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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Elu, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: And here we go, order for the first two fighters coming up. ;) And just so you know in each "Chapter" we reach, basically each new territory or spot, there will be some kind of quote from one of the Immortals. Just for the fun of it. You've reached your first, good job.

    [Goddess of Life]Prospera: And so it begins, life untouched and untainted till now.

    The Immortals IC:

    Steel gray eyes swept the empty arena and among the stands filled with mortals and their eagerness to end the Intermission and begin the Tournament once more. She didn't blame them, she also understood this eagerness and anticipation, despite being a Goddess, she felt it too.

    Turning her head to her left, her long black hair cascading down her lovely light brown shoulders calmly, as if the air had thrown it slightly just right; the Goddess of Wind looked at the other Immortal there.

    Voltego, God of Thunder, quietly looked to his right to see Zephra watching him quietly. Always was she the observant one, the assessing one. He knew what she was asking in her quiet way.

    "I do not yet know, soon though I know. It's up to Taer," he replied to this silent statement, smiling.

    Voltego's light purple eyes, like a soft lilac, twinkled in the sun as he looked over the whole area. He had to hand it to Geonos and his people, they could decorate. Silently, the God of Thunder ran a hand through his black, but heavily graying hair. He still find himself amused to think that mortal women thought of him as roguishly handsome, of course there was always that mortal attraction to immortals after all.

    Across the stands, Voltego could pick out one woman seemingly staring at the box of him and his compatriots(Fa'Kira). His eyes became soft and he smiled to the mortal woman, inclining his head slightly in a bow to recognize that she was looking. Not many immortals would do that, but Voltego was one of the few who would. Ever friendly and one to listen to almost all of mortal words and to actually take them into consideration.

    However, he was forced to look behind him as Taer patted his shoulder with one of his large, brown hands. Voltego looked up and behind and into the bald-headed, four armed, God of Fighting's orange eyes.

    "It is time, Voltego. Luminos."

    Voltego and Luminos, the God of Light, who had rich gold eyes and parted blond hair; both nodded.

    Taer stood up from where he sat in the Immortal box and all fell silent in the arena and even outside, the God of Fighting's presence was large indeed.

    "The intermission has ended! Let the Tournament resume!" he bellowed, his voice heard throughout the city.

    Voltego silently stood up and began to swiftly make some thunderclouds appear above the sandy arena, but covering only half of the sky above it. A sharp contrast to the blue, almost cloudless sky next to it.

    As he sat down, the God of Light stood up and suddenly had more sunshine apparently streaming down through the other half of the sky, so it was brighter, but not so much so people couldn't see. They could still see just fine. He sat down.

    Tag: Spectators

    Non-Elemental Messenger IC:

    The messenger quietly went down the stairs from near the Immortal Box in the stands down to the Waiting Room of the warriors below. The dim room made him shield his eyes, but he got used to it quickly.

    He stood there silently as all of them saw him and knew two of them were about to be randomly picked to duel each other in the sands of the arena and about to see what Voltego and Luminos had done for the coming fighters.

    "The intermission has ended, fighters," he stated bluntly, "and now it is time to resume. Are you ready?"

    Upon hearing all the "yes's," he went on to announce the fighters that would enter the arena to the door to the right...well, right for him. Left to most of the fighters.

    "Surius Maiestas and Alahandra Akemi, please enter the arena. It's time to begin the third round; fight hard, fight true. Remember, the Gods are watching."

    With that, the Messenger bowed
  2. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Albert Frost
    Location: The Waiting Area

    It is so bloody hot in here! Albert Frost thought as he sulked back in the darkness of the waiting area. The young man kept rubbing his forehead with his open palm, trying to keep cool. The heat always gave Frost a headache. Damned earth-people, not considerate of others.

    The nobleman summoned some of his ice magick forth to try to keep himself as cool as possible. The connection was weak since the environment was so warm, yet it offered him some consolation. He could have started to make it snow around him. That would have been most delightful. But coming into a battle, Frost feared using too much of his magick outside of it.

    His gauntlet glimmered a whiteish blue as he made the air around plummet to about 50 degrees. Frost pulled the layer of air around him tight. Yes, that was the stuff. From his position in the darkness, he noticed the various competitors. All bourgeois rabble from Light or Wind. And some barbarians definitely from Fire and the rest. He could see none of his noble race... no ice users to be found. A pity to be sure, but perhaps that would work for him. His ice magick would no doubt throw many of them off guard.

    The one or two darkness users did not escape his attention, hiding back here with him. Darkness and Water were the peoples most closely allied to ice, and thus were the peoples Albert could stomach the easiest. A booming voice disturbed Albert's musings as the first two fighters came forth to prove their mettle.

    Albert fashioned a jagged piece of ice as he waited for his turn to come about. His staff glowed as another spike came out of the iceball. Yes, something like that would be not nice at all to be hit with.

    He smiled to himself as he cooled the air around him oncemore. He would show these peasants the superiority of ice-weilding.

    But first.... the waiting game.

    Blasted heat, ugh.

