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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Elu, Feb 16, 2006.

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    Dec 21, 2005
    IC: Thorr Prenn

    Thorr leaned over to the two that were conversing about their parents.
    "Hi, I'm Thorr. I couldn't help but over hear you conversation. I don't know who my parents are, I grew up on the streets. I'm sorry about your grandpa, that plague is nasty. It actually took one of my friends...I can't tell, what element are you?"
    Thorr knew the answer before he asked the question, but he coudn't help it, he like talking to people, and he needed more friends...

    TAG: Traya
  2. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    Magnus Thorliefson

    Magnus smiled.

    "I like to play. It's a hobby of mine, one I picked up on" he said. Magnus stood for a moment, removing his fur-made coat and armour, before slipping the coat over his shoulders once again. Without the armour, he appeared much thinner, but his height hadn't changed a bit. He placed his axe and sword together by his armour, and sat down once more.

    "Music is...Yes. You could say music is in my heart, if you wanted." he continued, staring into the man's oddly coloured eyes. "I've been playing for a while now, and have become a bard of sorts amongst my kin. We battle, we travel, and we celebrate. And I record it."

    He looked at his lute, a simple, plain instrument. It was small, lightweight, and compact, and was an ideal instrument for travelling folk. Magnus plucked a few notes, then looked back at the man.

    "My name's Magnus," he said simply.

    Tag: Elu
  3. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Siyamak Damia IC:

    Siyamak listened to the younger man and mentally noted his weapons and armor in case he faced him in combat. "Travel brings with it many things."

    "A recorder, I see. We have those amongst my kin as well, almost became one. But I was forced into the life of an actual soldier instead, not allowed to be a recorder and soldier both among my people."

    He looked up at this Magnus as he had been looking down for a moment as he talked. Magnus, hmm? Odd name, but he was sure his name was to the others as well.

    "Siyamak," he responded.

    Tag: Magnus, anyone else
  4. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    IC: Alahandra~Tera City, Arena

    Alahandra returns the nod given to her by Surius, and soon enough she realizes that their fight has begun. As the clouds above begin to darken and boil with her adversaries elemental energy, she could see the concentration in his face and knew that in moments she best be prepared. At that moment the warrior focused on all the available light in the area, and begin to pull it toward her, the appearance it gave her in the now dimly lit arena was that of a radiant angel. Once she was enveloped completely in a pocket of light, it began to shift and make its way toward the shield upon her arm, as it did so the light concentrated so that it was hard to look at directly.

    She could not have readied herself a moment to soon either, just as she set herself behind her shield she heard a sound that made her think the sky had been torn asunder, daring to peak over the lip of her shield she saw that was indeed what appeared to be happening. A white hot torrent of lightning was pouring down from the sky and collecting on Surius's raised staff, knowing then what he intended Alahandra set herself with renewed confidence behind the radiant shield. The lightning arcs with horrifying speed from the staff in the powerful warriors hands and crashes into the shield before Alahandra, the elemental charge in the shield is that of light, and the lightning being a thing of light is subject to the same elemental properties.

    If she was more practiced in her skills the lightning would have done little harm, as it was it dissipated a bit but enough seeped past the radiant shield to leave her legs feeling like they would give and her shield arm felt slightly numbed, after the glare of light was gone her shield was left smoking and slightly melted on the sides but still usable. Shaking her head to clear the stars and with a deep breath more for courage rather than need of air she tightened the grip on her morningstar and lunged forward with all her speed, she did not want to be caught in the open with another bolt of lightning racing toward her, she could last through one or maybe two more but she would probably not have the sense of mind left to defend herself.

