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Discussion in 'Games' started by CeiranHarmony, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. CeiranHarmony

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    May 10, 2004

    posted PC GAMER MAG TOR NEWS in there

    well PC GAMER MAG TOR info...

    it got a definite chart with which classes can be played by which species (and some choices surprised me!)!/album.php?fbid=214869958539117&am p;id=191934830832630&aid=66814

    I posted cover and the chart scan here in my TOR facebook news group... join it and you get updates faster wink

    well the article authors were allowed to testplay TOR and played as Bounty Hunters. So we get quite some info on how it is to play as bounty hunter, including good and negtive review parts. Also a lot is said about NPCs and the romances you can have with them, and how far they will go compared to Mass Effect. "pretty far" I might tell you wink so lots of hints at sex that is not shown exist ingame! they also said all types of romances exist (one love interest immedeately sleeps with someone else when she falls for you; you just see a shirtless man walking out of her room on your ship! you can loose companions, kill them, make them hate you so they never speak to you again or they love you, and you can turn them to the dark or light side), even cheating on someone, etc. or being cheated on by your lover npc with another npc.

    about bounty hunter gameplay they had mixed feelings. battles did not feel as epic as the TOR marketing said they would be and some classes are better than others in that they do not need to just hit number keys and hide behind a wall during a fight, but they had a lot of fun once their hunter got some upgrades in weapons and nice combos. they actually revealed a lot about the early bounty hunter storyline.

    starting on Hutta, the Hunter needs a patron Hutt, which is not nice. they mostly have a Great Hunt storyline with accepting targets from all factions to earn a reputation. though bounty hunters most of the time should be interested in their own gain logically, the social group gaming nature of the game looks like a weird contradiction if several hunters have to unite as a group to help each other earn reputation, even if oneself doesn't always.

    big negative points so far:
    -all NPCs look the same, so if several hunters game together and have same NPCs they look like clones tongue
    -during their gameplay they couldn't individualize the hunters since it was not the final game
    -the option to kill someone is always there... even with a hologram, which the design team needs to remove!
    -when group gaming, not all can take their NPCs with them due to limited numbers
    -author was gaming with his friend who played an Imprial Agent on Nal Hutta. Despite having the same start planet, they met only a few times... classes have such different quests and stories that it makes more sense to team up with fellow Bounty Hunters (your class) than with members of other classes
    -group max = 4 including companions.

    other Bounty Hunter facts:

    for weapons there is no cooldown time or energy limit. But they generate heat and there is a heat limit!

    Bounty Hunters complete Hutta without getting their ship but head for spaceport to hitch a public transport for Dromund Kaas with news of an Imperial ship on its way.

    next came a flashpoint with a Moff contacting the Hunter to kill the cpt of the vessel he is on for not obeying a direct order. yet upon learning the cpts reasons it is your choice if you kill him or not.

    next a Republic ship rams the one you are on and troops spill into the ship you have to fight to survive.

    then you take a shuttle to the republic command ship and fight through it until you kill a jedi a droid boss and an Ackbar-copy commander

    Imperial Agent got the same flashpoint with the Moff Order, but if you spare the cpt you get no republic attack fun

    about ships: Smuggler has his ship from the start, Bounty Hunters need to steel their ship in the story,

    most of the rest of the story takes place in public places where you can meet other players on the server. once yo
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