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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Elu, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    OOC: Here's a joint post between Dark-Enigma and myself. ;)

    IC as Bresaadi and T'aren

    Bresaadi looked up at T'aren and allowed a smile to creep over her face slowly but surely. Did he really mean that? Would he actually have her?

    "You would actually want me there?"

    Maybe things were looking up for her.

    T'aren looked at Bresaadi for a moment, assuring her that his comments were nothing short of serious. "I would love to have you there." He smiled. "My village hasn't had a visitor in what seems like years. I'm certain that they would welcome you as well. They are a kind people." He only hoped that his friends would not become overwhelmed by the rare beauty of Bresaadi.

    Bresaadi smiled even more, almost to the point of grinning. A rose red color slowly appeared on her cheeks as her blue eyes looked into his eyes. This was what it was like to care for someone.

    She looked down, blushing rising into her cheeks further. Not even the playful sounds from Miet or Aisrim shook her out of this moment.

    T'aren found his own cheeks starting to heat up, and a soft red replacing the tan skin color. He had been waiting for this moment ever since he had laid eyes upon Bresaadi, and now was the perfect time.

    He softly laid his hand under her chin and lifted her head to look up at him, similar to how she had done with him in the stands during the tournament. He used the power of wind, a little amount of it to where his eyes maintained their normal blue color. Bresaadi's hair flowed smoothly behind her neck from the gentle wind, and T'aren leaned closer towards her.

    "It will be great." With this, he kissed her softly.

    Bresaadi felt his hand touch her chin and slowly and gently lift her head up, her blue eyes looking in his. At his gentle touch, her heart began to beat faster and faster, her pulse pulsating throughout her body. She was even afraid that T'aren would feel it.

    A gentle breeze picked up out of nowhere, brushing up against her bare neck, shoulders and face, and pulling her blonde hair behind her back. She had a feeling that T'aren made that happen, but didn't bother to entertain the idea. He leaned forward, making her pulse and heart beat pick up rapidly. Was he? Could he? ...Would he even want to?

    His lips pressed against her's and her heart soared immediately. She put her soft hand gently on his cheek and kisses him back softly and gently, absorbing the moment completely.

    T'aren closed his eyes, and suddenly the world around him disappeared. Nothing existed, it was only he and Bresaadi. Nothing else, not even the hoots of Aisrim or the nibbles of Miet. Only them. An invisible beam of light shot right through his heart, and he could only surmise that it was Bresaadi finding her way to his love cell. She laid her hand on his cheek gently, and he brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear. This was a wondrous moment, one that he wished would not end.

    However, it did. Much to his dismay, T'aren slowly moved his face away from Bresaadi's, opening his eyes and smiling at the woman whom he had not remembered being so beautiful. The soft hoot of Aisrim is what caused him to move away from her, and he looked down, seeing the owl and Miet sitting beside him. He could not completely tell, but he could faintly make out a grin on both of the creatures' faces. Smiles were indeed contageous at this moment, and T'aren flashed his own smile, looking back at Bresaadi.

    Bresaadi closed her eyes as well and leaned into T'aren some more. Without even knowing about it, a sphere of brilliant light encompassed the two, filling their hearts with joy and completion. The woman kissed the man before her as tender as she possibly could. The very touch of T'arens hand grazing her cheek and neck to brush a strand of her hair behind her ear sent at least a thousand shivers down her back. How could she live without this... or him?

    T'aren then slowly pulled back, a feeling of sadness swept over Bresaadi, she wanted the kiss to last forever, but she mentally shook h
  2. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Darstina Wolfswift

    Darstina stood within the crowd, watching the light user project images using light to help him. She put her hands on her hips and shook her head. Some people, she said mentally and laughed.

    She shrugged. It was entertainment after all, she reminded herself and folded her arms, and then took leave of the crowd before the jester was finished with his tricks. If she left any later, than the crowd would surly knock her down and run her over. She aimlessly wandered around the festival, watching and looking at different things.

    Darstina went over to a food vendor and handed some of her money to him. He gave her a piece of food. She was lucky she brought money over from her homeland and continued on her walk.

    She took a bit of the small piece of meat, but then made a face in disgust. It wasn't even warm... but she could fix that. She sat down on an empty bench-like chair and created a ball of fire in her right hand, bringing the meat over the fire. She turned it and then checked it. Perfect.

    Darstina closed her hand, smoke trails leaving between her fingers and enjoyed the piece of meat.

