Part III of The Ultra Stressed Jedi Students

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    *lmao* I'm loving this stuff!!!!

    *lol* Somehow I knew Gallia wouldn't be able to handle Caroline. Hmmm, girl needs to be sent to Qui-Gon. He'd have her straightened out faster than you can say "Jedi Mind Whammy"! I mean if he can tame a little spitfire like Obi-Wan with a look, Caroline would be no challenge!

    Hmmm, or maybe she would be? Ohhhh, I think Jane and Obi-Wan would find it most rewarding to see Ms. Empress vex the holy Force outta Qui-Gon!

    Or perhaps those two would join forces and stick up for Qui-Gon? A bonding moment between the two afflicted with the 'brother and sister' syndrome?

    . . .

    . . . No, not the same 'brother and sister' syndrome that Luke & Leia had! Somehow I don't see Obi-Wan and Jane kissing anytime soon!

    Keep up the great work!
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    Just one question. Who's Insei gonna dance with? And what royalty is "Lady" Caroline? Is she from Alderaan? Coruscant? (I'd probably say she's the wife of URoRRuR'R'R, a Tusken Raider )
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    This is before that whole dance thing


    Cali was going through her morning ritual when a stray thought crossed her mind. She stopped combing her hand and froze, staring at herself in the mirror.

    SITH!!!!! She was late. By two days. Logic would tell her that it was just a little off and that she had nothing to fear, but paranoia set in due to the night of the dance.

    No, nonononono!!!! Cali squeaked and quickly finished combing her hair. She had to get to her classes, but she also wanted to rush off to any pharmacey clinic in Coruscant and grabbed every single test on the shelves.

    The logical side of her clicked in and reminded her that they had used protection. Didn't they? She couldn't remember. After she had made up her mind, everything had just melded together and she couldn't remember actually. . .

    Oh SITH!!!!!!!!!!!!


    more in a jiffy
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    Insei: go ahead and use JJ in any scene you like. I can't wait to see what you have in mind in the hangar. And there are several girls in dance class that you can choose from: Sifa (human), Bant (Mon Calamarian), Kresa (human) and anybody else you care to make up. But on this particular day, Jane is dancing with Garen.
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    Insei put Ashir?s lightsaber out of his mind, as he knew that because of all his misbehaving, K?vel would be scanning it every minute. He had hidden it under his bed, where it probably wouldn?t be seen.

    ?Insei, here?s your class,? K?vel said, ?Dancing.?

    ?No! Not dancing! Anything but that! I can?t dance! I?ll trip over myself and fall down and break my neck and die from internal bleeding or something! I HAVE TWO LEFT FEET! I?m about as good at dancing, as a Bantha, if not worse!?

    ?C?mon, Insei. This is your class. Have. Fun. Now.? K?vel replied.

    Hanging his head in defeat, Insei stepped through the door into the dance hall.

    ?Hello, everyone,? K?vel said, ?I?d like you to meet Insei.?

    ?Oh, please, not another grotty little boy,? some stuck-up girl said, turning her nose in the air.

    ?Hey, I?m not grotty!? Insei shouted, but his reply was ignored. A few minutes passed, and Caroline was paired up with another Jedi Insei didn't recognize.

    "Since Lady Caroline, has shown us that she is a lady of class. I think that we should show her how much class we have by dancing to our favorite song. Music please Quijia." Kithera said in a impression of Caroline which earned another giggle from the class. Quijia switched on the music, there was a few minutes of silence before the cheerful sound of a reel.

    Insei looked around. He had no one to dance with. So, what was he supposed to do now? // Dance with Kithera? //


    // I shouldn?t have opened my big mouth, or mind or whatever! //

    After the horrifying dance class, Insei went through a boring Calculus class, before glancing at the schedule again. To his utmost surprise and joy, it read ?Starfighter Repair.? // Booyah. // Insei thought. A class he could actually enjoy! Stepping into the hangar, he was greeted by both shouts of joy? and of fear. Obviously a few of the instructors had gotten wind of his antics two days ago.