    As she neared the staff wielding warrior she readied one of the pebbles and focused a tiny bit of light into the rock, then simply threw it down before Surius. As soon as the pebble struck the ground it flared in a white flash of light that would leave anyone looking seeing stars, as a warrior of the light any fluctuations in light did not effect her so she could still see as well as before. As soon as the light began to fade Alahandra made for her first attack in this round, keeping her shield ready for a counter she lashed out with her morningstar, not at the warrior however but at the staff in his hands. She had already seen enough of that particular trick, and she would prefer to have no more of it, with luck she could break the staff and force the warrior to scramble to draw another weapon.

    Tag: Surius Maiestas (Vassago)


    IC: Anjani Devi~Waiting area

    As Anjani paced slowly about the room he could sense the wind pick up outside in the arena, the energy of it drew his attention as if it was a beacon of light in the darkest night. Not long after he felt the raising of the wind he heard the first of what was to be many lound booms of thunder, through the cracks of the door going to the arena he could see brilliant flashes of light follow soon after. "So the fight is engaged." He whispered softly to himself as he continued to stare at the doors, a part of him loved the sport of all this, but another part thought this was not necessary, the elements should be united instead of fighting.

    Tag: Anyone who wants to chat
  5. Darth-Vassago

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    Jun 28, 2004
    [IC: Surius Maiestas--Tera City, Arena]

    [blockquote]~The attack on the woman is effective, but not to the degree in which Maiestas had hoped for. Her shield was damaged, melted upon the sides, and no doubt her body had to be shaken to some degree. With that she dashes forward, bringing her mace up for attack. Surius is no fool, he has seen his fair share of battle and does indeed know when an attack is approaching. His warrior instinct acts like a sixth sense, and his mind moves quickly, like lightning. Though he is big, he is not dim...not by any stretch of the word.

    Quickly, he tosses the staff to his left hand, which is free of anything at the moment, and quickly whips his right arm back to grab his shield. Instantly his grip tightens around the leather straps as his fingers come in contact with them, and he brings the mighty shield over his shoulder, and infront of him. He crouches slightly, though not completely, and tucks his head in close. Again, his instinct comes into play, and his mind puts two and two together; the pebbles
    are indeed meant as a distraction, but by no means as singular objects! The wielder of the light would surely infuse her powers with them, making them like shards of the very sun burning in the sky above!

    With that thought fresh in his mind he squints, shutting his eyelids tightly, hoping to protect himself from the blinding light. Even with his eyes closed he can feel the light upon his face, but the effects are not as drastic as they may have been should his eye of been open. His teeth are tightly clenched, and he can feel beads of sweat begin to stream down from his brow. He can already see spots forming in his eyes, though not severe...he does not benefit from them at all.

    The mighty shield also acts to deflect the attack coming from Alahandra's weapon. The crash of the mace, followed by the force he feels upon the shield allows him to know that the attack was not as effective as his opposition may have planned. His eyelids dart open the moment he feels the Morningstar weapon of his opposition impact his shield, though he does not make a move...yet. He waits...though only briefly. The moment that he feels a confident sense of security comes, and with it Surius springs upward from his semi-coiled position with intent to execute an uppercut-type move to his opponent's upper-body and face. With her rushing in, and attacking, she would hopefully be left open for this attack from the mighty shield...

    [Tag] Alahandra (Despised)
  6. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Alahandra Akemi~Tera City, Arena

    Alahandra's attack was not as effective as she had hoped, not only was he able to fend off much of the light from her first pebble, but he had also been quick enough in pulling the immense shield from his back. Instead of her morningstar cleaving his staff in two, it slammed solidly against the shield. To her pleasure the warrior did not seem to recover as quickly as expected, maybe the blow was more solid than she thought and it broke a wrist, no matter the reason she decided to take advantage of the apparent opportunity and lifted her morningstar to once again hammer down on Surius.

