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Part III of The Ultra Stressed Jedi Students

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Jane Jinn, May 7, 2000.

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  1. Kresa Rei'de

    Kresa Rei'de Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 9, 1999
    K'vel stood slowly from his chair, walked slowly up to the front of the room and quietly handed his test chip to the teacher. Then, he collected his things and slipped out the door. He knew that there were answers he wanted to change, but he'd learned long ago to trust his first instincts, at least when it came to tests. He almost always second guessed himself into being wrong if he gave in and started changing things.

    He had arranged to meet Jane in the meditation gardens after history. He'd been more than mildly alarmed when she hadn't been in class. When she'd coe in late and had to stand in the corner, he felt crushed for her. She would have so little time. When K'vel had found a comfortable place to sit, he drew his knees up and let his long arms drape across them.

    He wasn't really trying to avoid his master. He loved Kirstan. He wasn't trying to avoid Nicholae either. //Yeah, right. And I'm Master Yoda.// he thought to himself. He'd almost been dreading their return from their honeymoon, but the move in had gone smoothly and now Nicholae and Kirstan shared her room, while K'vel had his room to himself again.

    Zare Trials would finish some time today. He wasn't sure when exactly, but he was sure he'd know about it as soon as he got home.

    K'vel just wasn't sure how to treat Nicholae. He wasn't K'vel's master, but he was Kirstan's husband. There was always a strained sort of tenseness between them, much as Kirstan tried to bring them together.

    //And most of it is because of me.//

    K'vel was quite sure that master Nicholae wasn't out to get him, not any more, anyway. Though that whole senate address escapade had been terribly rude of him, he hadn't really done anything to indicate he was displeased by K'vel since the young man had punched him.

    //I can't believe I punched a Master.//

    Well, he'd been pretty mad at the time. Now he was just grudgingly accepting of his fate. He tried to minimize the awkwardness by being around as little as possible. K'vel left early for meditation every morning and then went straight to breakfast where he sat with Jane and then it was off to class. And when not in class he was at Master Thenceor's studying with Jane. From there, late at night, he would blink his tired way home and crawl into bed, after saying good night to Master Lien.

    This was the last week of the term after all. He needed to be studying. Tomorrow he had a presentation for his advanced econ class on the effects of smuggling on the economy of Corellia. That planet was one of the few that seemed to have a healthier economy -because- there was heavy smuggling in the area. CorSec often ran itself ragged trying to catch them, only to be picked on and despised by the people they were trying to protect because it actually slowed down the economy.

    K'vel shook his head. //The Corellians are very weird.//

    A soft sound brought K'vel out of his ruminations and he reached out, sensing Jane. She didn't seem very happy at all. When she trudged into sight, her head and shoulders were slumped and her feet hardly came up off the ground as she walked.

    "That bad, huh?"

    Her answer was a reluctant nod.

    "Could be worse."

    "Oh? How?"

    "Could have been Light Sabre and you could have been paired with Zare."

    "Isn't she-"

    K'vel nodded, his expression rueful. "Yeah, the one who sent me home bruised, battered and thoroughly humbled most every evening before the wedding."

    "There is that," Jane granted him as she slid down to a seat next to him. "So, what do we study now?"

    "The leaves," K'vel replied.

    "Leaves? But I'm not taking botany."

    "I know that." K'vel hesitantly settled an arm around her shoulders and tipped his head back to look up through the leaves toward the dome high overhead. "But they are awfully pretty in this light and if we have to study something right now, then let it be something relaxing. If you don't relax you're going to be too tense for you next test and you won't do as well."

    Jane smiled at him and nodded. "Alright. I like that
  2. Daphne

    Daphne Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 28, 2000
    Kirstan stretched easily before taking to the mat. The crowds in the training rooms had been controlled through a round robin type of practice and although she wasn't in top shape, she had managed to hold her own against each of the knights who had crossed sabers with her.

    Actually, Kirstan had to admit, she was starting to feel a bit more confidant. Time without missions may have allowed her swordplay to fall into disuse, but it had done nothing but strenghten her connection to the force. The two balanced each other quite nicely.

    A brief flicker through her mind caused her to step from the mat and wave off her next sparring partner. *Did K'vel just say Correlians are weird? What did I do to deserve that?*


    Slowly, almost reluctantly, the answer came back. //Yes, master?//

    //Interrupting something, padawan? Doesn't Jane have finals?//

    Kirstan draped a towel around her neck and sat near the wall. The amused smile on her face just didn't look right in the middle of the arena.

    //We're.. uh.. studying leaves master.//

    //Well, why don't you join me for a little practice once you and Jane are through... studying. Unless of course, you don't need any practice before the competition.//

    //No, master. I mean, yes master. I.. uh.. I'll be right there.//

    Chuckling quietly, Kirstan wondered if perhaps she ought to have a *talk* with K'vel. One a bit more personal than the "Where do little Jedi come from" talk she been pulled into when he was younger.

    //Take your time padawan.... Oh, and one more thing.//

    //Yes master?//

    //Why exactly are Correlians weird?//
  3. Healer Apprentice Lina

    Healer Apprentice Lina Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2000
    After their morning classes, Obi-Wan, Bant and Garen made their way towards the Medi-Center. They found An-Paj studying a data pad when they entered.

    "Ah, Padawan Kenobi. What happened to you this time?" the blue alien asked with friendly exasperation. Garen and Bant failed to hide their laughter.

    "Nothing!" Obi-Wan practically shouted. "I'm fine! Perfectly fine! Nothing is wrong!"

