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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Elu, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Dark-Enigma

    Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: T'aren
    Gladiatorial Arena; Stands

    [blockquote]T'aren became aghast and shocked as Bresaadi gently laid her hand under his chin, lifting his head so their gazes met each other. His heart skipped a beat, and his felt his pulse throughout his entire body like a train beneath his skin.

    "But what?" she asked.

    T'aren hesitated once more. After what she had just done, perhaps his question wasn't so abrupt after all.

    "I-" he started, but was interrupted by the Immortals calling the top three finishers of the tournament to enter the arena once more. He watched Bresaadi take one last glance at him before heeding the Immortals' call, and sighed. Their discussion would have to resume later. [/blockquote]

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  2. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Leaving the stands, heading for the arena area.

    Fa'Kira was talking to the woman next to her, as she stood, watching the battle breathless. The woman nodded her head towards her.

    "Ah, very respectable, indeed. My reason for not fighting was simply because I joined in too late." She shrugged. "And I'm sure there'll be more chances to fight for my God." She said while playing with some fire in her hand aimlessly.

    Fa'Kira noticed the flames, but stayed silent. She would rather fight for honor for her Immortal in other ways, than mindless battle. And knowing how some Fire users tended to be, she simply nodded.

    "My names, Fa'Kira, by the way...nice to meet you.." The response she got was interesting.

    "You didn't, actually. I'm Darstina, a proud fire-user." Darstina introduced herself, a smile on her face. 'Like you needed to announce that.' Fa'Kira thought to herself. She turned, when she saw the action turn dramatic on the field.

    "Na'Zine! Ba'mey!" she shouted towards Na'Zine as the battle neared its zenith. Darstina looked at the battle. "You know him?" she asked her.

    Now it was Fa'Kira's turn to smile proudly at the young woman. "Yes. He is my friend. We travel together."

    It was not long after that, that the battle was over. Na'Zine had wisely yielded, and Fa'Kira almost fainted in relief. Over the cheers and screams of the croud around her, she waved towards her friend. She then turned to Darstina.

    "Now that it is over, there is just them getting their prize. I wish to move closer to the arena now, to greet my friend." She smiled. "Take care, Darstina." Fa'Kira called, as she began to head down. She called Cerbus, who woofed happily, tail going like mad, as they both started to move down to the arena area. She wanted to be the first to greet Na'Zine. She could only dream about what wonderful gift the Immortals might bestow on him. She sighed softly. Too bad, it was only battles to win such a prise. To have such a chance to perform before you Immortal was grand...but she would rather have another way to prove herself. But such thoughts were for later. Now, it was Na'Zine time to enjoy, and she wanted to share in it with him.

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    The Arena

    Na'Zine leapt to the side, took out his sword and planted it in the ground.
    "I YIELD!" yelled Na'Zine as he raised a small shield of Earth up. Na'Zine thought his heart would stop, as Demonblade sailed over his head. He breathed a sigh of relief, as the God of Swords landed in a crouch himself and then sheathed both Oathkeeper and Ultima, before turning to Na'Zine.

    "You did well. A worthy opponent, perhaps we shall cross paths outside this day again."

    Na'Zine slowly stood, and bowed his head, his warhammer, he quietly re-slung, before retrieving his blade. If he EVER had the chance to cross paths against him again, Na'Zine prayed that it would NEVER be as enemies. He had learned much from that battle, and Na'Zine would have much to muse over.

    He watched as, Demonblade, the God of Swords, nodded to him and walked off to the sound of the stands going nuts; he merely smiled and waved to them as he entered the med bay.

    With that, Na'Zine headed for the medical bay himself. His body, now that the rush was leaving him, ached all over. And he was tired. He managed a weary smile and wave, as he left. He grinned, as he saw Fa'Kira moving through the stands. He chuckled, walking into the med bay.

    There, he was stopped by another..that he knew from Fa'Kira immediately. It was Prospera, Goddess of Life.

    Prospera quietly walked up to him, and without a word, placed both hands upon his cheeks softly. Her power flowed into him immediately. Na'Zine felt his head tip forward, and his body grow warm, as if snuggled deep within the most comfortable bed in his life. By her touch, for a split second, Na'Zine fell asleep due to it. But to him, it would feel like the longest, but most blessed and greatest sleep he had ever gotten. And
  3. Dahlia_Santary

    Dahlia_Santary Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 15, 2005
    IC: Traya Noik
    Location: Stands

    Traya?s shoulder stiffed at the contact with Siyamak?s hand. Although he said it was not her fault, she knew it was, in a certain way. His misfortune was her doing; nothing he said would make her opinion change.