    That is when the warrior sprang his counter, his timing was enough to lure Alahandra into fully committing to the follow up, and now she would pay for it. She saw his shield coming up toward her face with a speed that caught her off balance, with her weapon hand poised for the attack she had nothing left to stop its advance. Alahandra felt her teeth rattle as she was shield bashed by the powerful warrior, and for just a moment she felt as if she was floating, but she came back to reality when the wind was knocked out of her from landing on her back. After a quick gasp of breath she noticed that he had actually threw her five feet with that hit, she probably only retained consciousness thanks to her helmet, though she could taste the blood in her mouth and feel a few loose teeth.

    She could not help to wonder what Luminos thought of her now, half sitting in the dirt of the arena gasping for breath, what a sight she must be to him. With two more quick gasps for air she focused on the task before her and once again was thinking straight, even if she was now crying due to her pain and emotion, as she started to get up she felt for the morningstar in her hand and only then realized it was gone. She must have dropped it in her semi-conscious flight, and now she was left empty handed with little time to reach for the sword tn her hip. Finally standing before her opponent, now covered in dirt and blood dripping from her nose and lips she reached for the sword, as soon as her fingers closed over the hilt she began to draw it free.

    Tag: Surius Maiestas (Vassago)
  7. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    OOC: My second character... ;)

    Name: Le'Truleo
    Sex: Male
    Age: 30
    Height: 6'4''
    Physical Build: Thin and lanky, very flexible
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Element: Light
    Weapons: None
    Armor: Light
    Companion: A Hand Puppet looking like him
    Bio: Le'Truleo was born from two very strong light users in a big family. The youngest of six, Le'Truleo seemed to always be the troublemaker in the family. While everyone of his brothers and sisters moved on to bigger and better, Le'Truleo went on the road to become a performer. Though secretly skilled in Light Magick, he uses his talents to entertain and perform, earning money from the commoners. An extremely skilled illusionist, he wears a magical amulet to focus his powers and a purple mask to cover his face. His face is thin with a small goatee on his chin and a solitary earring in his left ear. Dressed in vibrant purples and yellows with a sharp multicolored hat and a red feather, his eyes glimmer with mischief.
  8. ticopuma

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    Aug 2, 2005

    Y'amer looked down with sadness."I'm sorry Traya. Death is a horrible thing. More so when it happens to someone you love. And I believe we have both felt the pain of death." A small, faint tear came to his eye. But he quickly wiped it off and stood up, putting his sword away.

    TAG: Traya
  9. Dahlia_Santary

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    Jul 15, 2005
    IC: Traya Noik
    Location: Tera City, Waiting Room

    Traya smiled to the tall newcomer in a gesture of welcome. He had introduced himself as Thorr and Traya could tell he was of the Life clan because of his golden tone of hair, unique to that clan. Life elementals usually got along great with everyone, thanks to their famous cheerful nature.

    ?I?m Traya,? she said, ?of the Wind clan. You?re a ranger aren?t you??

    TAG: Thorr Prenn

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    IC: Thorr Prenn

    "Yes, I'm a ranger. Wind clan eh? From what I remeber, they are pretty nice. Are you a good fighter? Do you like to fight?"

    TAG: Tyra

    OOC: Sorry for the short post, I don't have much time
  11. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: No offense to the great Vassago and Despised, but I want to get this RPG moving a tiny bit quicker, so in effect, I'm putting in temporarily a Plan B to get things moving again. I'm going to get a late lunch real quick, when I come back, I shall explain what it is.

    I hope you're all prepared. ;)
  12. Dark-Enigma

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    Feb 8, 2006
    OoC: I shall be waiting in great anticipation, Elu. :)
  13. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Thank you, Enigma. :) The Plan B is quite simple it is this:

    For now, for the rest of this round, we will not be doing one fight at a time. All 8 fights will be going at the exact same time. This is, of course, our time and not RPG time. The characters and the fights will still be going as if they are in the order that I will give in a few moments, but like I said, we'll all be happening to be RPing our fights at the same time.