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  3. ticopuma

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    Aug 2, 2005
    IC: Y'amer S'ap

    Y'amer was very excited. He knew this would be an amazing prize. He had won other tournaments...but none like this one. Y'amer really didnt care much about the prize. He was excited to get it of coarse, and would accept it but he had achieved what he came here to do. To show the world that the plant element was nothing to be fooled around with. That if you were up against one of them, not to underestimate them.

    The first to get a prize was the beautiful Bressadi. She fought well, and impressed Y'amer with the powers of the light elemental. She was given the blessing of weapon protection. A great prize, that can save you from many tough spots. Y'amer lost to an Earth clansmen, and her weapon would allow protection against the earth element. Bressadi deserved it. She fought well.

    Y'amer was anxious to see what his prize would be. "Y'amer S'ap, I am glad to see you finish all the way in second place in this tournament. As your finish dictates it means I am to reward you with what you have won for your efforts, a lovely blessing from me. While some blessings can be made to help and further yourself in this existance, it is also known to be great to stop and help those around you. My blessing can go to either you or others. I put upon you a blessing of Healing." spoke Prospera in her gentle voice. She raised her hands into the air, and an orb of light appeared. It was the shape of a bird and then a tree. It moved into Y'amer. He felt extrodinary. A wonderful fealing, he never wanted it to go away. But after a few moments he felt normal again.

    Y'amer's eyes glowed with happiness. A wonderful prize...he could do so much good with it. Y;amer couldnt have been happier. Everything he wanted was granted. He couldnt wait to go and use his new power. But Y'amer knew he must use it wisely. Only three times would it work and he would save them for only when he really needed it...or he would try.

    Finally it was Na'Zines turn to be awarded. The champion was given many marvelous blessings such as persuasion and luck. Amazing prizes! He could be saved from death. Truly amazing..but Y'amer wouldnt trade his blessing for those wich Na'Zine got. Healing would bring much more satisfaction to Y'amer. Na'Zine desereved everything he got. He fought with amazing tactics and stamina.

    The three winners exited the arena, as the festival started. Y'amer was very happy and in no need for a drink. He went straight through the collosal crowd to go find Traya. He was in need of talking to let out his joyous emotions.

    Y'amer quickly spotted her, even through the massive crowds. He saw her talking to Siyamak, and didnt want to interupt. But then, just as Y'amer was about to leave, Siyamak, walked away.
    "Where is he going?" asked Y'amer to himself. Y'amer walked through the crowd, and toward Traya.

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  4. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Dahlia_Santary has given me permission to use and control Traya Noik until she returns as she is off doing some things as of the moment.

    IC: Traya & Tahmores
    Location: Stands, heading outside the arena

    Traya watched quietly as Siyamak left for his clan's borrowed area of Tera City, she wasn't really sure how to handle it all still, but sat there she did, watching him go to be beaten and Zephra knew what else.

    A small bark and a soft nuzzling of the hand made her look down at the brown dog named Tahmores that accompanied her, she gave a faint smile and petted him as she stood up and motioned that they were going to go now, the crowds had thinned enough. As she walked, Tahmores followed along-side her.

    That's when she noticed the plants elemental of Y'amer approach her, she smiled toward him.

    "Congratulations Y'amer," she greeted, "you did very well! You deserve your reward. Oh, and Siyamak sends his congratulations as well."

    Looking around, Traya began walking again with Tahmores. "Come on, we better head toward the Festival, Y'amer."

    Tag: Y'amer, anyone else

    OOC: Sped up time just a little bit, say about an hour as afternoon has ended and the evening has begun. Also, you're going to have to want your character to stay up late this day if you want them to enjoy the Festival, tomorrow in the story...the fun begins.

    Siyamak Damia IC:

    Location: Death Tents, Tera City /Time -5:00 p.m.

    Siyamak lay on the ground on all fours, panting heavily as his blood dripped along his body and spilled upon the dirt ground, giving it the red drink of life and death. He was 47 lashes in...only three more were left. The Army of Death always took their time in beatings, it made sure that each one was felt and the pain didn't numb the feeling for the other lashes away. Cruel it was.

    Siyamak winced as the whip came down upon his back once more. 48 lashes now and more blood. The pain was overwhelming, but he managed. He had no choice.

    Soon enough the 49th lash came...a little while later and the final 50th lash came, spilling the last of Siyamak's blood upon the earth inside the tent.

    Siyamak could barely hear as the officers around him were going to begin telling him of the protocol of remaining inside the tent for the remainder of the Festival before heading back to their lands and going into the Army life once more. However, despite his temporarily muffled hearing, he could tell that something was going on outside the tent. As the officers readily went out there and much discussion was happening.