    ?I don?t fear Death. Quite the contrary, my people see it as just a normal part of the life cycle, the most normal one at that. We don?t rejoice or open up to it as much as you may, but we don?t degrade it at all? she told him, responding to what he?d said, forcing her gaze from his terribly scared arm.

    Say what he may, his people?s ways seemed simply barbaric. Most of Siyamak?s scars looked lifetimes old, most probably done to him when he was just a boy. In her realm hitting a child more than domestic discipline required was a mortal crime against Zephra?s rule. It was law to have all you gave bounced back to you five times harder. Yet, in the Death clan, beatings appeared to be every day activities.

    Traya wanted to tell all this to Siyamak, but how could she ever? He seemed so intoned with his culture?s way, saying what she thought would probably insult him.

    ?I?m more than happy to watch after Tahmores? she added, reaching forward to pass her hand over the dog?s head tenderly. ?What are you?? What are you going to do then? Just miss the entire festival? Where are you going to go during it??

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  4. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: And with this post, the Gladiatorial Tournament is finally over! Let the Festival begin! All posters who have fallen silent because of losses or because of not being in the's time to awaken once more!

    Taer IC:

    Taer, the God of Fighting, watched silently as Na'Zine, Y'amer, & Bresaadi re-entered the arena and took their places they had been shown in their heads only moments previously. He smiled.

    "It is time for the rewarding of the Top Three fighters," his voice boomed.

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    Geonos, God of Earth IC:

    Geonos looked quietly across from him at the third place finisher, the beautiful mortal, Bresaadi Droverson. The light elemental, and thus, a follower of Luminos. Luminos himself was watching on proudly from the Immortal Box.

    "Bresaadi Droverson," began the deep but gentle voice of the Earth God, "you have honored and impressed Luminos greatly and in participating and doing so well in my people's territory, you have also honored and humbled me. All three of you and the other fighters as well.

    I give you now, a prize bestowed from me."

    Geonos quietly held out a hand, "Give me one of your weapons." An abrupt order that Bresaadi silently, though surprised, obeyed.

    [From permission by spacelady] Bresaadi unsheathed one of her swords and handed it to the God of Earth. Geonos accepted it.

    Suddenly Geonos created some dirt from thin air and molded it around the sword while Luminos from the Box filled it with light. The earth covered, inner illuminated sword floated in mid-air for a few moments as everyone watched on. Suddenly the light blinked away and Luminos sat back down where he was while the dirt covering the sword also disappeared at the snapping of fingers of Geonos.

    The sword fell down and into the God's hand, he held it out to Bresaadi who took it quizzically.

    "I, and Luminos as well, have given you a blessing of Weaponry Protection. Your sword now may act as an invincible shield to all earth attacks, and if the sword is unsheathed and in your hand, whether using it or not...your own element can no longer affect you. But be wary, this blessing will go away in time."

    Geonos bowed his head, "Remain here as we finish the rest of the rewarding ceremony."

    The Earth God then motioned toward Prospera on the other side of Taer, who smiled and bowed to Geonos.

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    Prospera, Goddess of Life IC:

    Prospera looked across from her at the happy-go-lucky plant elemental mortal known as Y'amer S'ap. She smiled at the evident mood emitting from him, always nice to see a happy person, immortal or mortal.

    The soft and caring voice of the Life Goddess began, almost as if she was singing gently, "Y'amer S'ap, I am glad to see you finish all the way in second place in this tournament. As your finish dictates it means I am to reward you with what you have won for your efforts, a lovely blessing from me."

    She smiled, "While some blessings can be made to help and further yourself in this existance, it is also known to be great to stop and help those around you. My blessing can go to either you or others.

    I put upon you a blessing of Healing."

    She raised her hands into the air and an orb of light appeared..but it wasn't quite light some weird substance, it ebbed into the shape of a bird, and then a tree, where it then floated quietly from where it was to Y'amer.

    "Do not be alarmed, Y'amer," she told him.

    The substance in the shape of a tree floated inside him, feeling like a loving caress of the softest hands as it did so. Then he once more felt normal.

    "Upon seeing any friends, allies, or those in need in pain, just kneel before them and hold your hands, ask me to aid you in your blessing and a wonderful light will flow from you to them, healing them to full health and energy once more.

    However, you have this power enough to do it only three times. Be mindful of when you do it, using it too much too quickly, even if it looks like a situation might call for it, might hinder when it really co
  5. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002
    IC - Davinoth Creerond
    The Fesitval
    So Davinoth had lost his first bout, after a nasty turn of events. Though he didn't really feel like recalling his past failure. His only option now was to move on and get better, as all the others who had lost were beginning to do.

