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Part III of The Ultra Stressed Jedi Students

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Jane Jinn, May 7, 2000.

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  1. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000

    The Temple is in a sort of uproar, that is true. Classes have been cancelled, but the Council is still in session--at least until lunch time. No doubt Plo Koon has been informed by an aide that his student has arrived, and he will be coming back to his quarters to get acquainted.

    Does that help?
  2. Jedi_Master_Insei

    Jedi_Master_Insei Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 1, 2000
    Count me in, too, Daphne.
  3. Daya

    Daya Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 6, 2000
    Sithly server....can't bloody function...
    "Have you learned from this Daya?"

    The padawan thought about this. She remembered telling Garen that Coreanis had taught her to be more patient and cautious. But that wasn't entirely the truth.

    Coreanis had pushed her to not feel. To not let anything bother her by not letting anything come near her. Including Master Kendrie. It had been the easiest way for her to deal with what had happened.

    The easiest but not the right way.

    Daya knew what she had done on Coreanis was a mistake. She had been wrong to question the will of the Force and had acted based on personal feelings.

    She also knew that what she had done was wrong but not inhuman. She was a Jedi Apprentice, but like everyone else, she could feel, she could hurt. And she could hurt others.

    "I have learned...." Daya tried to best explain. "I have learned that there are no such as perfect beings. Everyone has the capability to turn. Even the most seasoned Jedi have a darkness they must face."

    Daya desperately hoped that she was making sense. She felt as if a sudden weight had been lifted from her. The bruises and strain from the pressure were still there but it was a large change from what she had felt before. It left her feeling almost dizzy with exhaustion and feeling somewhat incoherent.

    //Padawan? Are you alright?//
    The concerned voice of Master Kendrie came through their bond.

    In the wake of her confession, Daya had been to tired to continue holding the shields she had long erected since Coreanis. Once they had been lowered, her emotions were flooding through the Master-Padawan bond.


    //Yes, Master. I'm fine. Just....tired. //

    //I'm coming to get you//

    Daya raised her eyes to meet Master Lien's.

    "Master Kendrie. She's coming."

    Kirstan nodded, smiling. "I believe you will have much to talk to her about when she gets here."

    Daya hoped she could stay awake long enough to actually greet her master. Her eyelids seemed to be obeying a gravitational force ten times greater than the one Daya was used to on Couresant. Daya could hear, rather than see Master Lien chuckle as her eyes slid closed. The last words she heard was: "Well, perhaps tomorrow."
  4. Kresa Rei'de

    Kresa Rei'de Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 9, 1999
    K'vel knelt in mediatation on the floor of his room. This had already been a completely crazy day, and it wasn't even half over yet! The young man let his impressions of Insei Katsuo run through his mind.

    Few of them were pleasant.

    Insei had barely been at the temple more than 12 hours and he'd made havok of K'vel's life. It didn't look like things were going to be getting better any time soon, either. The exchange student was far too curious and irresponsible for his or anyone else's good.

    And here, K'vel had been blamed for Insei's poor judgement. It wasn't his fault that Insei couldn't pay any attention to whether an engine is properly secured before firing it off. It wasn't his fault that Insei could follow instructions as simple as 'follow me'. And it certainly didn't warrant being tied to Insei with a pair of binders, regardless of how his master came to have the things, which K'vel was quite certain now he didn't want to know.

    He had to admit that he was a poor host, however. Jane had walked back with him, both of them silent. K'vel had been thinking hard of all he'd heard of her. The term 'Janed' had spread quickly through the temple as had the fact that she hung out in the same group with Obi-wan and Garen. She seemed like a very nice girl, but he couldn't think of anything to say to her that wouldn't sound totally lame, and so had sought shelter in silence.

    Jane had collected her oranges and left, barely saying good-bye to him. He couldn't really blame her since he hadn't said much of anything to her, but it made him feel a little off balance none-the-less. He was having trouble focusing on his meditations.

    With a frustrated sigh, K'vel relaxed into the Force and tried to come to terms with all the emotions swirling through him.


    Kresa stepped very slowly through the lightsabre forms. First the defensive forms, then the offensive, then the combined forms, each one taking three times as long for her to do than just about anyone else in the Temple. Just yesterday, Jane had been doing them at almost full speed, and the little red-head was still deliberately, carefuly walking through them at a snail's pace.

    She didn't resent the others for their speed and grace. That would be like resenting a bantha having wool. No, she had long ago come to terms with the fact that if she ever attained that leel of speed and proficiency at fighting, it would be through diligent, constant, daily, never-ending practice. Over and over again, she walked through them, finding in the physical exertion and concentration required a peace deeper than even the most Force-intensive meditation.