    "We've come to visit Lina" Bant answered, still grinning.

    "I'm afraid that she's still in quarantine."

    "But...I thought by now she'd be out. Blexian flu doesn't last THAT long, does it?" Garen asked.

    "No, it doesn't. But it's taking her a bit longer to fight it off."

    "Can we at least see her?" Bant felt strangely anxious.

    "She's sleeping at the moment. might be best if you came back later" An-Paj recommended. "She had a bit of a hard time trying to sleep last night and I'd like her to make up for it."

    "But she's okay, right?" asked Obi-Wan.

    "She will be." An-Paj's answer didn't give them much comfort.

    The three padawan began to shuffle out, stating they'll be back later. The alien healer nodded and gave them a friendly smile. "While you're here though, Kenobi, perhaps you'd like to stay. Save you the trouble of having to get down here once you get banged up again." An-Paj put on his best menacing healer look. He only allowed himself to laugh after Obi-Wan had run out, nearly colliding into a wall in his haste.
  4. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000

    To the tune of "George of the Jungle"

    O-bi-Wan Kenobi
    Look out for that WALL!!!

    or girl, or gungan, or sith lord, or whatever . . .

    A school permit is simply a liscense that lets you drive from home to school for activities. Hmm, I'll post on Sari it little bit. Glad y'all like her!!! The funny thing about the bridge and heights, I uh, do that. Sorta.
  5. Healer Apprentice Lina

    Healer Apprentice Lina Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2000
    I am just sooooo procrastinating posting on my other thread. I've been on a posting frenzy here just so that I wouldn't have to look at my other story. *sigh.* Well, here's another random one for you. Oh, for anyone who has been reading my other story, one of the characters gets a mention in this post. :)

    Leona kindly thanked Master Nik-Ka for taking over her classes and patients for the day. Pulling out a stack of data pads, the petite healer settled into dividing her day between researching the Blexian flu and sitting with Lina. Not much was known about this strain. There was no vaccine or specific treatment for it just yet, though she had heard that a Gemian healer was very close to discovering one.
    *I don't suppose this Bren Haran'Tak could find a cure in the next 24 hours.*

    It was only supposed to last a week. Cassel was well on the road to recovery, needing to stay in the infirmary only a day more before he could be discharged.

    Picking up a data pad, Leona began to read a paper on the disease written by Healer Haran'Tak. Her eyes protested, stating they needed rest after having stayed up all night. But the healer persisted. She was reading for about an hour when she felt a wave of fear travel over the bond she shared with her padawan. Lina was having another nightmare.

    *Not again! When will it leave her alone!?* Countless numbers of frightening dreams had been plaguing her padawan all night. *She'll never recover if she can't get a proper night's sleep.*

    Quickly, Leona wrapped herself in a Force shield to protect herself from the flu and moved closer to Lina's bed. Sure enough, the student was beginning to move about listlessly, her motions growing increasingly frantic. It was a few more moments before Lina began to cry out again.

    *I thought sleep was supposed to refresh you.*

    Cassel wearily rubbed his eyes. Then again, he hadn't gotten that much sleep. All of the night before had been interrupted by Lina's nightmares. Although the door was firmly closed, Cassel had been able to hear her cry out. He noted with guilt that he, on the other hand, felt much better this morning. His fever was gone and his dizziness hardly came anymore. He stared at the food that Master Cora had brought him.

    *There must be one large dispatch company that all the infirmaries of the universe get their food from* Cassel thought as he stared at the uniformly mixed mush. Pushing away the plate, he tried to mediatate again. But as the night before, he got very little done.

    It was incredibly ironic. For 50 hours he had moaned about having to be trapped in a room with no one but Lina but now that he was out, he was itching to see her. He couldn't meditate without her, he was worrying so much.

    Perhaps he could visit her. Just for a bit. True, Master An-Paj had threatened to chain him to the bed should he try and leave but.....
    Sliding out of bed, Cassel pulled on his robe that had been kindly set aside of him. He took a few tentative steps and found his surroudings stable enough. He stepped quietly down the silent hallways and slipped into Lina's room.

    Master Leona sat next to the force-fielded bed, fast asleep. A data pad hung limply from her fingers. Looking around, Cassel couldn't find a blanket, as all had been thrown over Lina. Shrugging off his robe, he draped the long cloth over Leona. Being nearly a foot taller than her, his robe completely covered her and part of the floor as well.

    Through the shimmering shields, Cassel could see Lina under a mountain of blankets. She looked exhausted from the lack of peaceful sleep. Cassel suddenly felt the need to stay. He wasn't exactly sure what he'd be accomplishing. If Lina had another nightmare, he wouldn't know what to do. Besides, Master Leona was right here.

    But nonetheless, Cassel pulled up an uncomfortable chair and settled himself down. He gazed intently at Lina's pale face with his flint eyes. As time passed, the only sounds in the room were that of quiet breathing. Lina slept on, undisturbed by dreams as
  6. JediFinrod

    JediFinrod Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 4, 2000
    What? Amidolee, you couldn't get a permit to drive because you're not involved in sports??!!?? Don't ya just love the bureaucracy of the education system? So what about those people, like yourself, who have health problems that prevent them from being involved? (I have a blood disorder that prevents me from being too active, so I guess I'd be out of luck at your school!) I offer my condolences, Amidolee. Education is one of my majors, so I know how schools just love to make rules for silly reasons. (My little sis' can't wear yellow at her school, cuz' it's been declared a gang color. *rolls eyes*)

    Lina, I hope your posts won't get too tragic! (But they're great anyway! :))
  7. Healer Apprentice Lina

    Healer Apprentice Lina Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2000
    My posts usually do turn rather tragic, don't they? Well, I'll try and hold off for awhile.