    What now? thought Siyamak as he panted for his breath before finally collapsing in the red puddle of the tent.

    Who knew indeed.

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    OOC: Not too bad or gore like, so ha! It stays. :p

    Now, everyone, When you have your character finally fall asleep...that's great, when they wake up though, have them spy a note in great writing not far from them. When they read it, it shall read simply:

    "Meet me behind the Tournament Arena of yesterday and many things shall become clear to you, like your path.

    The Elements beckon your appearance,
  5. DarthValorous

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    Apr 15, 2006
    ~*GM Approved*~

    Name: Dalix Eci
    Sex: Male
    Age: 23
    Height: 5' 11"
    Physical Build: Slim, mildly muscular
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Blond
    Element: Ice
    Weapons: [link=]The Frigid Blade[/link]
    Armor: Adequate
    Companion: N/A
    Bio: Ice. Freeze. Chill. If three words could describe the character of Dalix Eci, those would be the victors.

    Born to his parents Kiana and Saix, Dalix became well cultivated with the element of ice early in his life. The orthadox tenet of the Eci family was to train the ice user when he/she attained the age of seven years old. However, his father, Saix, recognized his fertile talent and began to clandestinely edify him in the use of ice at the age of five.

    The domestication was a tedious exertion, but was explicitly lucrative. Dalix's adroitness in the efficacious element became transcendent, and when he turned seventeen, Saix liberated his son from his preliminaries, for he postulated that Dalix was prepared for his corroboration. His discernment was evinced veridical, and Dalix became an ice elemental.
  6. DarthValorous

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    Apr 15, 2006
    IC: Dalix Eci
    Arena Exterior

    Dalix promenaded in and out of the exorbitant crowd of people, whom were all agog and eager for the prominent festival to begin. He weaved through a myriad of beings, some children, some adult, and some elder, all with distinct characteristics. Some had long silver hair, some possessed short black hair. Others had green eyes, some had blue, and even a select few had green and blue eyes.

    Dalix looked around and noted several performances occurring on stages, some worthy of ovation, and some as monotonous as a cow regaling itself with grass.

    The incandescent sun shone down on the veneer of the earth, causing sweltering heat to emit from the atmosphere. Fortunately, the heat did not impinge Dalix's feelings, for his ice element insulated the weather from affecting him.

    Adjudicating not to inaugurate conversation at the moment, Dalix spotted an isolated tree in the distance and strode up to it, evading the prodigious crowd. Finding a complacent position, he laid back on his side and closed his blue eyes, shielding them from the outside world.


    After a brief slumber, Dalix woke up to find a small piece of parchment stuck on the bark of the tree. He inquisitively grasped the parchment in his hands and, sitting up, began to read aloud to himself.

    Meet me behind the Tournament Arena of yesterday and many things shall become clear to you, like your path.

    The Elements beckon your appearance,

    Dalix was belated in registering for the tournament, but apparently had a role in it anyway. He thought about the acronym at the end of the billet. G.o.D. He surmised that it either stood for Goddess of Darkness, God of Death, or Goddess of Destiny. The latter appeared the most veracious, considering the distinction of his role was anon.

    Standing up and dusting the dregs of dirt off of his guise, he sauntered to the arena, a barrage of conjectures deluging through his mind.

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  7. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Fa'Kira and Na'Zine
    The Festival

    Fa'Kira laughed, and gestured as they ate. He looked up to see someone busy at the stage. His eyebrow went up, when he saw a likeness of himself appear for a few moments. He then groaned and shook his head, as Kira laughed softly. "I met him while I was in the stands. He really is a good...umm. illusionist. The children seem to like him alot." she said with a grin. She also saw the fire user Darstina, and a few others she had seen in the stands wandering about as well.

    Na'Zine nodded, as he waved to the throng of folks passing by, as they waved and chanted his name. "This is going to take getting used to." he muttered softly. Fa'Kira smiled. "Face it, your famous. At least, until next year." Na'Zine made a face. "You wont mind, will you?" he asked, suddenly worried that all this attention might make her feel a bit..small. Fa'Kira merely smiled and nodded. "Mind? Hardly. Being friends with the current champion might come in handy..?" she stated as she gave him a wink. He sighed.