    Finally, bathed in sweat, Kresa flopped out on the floor and willed her body to cool down.

    //I wonder what everybody else is doing with their day off? I'll bet they're all off palying somewhere.// she thought, rather longingly.
  5. Jedi_Master_Insei

    Jedi_Master_Insei Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 1, 2000
    Jun-Bytz. Insei stared at the name of the Master who was in charge of the meditation class he was assigned to. With the six and under category. Kids who weren?t even _ half _ his age. Wait, no, JEDI who weren?t even half his age! // ARRRRG! // He hung his head in disbelief. Even sparring without any defenses would be more fun than this.

    Scanning farther across the schedule list, he quietly remembered the room. ?The Room of a Thousand Waterfalls.? He raised an eyebrow. What kind of a geeky name was that?
    // IT?S NOT! // Hundreds of voices yelled back at him through his mind. Insei winced in pain. Having just one Jedi mind-whammy you was irritating, but hundreds? His brain winced from the assault. He stepped through the doors to the meditation room, and a flippered hand fell onto his shoulder. Whirling around, he found himself face-to-face with a Mon Calamari.

    ?Hi,? Insei stammered, ?Um, uh, I?m Insei Katsuo. I?m here for, uh, the, uh, meditation.?

    ?Oh, Inshay Khatshuo!? The Mon Calamarian said in the accent that most of the species had, ?We hahve been exsphecting you! I ahm Jhun-Bytzh! Phleash, cohm with me.? Jun-Bytz took Insei by the shoulder and led him towards where the younger students were meditating.

    // Sith, I?m the oldest frickin? student here! None of these little buggers look over the age of 6! // Several of the students giggled a little, woken from their meditation by his intrusion.

    ?Actually, Master Katsuo, Senerlbec here is 42 years old,? A nearby protocol droid translated for a small Wookiee?s growls nearby.

    ?Shut up, you know what I meant,? Insei growled back, and envisioned taking control of the droid to smack the Wookiee, but then hastily decided not to, if the stories he heard about enraged Wookiees were true. Insei sure didn?t want his arm ripped off.

    ?Now, initiahtes, whe shall beghin thah meditahtion. Phleash, asshume your pohsthures,? the tykes scrambled into cross-legged positions and closed their eyes. Insei looked questioningly at the group of kids. ?Phleash, Inshay, thaht includhes you.? Taking a deep sigh, Insei proceeded into a position like the other Jedi students had done. He closed himself to the outside world, and concentrated on flying? in his Z-95?


    Jun-Bytz muttered to himself as he settled into the meditation procedure also. He took a breath, then expelled all his worries into the Force, letting it seep through him. // I ahm one whith thah Fohrce. // he kept repeating to himself. Suddenly, the Force began to pulse through the room. Opening one of his eyes, he spotted several of the students giggling, while trying to concentrate on something. Jun was about to scold them, when he noticed Insei floating above one of the pools where the waterfalls splashed down. Opening his mouth, he was about to punish them all, when he noticed one of Insei?s eyes open.


    Insei shouted in alarm when he found himself floating two-three meters above the small pool. Shooting an angry glance towards the other students, he saw one of them counting down on their fingers, obviously wanting Insei to notice. He finally understood what they were getting at when he splashed into the pool on zero. Sputtering lilies, he wiped the Alderaan pond-frogs and some kind of fish from Calamari off his now soaked tan tunic. The kids went too far. He was trying to have fun, but? no. Opening himself to the Force, he looked for the pump for the waterfall. Insei decided to give the kids a taste of their own medicine. With a push of electrons, the waterfall doubled in size and soaked all the kids, with the translator droid just barely avoiding it?


    Jun-Bytz gasped in horror. The Insei child had opened himself to the Dark Side. Anger and revenge seemed to flow throughout the child?s body. He opened a link to Yoda. // Unlhessh thish child can be thaught, whe may have a new problem on our handhs? //

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  6. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    "Kneel down,"Qui-Gon invited as he laid out two thickish mats. Jane knelt on one, and Qui-Gon settled down on the other, then extended his hands, palms towards her."Put your hands on mine and close your eyes."

    Hesitantly, wondering, Jane did so. She felt the Force swirling around her already, and tried to open herself to it, but it proved difficult at first. A myriad of strong emotions kept getting in her way, and it took a long time before she could thrust them away long enough to let the Force channel through her. She knew that Qui-Gon was helping, but for one awful moment, it didn't seem to be enough. Then, a heartbeat later, she felt a sensation of power and a connection to every living thing in the universe, stronger than she had ever felt it before.