    To make this work, I'm temporarily going to change the way things work in a win/lose situation. The loser of the match is grabbed by medics and taken straight to the medic room where they are treated. From there, they go up some stairs to the stands. The winner of the match goes to the other side of the arena seperate from the Waiting Room, where individual rooms are. So one person per room, so that when the round is over and one by one they are walked back to the Waiting Room, that is the moment they finally see who is gone and who is still around to possibly fight. There is no need to RP the time in the individual rooms or the walk back to the Waiting Room, so don't bother. As soon as the last fight is resolved, the winners can begin RPing like they're back in the Waiting Room.

    Also, to tone down the confusion as we're all going at it, try to remember your opponent, eh? :p Also, at the beginning of all your posts in the fight, type in who's fighting's names. You and your opponent. Example: "Surius Maiestas vs. Alahanda Akemi"

    To further tone down confusion, type that "Surius vs. Alahandra" statement in the color code I give you in just a second.

    Here we go, here are your battles in order. The color you are to type the "Fighter Statement" in, to clear confusion will be next to it. Basically if you're down there in the order, you can still RP a small moment before allowing the moment to enter the arena come by saying you watched the others slowly filter out. Also say the stop in conversation is because the air and tension of the fighting got to everyone again and all fell silent.

    [This one we know]Duel #1 = Surius Maiestas vs. Alahandra Akemi /Black
    As we know, the arena sky is half covered by clouds for thunder and half brighter for light. Courtesy of Voltego and Luminos.

    Duel #2 = Davinoth Creerond vs. Sylwyn Tyr'aear /Red
    Half the arena's sky is once again covered by clouds for thunder, while on the ground on the other half of the arena, by the walls, is like a small river of water. Courtesy of Voltego and Hydriana.

    Duel #3 = Bresaadi Droverson vs. Magnus Thorliefson /Blue
    Half the aren's sky is brighter for light again, while on the ground on the other half, by the walls, is lots of fire. Courtesy of Luminos and Volcanus.

    Duel #4 = Siyamak Damia vs. Traya Noik /Green
    Half of the arena is covering bones and a mist of light fog rolling along the ground, the other half of the arena is...mildly windy. Courtesy of Maltimos and Zephra.

    Duel #5 = Na'Zine Ya'warri vs. Albert Frost /Purple
    Half of the arena has large rocks and boulders across the ground, the other half is full of snow and a couple of spots of ice. The temperature on the ice side is 56 compared to the actual day's 86. Big difference. Courtesy of Geonos and Cryas.

    Duel #6 = T'aren Vuushko vs. Girren /Orange
    Half of the arena is mildy windy again, while the other side, by the walls, is again filled with a small river. Courtesy of Zephra and Hydriana.

    Duel #7 = Y'amer S'ap vs. Thorr Prenn /Yellow
    Half of the arena is full of vegetation and green plants, the other half is the normal sand. But the whole arena has a couple of dogs, a couple of deer, one bear, and one tiger in it. There is also a flock of hawks overhead. Courtesy of Gaia and Prospera

    Duel #8 = Derk vs. Anjani Devi /Brown
    Half of the arena, b
  14. dontlookatmethatway

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    Jul 5, 2005
    IC Adric Kay and Trufflehunter
    Arena Stands, Tera City

    Adric heard a woman asking him about the bet he had made with Trufflehunter in the past, the one he had been talking about. Adric answered, ?The bet with Trufflehunter was a few years ago. It was on an event much like this. I lost. According to the terms of the bet, I had to go to the seediest bar I could find and engage in a drinking contest. I lost that too and in the process became extremely inebriated. Trufflehunter, taking advantage of my state, persuaded me to get up on the table and sing a very derogatory song concerning the mental ability, physical prowess, and family lineage of Fire Magic users. It was not a smart move, considering that we were in Fire territory at the time and the resulting brawl pretty much tore the place apart. The bruises and scars I acquired from that were pretty painful. I was fortunate that I didn?t get any broken bones ? Hey! Wipe that smile off your face, Trufflehunter!? Trufflehunter ignored Adric?s command and continued to sit there with an air of smugness. ?Trufflehunter is an expert at getting me into trouble, but he?s always there to get me out again.?