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  3. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    Bresaadi closed her eyes as she leaned against the back wall just as the messenger came in. She opened her eyes and stood straight, her blue eyes watching him intently.

    and now it is time to resume. Are you ready?"

    Along with the others, Bresaadi replied with a "yes."

    Just as anticipation filled her, it was suddenly brought down slightly when she didn't hear her name be called. She turned her head to the side, her light blonde hair flicking over one shoulder and watched the two leave to the fighting arena. She tilted her back and stretched out her back, her arms raised up in the air. After returning to her normal stance, she felt more agile and able to dodge attacks.

    Bresaadi found an empty seat on the bench and sheathed her two swords heading over to it and slowly sitting on the edge. She leaned the back of her head against the wall it was pushed against and relaxed her eyes, while mentally saying an ancient prayer to Luminos, the God of Light, like her father used to do everytime before battle. She prayed that light would be with her and protect her, as well as her opponent. She also prayed for the better person to win fairly.

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  4. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002
    Jeez..I check the boards, Friday page. Didn't get the chance the check yesterday...I look now..4 pages. Crazy. You hear me? Crazy.


    IC - Davinoth
    Waiting Area
    Davinoth looked up from where he was sitting, and felt a draft pull on his arm. Pulling his cloak tighter around him, he discovered a small portion of his cloak had been frosted.

    He turned a saw a male, perhaps an inch taller than himself, and seemingly malnourished. Frost Davinoth concured with himself, as the male cooled himself and started fashioning quite the staff from nothing.

    Perhaps I should get to know this one before I judge him.., but at any rate, Davinoth seemed to think that the ice-user had a rather pompous air about him. Turning the rest of his torso to face what appeared to be the first taste of real opposition, Davinoth held back a comment and merely said: "You know, that staff looks as though it may pack it's fair punch." He extended his hand, "Davinoth."

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  5. Dark-Enigma

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    Feb 8, 2006
    OoC: I concur with Rayson on this matter. :p


    IC: T'aren Vuushko
    Waiting Room

    [blockquote]T'aren still sat with his elbows resting on his sore knees and his face slumped forward, his long white hair draped alongside his face as sweat hit the ground and evaporated into the atmosphere promptly afterwards. Miet still nibbled on her carrot as she neared the end of it.

    T'aren saw a couple competitors getting properly acquainted. He disagreed with this move. It would only make your opponent know you better. But he would not interfere, it was the man's choice and his choice alone.

    He lifted his his head up and unholstered his long sword. Spotting a nearby rock on the ground several feet away from him, he rubbed Miet on the neck as she discontinued eating her carrot to see what her owner wanted. T'aren pointed to the rock, patted Miet on the back, and pointed to it again. Receiving the message, Miet hopped down from the bench and hopped to the small rock. Standing on her hind legs, she lifted it up and walked back to T'aren.

    Smiling, T'aren took the rock from Miet as she came back down on all fours. "Good girl."

    Just then, the messenger of the games entered the waiting room. He was short and plump, wearing large glasses that magnified his eyes, causing them to appear larger than actual.

    "The intermission has ended, fighters," he stated bluntly, "and now it is time to resume. Are you ready?"

    T'aren nodded and muttered a soft "Yes."

    "Surius Maiestas and Alahandra Akemi, please enter the arena. It's time to begin the third round; fight hard, fight true. Remember, the Gods are watching."

    T'aren was slightly angered that he wasn't the first to battle. He liked to get things over with as soon as possible, rather than waiting around and building his anxiety, if such a thing existed inside of him.

    With that, the Messenger bowed to them and went scurrying back up the steps to the stands.

    T'aren took his newly acquired rock and began to rub it against the edge of his sword, sharpening it for his upcoming battle, whenever it may be. [/blockquote]

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  6. Darth-Vassago

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    Jun 28, 2004
    [OOC] Ah, first up. I am honored. *Breathes a soothing sigh* Best of luck. :)

    [IC: Surius Maiestas--Tera City, Arena]

    [blockquote]~Time passes slowly, but soon the intermission will end. The feeling of readiness is still with Surius as he sits waiting, his entire body calm. Finally the time comes upon and the intermission is over. A Messenger enters the waiting area. " "Surius Maiestas and Alahandra Akemi, please enter the arena. It's time to begin the third round; fight hard, fight true. Remember, the Gods are watching." He says plainly before bowing and scurrying away.

    Surius Maiestas. The sound of his name grabs his attention like a theif caught in the night. His eyebrows raise slightly, partialy from surprise; he did not expect to be first in the next round. Many things happen that he does not expect, though. This is just another. With that on his mind he exhales slowly through his nasal cavity and gets to his feet. He looks around him, side-to-side, to see the other competitor's eyes upon him. Jealous envy, or perhaps relief? In either case, he paid them little heed; if all goes according to the design in his mind, he will be facing some of them later. In the worst case, he will be watching them battle for the prize, and the favor of the Immortals.