    He shook his head, No, that's wrong, Davinoth reflected. There are no failures, unless it is a matter of life or death. It was merely a learning experience.

    He turned and began to explore the Festival being held afterwards. He enjoyed it, too. The people, the music, the vigor of the people. Though he cared for neither of the first two, he quite readily started associating with the croud, and took in some of the music.

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  6. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    Bresaadi took her sword back from the God of Earth, bowing to him and Luminos for their gift they had bestowed upon her sword. She had the feeling she could use the protection they enchanted her sword with, but when, she didn't know. She watched the other Immortals bestow their gifts to Na'Zine and Y'amer. Her's wasn't as good as theirs, but she felt extremely honored, to not only have had the chance to fight in front of them and for them, but to be giving a special reward.

    Finally the award ceremony was over with, along with the entire tournament. The Immortals allowed them to leave the arena and join the festival. Bresaadi was eager to have T'aren finish what he was saying earlier, but would she be able to find him? She hoped so. Before leaving toward the crowd, she looked down at her white gown, which was now more of a gray gown with scattered pieces of dirt everywhere. Her hair and face were even dirty and cut up. This was not how she wanted to look for T'aren. Bresaadi concentrated with her magic, focusing on her skin, hair, and gown. A soft light engulfed her, caressing her body with a gentle touch. After a moment, the light faded and her gown was magically fixed and cleaned, but the light that had touched it, made it a pure white and silky. Her tangled up and dirty blond hair also cleaned up, turning smooth and no tangles were found, looking healthy. And same with her skin, glowing softly in the lights.

    Much better.

    Bresaadi grinned at the trick she had picked up from one of her friends back at her home land. It came in handy... some times. Not often, but times like these it did.

    Now to set off and try to find T'aren. She wanted to find out what he wanted to say to her. She followed the crowd to the festival, her blue eyes scanning around for T'aren while her hands adjusted and fixed the rose pinned in her shimmering hair.

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  7. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Just so everybody knows, even if you're not interacting with me, always look at my posts to at least see what the time is if you would like.

    Siyamak Damia IC:

    Location: Tera City, Time -4:47 p.m.

    "I am glad to hear you say that about death, makes it seem like our clans are not as different as one might think," he said with a faint smile, ignoring the quick tearing of the eyes away from his arm. No surprise to him.

    They sat in silence for a few moments, thinking their own thoughts while he watched the battle between Demonblade and Na'Zine, continue and end. Then the Top Three enter the arena with Prospera, Taer, and Geonos. He whistled mentally at the rewardings, very nice to have. All of them. Then the Immortals went their ways and everyone began filing out of the arena.

    But Siyamak lingered with Traya a little longer, letting others leave first so there was less traffic to push through on the way out...even his army superiors would understand that.

    Traya then said she would indeed watch Tahmores and the dog barked happily as if understanding the statement, Siyamak nodded. "Good, Tahmores will have a fun time with you I'm sure."

    A few moments and...

    ?What are you...? What are you going to do then? Just miss the entire festival? Where are you going to go during it??

    Siyamak shrugged, "My clan has a few tents belonging to them only about a half mile or so, on the borders of Tera City, farm area lended to us nicely. And yes, I shall be missing the entire festival it seems, as it is a direct order for me after all. I'm sorry, I wish I could spend more time with you," a bark and a chuckle from Siyamak, "and you too, Tahmores."

    The Death clansmen petted Tahmores and then stood up, stretching.

    "I shall obey my orders, that is my place. To disobey is to gain a route to the 'next land' earlier than I should be getting a route to there," he laughed and looked at Traya, "Thank you for watching Tahmores and I hope you have a great time, if you run into any of the Top Three finishers, give them a hello and a congratulations from me. Even if Y'amer is the only one who'd know me."

    Siyamak patted Traya on the shoulder then and looked over and saw some Death soldiers(though without weapons to show they come in peace) approaching, waving toward him. Siyamak threw them a wave of acknowledgement.

    "I take my leave now, I suppose I'll see you later when you bring Tahmores back to me. By 9 at night if that's ok. The small group of tents in the farm area a half mile or so in the southeast direction of Tera City, that's where I'll be. More than likely in the center tent, tell them Soldier Damia sent you when you come, they'll let you in. Or if you'd like, you can just drop off Tahmores and leave, they know him."

    Giving one more curt nod to Traya and quick pat on the head to Tahmores, Siyamak began walking off to the soldiers, who grabbed him by his arms needlessly and escorted him away and out of sight.

    Tahmores whined softly and nuzzled Traya's leg gently, awaiting her lead.