    Amidolee, what is this idea of yours? I'm really curious! I hope it gets to work into the story soon!
  8. Kresa Rei'de

    Kresa Rei'de Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 9, 1999
    //Not -you-, Master.// K'vel protested. //And probably not any other Corellian Jedi, but the ones that live there most definitely are. They have the only economy in the entire galaxy that actually thrives when they are preyed on by smugglers.//

    "Umm, Jane, I'm sorry, but Master Lien would like to practice some with me before the competitions tomorrow." K'vel glanced at his chrono. "And if we don't get moving soon, you'll be late for your next class anyway." He grinned at her. "We can't have that again."

    "No," Jane agreed. "I'd rather avoid that if I could."

    K'vel stood and helped Jane to her feet, holding on to her hands a bit longer than absolutely necessary. "So, umm, are you going to watch the competitions tomorrow? Master Lien and I are entered into the team competition and we are each entered for individual competition in our own rank. I'd, uh, I'd like it if you were there." A shy, hopeful smile twitched across his face. "To cheer for me?"
  9. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    The only sounds in the classroom were the soft clicking of datapads and muffled coughs of the Padawans. To Sari, the almost inaudible sounds were magnified and booming. Since she had come to the Temple only days ago, she didn't have to take the exams. She had been excused from about half of her classes, but the others wanted essays or some show of work from her. Her essay was complete and turned in, but she was supposed to stay in the classroom and not leave until dismissed by Mistress Kyliank.

    "Student Ashta."

    Sari nearly jumped out of her skin as Kyliank called out softly. The female Mon Cal waited patiently as she collected herself and crossed the classroom. Garen glanced up as she went by, scratched his ear, and went back to his test. The Jedi Mistress did not look too pleased as she held the princess's datapad in her webbed hands.

    "I am concerned with your political views, Sariannalynn."

    *Why does she have to call me that?* "Um, may I ask what's wrong with my essay?" Sari whispered.

    "It'd be simpler to point out the good," Kyliank sighed. "Your lack of interest in politics is quite a concern when you will inevitably be involved with worldly affairs for the majority of your life."

    *Please, not this speech! She's sounds like Father!* Sari shifted and glanced around the large classroom. No one was paying attention to her, but she was sure they could pick up on her anxiety and nervousness. And annoyance. Definitely her annoyance.

    Kyliank didn't say another word, just handed the datapad back. Sari took, glaring at her trembling hands. She had always been the perfect study, excelling in almost every subject. The datapad's screen flashed and she nearly dropped it.


    "That isn't fair!"

    It took several seconds for Sari to realize she had shouted her conviction. Every head turned and stared, causing a deep flush to rise up her neck and to her cheeks. *please, if there really is a god or force or whatever, open up the floor and let me die*

    "Why is it unfair, Sariannalynn?" Kyliank asked calmly, her salmon skin shading.

    Sari turned away from the students and back to the Jedi Mistress. Anger and frustration boiled inside her. "How can you fail me for my opinion and views of politics?" she asked, her voice low at first, but rising a notch as she continued. "I thought Jedi and the Republic respect ALL views of cultures and politics. My opinion and view may not be an entire culture, but it IS a true form of myself! Is that not what you asked for in this essay? Is that not what I gave you?"

    The Mistress was undeterred. "There is no conviction or opinion in your essay but simple distaste. I asked for comparison and--"

    "What's there to compare?" Sari nearly shouted. "Governments are all the same. They squabble over mindless points and accussations, ignore what the people really need, and take advantage of them. It's corrupt. That's all there is to it! That is how I see politics, that is my comparison!"

    Kyliank almost smiled. Her silver eyes darted to the other Padawans, whom all were suddenly very involved in their tests. No doubt they were whispering in their minds to each other. Then she looked back at the furious girl in front of her. The slight silver shading of Sariannalynn's skin grew darker and shimmered, now very noticable. The pretty lavender eyes were a deep violet, reminding the Mon Cal of Knight Arieh in his bouts. "Maybe you should create your own party," she said calmly. "You are certainly a motivational and passionate speaker. Please sit down and complete your assignment."

    Sari took a deep breath, trying not to growl. She had come here for some peace from the damage and war politics caused, but there was no relief. It was everywhere, even in the Jedi. Could they not get enough of it? Didn't they respect everyone's opinion. The princess gritted her teeth.


    A gasp went up through the classroom. Sari didn't acknowledge them, but kept her eyes on Kyliank. "I completed the assignment as told. I will not
  10. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    After several twists and turns, stairs and lifts, Sari found herself in a wide hall with wide doors on each side. It was relatively quiet, but held the air of expectation. It took her several moments to realize she was in the combat level. A movement down the corridor revealed three service droids busily cleaning. They took no notice of her as the scrubbed and waxed. The infuriated girl glanced at one of the doors, accessed it, and stepped inside.

    The illumination banks flickered on to reveal a cavernous chamber. She gasped when she saw probe droids, weapons, moving portions of the walls, and other gadgets tucked up in the corners. It was a battle room of somesort.

    "Initiate battle sequence ONE."

    "Um, no?" Sari watched wide-eyed as the walls began to move and several objects suddenly launched into the air and came swooping towards her. One fired red darts at her while the other extended it's arms into razor sharp pistons. "Oh crap . . ." Sari barely had time to react as the red darts stung her arm before the razors spinned towards her. She screamed and ducked, tucking herself up into a roll.

