Part III of The Ultra Stressed Jedi Students

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    K'vel sat and began organizing his books and flimsies. "Well, I'm behind in most every class I was in this semester since Master Lien- umm, Master Or- err, Kirstan assigned me to keeping an eye on Insei. Now that he's settled into Temple life and is going to another master, I've got to catch back up as quickly as possible, as the term is almost over. Though most of the instructors are very understanding and are willing to let me slide on the little stuff so long as I finish out the major requirements."

    He grabbed a list that looked dauntingly long. "So I have to do stuff in most every subject."

    K'vel looked up a humorous smile in his eyes. "Was there something you needed help on? We could do that together and help each other."

    "Okay," Jane agreed quickly. "What subjects to we have in common?"

    "Well, everyone at about our level has to take galactic history, at least one language, lightsabre practice, meditation," K'vel ticked off the requirements on his fingers, his eyes rolled up toward the ceiling as he thought. "And at least one economics class. The rest is kind of up to you as long as you're keeping busy."

    "Let's start with econ, then," Jane sighed. "Might as well get it over with."

    "Don't worry, Jane," K'vel grinned. "That's my best subject."
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    Hey, while I'm gone, can you people still stick Sari in somewhere? Oh, and Jane, she's in Starfighter Repairs with you.

    I have like, 15-20 minutes to do a quickie.


    Sari grinned at Deewon as the droid wheeled down the hall towards her. It was nice to see a friend for a change, someone familiar. "Hey, Deewon!" she called jogging up to the droid.

    It let out a whistle of greeting and halted at her feet. Sari had been on her way to the communications center to see if there were any messages from her father. She was dying to know what was going on. "Come, let's go," she said.

    The center was bustling with inbound shuttles, and outbound flights, and requests for Jedi assistance. Sari paused in the entrance, Deewon nudging her from behind. The droid was not impressed as she was.

    "Can I help you?"

    Sari looked at the Ithorian male. "Um, yeah, I think so. Have their been any messages from Prime Andres of Tessial?"

    The Ithorian tapped a couples keys on a computer. Then he shook his head. "No, I am afraid not. Would you like to relat a message to Tessial?"

    Her father wouldn't like it if she just bothered him, so she shook her head no and left. Why hadn't her father contacted her? Had something happened? Was he . . .? She didn't dare think about it. Sari trudged down the halls, shoulders sagging, feet dragging. The Jedi Temple was fun in a way, but what was she doing here? Shouldn't she be with her father and planet? Shouldn't she be striving for peace? Jedi Knights were guardians of the Peace, and yet their attempts to mediate Tessial had only failed. What good could she do? Especially lightyears away?

    She took a turbolift down to the waterfall dome, not really paying attention. There was a class of children swimming in one of the pools. She stopped to watch them for awhile. There were two humans, a Rodian, and some other species she didn't recognize. //I bet they're all purebloods though//

    Sari had always thought of herself as a mutt. Mixed blood and genes. It had never bothered her. No, that wasn't true. It did bother her, when others used it against her.

    The girl sighed and headed back out of the large dome and back into the halls. She made sure she didn't run into anyone, not wanting to set anyone else off.

    Shoot, my ride's here. Guess I'll have to put my idea off :-(

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    Last post of the day. *yawn* Man, I'm tired!

    Lina was having a dream. And a wierd one at that. She was standing in some sort of church structure. In front of her were all the members of the Jedi Council. Out of habit, Lina bowed, "Hello, my Masters." They ignored her greeting, their attention on a small circle of padawan surrounding a bundle of blankets.

    The healer apprentice moved cautiously forward and recognized the band of students. On the left side stood Ane and Ieron who were watching Obi-Wan. He was bent over the pile of blankets with a concentrated expression on his face. He looked like he was writing something. Next to him stood a red-haired girl.

    *It's Cali-Ana! What's she doing here?*

    Lina moved forward to observe what Obi-Wan was doing. It was then she realized the pile of blankets was in fact a baby. It's tiny eyes closed, it was sleeping.