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  8. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Fa'Kira - The Arena and Festival

    Fa'Kira ran down the many steps, to make it down to the floor of the arena. She was so excited. She made it down, to where the others were quietly listening the the Immortals as they spoke. Cerbus woofed softly, as he weaved through the thick crowd of people.

    Luminos and Genos had given one person limited protection. Fa'Kira felt a bit of envy, as Prospera had gifted the other with limited healing. She tip-toed down to the front, so she could hear what Taer was to give Na'Zine. She heard Taer speak.

    "..I give you, a Blessing of Luck." Luck? Fa'Kira was curious. She watched as A shape of some strange substance appeared in Taer's hands, forming into a circling orb, Taer told Na'Zine not to be alarmed and let it flow and settle inside the mortal, without giving much a feeling at all.

    "At times where something should kill will live on with naught but a scratch upon your self. Should a sword stab you in the heart, it'll quite unlikely but give you a scratch as it misses. Should you fall off a cliff, you will seemingly find a ledge to climb back up magically...barely getting hurt at all. A second chance at life shall we say. Sorry, Maltimos," boomed small laughter from the God.

    Fa'Kira's eyes opened wide. LUCK! That was almost like being an Immortal. A once in a lifetime chance...literally. She was so excited, she couldnt even cheer. There was a silence and right before the three mortals began to leave, Taer smiled and his voice rang out again, "And another blessing upon you, champion mortal."

    ANOTHER?! Fa'Kira's eyes went wide. Had they ever done that before? Taer smirked at the obvious surprise from Na'Zine, "A Blessing of Persuasion." More substance appeared.

    "Be it or not that you are naturally charming or matters not your skill level with words, debates, and vocalizing views. For three times, ask upon the help of Destios in your head before attempting to persuade someone to a view that may prove vital for whatever reason. This is not something to take lightly. No matter what you say or how you say it to win someone over to your view or persuading them to do something for you...they shall do it. You may now go."

    As the Immortals left the arena, the winners turned to leave, admist all the cheering.

    Fa'Kira broke from her hiding spot, and ran towards Na'Zine, Cerbus trailing behind her, tail wagging. "Na'Zine!" she cried out, as she ran, smiling and laughing as she ran to meet her friend.

    Na'Zine smiled and opened his arms, as she literally jumped, and landed giving him a huge hug around the neck. Cerbus, running behind his mistress, lept up on Na'Zine as well, covering him with many welcoming slurps.

    Na'Zine started laughing, as he bent down, gently lowering her back to the ground, and giving Cerbus some well deserved rough housing.

    "Congradulations! You really did well." she said smiling, her face flushed. Na'Zine looked at her, and winked. "Thank you. Now, what do you say to some good old fashioned partying .. and shoping?" he asked her.

    "You mean...we can BUY something!..REALLY?!" she said excitedly. Their lack of funds, before the event, had curtailed their buying the the extreme essentials. To be able to splurge even a little bit... "Oh Naz!" She smiled hapilly. Even if she wasnt able to participate, she was glad that her friend has won. Grabbing on to his hand, they turned, to leave the arena, and to enter Tera city proper. It was time to enjoy themselves, and have fun.

    Na'Zine - Arena and Festival

    Na'Zine was slighty nervious, as he waited in the arena for the Immortals to speak. As he looked for Fa'Kira, he heard the announcement.

    "It is time for the rewarding of the Top Three fighters"

    His eyes turned back, and focused on the others in the arena. He listened as Geonos, his own Immortal, gave Bresaadi an interesting gift. Together with Luminos, the god of light, they have Bresaadi the gift of weaponry protection. Thought it was temporary, it was
  9. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Darstina Wolfswift

    Darstina Wolfswift exited the stands with the rest of the crowd... she realized that she should've waited in the stands so she wouldn't be run over the crowd trying to hurry to the festival. They were like waves crashing down on her, one line pushing her forward, while the other line of the other side of trying to slow down so they could get out of the way of the first line, and Darstina was right in the middle. How convenient.

    This is going to take forever. Darstina thought with a mental sigh, tossing her head back impatiently.

    Then a thought came to her. She had an idea how to move them along quicker. She couldn't help but laugh out loud, causing the crowd around her to stare with uncomfortable looks on their faces. She simply shrugged and grinned, pushing the thought back.

    No, no. Can't use fire here... I'd definitely get in trouble. She now laughed mentally as the wave continued to push her forward, backwards, and sideways.

    Finally what seemed like an hour later, but which was more like 15 minutes later, Darstina arrived at the festival, and the crowd dispersed themselves, looking at the shops, plays, dancing, listening to the music. This was how they should do things. Live lively.

    Darstina grinned at her surroundings and went through the shops.