    Tag: Soleil Azar
  15. Schoolgirl_Bounty

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Sylwyn Tyr'aear

    Battle, Davinoth Creerond vs. Sylwyn Tyr'aear

    Sylwyn stood across from her opponent... This fight was rather one-sided, but she would give her best. It was a known fact that water conducted electricity, but then again, that might be used to her advantage.

    Before the start of the fight, she bowed to her Mother-Goddess, Hydriana, then turned and bowed down to her opponent, one that she met earlier in the waiting room.

    At the moment, tactics and movements went through her mind. She waited for the announcement to start, until then, her hands were behind her back, palms down, and the water behind her seemed as if it was waiting for something to happen.

  16. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003

    Name: Letaia
    Sex: Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5ft 3in
    Physical Build: Slender but strong, average weight, not to big not to thin
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Dark Blonde
    Element: Water
    Weapons: Staff
    Armor: Light
    Companion: A black horse named Uranna

    Bio: Originally born Daina Sa'Hera, Letaia does not know a lot about her early life. Born under the goddess Hydriana, She was unaware she possessed a special gift. At 15, the small village where she lived was attacked and burned down by rogues and thieves. They plundered and stole everything they could, killing the men and taking the women and children as slaves. Working in a travelling settlement, Leiata was beaten, humilated and taken advantage of by the theives for 6 months. One day she could not take it anymore, and snapped, killing the leader of the gang in desparation. Dragged into the woods by the theives she was severly beaten and suffered a terrible head injury, before being left for dead.

    Amazingly she survived, when she awoke she found herself in an enclave dedicated to the goddess of water. An elder had found her in the woods and brought her back. Although her physical injuries healed, she was found to have amnesia. They took her into the enclave, gave her a new name, and recognising her gift, began training her in the ways of the water elemental.

    IC: Letaia

    Walking amoung the stands, a young woman found a spare seat. Scanning the arena with her Deep blue eyes, she pulled the navy blue woolen cloak around her and sat down. She watched as the first match was about to start. Brushing a ringlet of her dark blonde hair out from her face, she closed her eyes briefly.

    "So much power in this place. I wonder if anyone can help me?"

    She thought to herself as she continued to quietly observe the arena

    TAG: Anyone
  17. Dark-Enigma

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    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: T'aren Vuushko
    Combat Arena, T'aren Vuushko vs. Girren
    (I think I did that right)

    [blockquote]T'aren sat at the same bench that he had been sitting on, waiting for his name to be emitted from the mouth of the messenger. At last, his wish was granted. Although it was a while before his name was called and it wasn't over with soon, it did allow him to cool down and regain his strength before entering another battle.

    He stood up, holstered his long sword that was hardly visible in the dim light, and brushed his long bangs out of his face. He looked at Miet, who looked up at him appearing in a state of confusion. "Stay," T'aren told her. The rabbit understood her master's wishes as laid her small furry body down on the bench, preparing herself for a short nap.

    T'aren, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, strode to the steps that lead to the arena. He climbed them with grace and smoothness, for it looked as if he was gliding as his long tainted robes shielded his feet from visibility quite well, like a draped curtain over a window. His white boots touched the ground calmly as his white robes dragged along behind him. He could see the sun coming into view now, its ultraviolet rays piercing the ground with fierce and burning heat, unbearable to that of an ice element. He began to use his basic wind technique, allowing small gusts to brush across his face, cooling him down slightly as his long white hair flowed behind him like the waves of a prodigious ocean.

    He held up his forearm to his forehead, shielding the brightness of the sun from his squinting eyes. His side of the arena was engulfed in winds, just like he liked it. He took his first step onto the battleground before a roaring crowd who stood to their feet, each of their hands clashing against the other. Some were screaming cheers and some were yelling profanities, but T'aren could not tell, for he couldn't understand a single one of their words. He stepped into the center of his area of the arena, and outstretched his arms to either side of his body. Grinning, he decided to give the crowd something to cheer about.