    "What's going on?" she asked.

    Ane gave her an irritated look. "'re interrupting the ceremony."

    "What ceremony?"

    "There! Done!" Obi-Wan pulled back from the child. All the padawans moved closer. Lina craned her neck to try and look and could only see the small purple mark on the baby's hip.

    An Andali sign.

    "Beautiful!" Ieron commented. "Very, very lucky."

    Lina tried to get closer to the baby but the tight circle of student wouldn't budge. She then heard Cali-Ana tsk her tongue.

    "It won't work. Do another" the redhead commanded.

    "What? But it's the right Andali!" protested Obi-Wan.

    "It won't work" she repeated sadly. With a sorrowful shake of her head, Cali motioned to Ane. "Start again. Another."

    Lina suddenly felt frightened. What were they going to do? She saw Ane reach for his lightsaber.

    "Ane! What are you doing?!" Lina cried in horror.

    "Don't interrupt!" the male padawan hissed.

    Lina frantically looked at the members of the Council who continued to stare in mild interest but did not move to stop Ane. The baby continued to sleep peacefully, unaware of the danger surrounding it. The yellow blade hissed to life and the armed padawan raised the weapon as if to stab the defenseless baby.

    "NO! DON'T!"

    Lina jolted up on the sleep couch. She blinked rapidly and rubbed her face with her hand.

    *Force! It was just a dream! Just a dream.*
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    whoa...very very creepy that was...

    aa :D
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    I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and it is really really late, but I'll finish my post. I also have this great idea, but it'll be for later. Lina, that was just creepy. What's Cali doing there? What does this all mean?


    Sari was lost in thought, basically feeling sorry for herself. But she still kept her eyes about to be sure not to crash into anyone. It was just her luck--which she didn't believe in or rely on--that none other that Padawan Kenobi was heading down towards her, his expression the usual brooding. She steered clear to the other side of the hall, hoping to slip pass without notice. Lords of Tessial knew she wasn't in the mood to deal with the arrogant types at the moment.

    Her movement must have been exaggerated as she practically leapt to the other side. The Padawan looked up, noticed her, and almost went past. Sari breathed a sigh of relief and began to walk away.

    " . . . Sari?"

    Huh? He's spoken! In her head, choirs and bells began to sing and ring. she wanted to whip out her datapad and document the moment. Outwardly, Sari paused and turned, finding herself a little wary. "What?" She winced at her own snapping tone.

    Obi-Wan shifted, clearly uncomfortable. "Um, sorry for being rude after running into you."

    Sai raised an eyebrow. She hadn't expected this. "Apology accepted, but only if you stop giving me evil looks over the table."

    His eyes widened. "Have I?"

    She rolled her eyes. "I've thanked the gods a thousand times that looks can't kill. Oh well, I would have died young."

    "oh." He looked truly preplexed. "Uh, sorry." after a few more shifts, he turned and hurried on down the hall.

    Sari watched him, baffled. Now she was beginning to think this Kenobi character was truly odd.
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    Okay. I don't know what the heck is going on. Could someone send me a private message telling me what's happened? I want to be able to write Insei back in somewhere.
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    "Besides its abilities as a healing balm, the Cuma plant also aids in reviving dozing padawans during a very important lecture."

    The burst of laughter jolted Lina awake.

    "Or were you meditating, Lina?" An-Paj asked. The dazed student looked up at the blue face, holding a rather ugly looking plant. The Master didn't look angry, more annoyed.

    "Sorry, Master" she mumbled.

    The alien healer looked down at her for moment before shaking his head. "Time on Battlesmear seems to have made you careless, padawan. Stay after class."

    Lina bit back a groan. This was just great. She tried vainly to stay awake through the rest of An-Paj's lecture but was having a difficult time, despite the fear of a double punishment. Study of Alien Fauna wasn't exactly Lina's favorite class but she had never fallen asleep in it before. Glancing over at Cassel, she saw him giving An-Paj his usual half-interest.