    The razors swooped by and missed, turned and came at her again.

    "Stop! Please, stop!" Sari screamed as she dodged the spinning device. She ripped the red darts out of her arm, gasping at the pain. Her sleeve wass torn and she saw blood beginning to flow from her wounds.

    A sudden hissing and hum sounded, the floor began to crumble and Sari crashed to the floor. The spinning razor hovered over her as she curled up into a ball. "I don't want to die . . . I don't want to die . . ." she whispered as the whirring shriek of the blades grazed her ears.


    The floor's shaking and crumbling ceased and the razor floated away. Sari remained curled up in a ball, sobbing into her knees.

    "Sari? What the Sith?"


    "Sorry, Master," Ane's voice replied.

    Sari felt a gentle hand on her back and she shuddered as she was able to breath again. A rather strange looking humanoid frowned down at her, along with Ane's concerned green eyes. She slowly unfolded herself as she realized the frightening combat room had ceased it's hazardous transformation.

    "What are you doing here?" Master Yuki demanded, his tone stuck between reprimand and concern. "This is no place for a student."

    "I, uh, got lost," Sari choked out, rubbing furiously at her wet eyes. Great, now Ane had seen her cry. He'd probably laugh about it to his friends. Great. She would be Sari the Cry Baby now.

    Yuki helped her sit up, and Ane was quick to assist. His hand brushed against her wounds and she gasped. "Did a dart get you?" he asked.

    "No," Sari bit out. "I took one of those stupid things and stabbed myself with it. I was curious to see if they could break skin."

    "I was only asking," Ane shrugged.

    "Can you stand?" Yuki asked.

    "Yes." Sari waved their efforts away as she got up on wobbly legs. The pain in her arm was subsiding and her heart was returning to a somewhat normal rate of hyperspace. "What the sith is this place?"

    "We like to call it the danger room," Ane said. "It's a combat training center. Master and I were practicing."

    "Oh. I thought it was an elaborate way of suicide."


    Sari had never been to the infirmary, and she was surprised by how closely it resembled a hospital. She had somehow imagined it to be a very relaxing and healing place, with pleasant-smelling plants and herbs, and maybe a relaxing scene of a lagoon or garden.

    An-Paj, the Master Healer, seemed quite cheerful about his work. He was quick and efficient and Sari had her arm perfectly new in a matter of minutes. An-Paj patted her wild mane, then scooted her out the door.

    "Do you want me to walk you somewhere?" Ane asked politely as she was ushered out.

    "Um, no, that's okay. I don't know where I'm going."

    Ane glanced at his chrono. "Me and some of the other Padawans were going to meet in the waterfall room to practice some levitation skills. You can c
  11. Daphne

    Daphne Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 28, 2000
    Kirstan quickly surveyed the room. Finding a practice room had been even harder than she had anticipated, but the older rooms on the ground level of the tower had been empty.

    Turning to the sound of the opening door, she smiled. K'vel still looked as if he'd had his hand caught in a cookie jar. *Maybe it is time for a talk.*

    "Ready Padawan?"

    "Just a moment Master."

    K'vel quickly dropped his robe on a mat near the door before joining his master on a the large padded center of the room. "Ready."

    The match had been evenly fought. Each blow met by each block. Finally deciding that it was time for a bit more of a challenge, Kirstan flipped neatly over his head. The blade nearly made a kill-point before K'vel whirrled to block it, but moments later his saber rested as the edge of the mat.

    "Well fought padawan."

    Reaching for a towel, K'vel frowned. "It wasn't, but at least *you* don't leave me battered and bruised after getting beaten."

    Shaking her head at the boy's battered ego, Kirstan hid a ghost of a smile. "Now now padawan. I think you did well. After all, I learned from the best, but you had to suffer through my teaching."

    Meeting her eyes, K'vel couldn't help but laugh. "Yes Master."

    "Now, I suggest you enjoy the rest of the afternoon, because you *will* be expected to have dinner at our quarters tonight."

    "But master, I thought you hated cooking!"

    "Padawan..." The warning tone in her voice was just enough to extract a nod from him before he headed off for the showers.

  12. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Sari followed Ane into the large dome, perfectly at having a distraction other than politics or her father. She would be in trouble for sure, but if she could put it off just a little longer, that was fine with her.

    Several Padawans were gathering, appearing to be goofing off and having fun. Two suddenly rose up into the air, eyes closed, mouths a grim set of determination. They seemed to race up to the top, where another Padawan was sitting comfortably on one of the beams. The purple-feathered creature beat the reptoid and cheers went up from friends down below. Ane jogged over to the group and Sari followed at a walk.

    "Hey, Sari!" Sifa greeted with a grin. "How's it going?"

    "Okay," Sari shrugged, looking up into the bright dome. "What's going on?"

    "We're just practicing our levitation skills by using the living Force," she said, looking back up as the reptoid and the other Padawan floated down. The purple bird perched on the beams and nodded down for the next pair.

    Sari felt a pang of jealousy go through her. Jedi could fly? They were able to on a whim, and she could not. *my day gets better and better*

    "So, I heard about how you chewed Mistress Kyliank out," Sifa said casually.

    "News travels fast around here," Sari muttered. The next pair shot up into the dome.

    "Did you get in trouble?"