    As the sun shone brightly down onto the arena, the sand grains on the ground began to gather into a funnel. The tornado of sand rose higher into the air on the left side of T'aren as another one began to form to his right, and soon, both were at an equivalent of seventy-five yards into the air.

    The crowd boomed and roared as the sandstorm occurred, their hunger for excitement being satisfied. T'aren gave an arrogant grin as he knew that he was pleasing the spectators. Momentum was huge in combat, and the onlookers were a prodigious factor. Inside of his head, he repeated the poem that he had learned from a dream, a dream where the wind was talking to him, teaching him the powers that he now mastered.

    Smoke twists from glowing juniper coals,
    spiraling trail through the silence.
    Red bandanna banner, floating in the cool night air.
    Anarchy in the wind, swirling briefly near an empty trailer.
    Wind in the chimes, coyote in the distance.
    The howl no longer riled by the bearded piper,
    echos off of red rock walls in a thousand screaming canyons,
    and through the branches of a twisted juniper,
    at the edge...the rim of the canyon...the shore of the world:
    To arms! To arms! Come to my arms, my love, my sweet.

    Stinging, wind blown sand, against a supple, curving arch,
    Empty beer can tumbling across a bridge,
    Flourescent streamers snapping from engineer's
    carefully planted stakes, struck hard
    into Earth's ripped and bleeding flesh.

    Blow across the waters, and howl through the riggings
    of the dam that stops them.
    Glide beneath the vulture's wing, and lift him high,
    above the canyon walls.
    Carry the howl of the coyote across the canyon,
    for all to hear;
    One voice, howling in the wilderness.
    Howl, wind.

    T'aren anticipated the arrival of his opponent, and the beginning of the battle.[/blockquote]

    Tag: FadedRequiem


    OoC: The poem of the wind can be found [
  18. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Bresaadi Droverson

    Bresaadi Droverson vs. Magnus Thorliefson

    "Magnus Thorliefson and Bresaadi Droverson, please enter the arena. It's time to begin the third round; fight hard, fight true. Remember, the Gods are watching."

    Bresaadi took a breath before following the messenger out of the Waiting room, at the side of the man she guessed was Magnus. He had to be somewhere around seven feet tall! And that worried her slightly, but he seemed like a friendly man. He had brown hair and blue eyes, just like her's. Soon the messenger led the two, silent warriors to the arena and bowed before the Immortals before leaving the field once more. Bresaadi bowed to the Immortals as well and went to her half of the arena, staying several feet away from Magnus.

    The sun shown down on her, illuminating her blonde straight hair and her red dress, making it shimmer here and there. Her blue eyes stared into the other blue eyes from across the battle arena. She had a feeling that Magnus would not go easy on her and pretty much hurt her badly... but the Immortals! They were watching and she couldn't allow herself to make a fool of herself in front of them. She looked over at the side they were all seated at, watching the two fighters intently. She faintly bowed her head to them. While scanning their faces, her blue eyes stopped on one of the men. He had gold eyes and bright blonde hair. Bresaadi had a very strong feeling that he was indeed Luminos, the God of Light. The woman had never seen him before, but it was indeed an honor, but being in the same room with all of the Immortals was an honor as well. A very high honor.

    Bresaadi turned her gaze back to Magnus, watching him carefully and quickly thinking out a strategic plan to defeat him. She guessed that he was a fire user because of the river of lava just behind him. She also guessed she could use the light from the fire against him... This would take more thought than she expected, but it would definitely be a good fight.

    Bresaadi held both her swords aloft, in front of her, watching her opponent carefully.