    Right now, that line of thought has little merit. Knowing this, he pushes that thought of his mind, gaining complete control of his mental state once more. Before leaving, he fastens his sizable sword and sheath to his back once more, for easy access, and slings his massive shield over his shoulder, as well. Feeling his chest he makes sure his breast-plate armor is tightly fastened, as well. With his right hand he takes up his staff, holding it in his grip, and sweeps his cape behind him. He gives the others in the waiting room one last glance before stepping away from the bench, and his cloak; he won't be needing it for this.

    Lastly, he takes up his helmet, which he holds against the side of his body with his free hand, and begins to walk towards down the small corridor that turns into the threshold that leads to the arena floor. A million thoughts ran through his head as he struggled to regain complete control of his nerves; so much is on the line. He has come this far, and to fail now would be a great dishonor. Once more, he pushes this thought out of his mind, he cannot dwell on such things! He must focus, and this is what he does. Focus. Though, it does not help that he has not even
    seen his opposition. That's not something he's used to...

    The suns rays become brighter and more intense as he nears the opening that leads him to the battle-worn sands of the arena floor, so much so that it impairs his vision for a moment. He brings his forearm up to shield his eyes from the light, with this he also hears the roar of the crowd intensify. All this, for me? He thinks to himself...surely the spectators are more-or-less just exicted that the next round is proceeding. In any event, he pays the crowds a slight gesture, nodding his head; Surius has never been one to play up to the crowd, even though his ancestors, and even his own parents, are quite charasmatic. He never saw the need.

    Whilst walking to center of the arena, he takes notice that his side of the arena is darker...made perfect for use of his Thunder element. The other side, however, was bright, and clear. So much so that he is left only to think that his opposition is that of the Light element. Now that he has an idea of his opposition, he begins to formulate a strategy, though it will not be easy; Light is not a weak element. In reality, no element is weak...but Light seems to have few weaknesses. His work is cut out for him, that much is for sure.

    Slowly Surius' gaze finds it's way up to the box where the Immortals watch. His grey eyes look over each of them, paying respect to each, but being especially sure to pay respect to Voltego, the God that seemingly bestowed his powers upon him. A hard swallow followed...h
  7. Dahlia_Santary

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    Jul 15, 2005
    IC: Traya
    Location: Tera City, Waiting Room

    Traya and Y?Amer?s conversation was suddenly interrupted by the God of Fighting?s deep and strong voice resonating across the city. Traya looked pass Y?Amer?s shoulder to see the messenger when he walked into the Waiting Room, and said ?Yes? when asked if ready.

    The messenger called out the next two fighters? names, Surius Maiestas and Alahandra Akemi.

    Traya sighed when her names wasn?t the one called. She found herself a little disappointed, but relieved at the same time. Never go first, and never go last, after all.

    ?Well, its back to business then? she said, leaning back against the wall again, making the air around her wind on her face to keep her cool in that blasted heat.

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  8. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Spectator stands

    As Fa'Kira scanned the many Immortals that sat in the stands, her eyes locked on one, as he seemed to turn, and look straight at her. He even smiled at her, and she did her best not to flush, as he inclined his head slightly. She smiled, and returned the nod, before he turned away, to speak with other Immortals. Her heart rate seemed to tripple. 'Oh WOW!' she thought to herself. Of course, her ears picked back when a voiced boomed that it was time to restart the games.
    Her eyes focused back on the arena floor, as she waited to see who would be called next to battle. She hoped her friend would do well, as she watched and waited. Two names were called, none of them were her friend. But that was fine. She would watch the battles with interest. And then, would come the festival.

    Wait area
    A messenger had arrived. "The intermission has ended, fighters," he stated bluntly, "and now it is time to resume. Are you ready?" All of the fighters chimed up with a positive response. The messenger then told them what door to enter the arena in, and then, he announced the names.
    "Surius Maiestas and Alahandra Akemi, please enter the arena. It's time to begin the third round; fight hard, fight true. Remember, the Gods are watching."

    Na'Zine gave a grin, as he heard the names called. Many seemed dissapointed. Be he enjoyed the chance to meditate for a longer period. He wanted to make sure he did well here. He nodded to the contestants who moved forward, and then went back to his meditations, as he sat upon the strong earth.

  9. Schoolgirl_Bounty

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Sylwyn Tyr'aear
    Waiting room

    Sylwyn opened her eyes when the two fighters were announced. After all, this was a tourney. She looked around at the other fighters who were left... One was obviousley Ice, an earth... possibly another water...

    It was hot, but then again, what better time to help others. She stood, and walked over to the bucket of water provided for everyone, it was nearly empty. She said a silent prayer, and swirled the shallow pool with her hand. The water not only cooled slightly, but the bucket filled. Sylwyn smiled as she dipped a cup into the pail, and drank. She smiled at a group of fighters who were talking. The Elf-like preistess dipped a second and thrid cup, and walked them over to the person who appeared to be an Ice user, and the person he was talking to.

    "Excuse me," her voice was sweet and calm, and she held out the water to him.

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  10. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    Magnus Thorliefson
    Waiting Room

    Ariving late, Magnus saw that numerous others were here for the competition.