    "I don't know. Probably," Sari shrugged. She looked around and noticed a brown-haired girl and Obi-Wan talking with Bant and a very furred Padawan. Bant gestured up to the beams, waved her webbed hands about, then Furry nodded and Obi-Wan shook his head. The brown haired girl laughed and slapped him on the side of the head, tossed her hair, and then began to wave her own arms about. Obi-Wan began to gesture, clearly contradicting whatever the other girl said. Bant rolled her eyes and commented to Furry. The creature nodded and chuckled. Then the group joined the cluster of Padawans. Sari turned back to Sifa. "Have you gone up yet?"

    "Yeah. I lost," Sifa said cheerfully. "It's almost over." She turned and grinned, waving wildly at someone. "Get over hear guys!"

    " . . . you are so annoying!"

    "It maybe so, but I believe you are the one beating up older Padawans."

    "It was in your honor! You might as well show some gratitude!"

    "I did, I did. But now I can bug you about it?"

    "Shut up, Kenobi. I still have an extra copy of that picture!"

    "You wouldn't dare!"

    "IS that a dare? You know how I love dares."

    Obi-Wan groaned. "Forget it. Just forget it."

    The brown hair girl stuck her tongue out at him, which he only returned with a dirty look. "Oh, hey, you're that girl who told Mistress Kyliank off, aren't you?"

    *Meri, oh that's right!* "Maybe," Sari said, trying hard not to grimace.

    Meri raised an eyebrow. "I've been wanting to do that. She loves to give long assignments. What made you do it?"

    "Freedom of speech," Sari muttered. She looked back up to see the last pair descending from the dome beams. Wistfully, she thought back to the night before when she had taken her midnight excursion on the Temple roof. What she wouldn't give to experience that high again.

    Several of the Padawans left the dome and Sari suddenly felt bold determination and recklessness enter her body. "I bet I could reach those beams," she said.

    "You'll what?" Sifa asked.

    "I may not be a Jedi, but I can certainly reach the beams," Sari said. She turned to the group and raised an eyebrow. "I can't miss out on the fun can I?" She spotted the carbon rope pocket on Obi-Wan's belt. Perfect. "Obi-Wan, give me your belt.

    "Um, what?"

    "Your belt. The carbon." Sari looked back up, measuring the distance. "It's long enough, isn't it?"

    "Um, I think so," Obi-Wan said hesitantly as he unbuckled the pocket and produced the carbon rope and hook. "But I'm not sure, though."

    Sari took the rope from his hand and studied the hook. It should hold quite nicely on one of the narrow beams.

    "What are you planning to do?" Bant asked curiously.

    "Simple," Sari sai
  13. Kit'

    Kit' Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 30, 1999
    OKay, this post is written for earlier in the day...alright?



    Kithera was pouring her third cup of coffee when Sari walked in the next morning.

    ?Hey,? Sari greeted her, ?That smell like coffee, isn?t that a banned substance under law #2340 of the Jedi Temple??

    ?I asked you to *read* the code not to memorize it.? Kithera snapped back and then felt guilty at the look on Sari?s face, ?I?m sorry, it is too early in the morning for me and you woke me up last night and all.?

    ?I?m sorry.? Sari said. Kithera ran one hand through her blonde hair and sighed to herself. Last night she had almost had a fit about where Sari was, Kithera knew that she was going to feel responsible let alone look responsible if anything happened to the princess. Absently

    Kithera glanced across at the calendar which was stuck on the ?fridgerator door. Neatly scrawled in her own handwriting was the words QGJ-breakfast ? Kithera?s heart nearly stopped beating. She glanced at the time and then gulped her coffee. Sari watched in fascination as her master disappeared into her bedroom to emerge five minutes later fully clothed and buckling her utility belt.

    ?I?m sorry Sari I have to go to a?um?breakfast meeting. Can you get your own? There is fruit in the fridge and cereal too, or you could go down to the cafeteria.? Kithera said brushing her hair back into a ponytail.

    ?Bye Master.? Sari called as Kithera almost ran to the door. The apartment was deathly quiet for a few seconds, then the door slid open, and Kithera dashed back in.

    ?And of course there is coffee in the pot.? Kithera said as she grabbed a small package.

    ?Have fun with Master Jinn.? Sari called as the door closed again.


    ?Obi-wan I have asked you repeatedly to eat your breakfast at the cafeteria. It is only for this morning.? Kithera heard Qui-gon say as the door opened.

    ?But Master I don?t understand why?? Obi-wan said backing out from the kitchen. He turned to see Kithera standing partly in the doorway for a few second the knight felt distinctly self-conscious.

    ?Oh so that is why.? Obi-wan said with a laugh, ?I had better go then, see you Master.?
    The boy darted forward to grab something off the table and then raced out of the apartment. Kithera glanced shyly at Qui-gon.

    ?Padawans you can?t live with them and you can?t live without them.? Qui-gon said bemused.

    ?Or as Master Zahalin used to say; Masters are given to us to teach us that live isn?t fair. Having a padawan only reinforce the lesson.?

    ?Yes well,? Qui-gon said, ?I did make breakfast.?

    ?It looks great, you have so many toppings and oh yum.? Kithera said surveying the laden table, ?But Qui-gon can I ask where the waffles are??

    The two Jedi looked at each other for a moment, one in astonishment the other totally bemused.

    ?Obi-wan.? Qui-gon breathed. The two rushed for the door way and down the hall. The stopped inside the cafeteria door, Obi-wan raised his head from the table and cheekily popped the last bit of waffle in his mouth around the table the other padawans were doing the same.

    ?Thanks for the waffles Master Jinn.? Ane called out cheerfully,

    ?Yes they were delicious.? Sifa pipped up and then the whole table burst into laughter. Kithera glanced ruefully at Qui-gon and then smiled.