    Tag: Magnus
  19. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    Soleil Azar

    She listened with interest to his tale, and though it might have been amusing to the badger, Trufflehunter, the man called it, and even might seem amusing to her, as one simply hearing the tale, it clearly hadn't been a very fair punishment for merely losing a bet. Shaking her head, she had to agree with the man. "No, 'amusing' is not the first word that comes to mind when describing something such as that. I think your badger friend must have a rather...eccentric sense of humor if he finds that funny."

    Tag: Adric
  20. Rayson

    Rayson Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2002
    Davinoth Creerond vs. Sylwyn Tyr'aear

    Davinoth stood, and watched the clouds slowly twirl across the shadowed sky. Perfect he thought, and made a mental note to thank Voltego for his generosity. Davinoth glanced across the field, and there stood the girl had conversed with earlier. He remember..she was a water user. Also perfect, but deadly as well. Water and Electricity weren't exactly known as a friendly pair, and could inflict a lot of damage. Conduction was going to be a major factor of this match, and Davinoth was worried he may have to rely on the clouds themselves, instead of the surging electricity pulsing throughout them.

    His eye's flashed white, and he widened his stance, crouching much lower to the ground, concentrating on the electrical potential his sword, ready to use it, but also wary. The wrong timing to unleash his electrical assets would cost him the match, as he highly doubted he could withstand the charge the relatively less dense water and the relatively more dense electrical particles could discharge all at once.

    The cold, harsh metal of his Katana slid slowly from it's resting place, and coming to a stop roughly one-quarter of it's scabbard. He was ready, and eager for the fight, but not willing to move first. He would play off of his opponent, and strike when the time came. Until then, he would wait.

    Tag: Bounty
  21. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Siyamak Damia IC:

    Date: July 27th - Location: Gladiatorial Arena - Time: Not long after 1 p.m.
    Forecast: 86 degrees, various skies and conditions due to the Tournament

    Siyamak Damia vs. Traya Noik

    "Siyamak Damia and Traya Noik, please enter the arena. It's time to fight the third round; fight hard, fight true. Remember, the Gods are watching."

    Siyamak looked up after placing his juikmaq back in his pack, knowing that he could be coming back to it in the Waiting Room eventually or seeing it again soon enough in the medic room after he was healed up and losing. He hoped it was the former.

    In anycase, it was time. And against Traya too, the first person he talked to in here, how amusing.

    Siyamak grasped his scythe and put it in its unique holder on his back and then grasped his sword's hilt as he walked out into the arena first, before the Wind elemental woman he would soon fight.

    Entering into the arena, he shielded his eyes briefly for the sun and then put his arm down, but walked through a mild wind. He had nothing against the wind, but he remembered then that he preferred not having it. Quickly, Siyamak noticed that the other side of the arena was to be his starting point. As it was covered in a small mist of fog and littered with bones here and there of various creatures, as well as humans. It was like a graveyard back home, it was comforting in an odd, chilling sort of way. He ignored the crowd cheering around him completely, tuning it out. It was only a distraction for him.

    Siyamak reached his spot and quietly turned around, waiting for Traya to emerge as he took out his sword and held it at the ready. He looked briefly up to the pantheon of Immortals and bowed to them and raised his sword to Maltimos, the God of Death. He could not fail in front of him...of course, he was sure Traya was thinking the same thing about failing in front of Zephra. This would prove to be an interesting match. Death vs. Wind.

    He watched for Traya, waiting as the mist covered up to his knees, cooling them down slightly. And not only that, but the beat was being quickly picked up in his head. Only moderate volume in his head for now, not until Traya attacked or he felt ready to spring would it begin to blare and truly wrap him in its majesty and wonderous glory. The beat would not fail him as he would not fail Maltimos. He would win, he intended to.

    The beat bounced and he stood waiting.

    Tag: Traya
  22. Schoolgirl_Bounty

    Schoolgirl_Bounty Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 25, 2005
    Alice Sota- Tetsuo
    Davinoth Creerond vs. Sylwyn Tyr'aear

    When Davinoth started to pull his Katana, Sylwyn raised her hands from behind her back, and a dence fog started to form. A think impenitrable steam mist ingulfed both opponents, making it difficult to see.