    Amazing. This room seemed to be a veritable melting pot for cultures, and Magnus was a bit overwhelmed. He found a quiet corner, hoping to go unnoticed, but it was unlikely it would work; his height saw to that.

    Folca, his horse, was elsewhere, and he felt quite lonely without him. He had come a long way for this, and was determined to see it through.

    Magnus sat down in the corner, and, picking up his lute, began plucking a calm tune.

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  11. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Derk
    Waiting Room

    Quickly tiring of making the nearby torch dance, Derk quickly turned to blowing smoke rings, and sharpening his sword.

    A large sword, ornate like many of the Heirlooms one found these days...reminiscent of times past when a craftsman actually put time into his work...not mass produced things like they did now.

    It was a beautiful sword...from the flame-liked horns designed as the pommel, down the black hilt and past the flaming batwing of a guard. Even the blade was a one of a kind piece, specialy cut 1/4 of the way down, and inscribed with runes telling of a great battle fought by Fire Lords past, and the rest of the blade lined iwth a jagged etching.

    The way his Grandfather told it, it was a gift from the Fire God himself...but Derk doubted it. A Masterful peice as it was, but he didn't think it was a gift from the Gods...

    He could always just go and ask the Immortal...but why? Why ruin the dream?

    He shivered, sensitive to the slightest drop in temperature, the room which had been a comfortable temperature, atleast for him, suddenly became borderline unbearable, again for him.

    His redish-orange eyes flickered around the room. Someone had done that...

    And then he spotted the man, not far away.

    Barely 15 feet from him stood a clearly wealthy man, tall in stature, forming ice crystals.

    No doubt he was the culprit.

    But, two could play at that game.

    He spred his arms wide, and closed his eyes, focusing on the torches lighting this side of the room. As he asked, the Torches burned hotter, the inner ring of the fires turning from a dull orange to a fierce red, some even showing the slightest hint of blue in the very center.

    He let the fires burn hot, untill the temperature on that side room was slightly higher than it had been before the well dressed ice elemental had cooled it.

    He sneared at the man, and took his pipe from his lips, his voice rough from under use the past few days.

    "Have some Consideration for the rest of us 'ey? We don't all love the Freakish Cold you Ice's do."

    Tag: Imp

    IC: Noir
    Arena Stands

    Noir watched the proceedings from the cool shadows of a support pillar, his pale skin hidden from view by a easy manipulation of the shadows around him, hiding him from prying eyes.

    He didn't like to be seen. Especialy when he was counting his "winnings".

    300 gold since the this tourny had was amazing how much people carried on their belts at these sort of events.

    He was still only a thrid of the way to his goal. He had to save up for the up comming month after all. After these feasts of celebration, most people didn't have much during the month of, he'd made a vow to never steal during the month of peace...Wouldn't want to piss off the Gods.

    The first two warriors were brought onto the field, the crowd standing and applauding.

    A gold pouch just within his reach as a man stood to cheer his favored warrior. With the speed and silence of a cat, Noir made his move. Using the shadows to hide him, and the cheers to mask what little noise he might, on the off chance, make, his quickly cut the pouch with the small dagger in his left hand, and caught it with his right.

    It was light...almost not worth the risk.

    It was always worth the risk.

    With his booty in hand, Noir quietly backed into the shadows along the back wall, and quickly made his way to the next pillar, contining to mask himself.

    He was quick. And, on the slightest Chances, should he be discovered, it wasn't unusual for a Darkness Elemental to hide themself. Of course, if they did accuse him...move on him...he was almost as quick with his blade as he was his hands.

    A light Schimatar, elegant in design and black as night, hung across his back in a possition best suited for a quick draw.

    But he didn't plan on needing it. He was good. Hell, he was the best.

    Tag: None

    [image=] Derek's Sword
  12. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    OOC: Behold my retropost! Because gosh darn it, if we're going to start something, I'm going to start 'er right!

    IC: Albert Frost
    Location: The Waiting Area

    Albert sat in the back of the waiting area, thinking about this and that while trying to ignore the tremendous heat in the room. It was still a sweltering 50 degrees, and he wiped the sweat from his brow. How others managed to survive in this temperate weather was beyond the noble prince's understanding.

    How did he ever get to this spot? Shoot, it seemed like so long ago...

    He remembered...

    *Enter teh blurring of the screen for a flashback!*

    Albert stood, dressed in deep blue, but still rather plain battle robes. He faced down his foe, a rather beautiful female ice-weilder. His foe, the woman, was about his age. She had that certain allure. Not the typical, guady beauty you find in supermodels. No, she had the very special, almost hidden beauty that you never realize until you are in love or it is to late.

    For Albert, it was the former. The girl had been his long-time best friend, a noblewoman from the house of White. Emily was her name, long, raven black hair that flowed down and around her matching deep blue battle robes. Her ivory skin contrasted with her dark clothes, making her seem all the more beautiful.

