not,:cough:,the plan will work.''
    ''It will not work!''
    ''You think the age deceleration medicine has impared my thoughts Enriff?Well,ha I have not yet began to slow my mind,''
    ''Look here,without my help you would be dead,understand,dead!You need our help,''

    ''Rajin,you stand befour us now with a question?''
    ''Yes,my emporer,the war goes well,but,as you know,the promise that you made with Fett could come back at us.That is why we must knock them out,is there a problem with that my leige?''
    ''But sir,there is a rumor that they have joined the rebels,I-''
    ''Rajin I will hadel it,but I see your point,so yes,you may wipe them out.''

    ''Enriff,sir we must pull out,the battle is lost!We must get out of here!''
    ''Not yet.''

    To be continued...
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