    ?Hey, Insei! Over here!? someone shouted. Turning, he caught sight of Jane, waving her arms above the small group of Jedi. Jogging over, he caught up with her right as the Master was calling everyone?s attention. He was a Verpine, but luckily he had mastered Basic. His insectile mandibles clicked together as he addressed the group in front of him.

    ?Greeeetingz evzzzzryone. I zam Mazzzterr Skit-Nizzzon. I will be yourrr Starrrfighterrr Repairzzz teacherrr.? The words rolled out of his mouth with a buzzing sound to them. ?I zzeee that Inzzzzay Katzzzuo is with us today. Mosszzt of you probably alrrready know him, mainlee frrrom hizz actionzz. I will divvvvie you up into differeeent grrroups to worrrk on varrrous starrrfighterrrs. Inzzzzay and Jayyyne, you two will beee a grrrroup. You can worrrrk on Inzzzzay?s Zzz-95. Wennntry and Eeever, you two are a grrroup??

    ?Aaarh! I can?t believe that they forced me to take Starfighter Repairs!? A girl shouted, stamping her foot in disgust as she walked into the hangar.

    ?Oh, no,? Jane whispered, ?It?s Caroline.?

    ?Who?s that?? Insei whispered back.

    ?Another exchange student. Only she?s as annoying as the moon moths. She?ll drive you crazy.?

    ?Thanks for the warning.? Insei replied, ?Hopefully we won?t get her in our group.?

    ?Grrrreeetings, Mzzzz. Binglllle. I zam Mazzzterr Skit-Nizzzon. We werrrre about to get starrrrted. You maaay go wittthhh Inzzzzay and Jayyyne.?

    ?Oh, no!? Jane said, the hatred seeping through her voice.

    ?First off, you will address me as ?Lady? Caroline. Second, you mean I get to go with Ms. Assault-the-Chancellor-With-a-Plate and Mr. Grotty?? Caroline replied.

    ?Yezzz, Mzzzz. Binglllle, you arrrre.? The unblinking black eyes stared at Caroline for a while, then turned back to address the rest of the students.

    ?Arrrrgh. The things I have to suffer through,? Caroline said, acting as though she was a martyr. ?Fine, Mr. Insei, you will lead me to your workstation.?

    ?Excuse me? My workstation? I believe that you have to do some work also, Ms. Caroline.?

    ?You will address me as LADY Caroline. Nothing less. And I refuse to get the slightest bit grimy in this filthy cesspit. I bet the Sith inhabit
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    Hehe. This was probably my favorite post that I've done. Not only soaking an annoying student in oil, but also writing how a Verpine would sound if he knew Basic.
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    "Hey," Obi-Wan greeted, coming up beside Cali in the busy hall. "Where are you heading? We have lunch."

    Cali did her best to smile naturally at him, but her stomach gave a twist. "Um, actually I can't today. I have to do research in the library."

    "For what? Maybe I can help," Obi-Wan offered, slinging an arm around her shoulders.

    Cali bit her lip. She really did have research to do in the library, but she didn't want to tell him what that was for. "Uh-- don't you have to eat? I know you eat more than a full grown bantha."

    Obi-Wan frowned at her in concern. "Is something wrong? You look a little upset."

    "Me? Oh, no--just--well, I have to hurry and get to the library," Cali said hurriedly, stepping away from him. "See ya laters." She quickly reached the turbolift and went up a few floors to the library. She hated to deceive Obi-Wan, but she didn't want him to worry or discover her problem.

    There had to be something on how to prevent pregnancy, Cali mused. The library was huge, and if she could find some kind of Jedi trick on how to stop it, then she could learn it and then sail free.