    "Not too bad Albert." she said with a jaunty smile. Her voice was not too high, nor too low. Again, an understated perfection to it. A distinct sense of normalcy to it. "But lets see you wiggle out of this one."

    The woman moved staff in a sweeping arc in front of her, a large inscription in artic energies spinning on the ground between them. And from it rose the hulking form, a mound of ice that began moving on its own accord. The creature sprouted stumpy arms and legs and let out a roar as an ice club materialized in its hand.

    "Golem work." Albert said raising his brow. "Emily you are as suprising as you are beautiful. Now lets see..." Albert said, "How to dispell an Ice Golem.... Hmm, Hmmm, Hmmm"

    Suddenly, the wide wooden doors of the dueling arena swung open. Into the high ceillinged icy room strode a more heavy set man with a vibrant but well trimmed white moustache.

    "Ah Father!" Albert said, turning to face the man. Emily vanquished her Golem and strode across the arena to the Lord Frost.

    "Good Day to you Lord Frost." she said approaching the elder man

    "Ah, hello there Miss White. Up here again dueling with my son are you? That was quite an impressive Golem."

    "Oh why thank you." Emily said with a blush, brushing back her hair. "Its nothing really, I'm still very much so learning."

    "Nonsense." he said with a genial smile. The portly Lord turned back to his son.

    "I have some great news for you my boy. And yes, to the young Miss White as well. The Conclave has decided you both to go and represent the Ice Nation at this years Tournament."

    "Sweet Cryas!" Albert exclaimed. "Thats great!"

    He moved over to hug Emily who also was equally as excited, letting out a whooping yippee that filled the large hall. It felt good being in her arms, if only for that sweet moment.

    Someday Albert would reveal his feelings for her.

    "You have to leave at once, as the journey is long." he said. "So pack you bags son. And you had best be going to your house as well Emily. I'm sure your Father will be quite proud."

    "Yes I'll have to." the woman said, moving past Lord Frost. "I'll see you soon Albert. Ta!"

    Albert and his father moved out to one of their windows, overseeing the snowy expanse of Tremaine, the Capital City of the Ice Nation. Up high was the massive Arctic Crystal that kept the city at sub-zero temperatures, pouring its energies out over the expansive sky.

    "You did a good job at the trials son, and I'm proud of you." the Lord Frost said, putting his hand on Albert's shoulder.

    "Yeah." Albert said with a smile, looking towards his father. "I know. I won't fail our nation father. I shall represent our people well."

    *The Blur back to real-time!*

    And so far Alb
  13. Schoolgirl_Bounty

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Sylwyn Tyr'aear

    The Elvish water elemental watched as her kind deed was refused... Maybe she should have spoken up more... She smiled and turned to Davinoth.

    "Here." She held out the cup of water, offering it to him, "This room is rather hot."

    She sat down where the Ice weilder had once been. "That was rather uncalled for... That Fire user, I mean..." She quieted her voice to a whisper, not wanting to anger the already upset fire elemental... Who knows, maybe she had just said it loud enough to try and egg him on, After all, she was a rather playful water bearer.

    Somehow, her image showed this playfulness. Her Small stature, her hair (which is in Pigtails, with beads, and a few dreadlocks down the back) and even her smile, seemed almost 'too cute' just looking at her, you probibly wouldn't think that she's over the age of 18.

    In all actuality, Sylwyn wasn't all that hot... Actually, she was rather comfortable, she was just trying to help out the others with the drinking water and conversation.

    The tention in the room was too high.

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  14. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Siyamak Damia IC:

    Siyamak quietly stood from where he sat and looked around the room once more, seeing a new conversation being struck up between three people. One obviously an ice wielder, one obviously a water bearer, the other one he wasn't sure of.

    Mentally though, Siyamak ignored this and glanced only briefly at the Fire user that caught those three's attention for but a few moments. Sometimes the elements really did reflect one's personality he observed.

    Siyamak needed something, anything, to keep him busy. To keep the beat in his head from going out. Normally he would be saddened over the beat disappearing, but would let it go. But not during a fight or close to one, never. Siyamak loved music and he absorbed rhythm, it was another thing that gave him his strength, though he would never reveal this in an obvious way. Others might see him as liking music, but that would be the extent they would know of its effect on him.

    Siyamak moved over to the door adjoining the medic room and opened up his tiny pack next to the door, pulling out his precious juikmaq, the native musical instrument of his people that seldom others would see...or hear. If only these people would know the honor he was bestowing them, alas that would not be.

    He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes as he slowly, oh so slowly, lifted the instrument to his lips. And then it began. Sweet. Soft. Gentle, but so eerie in the current situation and area. Perfect.

    It kept up its slow pace, building up very little, its sweet and soft tune slowly becoming a flowing and haunting melody that floated in the air and expanded to all the room, uncaring of what beings were around and heard it. Love it or hate it, the tune was there. And it was haunting, just what Siyamak wanted.

    Siyamak soon was enveloped within his own music as he played quietly, patiently among the other fighters, who probably didn't even care what was going on. Their problem.