    Let go of your feelings, Qui-Gon said quietly, speaking to her in her mind. Release them to the Force.

    The emotions threatened to engulf her as they tumbled to get out, but one by one, bit by bit, they were absorbed into the Force: the anger and humiliation she'd felt at Ane's behaviour, and then the sadness, the sense of betrayal, of having been wounded by a friend. Equally strong were the feelings of horror and embarrassment she'd felt at Ane's thrashing, and mixed with them was a powerful sense of fear that one day it might be her getting the thrashing, that one day she'd do something really awful that left Master Jinn no alternative. She couldn't imagine what, but she was scared anyway that it might happen. Coming out of Ane's apartment, she hadn't been able to think of anything except the awful sound of the belt cracking across his bare backside, the sight of the red welts that had sprung up instantly, the thought of his pain and the way he'd cried. It was so terrible! She wished she hadn't seen it, and then she released that wish into the Force as well, and everything else that weighed heavily upon her soul at that moment.

    The Force was like a torrent of water, washing everything negative and bad away, leaving her feeling almost purified somehow, cleansed and refreshed, and with a sigh of relief, she opened her eyes to see Qui-Gon smiling down at her.

    "Thank you, master,"she whispered, knowing even as she did so that mere words were not enough, but that he understood anyway what she was trying to express."I needed that."

    He merely smiled."You are making excellent progress."

    "How can you say that? You had to help me so much just now,"Jane protested.

    "If you see only that you have not attained your goal, you will never notice how much distance you have actually covered,"Qui-Gon replied."When you first came to the Temple, you claimed you were not sensitive to the Force at all. Now look at what you've accomplished so far."

    Jane was silent, remembering and considering that she had, indeed, started learning a lot. She wouldn't actually say that she had mastered any skills, but she had made a good start. It was a good feeling, and she smiled in satisfaction.

    At that moment, the door swished open and Obi-Wan came in. He looked down at them for a long moment, seeing them kneeling across from each other, their hands pressed palm to palm, and finally, he burst out,"Master, you're not bonding with her, are you?"

    "No, Obi-Wan, I am not,"came the calm reply."It merely took longer than I expected for her to release her feelings to the Force."

    "Oh."Obi-Wan kept his face impassive.

    "You'll just have time to finish the cafeteria before supper, Jane,"said Qui-Gon, standing up in one fluid motion.

    "Yes, master."Jane tried to copy the movement, but staggered at the sudden pain in her knees."Oh, dear, I shouldn't have done this before scrubbing. I don't think I can kneel any longer to-day."

    "You just need to get used to it,"Obi-Wan said with a slight smile.

    Qui-Gon nodded in agreement, then said,"I'm sorry we don't have time to work on your shields to-day, Jane, but I did promise Obi-Wan a sparring match."

    "It's all right. I don't think I can concentrate anymore, either."Glancing at her chrono, Jane was amazed at how much time had gone by.

    "You'll i
  7. Jedi_Daphne

    Jedi_Daphne Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 30, 2000
    Approaching her quarters, Kirstan braced herself. Talking with K'vel was going to be difficult. Smoothing out things between him and Insei would be nearly impossible. You should have considered this before agreeing to Master Yoda's scheme of the moment.

    Opening the door, Kirstan strengthened her mental shields against the frustration still rolling off her padawan.


    Shaking his head out to clear it from the remnants of a rather unsuccessful trance, K'vel glanced up.

    //Yes, Master?//

    //Would you like to talk?//

    //No Master, I wouldn't.//

    "Hmmm. I think we ought to anyways. Have a seat Padawan."

    Sliding into the chair, K'vel waited until his master had seated herself across from him before asking, "And what did you want to talk about Master?"

    "Insei." At the sound of the name, the waves of frustration increased, battering Kirstan's mental shields. Discretion was never K'vel's best trait, now was it?

    "You must understand the he doesn't understand the Jedi way, padawan. Thus we are responsible for him."

    "But Master, I can't *make* him stay out of trouble."

    "Padawan, what exactly do you think Jedi do when they serve as a diplomatic escort?"

    "They uh... ummm... I think I get the point Master."

    Hiding the smile at K'vel's sheepish look, Kirstan prodded him for his answer. "What do we do padawan?"

    Straightening up, K'vel replied, "Our duty is the serve those who request assistance and at times serve as an escort designed to prevent dignitaries from encountering trouble."

    //Practising for the trials already padawan?//

    K'vel thought his master looked rather amused, but he wasn't about to admit his hobby of late was preparing for trials that were still 4 or 5 years away. Silence, in this case, was the only defense.