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  10. dontlookatmethatway

    dontlookatmethatway Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 5, 2005
    IC: Adric Kay and Trufflehunter
    Festival Grounds, Tera City

    Adric Kay raised his hands to take in the festival. ?A marvelous sight, no?? he said to Trufflehunter. Adric loved celebrations like this. He loved the carefree atmosphere, that sense of wild abandon that was present. It was a great escape from the hardships and troubles of everyday life.

    Yes, it looks very inviting. Where do you want to go first?

    Adric smiled. ?It wouldn?t be a proper celebration without a game of Duel, now would it?? Duel was a game played throughout the earth territory. It was played with two people proficient in the earth element. Each was given some substance of their element (an example would be two handfuls of dirt) and needed to create a creature out of that material. The person running the game would place a binding on each creature (to keep them from turning back into the material used and to keep players from cheating by changing the shape of their creature) and the creatures, under the control of their respective owners, would battle it out. Adric had been itching to try out a new creature, and here was the perfect place to do that. He strolled in the direction of the arenas where the game was played. The area was noisy, with crowds gathered around several arenas. Adric spoke briefly with the person in charge and was paired up with his first opponent of the night, a middle-aged man in dun-colored robes. They each were handed their material for creature creation, dirt and several small stones. Adric looked at Trufflehunter. ?Wish me luck.?

    I do.

    With that, Adric and his opponent retired to private booths to begin creation of their monsters.

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  11. Dark-Enigma

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    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: T'aren Vuushko
    Gladiatorial Arena; Festival

    [blockquote]T'aren watched in awe as the top three finishers of the energetic and astonishingly entertaining tournament had received their rewards, which they so rightfully deserved. Albeit Bresaadi had not received a higher quality reward than the other two, her ability held its own. He smiled, and as the words boomed that the festival had officially begun, T'aren was lost amongst a myriad of anxious shoppers, performers, and spectators. People walked around him, going every which way to their destinations. He looked around on the ground for Miet, but there was no sign of her. Then he felt a slight bump on his shoulder, and turned back to find the rabbit perched on her hind legs, her eyes scanning the prodigious crowd.

    "There you are," T'aren smiled as he started walking at a slow pace, fearful of bumping into anyone and possibly harming them. After all, there were children around. He surmised that he would have a difficult time finding Bresaadi, and he was right. There were many tall individuals at the festival, so T'aren couldn't peek over them. But her beauty could not go unnoticed, and he saw her figure in between two taller men. He could faintly tell that she was searching for him as well.

    He waved his hand in the air in an attempt to grab her attention. "Bresaadi!" he yelled. Even though it would be difficult to hear amongst the amplified noise of all the speakers in the crowd, he figured that he would give it a try anyway, and hoped that she would hear him. [/blockquote]

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  12. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    Bresaadi continued to search the ever growing crowd for T'aren, or maybe even his rabbit Miet to hint at where he was at. But no signs of him or her were found. She slowed down as several tall people gathered around her. She normally wasn't that short, but with the certain people around her, she definitely was. How was she ever going to find the one person she wanted to find? She sighed.


    Her name caught her ear, faintly, but loud enough for her to hear over the music and chanting, and yells. She turned about quickly and peered over people's shoulder, finding T'aren. He waved his arm to get her attention, and she did it back to him, letting him know that she saw him.

    Bresaadi squeezed between several people, almost getting knocked over or pushed into someone else. The process of getting to T'aren was a lot harder than what she had hoped for. She squeezed past another person, tripping over their foot and almost falling on the ground, but she was able to regain her balance. Finally, she neared T'aren, dodging the random people who jumped in her way to avoid others.

    Bresaadi shook her head at the crowd when she reached T'aren.

    "I guess they're excited about the festival." She said in a loud tone for T'aren to hear.

    Suddenly a wave of people ran into her, knocking her against T'aren. She held onto his arm for support while they continued their pushing, then finally let go when they began moving away from the two.

    "Maybe we should go somewhere that isn't crowded as this." She laughed.

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  13. Dark-Enigma

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    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: T'aren Vuushko
    Gladiatorial Arena; Festival

    [blockquote]T'aren couldn't help but chuckle at the struggle that Bresaadi was enduring in finding her way over to him, stumbling and tripping over foots, getting knocked into others (some were even disgusted with her accidents), and squeezing in between rather large individuals. He decided to meet her halfway to make her job slightly easier. Finally, they found each other after a rather difficult journey of several yards.

    "I guess they're excited about the festival," Bresaadi spoke loudly so her voice was more amplified than the rest of the noise, allowing T'aren to hear her at least somewhat clearly.

    T'aren shrugged. "Guess so," he smiled. "Who wouldn't be?"