    With their meal finished, and Cerbus looking as if he could burst, Fa'Kira jumped up. "You said we could go shopping ." she looked at him expectant. Na'Zine chuckled deeply, as he stood up. "Oh..all right..if you insist.." In the back of his mind, he could still hear the words from the Immortal Prospera, "...Take care of yourself, you will be needed soon enough." He pondered those words, as Fa'Kira dragged him off to go shopping. Several hours later, they had new clothing, to replace the worn clothing, newly cobbled shoes, and a few other tidbits Fa'Kira had purchased. I small silver comb, adorned with flowers now sat in her hair, and Na'Zine had grabbed a small trinket from another earth vender. Cerbus had a new collar, and foot pads, while Fa'Kira had also restocked all of their supplies. The dropped off the supplies in their rooms, and then went back out, to party until evening, when Na'Zine finally decided that he had had enought of the festivities. Tired and quite filled with party and food, they headed for their rooms, and slept until the morning.

    Morning seemed to have come much too soon, and as the sunlight peeked through the windows, Fa'Kira got up, to deal with morning events. Thats when she saw a note, sitting in their joined rooms. "Naz?" she called out, and a few moments later, Na'Zine stepped out, yawning, as he looked to see why Kira had woke him up. She pointed to the note. The note was in a very fancy writing, it's message was simple:

    ["Meet me behind the Tournament Arena of yesterday and many things shall become clear to you, like your path. The Elements beckon your appearance, G.o.D."]

    Fa'Kira and Na'Zine stared at one another. How? If they had walked in, Cerbus, even in his bloated status would have barked like mad. But...was it true? Fa'Kira looked at Naz. "I dont trust it. Why have us sneaking around." she said thoughtfully.

    Na'Zine shrugged his shoulders. "Perhaps...they had their reasons. "

    Fa'Kira looked at Na'Zine. "Do we go?"

    Na'Zine smiled. "Why not? I've got nothing better to do. Do you?" he said, giving a mischievious grin.

    She grined in response, as they ate breakfast. It seemed it would be an intresting morning.

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  8. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    OOC: You guys know that you didn't have to do it right away, right? :p

    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    Bresaadi smiled happily at T'aren and then looked around herself, the sun was already starting to set and some people were already leaving for sleep beckoning at them. It was normal for everyone to return to their homes as soon as the sun set in her homelands, but this was something she'd hate to miss out on.

    She looked back at T'aren and smiled some more.

    "Want to go look around for a little while, T'aren? It could be fun." She insisted with a "trying-to-be-cute" smile.

    Tag: T'aren
  9. ticopuma

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    Aug 2, 2005
    IC: Y'amer S'ap
    Location ~ Arena Exterior

    "Congratulations Y'amer,you did very well! You deserve your reward. Oh, and Siyamak sends his congratulations as well." said Traya, standing next to a dog. "Thank you Traya! You did a good job as well!" said Y'amer.

    "Come on, we better head toward the Festival, Y'amer." said Traya, in an exciting voice. "Yea, lets go! Theres suppost to be a big plant element show later. I really want to see it!" exclaimed Y'amer, trying to speak over the booming of the crowds.

    The moved through the crowds of people. A wide variety of people had attended the festival. Some were dark, mysterious people...others had red hair with fire tatoos covering their body. Y'amer always liked being in lively, happy places. He wanted to enjoy the fun as much as he could now. He had a feeling there would be rough times ahead.

    "SO whos dog is that Traya?", asked Y'amer with a puzzled voice.

    TAG: Traya
  10. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    OOC: For too long I have ignored this... much thanks to Elu for not getting on my case! :p

    IC: Le'Trouleo
    Location: Here, There, and Everywhere

    The applause poured out quite generously as the crowd was quite gracious it seemed this evening. These were the times Le'Trouleo dreamed about. A content and rich crowd, good money, and a pleasurable time of the stage. All around him, people happily enjoying his illusions. Here and there he could recognize competitors from the day before.

    There was a knock on his head, as he turned to spy his puppet with a bat.

    "Peppin!" he shouted, his purposeful meditation doing well to add to the mock suprise in his act.

    "Wake up you idle Philosopher!" the puppet squeeked. "You have a show to do!"

    "Wha?" Le'Trouleo said, and then, again with very well practiced suprise looked out over the crowd, many of them grinning. "Oh Hello Hello! Thats right! You must excuse me folks, sometimes to drift in and out."

    He made his puppet mimic his movements overdramatically, mocking him, to which the crowd laughed.

    Le'Trouleo looked at the puppet, who instantly put on a face of innocence.

    "What were you doing?" he said, narrowing his eyes.

    "Who? Me?" Peppin replied, and to which the crowd laughed again...