    She was sorry she ever asked Cassel about Andali. Along with it bothering her during the daytime, now it was affecting her sleeping as well. After last night's nightmare she had been unable to fall back asleep. Lina managed to at least give the impression she was listening through the rest of the class.

    "Do you have another class after this, Lina?" An-Paj asked when she approached his desk.

    "No, Master An-Paj. I was supposed to help Master Nik-Ka with his patients roster, though."

    An-Paj nodded. "I'll let him know you'll be helping me."

    "I'm sorry for falling asleep in class. I just didn't get much rest the night before."

    "Lots of work to catch up on, I imagine."

    "Yeah...right" agreed Lina. *Yeah, let's say that.*

    "Well, padawan, I just need you to help me move some of these plants back to the Infirmary."

    "Which ones?" Lina peered at the glass case holding a variety of fauna, most of them rather hideous.

    "Take the Cuma plants and the Blexian Rose."

    "This is a rose?" The padawan peered into the glass bell jar that An-Paj pointed at. She couldn't really see very much through the fog that was billowing inside.

    "Blexian roses are quite beautiful when they're not spreading the Blexian flu" An-Paj protested. "Amazing colors."

    "I'll just take your word on that Master" Lina replied as she gingerly picked up the bell jar.

    Walking back to the Infirmary, Lina continued to stare at the swirls of fog inside the jar, trying to see the rose. In her focused observation, she nearly knocked into another figure.

    "Not again!" they both shouted. Lina made a fumbling grab for the jar and breathed a sigh of relief when she got a firm grip on it.

    "Sorry! I'm sorry!" the other girl practically yelled.

    "It's okay. It was my fault" the padawan quickly apologized. "I wasn't looking where I was going."

    The other girl seemed surprised at Lina's apology. "Oh...uh...that's alright."

    "I'm Lina" she introduced and shifted the belljar to shake the other girl's hand.

    "Sari" she returned.

    "Are you new here? I don't think I've ever seen you before."

    "I got here a few days ago."

    "Do you like it here so far?"

    "Pretty much. I like most my classes and the people I've met have been...mostly normal" Sari almost muttered the last part, glancing behind her.


    "Never mind." She changed the subject. "I've heard your name before....Sifa was saying something about...Cattle?" Sari tried to remember.

    Lina gave a groan that dissolved into a laugh. "Yes, Cassel. Pray luck is on your side, Sari and you never have to meet the kid ever!"

    A confused expression came upon Sari's face but she didn't pursue the matter further.

    "It was nice meeting you, Sari, but I've got to deliver this plant."

    They said quick goodbyes and Lina finally managed to deposit the plant in the Infirmary. Rushing back, she took a Cuma plant in each hand retraced her steps.

    *At least the other new student is nice. I don't think I can deal with another Cassel.*

    Almost as if she had magically conjured him, there stood Cassel in the Infirmary, peering at the Blexian Rose.

    "What are you doing here?" demanded
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    Leona poked listlessly at the food in front of her. It was Corellian lasagna, her favorite. Strangely, though, it tasted like cardboard.

    "Leona? Everything alright?"

    The healer looked up at the voice and saw Qui-Gon staring down at her.

    "Oh! Qui-Gon, have a seat" she offered. The Jedi Master lowered himself next to her with his own plate. Leona gave him a smile. "It's been rather nice not seeing either you or your apprentice in the Infirmary lately. No offense."

    Qui-Gon laughed. "None taken. I return the comment. How's your student coming along?"

    Leona observed the slight quirk in his eyebrow. "You know very well how he's getting along. Mace is threatening to expell him and all the instructors of the lightsaber class want to kill him."

    "Yes, I heard he's rather...ah...having a hard time adjusting."

    "He's a good boy, though" Leona answered as she went back to prodding her food.

    "Are you sure you're alright?" Qui-Gon frowned.

    "You're getting rather comfortable with that question, aren't you?"

    "Well, you've asked it to me enough times. You owe me a few" he returned with a grin. Leona nodded and gave a weak smile of her own.

    "Qui-Gon? Can I ask you a question?"

    "Of course."