    After an hour's search, she hadn't come up with anything. Of course, she didn't quite understand the Jedi librarian's shelving systems and wasn't about to ask for help. When the lunch hour was over she quickly left for her next class.
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    OMG, Cali and Obi-Wan. Yikes. That won't be a good sign in the Jedi department.
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    No doubt Caroline deserved that, but Insei and Jane are going to be in big trouble now!
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    Cali couldn't concentrate in her classes, cloudn't think about alliances between system's or Nomi Sunrider's theory on the Sith empire. All she could think about was that they had been stupid and that it was her fault and that she had to something about it.

    The chime rang and Cali jumped out of her last class before dance. She was about to race out the door when the Master stopped her. Panic seized her. "Uh, yes, master?"

    "You lost your focus today, Student Angli," Master Tik said. "Are you feeling all right?"

    "Better than ever," Cali said brightly.

    "You have a message in the comm room," Tik said.

    Cali frowned and nodded, wondering who it could be from. She hurried to the turbolifts and shot up a few hundred stories. The comm floor was a more noisy area than the rest of the Temple.

    "Student Angli?" a gurgled voice asked.

    Cali looked up, and up, to see a tall amphibious creature addressing her. "Yeah, that's me."

    "You have recieved a message from a Tyor," the thing said. "Come this way please." It led her to a private cubicle with a comm screen. It left and shut the privacy curtain.

    The screen turned on and the image of Tyor greeted her. "Hey, Cal!" he greeted with a casual smile. "Sliced any monsters yet?"

    "Only the ones with braids," Cali grinned at the older man. She felt completely at was now. "So, what have you been doing?"

    "Oh, my probabtion will last awhile, and I have tons of planetary service to do," Tyor said cheerfully. "But I'm doing much better. Kera's mother's been supporting me, so that's pretty nice."

    "That is good," Cali agreed. A sudden idea entered her mind. "Say, Tyor. Um, do you remember where Madam Night's place is do you?"

    The young man frowned. "Why would you want to see that witch, Cal? Couldn't the Jedi help you with a problem?"

    "Not this one," Cali grimaced. "Remember when Tia had was, um, pregnant and she couldn't let her parent's know?"

    "Oh, Cal, no," Tyor cried, eyes wide. "Ke-"

    "Don't say it!" Cali hissed. "I don't know for sure. Just give me her address."

    Reluctantly, Tyor read off the womam's address. "Hey, Cal-- make sure first before you go, okay?"

    "I will," Cali said before switching off. Now, she had to plan a trip out to Coruscant. Obi-Wan's birthday was tomorrow. Maybe she could convince Ruj to let her go shopping.
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    <Insei, you could have danced with Kresa. She's hasn't any coordination either! >

    K'vel led Insei from one class to another and so far things were going very well indeed. A few startled outbursts, a couple of bows he needed to be reminded to perform when addressed by masters, but other than that, things were going swimmingly.

    The rest from his own classes was a huge relief to the older aprentice, though with as well as things were going, he would probably be able to bring his class work along with him and work on it in the hall while Insei was in class.

    His idle musings getting a little out of hand, K'vel forgot momentarily to keep his shields down so he could keep a mental eye on Insei. An insistant warning from the Force prompted him to yank his shields down. To his horror, K'vel could feel the smug pleasure in Katsuo's mind as his hand dropped to the fuel release.

    Had Insei been a jedi, K'vel would have stopped him with a mental shout, but since the boy was an exchange student, K'vel didn't thin kthat would work, and went charging into the classroom.

    Just in time to see 'Lady' Caroline get drenched by the contents of the Headhunter's fuel tanks.

    Insei grinned at Jane inside the cockpit of the Z-95, but it was wiped off his face when a familiar voice called to him.

    "Student Katsuo, would you be so kind as to come out here where I can see you?" K'vel inquired.

    Insei complied and Jane climbed out right behind him. K'vel blinked a bit to see her and he faltered for a moment, but only a moment.

    "You will both apologise right this instant to Student Bingle."

    "That's Lady Caroline to you!" the wretched looking girl shrilled.