    The beat was strong now, very strong in his head, it calmed him and gave him strength. "O Battle of Love," had been a good choice on his part, its haunting and somehow serene nature boosted his esteem and he felt ready to go.

    And on he played, his "O Battle of Love" for music and the Tournament swelling within him as he continued to play unmoving from where he leaned against the wall, eyes closed.

    Through the haunting sound, he found peace.

    Tag: Anyone or no one, though all can hear the music
  15. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    IC: Alahandra Akemi~Tera City, Arena

    The young woman of light sat in silence to yet again wait for her turn, which seemed easy but she found it to be horrible. To her complete relief the wait ended when a messenger entered to call the next contest, "Surius Maiestas and Alahandra Akemi, please enter the arena. It's time to begin the third round; fight hard, fight true. Remember, the Gods are watching." Upon hearing her name Alahandra smiled just a bit and whispered a prayer of thanks to Luminos for the good fortune, and then she readied herself for what was to come.

    A mask of determination set upon her face as she took the helmet from her lap and set it upon her head, after drawing down the visor she rose from the bench and followed her opponent up the corridor to the arena floor. She could not help but meet the eyes of a few of the others as she passed, some she even flashed a confident grin. Alahandra paused before exiting the corridor to double check that the shield on her arm and sword on her hip were secure, her morningstar was held firmly in her hand as she intended to start the fight with that weapon. The crowd roared like crashing thunder causing her to look out to the floor where her opponent stood, she could only hope it was not a ill omen for what was to come.

    Almost all was in order, Alahandra bent down and picked up 3 small rocks from the arena floor and held them tightly in her free hand, one perk of choosing a small forearm mounted shield. Then with a deep breath she walked out into the arena, even though she was ready this time for the crashing applause of the crowd it still took her back a bit, but neither could she deny that she loved the attention. She quickly found Luminos among the pantheon of his peers and raised her morningstar in honor of him, she then bowed with respect to the other immortals, only after this was done did she make a few gestures to the crowd rousing cheers.

    She was ready, and she felt the nervous tension rise up in her as she turned to look at her opponent. She had not paid much attention to him at all in the waiting area, but now that she was facing him she noticed a massive sword on his back, and a huge shield slung over his shoulder. He was a warrior by all measure, only one thing seemed out of place, a large staff that he carries in hand. Odd choice of weapon for such an obviously large warrior, with that greatsword on his back she assumed he would draw that first, she shrugged it off knowing that she would adapt as needed.

    In the final moments of waiting Alahandra began to focus on the rocks still held in her hand, she pictured her element being infused in those little pebbles. Her eyes still remained focused on her opponent, she knew there could be no room for error at this level or else she would fail, and she could not stand the thought of losing as her own patron watched in person. Sure there would also be rewards for the best of the warriors, but she was not concerned with that as much as her personal pride and honor in the games and to her god, Alahandra knew this to be the greatest test of her faith yet and she would not fail.

    Tag: Vassago (Surius Maiestas)


    IC: Anjani Devi, Waiting area

    Anjani picked his head up as he heard the next fight announced, he felt a little impatience at being forced to wait, he did not like to spend long in one place much in the same way wind is constantly on the move. But wait he would, for the honor of serving Zephra alone he would suffer this torment. What he would not do is wait patiently, it just was not something he thought he could do even if he tried his hardest. Soon he rose from his crouched position against the wall and began to pace slowly about the room, his impatience was manifested as a slight breeze that surrounded him and touched all he passed.

    Tag: Anyone
  16. Darth-Vassago

    Darth-Vassago Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2004
    [IC: Surius Maiestas--Tera City, Arena]

    [blockquote]~Three small pebbles. Surius watches his opposition, Alahandra, come to the arena floor, and he takes notice of this instantly. She plays to the crowd for a moment, and also pays her respects to her own elemental God. Aside from all of this, Surius can not seem to break away from the pebbles; why? Perhaps this is why she has taken them into her hand, perhaps this is why the woman has held onto them; a distraction. In any event, Surius will be watching for the least whisper of signification.

    He could feel her eyes upon him as she sizes him up, perhaps looking for weakness. Most likely. Would be the wise thing to do, anyhow. Enough waiting, enough hesitation! He thinks to himself, eager to get the games underway again. The crowd is still roaring, chanting, cheering, some jeering. His eyelids fall and he blocks it out, focusing his attention apart from everything else and only on his opposition.

    Respectfully he pays Alahandra a nod, allowing his silver eyes to meet hers. With their gazes locked like the horns of two mighty beasts in combat, he feels his fingers begin to tingle. The tingle slowly moves up his arms, and into his chest. High above, the grey clouds turn a darker shade, and begin to churn. Behind his lips Suirus clenches his teeth, his eyes narrowing slightly. The grip of his fingers around the black and silver trimmed staff tighten, and the wind seemingly begins to pick up. Though, perhaps to his own dismay, this is not of his doing...he has not yet reached the level of mastery for such control of a storm. The cause of the wind is natural, but it only adds, perhaps, to the atmosphere of the battle.