    "You don't have to answer if you don't want to" Leona said hurriedly. The Jedi Master gave her an encouraging nod. "Have you ever....lied?"

    Qui-Gon looked surprised by the inquiry but he answered it nonetheless. "Yes. I'm afraid I have."

    "And did the people you lied to....did they ever forgive you for it?"

    Before the other could answer, Leona's commlink went off. She snapped it open to see An-Paj's face.

    "Leona, get down to the Infirmary right now. We have an emergency."
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    Lina, I am really enjoying your story line. Please keep up the good work! I am dying to know why Cassel is really here.
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    Thanks Juwannajedi! Uh, I'm writing this quick insert just the let others know where everyone is.

    The pounding in his head alerted Cassel that perhaps trying to get up wasn't a very wise move. His entire body felt like it had been scrubbed raw. The soft sheets surrounding him felt like the toughtest burlap. Struggling to open his eyes, Cassel could feel someone glaring at him. It was Lina. And she looked the way he felt.

    Her face was plae, her eyes rimmed red. She looked as if she was nursing a headache of her own.

    "Nice to see you up" she said acidly.

    "What? What's happening?" he croaked. Gods, he felt like his head was being put through a pressure cooker!

    "That would be the fever" Lina informed in a cold voice. "Mines been throbbing nicely for the past hour."

    Cassel glanced around and saw they were both sitting in the far corner of the Infirmary on two beds. "What's going on?"

    "What's going on?!" Cassel winced at the piercing yell of Lina's voice. "What is going on, you mindless prat is that we are now being quarantined!"


    "Yes! You released a strain of Blexian flu when you opened that bell jar. We've both got it!" She didn't lower her voice despite the fact it was causing her headache to increase as well.

    "Is it deadly?" asked Cassel. He tried to keep the panic from entering his voice.

    "No, but don't I wish it! Didn't I tell you not to open the jar!?"

    "Would you be quiet!" Cassel hissed.

    "Why? To make YOU more COMFORTABLE!?" That last bellow nearly made Cassel fall over.

    "Calm down! How long do we have to be in here?"

    "Three days."

    "Three days?!"

    "That's how long the contagion stage lasts. After that we have about three more days of nausea and loss of balance to look forward to." She fixed him with a dark stare.

    "Are we the only ones who have it?"

    "Yes. Master An-Paj managed to isolate it into just the Infirmary. No one else caught it."

    "So we're the ONLY one is quarantine? Just us?" Cassel felt a spike of panic hit him again.

    "Yes." Lina looked like she wanted to kill him.
    Cassel glared back at her. *Great. Three days trapped in here with her. * He found himself wishing that the flu had been deadly.
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    Kresa, here's an idea you can run with, or ignore, just as you please. We're going to be flying to Salt Lake City to-morrow and although I'll have access to the Internet while we're there, I don't know how often I'll be able to post.


    The next morning, after awakening from pleasant dreams, Jane walked with Perrian to the Room of a Thousand Waterfalls, to join the other Jedi in morning meditation. K'vel was waiting at the entrance and fell neatly into step with her, and they smiled at each other as they followed Perrian to the spot that he chose, then knelt down together.

    When they'd finished and were moving lazily through the garden in the general direction of breakfast, Perrian asked suddenly,"K'vel, are you doing anything important this afternoon?"

    "No, Master Thenceor,"K'vel replied, obviously surprised.

    "A Force-sensitive child has been identified in one of the hospitals here on Coruscant, but the mother is not certain whether she wants to give it up to the Temple. The Council has asked me to speak to her. I thought you, and you, too, Jane, might like to come along with me and tell her a little about life as a Jedi."

    "Me?"K'vel asked.

    "But I'm not a Jedi,"Jane realised, frowning."What could I tell her?"

    "How much you enjoy your life here now and the satisfaction that you feel every time you learn a new Force skill,"said Perrian."Also, you might just mention that you sometimes wish you'd been raised here at the Temple, instead of finding out too late what you missed."

    That made sense, thought Jane, then wondered how Perrian knew of those quiet feelings of regret she sometimes harboured.