    K'vel bent a stern gaze on her and employed a trick he had learned from watching cops and robbers holovids. He placed his right fist inside his left hand and popped every one of his knuckles with ominous slowness. Caroline gulped audibly, but remained silent, much to K'vel's relief. There wasn't much else about this to be relieved about and he was going to take what he could get.

    //Master Gallia isn't going to be happy about this. And neither is Master Lien.//

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    This is kind of off the subject, but is anyone else having the same trouble I am with Ultra Stressed Jedi Students Play Truth or Dare? I can't read any of the posts past the one written by Jane Jinn asking Ane his most embaressing moment. They simply aren't there! Just curious.
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    Kresa, you had your finals a month ago? I won't have em til the last three days of classes before summer vacation! And the last day is both my friend's and mine birthday. so after we get done with whatever the classes are, p-a-r-t-y!
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    Yeah, Musical, you're right. I can't get em either. It's really bugging me!
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    Oops, I'm at Ejedir's house and forgot to change the name. Sithly me. This is really RogueJai Shoot me, torture me, whatever. . . .

    Sorry it's been a while since I posted I tried the school computer but it no worked. Watch out, Lady Caroline Bingle! I hear the words "cat fight" running through my head . . she sounds like JUST the sort of person that would annoy my little Angel Jai (hahahaha)

    Jai twitched nervously as the transport touched down. Yoda had left her alone to meet this visitor, saying something about the Council seeing them later. She could feel a familiar presence onboard, but couldn't quite identify it.

    The boarding ramp touched down with a muffled clank, startling Jai out of her semi-trance. Dignified, heavy footsteps echoed around the platform. Jai's eyes slowly soaked in the tan boots, her mind barely registering the crest stamped into the nerf hide. They traveled up long legs clad in soft, deep blue trousers, to a light tan shirt with billowed sleeves and a black-lace-up collar. His feautures were cold, aristocratic, insufferably handsome--until you saw the gentle humor in his deep blue eyes. The ensemble was topped off with black hair, carefully windswept.

    Saean was looking at her, too. Jai's hair was longer, and there was a maturity in her green eyes that hadn't been there the last time he'd seen her. She had grown, her head nearly level to his shoulder. Saean mourned the loss of the child that he'd known, but he gladly welcomed the woman his sister had become.


    "Saean?" Her voice was a low, gentle contralto, full and rich--and completely stunned.

    "What, little sister? Suprised to see me?" Saean stepped forward and put an arm around her shoulders, guiding the Padawan towards the door that led back into the Temple. "How have you been, Jai? It's been a long time."

    "That it has," she acknowledged. "Almost six years. I'm doing all right, now. And you? Mom? Dad? Kaeli?"

    Saean sobered. "I have something to tell you."

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    On Truth or Dare, the next post after the last one visible is me, asking Musical Jedi if she is still writing for Ane. Other than that, there's probably nothing to read unless someone's come up with Ane's most embarrassing moment in the meantime. This problem is hitting a lot of threads at the moment.
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    HOLY #$)*#(&(%#!!!!

    Obi-Wan and Cali???

    *gulp* Well, ain't that a wonderful birthday present?

    CALI: Hi Obi-Wan. I'm pregnant. Happy Birthday!

    And if Qui-Gon or Raj found out?!?!? *winces*

    Ohhhh, I'm praying she's just late! Cause the consequences of her actually being pregnant are too severe to even think about!!

    PS: on another note, I"M GETTING JA#8 today!!! Go me!

    ~ Lwyn'nya
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    Jane watched K'vel pop his knuckles in the slowest, most menacing manner she had ever seen, then glanced sideways at Insei, who seemed to be caught between extreme satisfaction for the drenching, and chagrin at having been caught. Finally, she scuffed the hangar floor a little with her boot and managed to say,"I'm sorry, Caroline."

    "Yeah, me, too,"Insei added.

    "I have never been so humiliated in my entire life!"Caroline sputtered."My clothes! My hair!"