    Le'Trouleo put his free hand on his hips... "Yes you naughty boy. Were you disrespecting your elders?"

    "Not at all Monsieur!" Peppin replied. "I respect you as a Saint!"

    "Hmmm." Le'Trouleo said, scrunching his face. "They say let not the left hand no what the right is doing.... but I don't think any of them had ever met Peppin!"

    The crowd laughed again, as many of them were simple tribesmen. They appreciated comedy on old adages, and made their happiness known. Le'Trouleo bowed low...

    "Thank you folks, you have been far too kind." he said, extending his hand idly and making an intricate pattern of multicolored lights flow and laze around him. "But I am quite tired..."

    "No your not!" Peppin squeeked.

    "Are you still around?" Le'Trouleo said with mock offense. "Off to bed with you. It is far too late for little boys to be out!"

    "But I never got to say goodbye!" the puppet said, putting his arms on his puppet hips.

    Le'Trouleo sighed, "Oh all right, get on with it you showboat."

    The puppet moved itself over to the crowd, Le'Trouleo stretching his arm and walking to the edge of the stage.

    "Good Bye Everyone!" the puppet squeeked. "It was good to see you all today. Be sure to tell your friends about the amazing Peppin the Puppet!"

    "Hey!" Le'Trouleo said...

    "And Le'Trouleo." the puppet added, "And have enjoy the Month of Peace!"

    The puppet did a small little bow, then Le'Trouleo moved his left hand over his right, the puppet disappearing and a normal black glove taking its place.

    "Indeed Good Sirs and Madames, it has been a pleasure performing for this evening. I wish you all the best, and may the Gods smile down upon your lives."

    The crowd continued their gracious applause, as Le'Trouleo took a bow, scooped up his hat, full of the nights earnings, and then, with outreached hands, luminated the stage around him. It was a pouring bright light, so much so that people had to divert their eyes. The night air became almost like the day, it was so strong, and then, suddenly, it dissapeared, as well as Le'Trouleo himself. All that was left were three glowing orbs of blue, yellow, and purple that floated and drifted for a while over the stage, then disappeared.

    The man himself however, had, using the light, disappeared into the crowds, putting a brown cloak over his colorful costume to hide himself from any fans. His disappearance was a trademark for all of his acts... and never once had he been caught by a fan. From nowhere he came and to nowhere he returned, that was his philosophy when conducting his shows.

    Of course, tomorrow he would be back and around, though "off-duty" so to speak. Le'Trouleo was a traveler... one of those eccentrics that was always on stage. When he was busy, he would entertain wi
  11. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005

    "Your path shall become clear, Magnus..."

    Locks of gold drift past his eyes, swriling in a cerulean wind. Magnus blinks, but he doesn't wake up.

    Now, this is a strange place.

    Fields of emerald blend with skies of a warm blue...? Warm? Magnus shakes his head. And wakes up.


    Magnus' eyes fluttered open.

    He yawned, and the note fell into his hand.

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  12. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002
    OOC: Going on a little mini-adventure. I figured it was time for some character building! :p

    Davinoth Creerond
    The golden hilt of Davinoth's Katana hit the jagged ground with a loud thump, and he felt his own blood drip down his forehead and across his own eyelid. Shaking his pale white hair out of his eyes, he wiped the blood, sweat and dirt from his face and forehead. His opponent made a final lunge for Davinoth's legs, and crimson lightning flashed across his face. With a simple sidestep motion, Davinoth easily evaded his tired and injured opponent, and merely kicked the body aside. It hit the ground with a louder thump than Davinoth's sword, and Davinoth turned away, not wanting to kill him. Besides, Vendrez wasn't moving anytime soon, not after the beating he just recieved.

    Davinoth started to recall the events that had passed since he had left the festival. He had ventured from the festival late, and met up with one of his friends, or more appropriately, an old rival. Vendrez and him grew up in the same village, in the upper mountains. Originally from seperate clans, eventually the clans had become one, despite their differences. Davinoth and Vendrez became rivals, and then they had begun sword training at roughly the same age. Vendrez in the art of broad sword, Davinoth in Katana. Davinoth had always held the upper hand in their conflicts, and it had stuck with Vendrez for all this time. The events of his night began to rush to Davinoth, and he remembered.

    Davinoth had become bored with the festival rather quickly, with no one to talk. He never did fit in, anyways. He left to return to his lodgings, and could feel the eyes on his back. He took the detour, and headed out of the town, into the open, where no one could hide. When he got far enough he turned, and saw Vendrez, there, clad in black.