    "I want you to think of Insei as a visiting dignitary. Your orders are to remain neutral no matter what your personal opinion is, and to keep trouble away from him. Are we clear on this?"

    "Yes, Master."

    "Good. I will consider this to be your first solo mission." Kirstan broke into a wide grin before adding, "May the Force be with you, Padawan."


    Kirstan gave definate thought to running away... for about half an instant. Collapsing on the couch was a much more viable option.

    I had no intention of taking over Master Nil-Ka's job for the morning, I really didn't.

    Turning over her options for the day, Kirstan decided perhaps she could use a bit of therapy herself. Talking to Daya was a bit more stressful than I thought. No one has asked me to think about things like that in quite a while.

    Failing to come up with a better option, Kirstan decided to head down to the cafeteria and hopefully coax some leftovers out of the cooks. That's the best idea I've had all morning.

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  8. Nicholae

    Nicholae Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2000
    Nicholae Orion brushed his hair away from his face before ducking out of the hangar and into the main Temple. I should definately get cleaned up. Surveying the layers of dust and dirt piled on his tunic and robe, Nicholae allowed himself a moment to curse desert planets.

    Force, where is everyone this morning! Nicholae thought, passing a row of deserted classrooms.

    Spying a certain Jedi Master heading for the cafeteria, Nicholae thought briefly about catching up to her before deciding hunting her down in an hour, when he'd had a chance to clean up, might be a bit better.

    Allowing himself a small smile, Nicholae set out in search of his apprentice and a shower.

    If anyone would like to write the part of my apprentice, feel free. My only stipulation is... stay away from Master Kirstan. I'm marrying her real life counterpart, and she doesn't get to ditch me just by going online. Smile Dear.
  9. Maelisaandii

    Maelisaandii Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 3, 2000
    Yes, thank you Jane, that did help. If someone could just post an announcement that the Council is adjourned when appropriate, that would be great! Thanks again.


    Fio wandered aimlessly through the Temple, having given up long ago trying to remember where she had been. She had descended two levels in the lifts, and had gone around a lot of corners, that was all she could remember.

    Sith, I'm going to have to ask for directions again.

    That problem would be dealt with when appropriate. Right now, Fio was feeling a little like a child lost in a toy store. She couldn't find her way around, but what a place to be lost in! It was just incredible. Everything her history books had said, only better in person.

    Her wanderings took her into a huge room, filled with waterfalls. Light came in a threw rainbows all over the place.

    "Wow," she whispered, completely in awe. She was so taken with her surroundings that she almost walked into a group of children being lead in an exercise by a Mon Calamari. Well, mostly children. There was one, close to her age, who seemed not to quite belong. She backed away and retreated, though, before anyone noticed her. This room was plenty big for her to find some other place to gape.
  10. Jedi_Daphne

    Jedi_Daphne Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 30, 2000
    ROTFL @ Nicholae

    Fine dear, be that way tongue.gif
  11. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

    JediKnight-Obi-Wan Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 13, 2000
    I WILL post today. Sometime today. Or maybe tomorrow morning early LOL If I can get away with staying up late tonight.
    Rani that girls slumber party idea sounds like a hoot!
  12. Jedi_Master_Insei

    Jedi_Master_Insei Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 1, 2000
    eek.gif Uh-oh. We got trouble in cyberspace. Incoming lovebirds at 12 o'clock. Angle shields to forward, divert power to weapons.

    Hehe! A girl's slumber party. My sister's had tons of those. And sometimes, she's let it slip what's happened...
  13. Kenobi Maul

    Kenobi Maul Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 23, 1999
    Just checking in to inform everyone that I'm only back for an other (checks his watch) hour and then I'm gone till Saturday and I won't be able to post today cos I have homework.
  14. Jedi_Daphne

    Jedi_Daphne Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 30, 2000
    Kirstan paused outside the room of a Thousand Waterfalls, supressing the urge to check up on Insei was hard, but she refused to step on the turf she had just allocated to K'vel. I'll wait until I am asked for help.

    Continuing on, Kirstan noticed a young girl stepping out of the room. She can't be with the meditation class. It's too early for them to be finished. Oh, wait, no braid. Another exchange student? Is Master Yoda trying to turn the Temple into a boarding school?

    "Can I help you?"

    Whirling around, Fio found herself faced with another Jedi. You would think I'd have met more than 3 by now.

    Chuckling, Kirstan replied, "Well, not more than 3 are totally sober I'm afraid."


    "You see, there was a bit of a party last night from what I hear, and it got a little out of hand. Now, are you looking for someone?"