    ?We have two choices, chocolate croissants or cereal.?

  14. Amidolee

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    "Where's the waffles?"

  15. Amidolee

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    Jan 8, 2000
    AWWWWW . . . parents gone, brothers gone, and it's raining outside . . . perfect setting for more writing!!!1 :)

    Know what's weird? It rains a lot around here, yet everyone still claims Iowa's in a drought. I don't get it, I really don't. ?:-{


    "I was going to make breakfast for you tomorrow," Qui-Gon said airily as Obi-Wan down to the table, datapad out and read for his viewing. "But I believe stealing IS against the Code."

    "Isn't starving your Padawan also against the Code?" Obi-Wan retorted with a smirk. A good banter with his Master was just want he needed to get his mind off of *her* and the episode with the other specimen of the opposite sex.

    Qui-Gon turned from the sink and smirked at his Padawan. "There is plenty of food for you in the cafeteria, Obi-Wan. Although, I do remember one of the cooks begging me to stuff you to the gills BEFORE you went to dinner down there."

    Obi-Wan gave him a withering glance, then smiled. "This is fun, Master."

    "What's fun."

    "Arguing about food with you," Obi-Wan said. He glanced down at his datapad. "It's better than fighting with . . ."

    "Did you and Cali-Ana fight often, Padawan?" Qui-Gon asked gently.

    Obi-Wan frowned. "No, not really. We would tease and joke . . . I don't want to talk about her, Master." The boy bent his head and began studying the contents of his datapad.

    Qui-Gon gazed at his apprentice, wishing there was some way to take the wariness out of his Padawan's shoulders and mind. If only he could have spared Obi-Wan the pain . . . if only there was some way to forget. But no, Obi-Wan needed to learn, needed to remember the pain and the consequences.

    The door rang and he went to answer it. "Kitten!" he greeted in surprise.

    The blonde Knight rushed in, looking very haggard and stressed. "I'm a horrible Master!" she exclaimed, falling into his strong arms. "I lost her again!"


    Sari!" Kithera cried. "She went out last night for a walk. She came back and that was all good and well. But she's missing again!"

    "Calm down," Qui-Gon said soothingly, leading her into the apartment. He glanced into the kitchen and saw Obi-Wan get up out of his chair, obviously curious about the Knight's fretful state. "Now, I'm sure Sari is fine, Kitten. When was the last time you saw her?"

    "This morning," Kithera said. "Before breakfast. She had several classes off because of the finals, but her last two she didn't show up to. No one has seen her since Intergalactic Politics." She suddenly frowned. "Mistress Kyliank informed me that Sari left the classroom in a rather distressed manner."

    Obi-Wan coughed and both Knights looked up. The boy stood in the doorway, obviously nervous about something. He even looked guilty.

    "Do you know anything about this?" Qui-Gon asked.

    The Padawan shifted and shoved his hands into his pockets. "I sorta . . . um, yelled at her. Again."

    "When was this?" Kithera asked.

    "When the Padawans were levitating in the waterfall dome," Obi-Wan said quickly. "She did something stupid and I yelled at her for it."

    "What did she do?" Kithera asked, her voice strained.

    Obi-Wan blushed, trying to decided which stupid thing he should mention. "She climbed up to the beams."

    "You yelled at her for that?" Qui-Gon asked in disbelief. Obi-Wan wasn't the type to do such a thing.

    "Uh . . . not exactly," Obi-Wan hedged, blushing an even darker shade of red.

    "Tell us exactly what happened!" Kithera demanded, feeling her gut twist.

    Obi-Wan sighed, nodded to himself, and spoke in a rapid succession. "She wanted to go up to the beams, so she took a carbon rope and climbed up. On her way down on of those crazy birds knocked her off the rope. She didn't scream, so no one noticed until she was practically to the ground. Bant and I caught her through the Force, I caught her before she hit the ground." He blushed and shifted again. "Then she, uh, kissed me."

    "SHE DID WHAT?" Both masters cried.

    Obi-Wan cringed. "On t
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    GO OBI-WAN!!! :) That was GREAT!!! :)
  17. Healer Apprentice Lina

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    Obi-Wan dropped her and screamed at her, eh?
    Nice to see he deals with stress well. Just kidding. Poor kid.
    That was great Amidolee!
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    A large, white bird landed swiftly, cocked his head to the side, inquisitive eyes studying the sleeping creature with suspicion. It squawked and waited for it to move, but it lay still and curled up. The bird twittered and hopped forward a few paces, squawked again, then nudged the girl with it's long beak. She twitched and muttered, then lay still again.

    Sudden movement from the path sent the bird into flight again. It circled once, twice, then soared high into the dome.

    Leaves crackled and grass russeled as a cloaked figure entered the clearing around the body. A second figure joined the first, shorter and with the air of command.

    Kithera stepped forward and knelt beside her student, whom was curled up and fast asleep in the dirt. "Sari," she called softly, gently nudging the girl.

    Sari mumbled and stirred. Her eyes fluttered open and her head came up. The confusion flickered in her red-rimmed eyes. "Kithera?"

    "Yes," Kithera sighed in relief. "It's me. Now, are you going to stay in the dirt or are you going to come back to the apartment?"

    Sari sat up and blinked at her surroundings. Her eyes fell on Obi-Wan and she immediately felt sick. "The dirt, please," she muttered. "I don't get much chance for that."

    "Fine," Kithera said. "I won't give you a choice. I'm ordering you to get up off your sorry butt and get cleaned up. Then you can explain to me what happened today in Politics. And what the sith you were doing up on the beams."