    The Verpine instructor had already reached them by this time and asked,"Student Bingllllle, what zzzeems to be the prrrroblem?"

    "They tricked me!"Caroline shrieked."They asked me to stand under the ship and tell them if that stupid thing was opened or closed, and then they dumped all this fuel on me--on purpose!"

    "Izzz that trrrue?"Master Skit-Nizon asked, turning his many-faceted eyes towards Jane and Insei.

    Jane gulped and nodded."Yes, Master Skit-Nizzon."

    "She's been a right pain in the--um--backside, all day,"Insei defended himself."Acting all hoity-toity, thinking she's too good for the likes of us."

    "I am too good for the likes of you,"came the angry reply.

    "Student Binglllle, you arrrrre disssmisssed to cllllean up. Student Katssssuo, you may stand in that corrrrnerrrr. Student Jinn, in the otherrrrr one. I willl calll your masterzzzz immediatellly,"the Verpine said.

    Jane went slowly to her corner. Oh, no! It had seemed like a good idea at the time, to take that arrogant little burraborra down a notch, but Qui-Gon wasn't going to be very happy when he found out. Sith! What if he thrashed her! She didn't think she could take the humiliation of having to lower her pants in front of him and two other witnesses. Or worse--what if he told the Council he'd changed his mind, that he didn't want her to stay at the Temple any longer? Jane began to feel sick at the prospects ahead of her.

    Reaching the corner, she wished alternately that Qui-Gon would hurry up and come, so she could discover her punishment, and that he would never arrive and never discover what she'd done.

    He came about ten minutes later, with Kirstan Lien not far behind him, and Jane and Insei were called out of their corners to stand across from the visibly angry masters. K'vel was there as well, and Master Skit-Nizzon, of course.

    "No doubt you thought that was funny, Insei,"Kirstan snapped.

    Insei didn't bother to deny it."She'd been asking for it all day, putting on airs and refusing to work with us commoners, let alone dance, or even be polite or anything like that. She called me Mr. Grotty!"

    "She embarrassed me in History to-day, master,"Jane began to explain, but a simple look from Qui-Gon was enough to freeze the words in her throat, and she glanced down at the floor.

    "I am very disappointed in you, Jane,"he said, then stopped and added,"Look at me."

    Jane managed to meet his glance by sheer willpower.

    "You of all people should know what it's like to be an outsider."

    Jane flushed, looking away. Yes, she knew, but she hadn't been an outsider because she'd acted like Caroline, not by a long shot!

    "Jane,"he warned, and she brought her eyes up to his face again very slowly.

    "And you, Insei,"Kirstan went on."A Jedi must learn to tolerate all kinds of people, whether they are humble or arrogant. You are not just here to learn to swing a light saber or learn to control the Force. There are other lessons to be learned at the Temple, and this seems to be one of them for you."

    Insei said nothing, but Jane felt the rebuke as though it had been meant for her. So far she hadn't had any problems at the Temple, because everyone had been so nice. It seemed to her that niceness was drilled into the Jedi from a young age. But faced with someone from the outside world, she'd suddenly regressed, and acted just like her own worst enemy. Ashamed of herself, Jane glanced down at her boots again.

    "Come with me, Jane, and we shall discuss your punishment in private,"Qui-Gon said.

    "Yes, master,"Jane whispered.

    "And you, young man, come with me,"Kirstan said in the same tone of voice.
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    JEALOUSY!!!!!! I didn't think it was out until June!!!!
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    Oh, I'm not here just to swing lightsabers and learn how to mess with people's minds? Sithspawn... that stinks. *Goes and stands in the corner like he was a little five-year-old*
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    Wow! My character is still alive! I think I will post some more! (FYI: Caroline is a lady of Alderaan.)


    "But Master Yoda, my room is PINK!"

    "Hehe, heard you the first time I did. Your color it is not, but a lesson in patience it will be."