    Davinoth's eyes opened a little wider, and his nose twitched, "I should've known."

    "I come Davinoth, for my retribution, and your downfall. Not once more shall you best me." And with that, Vendrez had attacked. No warning. No signal. Davinoth's sword left it's scabbard with lightning speed, and he assumed a defensive stance.

    Vendrez attacked with his broad sword on high, and clumsily lunged forward. Davinoth parried, and stayed in close. The narrow blade of his long Katana could maneuver much easier than Vendrez's broad sword. Vendrez rolled away, and and popped to his feet, five yards away. Davinoth started to pull on his powers, and the wind picked up, chilling the flame user. Vendrez cast out flames against Davinoth's onslaught of wind and blade, as he continued to pursue Vendrez accross the field.

    Vendrez ducked and came in low, below Davinoth's centre of gravity and tripped him. As Davinoth was on his way down, Vendrez caught him in the forehead with his metal gauntlets. Davinoth hit the ground hard, and rolled out of the way of his opponents falling sword, and then popped to his feet, and wiped the blood out of his eyes. His opponent charged in eagerness, hoping to get the easy win while Davinoth was still dazed from the blow to the head. Davinoth whirled out of the way, Vendrez being much to brash, and he felt his sword dig deep in Vendrez's leg, who dropped to the ground.

    Davinoth glanced back at Vendrez's body. He was breathing, but wasn't moving at all. "Good enough for me," Davinoth said, and picked up his sword. He headed back into town, nursing his forehead. He headed for his lodgings, and when he arrived, and put a patch over his wound, then crashed. He recalled the night one more time, before he fell asleep, and soon he was out cold.
  13. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    OOC: Change of plans have caused a long weekend away from an internet connection, and I leave Elu in charge Noir and Derk.


  14. Dahlia_Santary

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    Jul 15, 2005
    OOC: I'm back! Much thanks to Elu for taking good care of Traya for me while I was gone. [:D]

    IC: Traya Noik & Tahmores
    Location: Tera City

    Traya looked down at Tahmores as the dog walked beside her and eyed Y?amer with a canine intrigue. He sniffed on the man?s shoes looked up at his face again.

    ?This is Siyamak?s dog, Tahmores? answered Traya, as they made their way out of the arena. ?He?s asked me to watch over him while he...? she trailed off unwillingly. If she told Y?amer what they would to Siyamak, knowing a Plant elemental, he would probably march up to the Death clan?s camp and give the soldiers a... hard time. Besides, he would figure it was her own fault for defeating Siyamak in the first place. Although he wouldn?t say it like that, he would think it.

    ?While he... takes care of something in his camp? Traya finally answered, forcing a smile on her face. ?He said he was really busy, probably won?t come to the festival. But it?s his loss?

    After minutes of pushing and sliding, they finally made it out of the crowd and the arena to Traya?s relief. She hated being in a crowd, or any tight or enclosed pace where she couldn?t feel the breeze. Such places made her feel cut off from the world and trapped. Now that she was out in the open, the Wind wielder breathed in deeply and looked across the street, spotting a tavern.

    ?Let?s get something to eat? she suggested, already heading for the tavern without waiting for Y?amer?s response. ?I?m starving. Come on Tahmores.?

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  15. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002
    Rayson strikes again!


    Davinoth Creerond
    He snapped out of his sleep, the sweat stinging the wound on his forehead. Davinoth wiped his hair out of his eyes and sat up. As usual, he got out of bed, shaking of his nightmare, and splashed some water on his face. He had fallen asleep with his equipment on, minus his sword. He changed his socks and went to grab his weapon.

    Tacked to the hilt there was a note. He pulled it off, and unfolded it gingerly, feeling that the paper wasn't exactly sturdy. It read:
    "Meet me behind the Tournament Arena of yesterday and many things shall become clear to you, like your path." He shook his head, and was going to disregard it as a note from Vendrez, until he spied the signature at the bottom. It was signed: The Elements beckon your appearance, G.o.D.

    Not even Vendrez would sign something under such a name.

    "Well, I guess this is serious." Davinoth picked up his sword and put it on his belt. "Best be on my way."

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  16. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
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    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    OOC: I'm back!

    IC: Thorr
    Camp outside the festival

    Thorr stoked his fire once more. He wasn't a very social person, and he needed his rest. He could feel that something big was on the brink of happening, and he needed to collect himself after his latest brush with death. Thorr closed his eyes to re-live the event...