    Fio quickly explained that she was waiting for Master Koon to finish with his Council session. Then she added that she might be a bit lost.

    Nodding, Kirstan decided that it wouldn't do for Fio to wander the Temple lost and alone. Especially when most of the population was hung over. I'd hate for her to get on the wrong side of a very cranky master or two.

    "Well, I was on my way to see if some leftovers could be found in the cafeteria. Would you like to come along? Perhaps I could show you around a bit on the way."

    Agreeing quickly, Fio decided it might be a good idea to figure out how to get around. It might be better than always being lost.

    "By the way, I am Master Kirstan Lien."

    "Fionnuala Darci. But don't bother with my first name. Just call me Fio."

    "Good to meet you Fio."
  15. Jedi_Daphne

    Jedi_Daphne Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 30, 2000
    Oh, and Insei, I take exception to being called a "lovebird". I most certainly am not. *pout*

    Hope no one minds me stealig Fio. She looked lonely.
  16. RogueJai

    RogueJai Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 14, 2000
    As usual when she meditated, Jai was in the water--specifically, in the Room of a Thousand Waterfalls. Coming out of her semi-trance--no WAY she would put up with being rescued again--Jai smiled at the sound of children's voices. Most likely the six and under initiates. They were all so sweet--until you got to know the little monsters. Swimming closer, undetected, Jai listened to the conversations, mostly consisting of an occasional reprimand from the Master. Jai was about to make her presence known when she heard a large *SPLASH* and a few moments later was completely drenched and washed up. Standing, she pulled her deep black hair away from her face and glared at the pilot-type "initiate" that had caused the waterfall's surge--and the Dark Side one, as well. Annunciating very carefully, she asked "Who. The. (insert very scary Corellian curse). Bloody. Sith. Are. You!"
  17. Maelisaandii

    Maelisaandii Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 3, 2000
    Jedi_Daphne, no, I don't mind a bit!


    "Pleased to meet you, too, Master Lien," she said, deciding that when in doubt, go for formal. "I thought Jedi didn't party much."

    The Jedi Master looked amusedly at her. Obviously this girl had Jedi Knights up on a bit of a pedestal.
    "We're human too, Fio," she said, "Prick us and we bleed, stress us and we party. A little too hard in this case."

    Fio nodded. She had a lot to learn. Taking in the different parts of the Temple was enough for now, she tried to remember everything. Goodness, how her RPG friends would be jealous! Real Jedi Knights! She tried hard to contain her excitement. It almost overruled her fear of people. Almost.
  18. Kit'

    Kit' Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 30, 1999
    Must Make amends....


    Kithera smiled sadly at Jane again, "No, it's alright." she whispered. She was so close to tears, and she didn't want Jane to see her cry. "I've got to go Jane."

    "Okay." Jane said looking perplexed. Kithera turned and walked down the halls towards the council rooms.

    Knocking Kithera gathered the last ounces of her courage, the clerk at the door looked as perplexed as Jane. A small knight on her own comming without a summons was not usually seen in the Jedi temple.

    "Knight Rinani." The clerk announced. Kithera straightened her tabbard and leggings and brushed nervously at some stray pieces of hair. The cold voice of Mace Windu answered and Kithera quietly walked into the council chambers.

    "Know why you are here we do." Master Yoda said as soon as Kithera had sunk onto the floor. Kithera kept her head down studying the pattern on the carpet.

    "Would you like to inform us yourself?" Mace Windu asked. Kithera drew a deep breathe, she hated admitting to anything, but she had to.

    "I..I was.." she began uncertainly, "I am the person responsible for spiking the punch at last nights party." Kithera mumbled. The entire council sighed with relief and annoyance.

    "Why didn't you tell us before?" Master Adi Gallia asked

    "I acted before I thought. I made a fool of the council to impress Ra..Padawan Veko and I believe I achieved quite the opposite." Kithera said more slowly. "Last night was a spur of the moment action, I thought that what I was doing would be funny, I even contrived to get Qui--Master Jinn I'm sorry, it was a thoughtless, childish action which hurt more people then I ever concived it would..." Kithera trailed off, as she heard the quaver in her own voice.

    Master Yoda was staring at her sadly, Kithera wished that the floor of the council chambers would open and swallow her or a deadly creature could strike her down. Anything to get away from those sleepy, sad eyes.

    "And Padawan Veko's role in this?" Mace Windu asked,

    "Padawan Veko, had a part in carrying out my idea." Kithera answered, "She came here this morning, I believe, because she didn't want me to get in trouble."
    Among other people. Kithera added mentally.