    The sky above Surius grows increasingly dark as the moments pass, and the spectators seem to love it. Large rolls of thunder, sounding like cannons, begin to fill the stands. To this some watch in awe, as others cower, while others still cheer. Not more than a few moments pass, and the thunder grows increasingly louder. Without warning, a portion of the whirlpool of clouds seem to cascade down from above, seemingly turning white-hot on its way down. Surius raises his staff into the air, catching the massive bolt of lightning, and with frightful accuracy directs it to his opposition across the arena.

    At screaming speed, the lightning bolt pours from the staff, and directly towards Alahandra. With this, the first move has been made. The pieces are now in motion...

    [Tag] Alahandra (Despised)
  17. dontlookatmethatway

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    Jul 5, 2005
    IC Adric Kay and Trufflehunter
    Arena Stands, Tera City

    Adric turned towards the arena as Taer called the end of the intermission. He rolled up his scroll, put it back in its scroll-case, and then set that into his traveling pack. He took out another scroll-case and scroll, this one half-covered with his own handwriting. Adric also took out his inkwell and quill. He set the inkwell to one side, removed the cork, and dipped his quill into it. He was writing an account of the Tournament for his father, who had become too ill to attend. He remembered his father instructing him to include every detail, from the decorations, to the fighters, to the gods, to the revelry afterward. And Adric planned to do just that. He started writing as the gods changed the arena, but then stopped. The work he was doing on the scroll reminded him of his father. Trufflehunter sensed his mood.

    I wish your father was here too. He is a great man.

    Adric nodded. ?That he is, Trufflehunter. That he is.? He remembered their long travels together. The days spent in the library, studying volumes of forgotten lore. The nights up in the astronomy tower where his father showed him the constellations and planets. He sighed. His father had been such an important person in his life. Adric was brought back to the moment by the roar of the crowd. A fighter had emerged into the arena. The man didn?t seem interested in working the crowd; he only gave them a small nod of the head. Adric dipped his quill in the inkwell and recorded this as well as other details, like the man?s appearance. He had a large sword and shield slung across his back, but he carried a staff in his hands. Since the sky over the man?s half of the arena had become overcast with clouds, Adric was pretty sure that his element was Thunder. Adric sat back and waited for the other fighter to appear and appear she did. The woman had a shield and morningstar as well as a sword on her hip. She was shorter than her opposite across the field. She had raised her morningstar to Luminos and her side of the field was a little bit brighter than anywhere else, so it was clear that her element was Light. Adric studied both of them. He looked at Trufflehunter. ?I think that the woman will win.?

    Really? I was thinking the same about the man. Do you want to bet?

    Adric shook his head emphatically. ?Definitely not. I still remember the last time I made a bet with you. It was not funny, Trufflehunter?

    Oh, yes it was.

    Adric didn?t respond because the man had made the first attack.

    Tag: Everyone in the stands
  18. ticopuma

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    Aug 2, 2005
    Y'amer S'ap

    Y'amer moved away from Traya with excitment as he heard the messenger walk in and call the names. "Surius Maiestas and Alahandra Akemi, please enter the arena. It's time to begin the third round; fight hard, fight true. Remember, the Gods are watching." called the Messenger.

    Y'amer gave a big sigh of relief. If he would have been calling it would not be a fire elemental he would be facing. And he wanted to use his hate of fire to his advantage.

    Y'amer leaned back and gave another sigh. He took out his sword from his back. With the other hand he took out a a small, white hankershif. He began to polish his sword. If he was going to be fighting in front of the god who gave him his powers, he would make sure he would look good. And impress Gaia, to the fullest.

    TAG: ANY
  19. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    Magnus Thorliefson
    The Waiting Room

    As Magnus plucked away at his lute, a tune came to his ears. He began to play along with it, then realized, someone else was playing.

    He stood, and continued to pluck at the lute, strumming a few chords, before walking in search of the sound. Magnus rounded a corner, and found the source. A man was playing the song, keeping the beat perfectly. Magnus sat nearby, and continued to play accompaniment, but soon found that the song was not suited to his style. He backed off, and instead decided to wait until the song was over to try his hand at a "follow-the-leader".

    Tag: Elu
  20. Dahlia_Santary

    Dahlia_Santary Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 15, 2005
    IC: Traya
    Location: Tera City, Waiting Room

    After Y?Amer and Siyamak had gone, Traya pulled her legs over the bench and stretched them out. She leaned her back to the wall behind her and looked around at the other fighters in the enclosed space. Siyamak had moved over to the door and was playing a juikmaq. Traya found the sound of his music soothing, she had never listen to the Death Clan?s native musical instrument be played so harmoniously. All she had ever heard from it were the loud battle songs Death clansmen played before war. Siyamak?s version was a nice change of the tunes Traya was accustomed to hearing from his people.

    Y?Amer was leaned against the wall next to her bench, carefully polishing his weapon. Traya knew presentation of arms was a very important factor for the Plant people, it showed honor and pride to be a warrior. Y?Amer seemed to take his own presentation to heart. Traya respected that from him.