    "And K'vel could talk about what being a Jedi means to him,"Perrian went on,"and how grateful he feels to be able to serve the galaxy in this way."

    Jane turned to K'vel expectantly, hoping to hear him answer in the affirmative.

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    This post happens before Jane's. I meant to post it up earlier, but I've been run off my feet all day! Sorry for confusing people...


    Yara sat in her High Alderaanaian class, bored out of her skull. To her disappointment, Kresa wasn?t in her class for this subject and she was sitting at the back of the class, alone. She felt slightly guilty, as she suspected the little redhead?s kindness in showing Yara the way to her own classroom had kept her late for hers. There was nothing she could do about that now, however. Sighing, she lay her head on her arms and half-listened as the Master at the front of the class droned on about reflexive verbs.

    She hadn?t told the master that she already spoke the language he was trying to teach her. She had no wish to make things any more difficult for herself than they already were, and she had visions of million-word essays on the subject of ?My Last Holiday? written in High Alderaanian if he found out. The girl was quite happy to ?learn? the sheets of vocabulary given to the rest of the class for now. She closed her eyes, chewing on a strand of hair in a bad habit that she had never been able to break. The trip here had been less than enjoyable, and she had trouble sleeping on the ship- she found it almost impossible to sleep anywhere but in a bed, something that had caused problems when she had been travelling with her uncle. Yawning, she stretched out slightly on the desk. If she could afford to sleep in any class, it was this one.

    ?Student Sikari!? The master?s voice boomed across the classroom, and all heads turned to look at Yara. Awakening from her doze, she hastily tried to spit out the hair before anyone noticed. Just a bit too late. ?Student Sikari, were you sleeping?!?

    ?No, Master.? It was the truth- she had almost been asleep, but not quite.

    ?You were certainly not paying this lesson your full attention.? The man indicated to an empty seat in the front row. ?I think that it would be best if you came to sit here-perhaps it will be easier for you to focus if you sit nearer the front. And I would like to see you after class. ?

    Yara felt herself going red as she stood up. Her chair made a horrible squeaking sound as she pushed it out and made her way to the front, and she could feel everyone staring at her.

    For the remainder of the lesson she tried to sit upright and look as if she was concentrating. She couldn?t help but let her mind wander though. Lightsaber practice next. She didn?t even know where she had to go for it. Maybe she could ask the master after class?. Oh, forget it. She couldn?t be bothered going to some class she wasn?t even going to take part in. Absent-mindedly, she wondered if the cafeteria was open yet. She was starting to get hungry.

    Thankfully, the end of the class came and Yara waited behind as she had been told to, to receive her punishment. The stern-faced master looked down on her from his high vantage point once the class had left, frowning.

    ?May I ask, Student Sikari,? he began, ?why you found my lesson to be undeserving of your attention??

    The girl didn?t answer, just stared at the floor.

    ?I think it would be wise for you to answer. In the Jedi temple, we have rules. And there are severe punishments for those who break them.?

    That didn?t sound good. Telling the master that she was already ahead of the class could not only get her out of trouble, but perhaps get in his good books too. In a split-second decision, she made her mind up. ?It?s just that I already speak High Alderaanian, Master. I was tired from the journey here, and since I already knew what you were saying, I couldn?t help but? rest my eyes.?

    The Master?s expression didn?t change. ?You speak High Alderaanian, you say.? He sounded doubtful. ?For how long??

    ?All my life.?

    He turned back to his desk, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a flimsy. ?Very well. As your punishment, and also to allow me to judge your ability in this subject, I?d like you to complete this exerci
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    last post.

    Leona watched as An-Paj methodically washed his hands again.

    "An-Paj, are you trying to shed your skin?"

    "This isn't funny, Leona. I can't risk having the flu on my hands."

    He began to scrub with the soap bar again.

    "I'd worry more about having to house my two students in the Infirmary for the next three days" she pointed out.