    ...The signs were there. Thorr was close. He had been tracking this assasain for three months now, and like always, he was finally closing in on his prey. Following the trail, Thorr could tell it was a trap. He still trusted himself to come out of this battle victoreous. He had yet to meet anybody to beat him in one-on-one combat. Thorr silently came upon the campsite and drew his swords. He could feel the life pulse of the assasain from up above, and as it surged, Thorr raised his swords to block. The two ferociously dueled for a little over a minute, and then Thorr felt the other warriores. It was an ambush! Goblins streamed out of the forest by the tens and twenties, and Thorr fought with all his heart...

    That was the last the Ranger remebered, for after that, sleep came to his camp site.

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  18. ticopuma

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    IC: Y'amer S'ap
    Arena Exterior

    "Hes gonne miss the festival!?" yelled out Y'amer in shock. "He must be real busy to miss something like this." said Y'amer giving out a sigh. "Oh well."

    ?Let?s get something to eat. I?m starving. Come on Tahmores.? said Traya as she headed toward the tavern with Tahmores following her. "Uhh..sure!" said Y'amer as he ran a bit trying to catch up to her.

    After he had caught up with her he took a deep breath. "So, what are you planning on doing after the festival?"

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  19. Dahlia_Santary

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    IC: Traya Noik
    Location: Tera City, Streets/Tavern

    Traya hasten her pace once the aroma of freshly backed bread, salted pork and strong ale reached her senses. The promise of those things she hardly ever found herself savoring coxed her forward, until she realized she had left Y?amer behind. She stopped looked back to see if the Plant man was following her. She looked down at her canine charge Tahmores, then up at her taller companion. When he caught up with her, Y?amer took a deep breath, and Traya stepped inside the tavern.

    "So, what are you planning on doing after the festival?" asked the other elemental, as they made their way to an available table.

    Traya slid down to on of the chairs and rested her arms on the wood. Imitating her moves, Tahmores jumped onto another chair and sniffed the air, catching the sent of something he?d like to sink his teeth into.

    ?I?m not sure? answered Traya, in a nonchalant tone. ?I guess I should return to my realm, visit my family for a few months. Maybe, help my father with the King?s horses. Then get back on the road. How about you? Are you going back home??

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    Fa'Kira and Na'Zine

    Fa'Kira looked at Na'Zine. "Do we go?"

    Na'Zine smiled. "Why not? I've got nothing better to do. Do you?" he said, giving a mischievious grin.

    She grined in response, as they ate breakfast. It seemed it would be an intresting morning. She looked at the note. "It dosent say WHEN we're supposed to meet." she murmored softly. Na'Zine looked up at the Kira.

    "Well then, why dont we take a walk, and see what we can go find out. Perhaps some of the other contestants got the same message."

    Fa'Kira nodded. "Sounds good to me. Besides, Cerbus could use the excercise." Cerbus looked up and if to say..'who, me?'

    With a grin, Fa'Kira grabbed her staff, as Na'Zine picked up his items, and then they headed out, to see who they could find.


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    IC: Y'amer S'ap

    Traya and Y'amer entered the rather empty tavern. It seems everyone was watching the element shows taking place outside. There was a strong aroma of beer and other beverages inside. Traya slid down an availabe table followed by Tahmores beside her. Y'amer took a seat on the other side, starring at Tahmores as he sniffed the air.

    ?I?m not sure. I guess I should return to my realm, visit my family for a few months. Maybe, help my father with the King?s horses. Then get back on the road. How about you? Are you going back home?? said Traya, her arms resting on the table.

    "Yea, family time is always good." said Y'amer starring out the window to the sky. "I think Im gonna stay here for a while. Something hasnt felt fight since I arrived here. Im not sure what it is but I feel like I should stay here." said Y'amer with a bit of a fearful voice.

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    IC: Traya Noik
    Location: tavern, Tera city

    Traya?s chin was resting on her arm, leaning over the table. She raised an eyebrow curiously at Y?amer?s words. He felt like something was wrong. Though she had to admit, she herself had been feeling like something extraordinary was closing in on her, but she hardly ever listened to those kinds of feelings. It?d been her experience that feelings like that only ever got you into trouble. It was the Wind people?s way not to allow emotion or feelings to rule the body over judgment or knowledge. And like countless generations of both elemental and non-elemental Wind clansmen, Traya had never placed her feelings and presentiments before her awareness. She wasn?t thinking of beginning now.

    ?Well, if you want to stay. It?s a wonderful city, Tera. But I?ve never been a big city person, too many crowds everywhere? continued the Wind wielder, after a moment?s thought. ?So I?ll probably leave once the festival is over.?