    Pacing around the room was another Wind wielder. Traya recognized him as Anjani Devi, he had lived in the village next to hers and she had seen him in the country on various occasions. It was reliving to know she wasn?t the only one in the room she knew was as desperate to get out of that tiny hole and into the open land. Every Wind wielder hated to be confided anywhere. They needed the open space and feel free to stretch out to the clouds.

    Traya withdrew her attention from the other fighters and focused. She prayed quietly to her patron goddess, Zephra, for strength, but importantly at the moment patience. Patience, she would admit, was one of her most weak virtues, specially when it was needed in such a closed space. Lady Zephra always granted her patience when it was called for direly, but right now it wasn?t such a needed virtue. So Traya instead asked the Wind goddess to guide her arm when her turn came to step into the ring.

    Finishing her prayer, but still holding the image of her patron in her mind, Traya grabbed the loop that was holding her hair back and pulled it loose. Then the young Wind wielder proceeded to braid her dark hair.

    ?You take pride in your sword, I see? she told Y?Amer, standing next to her.

    TAG: Y?Amer
  21. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Siyamak Damia IC:

    Siyamak quietly continued playing his song of, "O Battle of Love." It was twisting soothingly along his body, wrapping him in his blanket of comfort, easing his tensed muscles, relaxing the mind. It was like he, himself, was becoming one with the sound, flowing ever inward and ever outward at once. A life of infinite pleasure and space, that on the other hand did have an end. But to become the music, it must be like being infinity, he thought.

    Soon there was another sound, that was close to the song, trying to keep up, but failing, faltering, ending. Paying respects to the song that outlasted the challenger, someone else had music in their heart as well.

    He finished his haunting song of love on the juikmaq that none knew of, then lowered the instrument and opened his eyes.

    A large man of blue eyes and light brown hair, that had the look of a young man. Early twenties he guessed. He held a lute and was watching him, waiting apparently.

    "Hello," Siyamak greeted awkwardly. "I see you have an instrument yourself, a music lover?"

    A nice change to see in other cultures.

    Rarely did Siyamak hear of other music from the other clans, only during war did he hear war drums or songs being played by the other side...and even then not so much. The Death clan, when battling, was more known to play war music than the other clans after all. If only one were to look inside his culture, they would see not a mysterious, deadly, barbaric one; but one ripe with music, passion, and respect for those around and for those passed.

    Tag: Magnus, anyone else
  22. ticopuma

    ticopuma Jedi Knight star 5

    Aug 2, 2005
    Y'amer S'ap

    Y'amer looked over at Traya with delight. "The sword was given to be by my father, who was killed by fire elementals. Everytime I use my sword, I see him. He fights with me in all my battles." Y'amer spoke with a delicate voice. The mention of his father always brought a tear to his eye. In his battles, he saw his father next to him. Fighting alongside him, sharing the pain, sharing the victory.

    It inspired him to win. And he knows thats why hes gotten this far.

    TAG: Traya
  23. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002
    IC - Davinoth
    Waiting Area
    Davinoth gratiously accepted the water with a small thank you, and made a small motion towards the fire user, "Manners aren't exactly common among them. I suppose they aren't among my kind either, but at least I try." He shot a grin, and realized that he was gripping the hilt of his Katana much tighter than usual. As a child he had grown accustomed to always have the hilt of his weapon in his hand, and refused to remove it. He supposed it has gotten him into more trouble that way, but routine was routine. It just felt natural to hold his sword.

    "So," Davinoth sat, trying to relieve the tension throughout the room, "I suppose we've got quite a wait between us. I think you've made it quite apparent your from the Ice Kingdom, and presumably your from the Water Kingdom, Yes?" Davinoth inquired the girl. She nodded. "Personally, I'm from the Thunder Kingdom."

    Tag: I_H, Bounty
  24. Dahlia_Santary

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    Jul 15, 2005
    IC: Traya
    Location: Tera City, Waiting Room

    Traya smiled brightly at Y?Amer, hoping the gesture would ease the pain of his memories.

    ?I feel the same way about my grandfather. My dad was almost never home, he was always off capturing wild mustangs, or taming them out of our village. My grandpa was the one who was always there in his place for us. He was the one who taught me how to use my powers and practically raised me.?

    Traya looked down at her feet. ?He died seven months ago, though. The plague reached our village.?

    TAG: Y?Amer
  25. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    Soleil Azar

    She allowed herself a slight smirk at the man's response to the guard's request, glad to see that the woman hadn't gotten her way. Before she could get too interested in the short-lived conflict, the tournament below resumed, and the first contestants of the third round stepped out to fight, one of the Thunder clan, the other a Light elemental. She heard the man with the badger make some remark to his companion, but didn't completely catch what he'd said. After a moment, the man declined to make a bet with the badger, presumably regarding the outcome of the match, saying that the last time hadn't been funny. As the Thunder elemental below made the first attack, Soleil leaned towards the man with the badger. "I take it you lost that last bet?" she asked, somewhat curious as to what had apparently been so unamusing.

    Tag: Adric Kay
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