    An-Paj closed his eyes in exasperation. "Yes, I know. Two seconds they were up and at it each other. It's going to be the 8th ring of Sith hells around there." He finished scrubbing and began to dry his hands. "Leona, you have to do something about that boy."

    "I know."

    "Before it was just a few disruptions in class but Cassel nearly spread Blexian flu throughout this entire Temple."

    "Mace has talked to me. The Council has contacted his father."

    "Is he to be expelled?"

    Leona shook her head. "No. One last chance."

    An-Paj replaced the towel. "The Council is being lenient. I would think with the recent uproar of rules being broken that Cassel would be out on his ear by now."

    The smaller healer agreed absently and made herself suddenly busy by filling a few syringes. "Well, one more chance." She grabbed the tray of needles and made her way for the door. "I'll see you later. It's time for their shots."
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    K'vel frowned thoughtfully as he considered the request. It wasn't as if he needed to ask his master if it was all right for him to go. She wasn't around and wouldn't be for the next three days.

    And they were bound to be three of the longest days in his entire life. Already K'vel had found that he needed to keep his shields up tight and block out his link to his master. He'd spent a good portion of the morning in meditation after waking from a rather embarrassing dream.

    It was a pointed lesson in the drawbacks of being intimately tied to another person's thoughts and emotions.

    "I think I would enjoy accompanying you and Jane, sir," K'vel finally replied, nodding slowly. "Thank you for the invitation."

    K'vel saw Jane smile at his answer and a little thrill of pleasure zipped down his spine. He knew he liked her. Jane was nice. And she was intelligent and she was certainly pretty. He just prayed to the Force that he wasn't making a complete and utter fool out of himself by following her around like a lost puppy.

    "Well, since you'll have a lighter duty load than most padawans, since your master is out for a few days, I figured I'd ask you first, K'vel."

    The tall young man bowed. "Breakfast, Jane?"

    "Yes, please."

    Perrien smiled indulgently at the two of them and waved them on their way. K'vel and Jane walked down to the cafeteria along with the rest of the starving horde and got in line. They chatted casually about this and that, K'vel carefully steering the conversation away from his missing master and the empty apartment. Hopefully he'd be able to stay out of it except for when he had to go home to sleep. If he could find someone else to study with he could go to one of the gardens or the library. He was used to being alone in those places and it wan't strange to hear only silence and feel only emptiness.

    "So, are the masters gearing up for the end of the term yet?" he asked everyone. "I haven't been back to classes yet and I need to know how many flimsies and datacards I'm going to need for taking notes."
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    Hmmmm....lack of posts. :( Where be these writers?

    When not battling dizziness and headaches, Lina battled her schoolwork. Master Leona had been uncertain of whether or not they should be working when rest was what both Lina and Cassel needed. But the constant bickering between her padawan and Cassel had An-Paj begging Leona to give them some work to occupy their time.

    Now a stony silence was settled over the Infirmary as both Lina and Cassel typed away at their data pads, refusing to acknowledge the other's presence. A full day had gone by. A full day and both students had felt every passing second crawl by. Lina was desperate for some company other than Cassel. She would talk to anyone right now. Anyone to just get her mind off of the fact that only 10 feet away from her sat the most infuriating idiot the universe ever produced.

    "I've got your data pads."

    "Master Leona!" Both students would have lept out of bed had balance allowed it. Leona chuckled at their eagerness.

    "You two should get sick more often. I've never seen students more excited to get cracking on their work." She pushed 5 data pads to Lina through the force field that surrounded their beds. "From all your classes." She pushed the remaining 6 to Cassel. "Your classes and also a message from your father."

    Cassel immediately grabbed the top data pad and read quickly as Lina settled herself back to begin her mountain of work. *Goody. At least 4 hours of ignoring Cattle.* She could kiss Master Felial for giving so much homework in Intergalatic History.

    A data pad came flying in her direction, nearly missing her head and bouncing off the force field wall. "Watch it!" she exclaimed at Cassel. Her eyes fumed with anger as she regarded the tall figure. Cassel threw the rest of the data pads on to the floor.