    "Do you know that you hurt many people last night?" Master Adi Gallia asked. Kithera nodded dumbly,

    "Knight Rinani, we are very ashamed at your behaviour. Not only did you make a fool out of the council you sound like, for a while you prided yourself in doing so. YOU made a mockery of what appears to be padawan Veko's sacrifice in admitting her part by not admitting to your own. You told half-truths, hurt many people by your thoughtless actions, and basically behaved like a ten year old iniate." Mace Windu's words cut through the air like a knife. Kithera glanced up enough to see a couple of the Master nodd their approval. Kithera glanced back to the floor without speaking, she had a lump in the back of her throat and she felt like she was going to cry any minute.

    "Admit to this you do?" Master Yoda said softly.

    "Yes." Kithera squeaked, "I'm so sorry."

    "You are to go back to your quaters and meditate on what you have done. We shall discuss on what is to be done with you." Mace WIndu said. Kithera nodded, and rose from the floor. The moment she was outside the council doors, she fled.


    Kithera slid down the turbo lift walls and pressed the button to Rani's floor. Despite council orders she had to apologize to Rani first. She couldn't believe that she had been such and idiot in hurting Rani, making a fool out of what she had done.
    I should have just stayed in bed. Kithera thought sourly. The lift light pinged and Kithera stepped out into the plush carpet of Rani's wing. Breathing deeply Kithera stopped just before Rani's door.

    "Rani?" Kithera called, "Rani? Please I know that you're there." There was a brief second where Kithera felt Rani's mind sweep across her own and then withdraw with a sensation of distaste. "Rani?" Kithera tried again, "I'm sorry for my behaviour this morning. It was childish and I hurt you by not
  19. Kresa Rei'de

    Kresa Rei'de Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 9, 1999
    <Forgive me for not doing the accent for Jun-Bytz, Insei, but I'm not good at writing things like that>

    K'vel sat down after his master had left and thought hard about how he could possibly stay one step ahead of Insei. He'd already come to the conclusion that that was the only way he'd be able to keep the boy from trouble.

    The biggest problem, as far as K'vel could figure was that Insei himself hardly ever knew just what he would be doing next. That made things doubly difficult for anyone who would be the boy's keeper. K'vel grimaced as he reached the inevitable conclusion.

    He would have to activly tap into Insei's thoughts and feelings, much as he disliked that sort of thing. It had always seemed like an invasion of privacy, no matter how accepted it was within the Temple.

    Rising easily from the couch, K'vel tapped a few simple commands into the computer terminal set against the wall. Insei was scheduled to be in meditation with the five and six year olds. The youngest children were still having classes today because they had not attended the party and their teachers and guardians had not been so foolish as to stay for the more casual portion of the dance.

    K'vel smoothed his robe and strode out towards the Room of a Thousand Waterfalls where the mediation classes met. He was actually feeling pretty pleased with himself for having figured it all out, though he was still reluctant to lower his shields. When he saw Master Jun-Bytz lecturing not only Insei, but two small initiates as well.

    He waited politely for a break in the lecture and was rewarded with a wave of the master's webbed hand. "Yes, Apprentice Kaelson?"

    "I have simply come to look in on student Katsuo," he replied calmly and as kindly as he could. "Is there some problem?"

    "He was the victim of a rude and un-jedi-like prank, Apprentice Kaelson. But he responded in an un-jedi-like manner himself."

    "Master Bytz, please keep in mind that he is not a jedi and I don't believe he can be reasonably expected to understand just what is and is not appropriate behavior when he has been here less than 24 hours." K'vel delivered this (for him) terribly long speech in a resonable and respectful tone, keeping his expression nuetral and his gaze gentle.

    What surprised him was that he actually meant it.

    Oh, K'vel was still a long way from forgiving Insei for that episode with the binders that morning, but that didn't mean he wouldn't be a bit more lenient on Insei, and a bit more dilligent in the boy's defense from now on.

    "Very well, Apprentice Kaelson. I will alow you to come up with some suitable form of punishment then. In the mean time, I would ask that you teach him to control his temper."

    K'vel nodded solemnly and waved Insei to join him. He bowed and waited rather sternly until Insei did the same and then he lead the exchange student from the room.

    "So, what's my punishment going to be?" Insei asked as soon as they were out of earshot of the master.

    "I do not know yet," K'vel replied calmly. It was requiring some dependence on the Force, but he was managing admirably to suppress any anger or irritation at the young man's manner. "It depends on the circumstances. Why don't you tell me what happened?"

    K'vel relaxed his shields and quietly weathered the minor storm his question had caused.

    "You would trust me to tell you the truth?"