    She didn't once mention Sari's careless infliction on Obi-Wan, and she wasn't about to inform her either. Kithera helped Sari off the ground and the girl felt even more foolish. "I'm sorry for running off again, Master," she muttered. "I didn't mean to fall asleep."

    "Yes, well, extra meditation is needed," Kithera said. "Plus a good explanation for Mistress Kyliank."

    Her foul mood was returning and Sari fought the urge to blame it all on Obi-Wan since he was the closest one around to blame. The Padawan shifted and she glanced at him, waiting for an evil look or another ripping. None came, he just looked extremely uncomfortable. This made Sari even more awkward and once again pleading with the gods to kill her now, while she was young and not completely and totally humiliated.

    Kithera then led her student out of the dorm, Obi-Wan trailing silently behind. Sari debated whether to apologize or not, but she was afraid of being chewed out again. She hated it when someone yelled at her like that, with all of the hurt and pain mixing with anger. How could she have known that he couldn't take a joke?

    . . . Have you ever been in love? . . .
    . . . No. Why, have you? . . .
    . . . Yes. . .
    . . . Madly? . . .
    . . . Terribly . . .
    . . . That bad, huh? . . .
    . . . You couldn't possibly imagine . . .

    Sari suppressed a groan. How dense she had been! The poor guy was just coming off of an awful break up by the whispered gossip she had only half-listened to. She had completely forgotten in the heat of the moment . . . no, that didn't sound right. Perhaps it was better phrased 'when she was falling to her death'. Well, an apology was due if nothing else.

    "Thank you for helping me, Obi-Wan," Kithera said.

    Obi-Wan nodded, shot Sari a neutral look, then hurried through the door of his apartment. Sari followed her Master to their own quarters. They entered and Kithera let out a long sigh. The knight took a few strands of blonde hair and examined it with a frown.

    "Can you tell me if I've got any gray hairs yet?" Kithera asked.

    "I'm sorry, Master," Sari cried, feeling awful once again.

    "Be glad there were Padawans around to help you," Kithera admonished.

    "Yes, master." Sari looked down at her feet, feeling less than a cenitmeter tall. "It won't happen again."

    "And another thing: would you please leave Padawan Kenobi alone?" Kithera said, coming close to a whine. "It just makes Qui-Gon so agitated . . ."

    Sari almost grinned. "What was that waffle thing about?"

    Kithera rolled her eyes. "Puberty.
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    Great job...especially the Obi-Wan/Sari issue. Although, I do enjoy reading about all of our favorite Jedi students... :)

    aa :D
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    I think she's hinting at Musical, Jane, Kresa, Kenobi Maul, and all the rest of you!!!!
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    Is that a clamor for another post? ;) I think it is.....

    Ieron sat in her classes, gnawing on her pen. She couldn?t concentrate on the test sitting in front of her, even though it would determine whether she passed or not. Her thoughts kept drifting back to last night. //Force Almighty!// she mentally swore, ignoring the urge to wing her pen as far as she could. Why did everything have to happen this week, finals week?

    Eventually, she?d finished the test, though moments afterward couldn?t have remembered any of the questions for her life. Vaguely, she wondered if she would fail, though she doubted it.

    The padawan drifted down to the arena, knowing the last of her classes for the day were over. She heaved a sigh, knowing she?d have to talk to Tobias, to inform him of last night to see where she stood on the intimacy rules and also to explain if her grades suddenly plummeted.

    The arena was eerily silent, with most of the practicing Jedi in the training rooms. Grabbing the mop, brush, and bucket she was beginning to consider as her own, Ieron began to scrub the arena, left alone with her thoughts.

    //You and me are together now and that?s all that matters. We have each other and even death itself cannot separate us.// The words seemed hollow to her. Even though she?d taken them to heart, she couldn?t truly bring herself to so blindingly believe it. When one died, they became one with the Force. To Ieron, that meant little beyond becoming a speck in a sea of thousands of millions other dead entities. This wasn?t to say she was afraid of death, it just seem intensely impossible for what he?d said to be true.

    ?Deep thoughts, for such a young Jedi.?

    Ieron looked up, starting out of her contemplation, to see her master standing over her. Slowly he stooped down and looked Ieron in the eyes. A fond, sad smile played across his face. ?You?re growing up, Ieron,? he said quietly, pride and disbelief shining in his voice, ?and oftentimes that is very painful.? He beckoned her to his side.

    Abandoning her cleaning things, she slid next to him, taking refuge beneath his arm. She tried to be strong, unwavering, believing that that?s what Jedi were. But sometimes, she just needed someone to talk to, to be a person with. ?The Council told me about Ken. I know he?s going back to Alderaan. And from the way you?ve been up and down through the bond since last night, I?ve gathered that he?s told you.?

    Ieron nodded silently. ?Master, before you go on, I have to tell you that he and I hugged last night, though we didn?t kiss,? she said awkwardly, wanting to get that in the clear before they had their heart-to-heart. It didn?t seem important to her, but with the new regulations?

    Tobias chuckled softly. ?I would imagine you did, padawan. I?ve never been very vocal, like Master Jinn, about my disagreements with the Council, but I?ve always advocated that the intimacy code is too strict. Why kind of people are we raising here, if they are taught to deny themselves affectionate gestures? Only to a certain degree, of course, but this isn?t the important matter on hand. Why are you so upset? Jedi get sent on missions all the time.? His tone was quiet as usual, and he knew what was bothered her, but he wanted her to tell him. He?d discovered that it was more important for her to admit it to herself than be told.