    "Sith! I can't believe it!" Anger and bitterness rose in his voice. "He still won't take me back! What the SITH do I have to do?!"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "Nevermind!" he shouted back and flopped back down on the bed and began to study the ceiling. Normally, Lina would have ignored the outburst but Cassel looked truly upset. Not his usual sulkiness but really angry.

    "Cassel, what's wrong?" She tried to make her voice sound as neutral as possible.

    "Doesn't matter" he mumbled as he continued to inspect the ceiling.

    Lina slid off her bed and picked up the data pad that Cassel had thrown. She could see that he was watching her from the corner of his eye and gave no objection as she began to read the message.

    Do not think you're insolent behavior will get you out of there. You are to stay and finish your term. I have contacted the Military Academy on Alderaan and they have agreed to take you on should the Council see fit to dismiss you. I can promise that Alderaan will not be as pleasant for you as Couresant. If I hear anymore of this nonsense, I will send Ajir to collect you and you will be on the first transport to the Academy. Do as you are told.

    Lina looked up from the data pad at Cassel.

    "He doesn't want me to come home. He's sending me away again" muttered Cassel.

    It suddenly all made sense to Lina. She had thought that Cassel was causing all this trouble just to show off or be a nuisance but it was all efforts to try and get kicked out so he could go back to Palamede.

    "Cassel, why do you want to go home so badly?" she asked quietly, though she guessed the answer.

    "Because it's where I belong."

    In his response, Lina could hear the desolate longing in his voice. He didn't just want to go home, he wanted to see his father. He wanted his father to want to see him. Cassel closed his eyes, indicating that he was going to sleep and this conversation was over. Lina carefully placed the data pad back on the table next to Cassel's bed and picked up the rest that had been scattered on the floor.

    "This place....really isn't so bad, Cassel" she began. She wasn't even sure if he was listening. "I mean, the term will be over before you know it. Maybe....maybe if
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    I don't know what the heck is going on. Could someone send me a private message telling me what's happened? I want to be able to write Insei back in somewhere.

    Thank you for your time.
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    His fever was back. Cassel's head felt like it was underwater. Sounds were murky, vision was blurry at best. What time was it? Was it night?

    "He still has his fever. But the blood test is negative now. He's getting better. We should move him out of quarantine."

    That sounded like Master An-Paj. He was getting better? THIS was better?

    "Go with him. I'll stay with Lina. Don't worry."

    Cassel blinked sluggishly at the figure that bent over him. When he had been a little boy, Cassel had once entered his father's study without his permission. He had been heavily punished for his trespass. His father had known his private room had been invaded because Cassel had accidentally moved a holocube out of place after he had activated it.

    "You could have broken it, Cassel!" his father had shouted at him. It had been a portrait holo of a young woman with long black hair and brown eyes. Many people had often told Cassel that while his grey eyes he had inherited from his father, his black hair came from his mother. That one holo of her in his father's study was the only one in the entire house. Though Cassel had seen it just that once and never again, the image of the pretty, kind face lingered forever in his memory. He never thought to see it again. Until now.

    The figure bending over him had long dark hair that fell about her shoulders. A cool, comforting hand pressed against his forehead. The familiar face was hazy. Cassel blinked again to try and get her in focus. He felt a sudden rush of relief and deep yearning at seeing her.

    "Mom?" The whisper was so soft, he wasn't sure if he she could hear him.

    The dark hair shifted suddenly in length and the eyes he thought that been brown turned blue. It was Master Leona. How stupid of him. How incredibly idiotic and stupid of him. He hoped Master Leona didn't actually hear that. He had made a fool out of himself. Cassel felt a strange prickling behind his eyes. He had been hallucinating. His mother was dead.

    "Master Leona....I'm sorry...I thought..." it was getting hard to talk.

    Leona smiled and he felt a wave of comfort flow from her hand to his burning head. "'s alright, Cassel. We're moving you. Just sleep" she suggested.

    It sounded like a good idea. Cassel closed his eyes and felt himself drift off as Leona's voice continued to whisper in soothing tones.
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