    "When I have but to ask Master Bytz what really happened? Yes. Besides, what would be the point in lying? You don't even know what kind of punishment you might be escaping or what I might consider to be mitigating circumstances yet."

    Insei thought about that for a few moments as they walked along and finally explained exactly what he had experienced in the mediataion class. K'vel listened politely, never interrupting, letting the young man's unrestrained emotions wash over him as each part of the story was told. They more than his words helped K'vel decide who was truly at fault.

    "I believe then that a single evening of scrubbing the cafeteria floor should be punishment enough."

    "Scrubbing t
  20. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

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    Jan 13, 2000
    Okay, hope you don't mind me sticking Cali in this post Amidolee.?? Anyway this one is a little long because I haven't posted in awhile.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Meri walked into the cafeteria and spotted Obi-Wan and Cali sitting at one of the tables. She changed directions and headed for their table.

    Walking up behind Obi-Wan she bopped him on the back of the head with her hand.
    "Hey! What did you do that for?" He rubbed the spot with his hand and sent her an offended look.
    Meri grinned. "Just for being you."
    Cali giggled.
    "What have you been up to, besides torturing me?" Obi-Wan questioned.

    Meri grinned impishly as she swung a leg over the bench and sat down.
    "Oh just talking to my Master about last night. I made mention that Yaddle was seen leaving Yoda's room and I said something about it being a bad example for Padawan's..." here she looked over at Cali with a grin, then looked down at her hands as if she was inspecting her nails. "He had a strong opinion about that."

    "Oh really?" Obi-Wan asked faintly.

    "Hmm yes. You want to hear the lecture he gave me about it? I don't think he even knew he was in his lecture mode."

    Obi-Wan didn't look to thrilled, but since Meri had to listen to Alex, it wouldn't hurt Obi-Wan to as well. Besides, she was worried about Cali and Obi-Wan. Relaxed rules or no, they had taken a great risk doing what they had done. If found they would be in BIG trouble.

    "Well first off he said no Padawan would dare go that far, then he said that Yoda is a MASTER. Some of the rules that apply to Padawans don't apply to the Masters. Especially engaged Masters. He said Padawans knew that. Then I asked him what would happen to a Padawan who did do that and was found out." She paused and grinned, her eyes staring off into space, amusement on her face. "You should have seen the look he gave me when I asked that." she giggled then looked back over at Obi-Wan.

    "Well what did he say?" Cali questioned.
    "Oh, he said the last Padawan that did that wasn't allowed to see his girl again alone. Without a Master present. Plus he said he got the stiffest punishment that he as a Master had ever seen given."

    Her face serious now, Meri looked over at Obi-Wan. "Remember what we talked about Obi, the night of the dance?"
    For a minute he looked confused.
    //You said you didn't think you could stand not being able to show your feelings for Cali, remember?.// Meri sent through the force.

    Cali watched them closely from across the table. She could tell they were talking through the force now.

    A pained expression crossed his face. "Yes, I remember now."
    Meri nodded. //Good, then whenever you get the urge to act against the rules remember that.]//

    He gave her a serious look. "Okay Meri."
    She slapped him on the back as hard as she could and grinned. "Good."
    "Oww Meri! You better watch it." He warned teasingly.

    Meri looked at the ice in her glass as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. "Why?"
    "Because you'll regret it."

    Meri nodded and scooted closer to the unsuspecting Obi-Wan. "Really?"
    Obi-Wan looked at her and then suddenly recognized the look on her face for what it was.

    Too late!!!!
    With the lightning quick move of a Jedi, Meri grabbed his pants and pulled them out as far as his belt would allow, then dumped the ice down them. Yelling, he jumped up and tripped over the bench and ended up on his rear on the cafeteria floor.
    Cali and Meri dissolved into giggles at the sight of Obi-Wan sprawled in a most undignified manner on his butt. The melting ice already was causing a wet patch to appear.

    Pausing in her laughter Meri pointed to the doorway. "Obi-Wan I believe the bathroom is that way."

    Glaring at her he stood up and shook the ice down out of his pant legs. Picking up his glass of water he walked over to her.

    "You look hot..."
    Meri smoothly interrupted him as she scooted down the bench out of range. "I do? Ohh thank you Obi-Wan. But shouldn't you be telling Cali that."