    ?I?m afraid. For him,? Ieron began. ?Terrible things happened to me, but there weren?t Rogues as well. Something much worse might happen to him. And, I don?t think the Council was honest when they gave him half a chance of coming back,? she finished, emotion thick in her voice.

    ?You truly care about him,? he said, ?and it makes sense for you to be afraid for him. But you can?t just shut down, and focus only on him, on what he has to do.?

    ?Funny,? the padawan replied a little cynically, ?sounds like what he told me last night. ?Whatever happens,? he said, ?move on. Do not dwell on me.? It?s almost fixated in my mind.?

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    Jane's next class was Katas and Light Saber. She was not late, but arrived at the same time as Qui-Gon called the class to order. Qui-Gon? Jane was confused. Wasn't Knight Maol supposed to be the new instructor?

    "Knight Maol has been called away on a mission,"Qui-Gon explained as soon as the class had lined up neatly in rows and bowed."I will be evaluating your progress until the end of the week. Warm up, please."

    Jane jogged along with the rest to warm herself up, and stretched, and when they'd finished, they began to review the first defensive positions, moving in rows up and down the room. After several repetitions of each, they moved to the offensive positions. Qui-Gon prowled up and down the edges of the rows as he called out the commands, occasionally coming over to better a stance or correct a hand position. Jane did her best, but as time wore on, she began to feel that queasy feeling in her stomach again, and it made her awkward. Again and again, she found Qui-Gon standing in front of her, his large hands guiding hers to the proper place.

    It was a relief when the lesson was over and they were dismissed. Jane showered quickly, but walked slowly to the little room at the side of the cafeteria where Galactic Cuisine was held. It was Exam Week here, too, she remembered, and she didn't know how well she could keep her expression under control while eating things that tasted downright disgusting, or made strange crunching sounds when they weren't supposed to.

    Master Ruj handed her a net as she came in."I thought I'd start you out with something easy. Riamme again to-day!"

    "Oh, yum,"Jane said. She'd only gotten a small taste of one the last time, but she remembered the taste well, and it was a good one. If she just get over the killing and grilling. Putting up her rudimentary shields, Jane moved warily to the cage where the ugly, lizard-like animals were kept, and waited in line for her turn to catch one with the net. The other Padawans ahead of her showed her by their examples the best and worst ways to catch one, and after floundering around a bit, she managed to secure one in her net.

    She brought the animal to the long table and watched as one Padawan deftly removed his from the net, holding it to a chopping board, then lifted one of the cleavers from the table and neatly whacked the head from the animal's body. Blood spurted everywhere, and there was a slight cheer from the others, which seemed to be part of the ritual, to judge by the way it sounded faintly forced. Gutting the animal, the Padawan then stretched it out over one of the grills and began to wait.

    I think I am going to be sick, Jane thought. She'd carefully shielded the riamme's fear and confusion from her thoughts, but the sight of the blood increased the queasiness in her stomach. I really think I'm going to have to run out in just a minute. But I can't afford to leave now. This is part of the exam. I have to do it.

    Trying to look at least neutral, because she knew she could not force a happy, enthusiastic expression to her face, Jane reached in to grab her own riamme."Yee-ouch! That bloody Sith thing bit me!"

    "You know you've failed Galactic Cuisine when your lunch starts to eat *you*,"Meri quipped from the other side of the table.

    "Let's see,"said Master Ruj, coming around.

    Jane extended her hand, but although she'd received an almighty pinch, the riamme's tiny teeth had not punctured the skin.

    "I think you'll be all right,"Master Ruj said. Jane nodded and started to reach into the net again, more carefully this time, and with a smile, he added,"Now remember, a Jedi does not act in revenge."

    "I was going to chop his head off anyway,"Jane replied, smiling as well. Holding the riamme to the cutting board, she picked up one of the cleavers and took a deep breath. It is the destiny of this thing to be my lunch, she told herself firmly. I am not murdering it. I am helping it fulfill its destiny, so that it may help me fulfill mine.

    The lesson she had learned long ago from Master Yuk
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    Ohhh, poor Jane! Although, if I had to chop a lizard's head off, I would sick as well...Yeeuck!

    aa :D
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    Kithera sighed as she glanced across at Sari, the girl's eyes were still red-rimmed and her face was paler then normal. If you could be paler then that. Kithera stretched and went to make herself some coffee. For the first time in her life she felt old, not grown-up just old. Her muscles were aching and a headache was threatening to overtake her. There were black smudges under her eyes where their hadn't been in the past couple of days. Kithera smiled tiredly to herself as she poured the water and set another cup out for Sari. Suddenly she was glad that she wasn't an actual master, she didn't know how someone like Qui-gon could go through three padawans and still get up in the morning.

    Without thinking Kithera grabbed the jar of chocolate biscuits and put both them and the coffee on the tray before walking out to Sari.

    "You can wake up now." Kithera said managing to giggle as Sari came awake.

    "I wasn't asleep." she said groggily.

    "Could have fooled me." Kithera answered with a smile, "have some coffee and then you can tell me about why you walked out on your lesson today."

    Kithera reached for a chocolate biscuit and then unconciously urled herself into a ball, hugging her knees to her chest. One hand casually wrapped itself around her legs while she munched on her biscuit. Kithera waited until Sari had taken a sip of coffee before smiling grimly.

    "Okay spill it."


    Sorry, I'll continue this idea tonight it is going somewhere but I have to go home now.

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    Sorry double post.

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