    The Sword

    That was the single thought that went through her mind at the moment, and she silently moved her position. Her leather boots moved her across the battlefield quickly, to attempt to get behind her opponent. The move was proibly expected, but she knew what to do next. If things got too rough, she knew exactly how to end this, but, hopefully it would not come to that, at least, not this match.

    TAG- Davinoth
  23. Rayson

    Rayson Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2002
    Davinoth VS. Sylwyn
    Davinoth, not quite a brutish as his comrades, quickly dropped into a more defensive stance once the arena was filled with a thick mist. He knew she was on the move, after years of protecting his ears from the rough sound of thunder, his ears, rarely exposed to noise, we're quite adept at picking up movement. He didn't like it. He relied on his eyes more than his ears, but now he was forced to do the opposite. Davinoth slid his blade three quarters out of his guard, and picked up on some movement to his left. Silence appeared to be his best option in this case, so he carefully moved to his right, slowly, searching for an exit to the fog.

    Whilst Davinoth was on the move, he kept a mental note attached to the clouds. Each swirling more and more, ready to strike at any movement. Unfortunately, the usage of lightning may be frowned upon, seeing as the think wetness of the air and the combination of electricity may once more become deadly. Yippee, Davinoth thought to himself. He wasn't sure whether she was still moving in his previous direction, but he knew he couldn't detect any trace of her.

    There's an exit somewhere in this thick fog, he continued to think to himself, I just have to find the edge. Davinoth was becoming increasingly more and more aware of his stalker, slowly but surely tracking him, and he didn't like it. He'd like to lose his opponent as quickly as possible. He wasn't in his element, and he didn't like that either; I'd rather be in a lightning storm than in this damned fog.

    Davinoth continued moving, and he was sure she was continuing her search, but as long as this fog was around, he wasn't doing much without an exact location of his adversary.

    Tag: Bounty
  24. FadedRequiem

    FadedRequiem Jedi Youngling

    Feb 16, 2006
    Battle Arena, Girren vs. T'aren Vuushko

    IC: Girren

    The moment of battle was finally upon Girren. With this, he stepped into the arena half favoring wind and the other, a swift river. Perched above him was his patron Immortal, Hydriana. As Griren bowed with deep respect, he prayed that The Wave be with him.

    Turning to his opponent, he saw how difficult his 3rd match would be. Wind has an overpowering effect over even the mightiest of seas. Girren will have to take a different approach to his battle instead of a direct one. His opponent?s display of mastery only made Girren more eager to battle. Wind may be able to control water, but water is capable of searching for any open path no matter how impossible it may be. That is the nature of water, ever changing and never still.

    Girren draws his twin swords, signaling to his opponent that he is ready. With this, he mutters?

    In the branches of the Deep,
    Let the Wave guide this unwavering soul.
    Chains that bind us to this realm,
    Set free the spirit of the River Lord.
    Rise from the depths of slumber, Asmodeus.

    Suddenly, the river began to boil in rage as a serpent made entirely of water rose and coiled itself around Girren. Transparent with hypnotic, blood-red eyes, The River Lord Asmodeus graced the arena with its presence.

    Girren has acquainted himself with numerous spirits despite his youth. He met Asmodeus during his encounter with a demon toad. Although Asmodeus cannot devour living beings like many other water spirits, its speed is among the quickest of water spirits. Asmodeus would be the perfect way for Girren to test his opponent. Wind would not be a problem, thought Girren. With this, Girren stepped into Asmodeus, becoming encompassed in its aqueous body and awaited T?aren?s move.

    TAG: T?aren Vuushko
  25. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Just be careful of being too strong, Faded. This is the beginning of the RPG, we want to get stronger as we go. ;)
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