    She promptly started laughing again as did Cali. In fact she was laughing so hard she didn't notice his a
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    Oh, man. I was thinking that Jun-Bytz would send Insei to Yoda for help. Oh well, maybe Insei can explain it to Jane.
  22. Kresa Rei'de

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    Sorry. If you have plot points like that, that you want to have in the story, don't be shy about telling us about them so that we can include them in our posts.
  23. Jedi_Master_Insei

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    Puts on best Jun-Bytz voice: "Why shertenlay, I shahll do thaht in tha fuhturh. I shurely hohpe Jhahne Jhinn whill be ahble to bhe a ghreaht lishener to Inshay's shtorie."
  24. Amidolee

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    Jan 8, 2000


    "Jedi do not seek revenge, remember?" Cali squeaked, slowly getting out of her seat and moving away from the two Padawans.

    "What is she talking about?" Obi-Wan asked innocently, moving around in a pincer movement. "Meri?"

    "I haven't the faintest idea," Meri replied in a sweet tone. Cali had her back to her, so the Padawan reached behind to the other table and picked up a discarded cup of cold juice.

    //Do it, do it!// Obi-Wan urged while still distracting Cali.

    //With pleasure// Meri stepped up to Cali.

    Cali let out a shriek as she felt cold liquid pour down her neck and back. She spun around at Meri who was still holding on to the cup and part of her tunic. "You Sith!" Cali shrieked.

    Obi-Wan came behind her and started patting her tunic against her wet back, helping the liquid soak her futher. She let out another shriek, now aware that others were watching.

    Both Padawans were laughing now and Cali was becoming livid. She reached for her jello, using the Force to levitate it straight into Meri's face. The other girl let out a cry and levitated some pudding at Cali.

    Cali ducked and the chocolate pudding bulls eyed on Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan went to retaliate at Meri, letting loose some pasta and sauce.

    "Duck, Meri!" Cali warned.

    The Padawan ducked and the sauce went flying-
    -straight into Master Arieh.

    "Oh, Sith!" Meri gasped, knowing who was behind her.

    "Is this the proper behavior for my Padawan?" the Knight asked. "Or any other Padawan for that matter."

    "Uh-uh, we're sorry, Master Arieh!" Cali sputtered, feeling her cheeks flame. Sith!

    Meri was frantically clearing the food off her, blushing redder than Cali's hair. Obi-Wan was just watching them, a queer look on his face. //What are you thinking?//

    //How they would clean each other up if there wasn't so many people around// Obi-Wan sent back.

    //You're terrible// Cali chided.

    //I think we need to clean up//

    //Sick. You're sick// Cali teased.

    Alex Arieh looked over at them, eyes narrowing when he caught them communicating. He couldn't read what was going thorugh their minds, but he didn't like the amusement glittering behind Kenobi's eye. "You two get cleaned up. You'll be scrubbing the cafeteria tonight with Jane." He turned back to Meri. "Let's get you cleaned up, Padawan. Then you can join them."

    Cali and Obi-Wan burst into laughter. Meri shot them a bewildered look. As Cali headed back to her apartment to wash up before they had to return to scrubbing the floors, she grinned at Obi-Wan. "Hmm, what were you just saying a little bit ago?"

    Obi-Wan just laughed again, then departed for a shower. In an hour he could be bugging Meri some more and be with Cali some more.

    Then a thought hit him. He was suppose to spar with Qui-Gon tonight. Suddenly, his perfect day was at it's end.


    we could still work in a spar. How long could it take to scrub the cafeteria when we have Jane, Cali, Obi, Meri, and who knows who else on the team?
  25. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

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    Hmmm ROFLOL I had to do it Amidolee. ROFLOL by the way, that was a great post.

    Alex waited until they got to the apartment to question his jello covered padawan.

    "Did you start it?"
    Biting her lip she looked up at him, eyes twinkling mischievously. "Well...not the food part Master. I just dumped ice down Obi-Wan's pants."

    He snickered then stopped himself. "I imagine he needed cooling down, but it wasn't your place to do so."
    A glop of jello fell of on the floor with a splat. Meri looked down at the red colored splotch on the floor.
    She felt a finger run along her cheek and looked up confused. Her Master had his finger in his mouth, a look of concentration on his face.
    "Hmmm cherry."

    "That's gross." She said disgusted.
    "No actually it taste quite good." He grinned at her, then picked a noodle off his shoulder. "But this, this is yuck."
    He dropped it in a trash can then turned back to her. "Go get cleaned up then join Cali and Obi-Wan in scrubbing."
    She sighed. "Yes Master."
    She heard him chuckling as she walked out.
    After showering she headed for the cafeteria intending to ask just what Obi-Wan and Cali had been laughing about.

    She knew that look on his face. He had been up to something. Maybe he needed his mouth washed out......a bucket of soapy water did have its posibilities. I mean after all, they were supposed to be cleaning the floor.
    It wouldn't hurt to get water and soap all over the place. She grinned mischievously to herself.
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