    Now that Traya thought deep, the thought of returning home after six months had sounded a little better last night than now. Perhaps the excitement of the tournament and now the festival had taken a toll on her. Home didn?t feel like the right place for her now.

    Where were these thoughts coming from? Of course she wanted nothing but to go back home. To ride horses through the valleys and plains, spread her arms in the wind and feel its rush on her face. What could be better than that after half a year of rock mountains and thick forests? But these feelings...

    Tahmores suddenly got bored of sniffing the air. So he jumped down from the chair and lay on the floor, concentrating on liking his paws instead of the smell of food.

    Traya shock herself out of her thoughts and leaned back on her chair.

    ?Well then,? she said to Y?amer, ?Buy a lady a drink, Plant man??

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    IC: Y'amer S'ap

    AS Y'amer said those words, he could see the discomfort in Traya's eyes. Like she knew what Y'amer was talking about. This worried Y'amer. He worried what he would be able to do if anything happened. If he would be strong enough to battle what might be coming. Y'amer began to feel as if something truly was going to happen. He didnt like the feeling that dashed through his mind. He tried to shake them off, but it was useless.

    ?Well, if you want to stay. It?s a wonderful city, Tera. But I?ve never been a big city person, too many crowds everywhere. So I?ll probably leave once the festival is over.? said Traya, looking a little calmer.

    "Yea, I think Im gonna stay. At least for a few weeks. Then go back home, work on my family's garden." said Y'amer, himself looking much less tense. He liked the idea of going back and working on his family's garden. Expand it, make it even more beautiful. But he knew he couldnt just yet.

    ?Well then, buy a lady a drink, Plant man?? said Traya, with a very mischievous face on.

    "I was getting to it." said Y'amer biting his lip slightly. The plant elemental raised his hand, calling a waiter over.

    "Two of the strongest drinks you have, please." said Y'amer tapping his hand on the table.

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    OOC: Have decided to give a little bit more interaction time for those in the morning of the day the Journey begins and those (tico and Dahlia and possibly others) playing catch up, still back in the night of the day of the Tournament.

    The Journey shall begin on May 1st or 2nd as soon as I am able to post during the month. ;) My guess is the 1st, so it won't be too long.

    Just keep this in mind, everyone.

    P.S. This is subject to change...if it changes, it'll be more likely for it to be changed to an earlier date rather than later.

    Siyamak Damia IC:

    Siyamak awoke quietly in a different tent, where he apparently lay on a cot and was mostly healed of his recent wounds, though the scars and lash marks were painfully evident, not to be redundant.

    In his hand he groggily spied a note and read it. Some "G.o.D." was telling him to meet later on in the day behind the Tournament Arena and that his path would be revealed. Intriguing...but his head wasn't quite up to it this morning, he still felt the beatings from the night previous...and he was to miss the Festival anyway, he was not allowed away from the Death Tents.

    That changed however when a soldier peeked in, "Ah, thought you were awake, Soldier Damia. Now that you're awake I'll relay the orders that the previous command for you to remain here has been discarded. You are free to come and go as you please now, if you wish, enjoy the Festival."

    Then the soldier left again and Siyamak merely blinked. What was that all about? Who knew. He wondered how Tahmores was doing, having spent the night with Traya last night obviously. He was sure he would run into them, they were probably on their way to the tents already. Who knew...and blasted migraine...

    Ugh. I can barely see, but I better check this note out, seems important.

    Siyamak got up, made sure he was presentable despite his condition and went on, stumbling mostly, out of the tents and toward Tera City.

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    Fa'Kira and Na'Zine - Wandering Tera City main..

    Fa'Kira and Na'Zine ate their morning meal, and then left their rooms. They headed out for the main city proper, where most of the activities from the night before had been. It was quiet now. There were people milling about, getting ready for the madness of the crowds that would soon be waking up, and moving about. The shopkeepers, and other earily risers moved about. A few beings from the battles yesterday, were also seen. Fa'Kira nodded to a few of them.

    "I wonder if they also received a not as well?" she asked. Na'Zine nodded. "Good question. Perhaps, we should ask one of them." Cerbus woofed, as if to agree with the statement. They moved, passing a nearby tavern. Na'Zine stopped. "They all seem so...busy." he said, noticing two of them, speaking to one another, while another seemed to be walking. Perhaps he would stop and talk to them. So Na'Zine and Fa'Kira waited patiently. Both really didnt wish to enter the Tavern just yet. If they coudlnt find anyone to speak to, they would head off, to where the note told them to meet.


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