    Master Gallia slapped her hand to her forehead in exasperation, then immediately pulled it away in disgust as she remembered it being a favorite mannerism of Caroline's.

    "I did not volunteer to take this student because I needed a lesson in patience!" Master Gallia snapped. "Surely some other master would be better suited for her? Can't I even switch students with someone?"

    "Cruel that would be, hmm?" Yoda snickered but then turned serious. "Member of the Jedi Council you are, Master Gallia. If a girl of fifteen years you cannot handle, what shall be said?"

    Sighing in resignation, she realized that Yoda would never yield in this matter. Still, she could not help making a last suggestion, "Couldn't you deal with her or even try to talk to her?"

    Yoda stiffened and looked sharply at her. "Hmmph! Heard much of Caroline Bingle I already have. Need such stress I do not!"

    Caroline soon wearied of her schemes after Master Gallia had left and decided to take an evening stroll, as she had been wont to do on Alderaan. She clad herself in a powder blue afternoon dress and swept her blond hair high on her head in a tight bun, the whole process taking almost an hour as she was little used to doing such things for herself.

    Having achieved what she considered perfection, Caroline exited the apartment and glided down the hall. Whether she noticed the odd looks directed at her is debatable, for she seemed determined to keep her nose at least 45 degrees above eye level. So it should not be at all surprising that when Caroline turned a corner, she instantly collided with Jane.

    Caroline huffed loudly and made a great show of brushing off the entire length of her dress while Jane looked on uneasily, the ordeal in repairs class still fresh in her mind.

    "Well, Miss Jinn or Jane or whatever you call yourself! You seem determined to keep me out of sorts today!"

    Jane's face reddened and her eye's flashed, but she determinedly pressed her lips together.

    Caroline watched her expectantly. When Jane did not reply, she said, "I suppose I should not be angry with you. You are not, after all, a person of fashion and cannot have been raised to know how to properly conduct yourself-"

    "Student Bingle!"

    With a role of her eyes, Caroline turned on her heel to face Master Gallia while Jane heatedly stalked passed them.

    "Ms. Gallia!" she replied defiantly.

    "I have previously informed you of the proper way to address Jedi Knights and Masters!"

    "Oh pardon me Master Gallia," Caroline said in mock ignorance, "but I truly was unaware that the distinction of rank is preserved in the Jedi Temple! I confess, I must be going mad! For I am sure that all day I have been called variations of 'Bingle' Student Bingle,' and 'Caroline' without any consideration for the respect due to the Alderaanian Court! I suppose I could be mistaken..."

    "Fine," Master Gallia interrupted in annoyance, "It will be Lady Caroline, but only if you in turn respect the people of this Temple, whether they be students or masters."

    Caroline appeared to consider the Master's words for a few moments then nodded stiffly.

    As the two returned to their quarters Caroline said, "You will soon find, no doubt, that I possess great generosity of spirit and am quite capable of adopting terms of compromise. Only just now I have conceived a trully commendable plan! I will exert myself from this moment forward in setting the example of irreproachable conduct and fine taste to those unfortunates of this establishment who have not previously had the privilege of exposure to people of fashion! For I believe that having a charitable nature is the surest means of enduring insufferable surroundings. Do not you,
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    *looks around* Okay, where's the post?
  23. JediFinrod Jedi Youngling

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    Ummm...this is getting scary. I don't want to type it all again!
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    Anakin walked to Jai's quarters, flowers and chocolates behind his back as he rang the doorbell. She came to the door, and he noticed something as the metallic door slid open.

    Another guy.

    "Jai... who in the name of the Crystal Star is HE?"


    Hope you're still reading Jai... I thought this would make for interesting conflicts and make ups.
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    Um, what's with Anakin? He's two right now! Unless it's a different Anakin...

    Oh, and Kresa, would it be okay if Kirstan finds a magazine the equivalent of MAXIM in K'vel's possession? I mean, he's not actually reading it, it's just hiding under a bed or couch.

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