    Without warning, a barrage of people scurried past and knocked Bresaadi into T'aren. He held her onto her feet as she stumbled into his chest. For one it would seem like a romantic moment, but for T'aren, it was quite the contrary.

    T'aren stumbled through the grassy field, his white robe tainted with stains of blood. Cuts and bruises aligned his skin, and he limped in pain of his broken leg. "Father!" he cried, unknowing of where the man might have been. His village had just been obliterated by a crowd of terrorists, whom soon after suffered the same fate after T'aren had used his power to its fullest. Suddenly, he heard a faint cry. He turned around and saw his dad stumbling as well, albeit worse than he. T'aren rushed over to his aging father.

    "T'aren," Horan said. "Son," he stumbled into his son's chest as the young man held him onto his feet. A spear had been struck straight through Horan's stomach. "I love you, my son."

    Tears trickled from T'aren's eyes. "Dad? Not now, father. Not yet." He slowly bent down to his knees as the eyes of his father closed one last time, and the last breath of the man emitted from his ajar mouth.

    As the crowd cleared, Bresaadi backed out of T'aren's grasp. "Maybe we should go somewhere that isn't crowded as this," she chuckled.

    T'aren forced a simper through his thoughts of grief. "I agree." He surveyed the area as best he could through all of the rushing people throughout the stadium, and found a tree that shaded the surface from the scorching sun. Currently, no one was under it. "Over there," he pointed to the willow. "That should do nicely." He looked at Bresaadi and smiled, waiting for her response. [/blockquote]

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  14. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005

    Magnus smiled.

    The Tournament had, indeed, been good. Grand, even. But he couldn't forgive himself. A quick, arrogant loss. He had rushed in too fast, and hurried himself. Sloppy was the sole word to describe it.

    But as the Tournament drew to a close, he resolved to better himself. By any means possible.

    As he left for the festival, he looked for familiar faces - and heard someone call the name of the womanhe had fought. He headed in their direction, eager to redeem himself.

    "Bresaadi Droverson?" he ventured, seeing the woman alongside a man.

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  15. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    OOC: Gah! I'm just going to say he approached them at the tree. Too much to delete! :p

    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    Bresaadi watched T'aren as he looked around for a nice and quiet spot, away from the crowd. She then looked up at Miet on his shoulder and smiled, stroking the rabbit's soft fur gently and softly. Miet closed her eyes and leaned slightly closer to her hand, obviously enjoying her gentle touch, which made Bresaadi smile a bit more.

    "Over there," he pointed to a willow away from the crowd. "That should do nicely."

    Bresaadi looked to where he was motioning to and nodded, looking back up at him.

    "Alright. After a while, maybe we could look around?" She shrugged, putting a shy smile on her lips, also letting him know that she wanted to spend the rest of the day with him.

    The two set out together toward the willow tree, Bresaadi stayed close to T'aren to make sure the crowd wouldn't separate them, though it was a slight challenge to remain at his side. Finally the crowd slowly faded until they reached the tree and they were practically alone to themselves.

    Bresaadi sat down near the tree's stump and fixed the now pure white gown so her legs wouldn't show as she bent them in, giving T'aren more room under the shade. She smiled at their spot as she looked around themselves, it was a good one indeed. She look back at T'aren and smiled wistfully at him. Then out of nowhere, a screech was heard. Bresaadi moved her blue eyes away and peered under the tree to see what had made the sound.

    She smiled when her eyes found the source. A pure white owl came soaring down, its wings long and wide, and gracefully landed on the out stretched arm of Bresaadi. She grinned and stroked the owl, then looked at T'aren.

    "This is my owl, Aisrim." She smiled once more at Aisrim. "Beautiful, isn't he?"

    She faintly winced at his claws though. "I wish I had my glove with me, however." She chuckled faintly.

    "Bresaadi Droverson?"

    Bresaadi looked up at the newcomer. She smiled at him, remembering him from the tournament.

    "Magnus, right?"

    Tag: T'aren and Magnus
  16. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005

    Magnus smiled.

    "Yes." He frowned, unsure of how to word his next statement.

    "I-" his cheeks reddened, and he continued, "-I want to apologize. For the combat, I mean. I was brash and sloppy, a child could've done better than me,"

    He looked up, sheepish.

    "I should've been better than that. I'm sorry."

    Tag: Spacelady, Enigma
  17. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Na'Zine and Fa'Kira - Tera City proper - FESTIVAL!

    Na'Zine and Fa'Kira made their way through the tight crowds. At times, some would come up to congradulate Na'Zine, and it would take them a moment to get moving once again. Fa'Kira bent down, and whispered in Cerbus's ear. Tail wagging, he moved to take the lead, and then, began barking loudly. The crowds moved from in front of the dog, allowing Na'Zine and Fa'Kira to make their way to someplace to eat. The food smelled wonderful, and there were all kinds of tasty treats. Na'Zine explained some of the local cusinie to Fa'Kira, as she looked around her like a kid in a candy store. Cerbus sat near, his tail going mad, as he too could smell the delicious food coming from the place.

    It took awhile, but soon, Na'Zine and Fa'Kira were able to order a meal. Na'Zine was starving, and Fa'Kira wanted to try as many foods as she could. Even Cerbus got into the act, as they ordered a special meal just for him. Fa'Kira gave Cerbus the job of keeping over-enthusiastic fans from barging in on Na'Zine and she while they ate.

    "You gonna get fans after this..." she said with a soft laugh. Na'Zine just rolled his eyes. "You know, our rooms will look GOOD after tonite." he said with s chuckle. Fa'Kira looked at the throng of folks. "If we survive it." she said with a smile. Na'Zine chuckled deeply. He shifted slightly. He had hidden his money pickpockets were going to get his winnings. He had been suprised. He didnt even know there was a cash prize as well. He had given Fa'Kira some of it as well. Along with Cerbus, he knew she would be fine. They enjoyed a grand meal, savoring all the foods that were brought out.

    "What do you want to go and see first?" he asked her, as they ate. Kira looked up, thoughtfull. "Well....there is so much to see. How about the Earth shapers? I hear they are putting on a show of their skills later on?" she asked. "Do you think any of the other Elements will be showing their skills as well?" she asked. Na'Zine nodded. "During the might see anything...and usually will." he added, before taking a huge swig from the drink he had ordered.

    Fa'Kira leaned forward. "What was...her touch like?" she asked softly, looking at Na'Zine intently. He paused, looking over at Kira and then smiled. He patted her hand. "Soft. So light and gentle..and soothing. Everything about her, is as what you told me..and more." He looked over at her, as Fa'Kira sat back, looking thoughtfully. She was quiet for amoment, before she began nibbling on her meal once more.

    Cerbus was doing his best to eat until he could eat no more. And so far, he had not reached that stage yet. Fa'Kira looked over at him and laughed. "Im NOT carrying you..." she warned, as he looked up, a gave a low 'woof', belly already begining to show signs of a good meal, and then some.

    Fa'Kira looked around, watching the crowds as they milled through the area. She bet the illusionist she had seen earily was hard at work.

    TAG:Any who wish to interact!

  18. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    "I-" his cheeks reddened, and he continued, "-I want to apologize. For the combat, I mean. I was brash and sloppy, a child could've done better than me, I should've been better than that. I'm sorry."

    Bresaadi smiled, masking a wince from Aisrim when he hopped down from her arm and went to check out T'aren and Miet, a few blood stains soaking through her sleeve.

    "No, you fought well, far from brash and sloppy. You put up a challenge, believe me. I'm honored to have had the chance to fight against you." She offered a friendly smile up at him.

    Tag: Magnus and T'aren
  19. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Le'Trouleo
    Location: Workin' the Festival!

    Le'Trouleo skipped and rolled through the throngs of people, now enjoying the festival. The time was now, yes it was. When the gods announced their rewards, the jester had high-taled it out of the arena and into the streets surrounding it. People would be happy, leaving the stadium in good spirits. And when people are happy, they more easily part with their money.

    "Excusi... pardon... yes yes, thank you." he said, weaving through the crowd. "How are you, good? Yes, yes, so am I!"

    He found a small opening in the river of people and handstanded in. Ahead of him, ah yes! The center stage. And no one had gotten there yet!

    "Allie, op!" he said, jumping up and fliping onto the stage. The crowds looked up to see him, looking as they passed by the venue.

    "Ah, ah, ah!" he said, projecting the image of a brick wall in front of the steps to the stage as a brightly dressed contortionist arrived, a hair too late.

    "I'm afraid this place is taken my bendable friend, so sorry." he said with a large bow. "Better hunting next time!"

    Le'Trouleo spun around on the balls of his feet to face the crowds...

    "Hellllo ladies and gentlemen!" he said, looking down to them. "I hope you had a marvellous time at the festival! What a fight eh?"

    The man opened his hand, projecting a large image of Na'Zine facing the God of Swords. The two images faught eachother in midair, the holographic rocks rising up from Na'Zine's influence.

    A few coins clinked on the stage as the crowds marvelled at his image.

    "So fantastic and whimsical! Certainly something we do not say everyday!

    The man smiled mischeviously

    "Liiiiiiike, perhaps sheep or trees?"

    Na'Zine and the God of Swords disappeared, while a tree and two sheep poped into existance.

    "She is so cuddly no?" Le'Trouleo said, grabbing one of his images and making it seem like he was cuddling it. "Such a pretty sheep. Would you like it?"

    The Jester gave a huge smile.

    "Is that a yes I hear?" he said tauntingly. "Oh, oh really?" "Well then, have at it!" he said, tossing the image out into the crowds.... the people screaming in fright.

    Le'Trouleo made a gun with his fingers and shot a blast of light at the image of the animal. The packet of light collided with the image of the sheep, and the two made a beautiful firework in the sky.

    The crowds oohed and awwed.

    "Now what are they feeding those sheep these days, hm?" the jester said with a laugh.

    He bowed as applause came in.

    "Thank you, thank you, you are all to kind." the showman said. "Be not afraid sirs and madames, they are only illusions, mere contrivances of your mind." Le'Trouleo chuckled. "Light is such a funny thing, no?"

    The man made his fingers look like columns of white light, like claws stemming from his hand.

    He shined the five lights into the crowd wiggling them in fun designs, as more money kept trickling in.

    This was what the jester lived for....

    The stagemanship.

    TAG: Anyone
  20. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005

    Magnus smiled.

    "Thank you."

    He nodded, then turned away, walking off to a secluded space in the shade. He sat, beneath another tree, and sighed. He'd just sleep. Just for a few minutes.

    Tag: Any
  21. Dark-Enigma

    Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: T'aren Vuushko
    Festival; Beneath the Willow

    [blockquote]T'aren watched Bresaadi and Magnus hold a conversation as Miet and Aisrim had their own little game going in the distance. Aisrim was flapping his wings in the air as Miet was attempting to leap up and grab the claws of the beautiful owl. Her efforts, of course, were futile, but her heart continued pressing on.

    T'aren watched as Magnus found his own tree (remembers Count of Monte Cristo), and turned back to Bresaadi as Miet and Aisrim continued their struggle. "So," he said, leaning back on the trunk of the large tree. He figured his robes were getting dirty, which was a pet peeve of his, but it didn't matter right now. "About earlier... I was thinking. Well... I want to see you more. But I fear that, when this festival is over, we will not be able to, for we will return to our own homes and go our separate ways." He looked down at his clasped hands. "I don't want that to happen." [/blockquote]

    Tag: spacelady
  22. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    Bresaadi turned her attention to T'aren when Magnus left, heading over to wherever he wanted to go.

    "About earlier... I was thinking. Well... I want to see you more. But I fear that, when this festival is over, we will not be able to, for we will return to our own homes and go our separate ways." He looked down at his clasped hands. "I don't want that to happen."

    Bresaadi pulled her sleeve back to inspect the wounds she recieved from Aisrim, trying to hide the sad look in her face and eyes. She did want to see more of T'aren, but like he said, it would be almost impossible if they returned to their own homelands.

    "Maybe there's a way for me to return with you to your homeland, or you with me?"

    Tag: T'aren
  23. Dark-Enigma

    Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: T'aren Vuushko
    Festival; Beneath the Willow

    [blockquote]"Maybe there's a way for me to return with you to your homeland, or you with me?" Bresaadi said.

    T'aren hearts skipped a beat, and his mental eyes widened, albeit he did not reveal it in verisimilitude. He swallowed what seemed like an apple. He pushed his back up against the tree more, providing more support for his body, and looked at Bresaadi, his eyes filled with glee.

    "Do you mean it?" he asked anxiously.

    He knew that his family would welcome a new guest, as they hadn't had one in ages. His family being his mother and friends - no father. Perhaps Bresaadi would be able to fill that empty spot in his heart. [/blockquote]

    Tag: spacelady
  24. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    Bresaadi covered her torn arm again, pushing down on the cuts with her hand to stop the bleeding. She looked up at T'aren.

    "Do you mean it?"

    She smiled and nodded. "Yes... if you would have it, that is..."

    Bresaadi looked to the side and laughed at the scene playing out before her. Meit was playing with Aisrim, trying to jump up to him. She smiled at Miet. She was so cute. Then looked back at T'aren.

    Tag: T'aren
  25. Dark-Enigma

    Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: T'aren Vuushko
    Festival; Beneath the Willow

    [blockquote]T'aren watched as Bresaadi flashed her beautiful smile and nodded. "Yes... if you would have it, that is..."

    Bresaadi turned and chuckled at the sight of Miet and Aisrim. They were getting along, just a little game they were having negated their friendship temporarily.

    T'aren smiled. "I would love for you to join me when I return to my village." He hoped that she would agree, and that they could continue their relationship in a more suitable milieu. [/blockquote]

    Tag: spacelady
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