Beyond - Legends "Perfect Strangers" (LOTF AU, K/J/OC) Complete

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    I'll be happy if any of those are updated.
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    Well, would you look at this? :D

    --Chapter Nine--

    When Han handed Kyp the hydrospanner, his automatic reply was, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

    "I need those bolts removed." Han gestured to a nearby shielding panel.

    Kyp looked between the bolts and the hydrospanner. "Stang that," he muttered, and pulled out his lightsaber.

    Han let out a bark of laughter. "Last time I saw you do that was a good thirteen years ago."

    He paused. "Yeah?"

    Nodding, Han gestured to the lightsaber. "It was during the Vong War. We were all on Hapes, after the invasion of Coruscant. You'd helped me an' Leia rescue Jaina's ship from some pirates, long story, and we told you to make yourself useful and help me with something on the Falcon here. I handed you a hydrospanner and you used your lightsaber instead."

    Kyp thumbed the weapon on without thinking about it, studying the brilliant purple blade. "It's so strange, to hear these things, and not remember any of it. I get the feeling you wouldn't lie to me, but how do I know what's real and what isn't?"

    "Don't think you can, kid, until you get your memory back." Han gestured to the panel. "Pry that off for me?"

    Kyp sliced off the bolts and helped Han lift the panel. He wasn't all that mechanically inclined, so he mostly watched while Han worked. He had the sheered-off bolts in his hand.

    Han glanced over to ask for the welder, but paused when he saw Kyp levitating a small handful of the bolts with a look of utter concentration on his face. Leia was concentrating so much on how these recent events were affecting Jaina, but it was Kyp whose life had been completely turned upside down.

    "It's funny," Han said quietly, "watching you struggle to lift those . . . when I've seen you move black holes."

    Green eyes swivelled to him. "I what?"

    Setting the hydrospanner down, Han gave Kyp a somber look. "I know everyone's saying they're treading lightly 'cause all of this has got to be a shock, an' all. But I'm not gonna lie to you, kid. You got a lot of power locked in there in that head of yours, an' a lot of people are worried what you could do."

    "Because I've been away for five years and no one knows what I've done in that time," Kyp responded bitterly.

    "That's one way of lookin' at it. But I've known you for thirty years, kid. Five years is nothin'."

    Kyp smiled. "Thanks, Han. Nice to know someone trusts me."

    "Hey, Kaylee trusts you just fine. And that kid's got the best radar I've ever seen. Must take after you, 'cause Jaina's blind as a hawkbat sometimes." Han shook his head. "First Jag, and then Zekk, and now this Vash kid. Now, don't get me wrong, Vash ain't a bad kid, he's just . . ."

    "Not right for her. Kaylee hates him."

    "Yep. But Jaina's absolutely sure that Kaylee will warm up to him. Don't see how that's possible, when everyone can see she's latched onto you." Han eyed him seriously. "Also easy to see that you're just as attached to her."

    "She's my daughter," Kyp said defensively.

    "Hey. I'm a father, too. I know exactly how it is." Han took a moment to fetch new fasteners. "Could be why it's so glaringly obvious that you're falling in love with Jaina all over again."

    Kyp sighed heavily. "Trying not to."

    Han let out a full-bodied laugh. "Kyp, love isn't something you can just pick an' choose. Jaina's in your blood. She's had you wrapped around her finger since she was three. Only got worse when she hit adulthood. Even though you weren't getting along too well with a lot of people during the Vong War, I saw enough to tell you fell for her hard. Kept tryin' to talk yourself out of it, too."

    "What's the point of it, if she's marrying someone else? I get the feeling she's always been with someone else."

    "Actually," Han said slowly, "There were a couple times . . . I don't know how much you know of this now, but she was your apprentice for a little under a year. She was dating that Jag kid during that time, but it was you she turned to for advice and stuff. I don't think Jaina realises what her f/>
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    Oh, somehow I don't think it'll be as easy as all that... But yes, definitely Durron 1, Forlin 0. *smirk* This entire thing reminds me vaguely of Superman Returns.
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    I look at it as Superman Returns reminding me of this. :p

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    Go Kyp!

    Great to have an update. I loved it.
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    Two minutes isn't to close Jaina.

    Great update!
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    Dana great job as always. Kyp is going to have a difficult time, then again I wouldn't expect anything less from Jaina. Though I think Jaina's building feelings and the fact that she's questioning her impending marriage to Vash *shudders at the thought* indicate that she still loves Kyp.
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    Yay, an update!

    She is going to realize she's making the wrong choice in time right? I mean they could get married and then she realizes it and they get devorced but that's kinda messy. It would be so much better if they just realized it sooner. And if you ask me, the sooner the better ;)

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    So cool! You updated!! :D I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed Kyp with his little girl. I liked the fact that he had a journal and it reminded him of things he could use against Jaina in order to get what he wants (meaning her).

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    yay an update.its good, can i get added onto the pm list plz, if there is one.
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    Okay, I want PMs when it's updated. :D

    Cool little Han/Kyp scene there in the beginning. Yeah, fight for her!

    Vash got Jaina out of Rogue Squadron??? Whoa... ANd go, Kyp!

    Leia and Jaina were pretty nice, there. Motherly advice was good... except she'll be running to Kyp.[face_mischief]
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    Wow. I just read this and I really love it! [face_love]

    The talk between Han and Kyp was great. It's nice to know he has someone who can be honest with him.

    Also, Jaina needs to stop listening to Leia and keep thinking about those green eyes...

    Nice update. Can't wait for more. =D=
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    I loved Han's advice...and that Kyp was taking it....:D

    Jaina, you know you shouldn't be marring anybody other than Kyppie....[face_shame_on_you]

    K/J forever....[face_love]

    FL @};-
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    The Han/Kyp talk was awesome! [face_love]

    So glad to see ya updating this great story=D=
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    ZOMG! An update! I was so excited to see more of this! Really made my day! I got lost driving home from this choir thingy and it was awful and when I finally got home this was waitingfor me. Very nice ending to my adventure! :) Another update soon prehaps?

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    Its great to see this fantastic story back up on the boards!:D I really enjoyed the update and am looking forward to more . .

    It was just nerves.

    o_O Why do I doubt that?!

    Nice story!:)
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    I read the update yesterday, but didn't have time to reply. I also realized that I'm not on the PM list. Can you add me?

    Dana, I was so happy to see an update on one of your stories. You have a handle on the fundamentals of Kyp and Jaina that I love. :D Even when Kyp doesn't remember who he is, he's still Kyp when it comes to Jaina. Its like its hardwired into him. Great job!
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    PM Me Please. Very Good Story
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    this is a great story
    i like Kyps plan
    but why dont he just do the Han solo thing
    Kidnap her at her wedding
    oh and i like ur Jacen. Hes not Dark
    U RULE
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    Just read this and enjoyed it. Hope you update soon.

    Please add me to the pm list.


    P.S. I've seen firefly/serenity, and I really like your Kaylee - shes a cute kid :D
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    New reader here! I love this fic. The original characters are great (and in Kaylee's case, perfectly loveable) and the storyline is definitely great. I'm rooting for Kyp all the way! Please PM me when you update...
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    OMG, Great update. That's my Kyp fight for your girl. Now we just have to get Jaina back in the right direction. Great Update!
  23. darth_dragon666 Jedi Youngling

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    r we ever gonna get a new update
    im eager
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    Just letting you guys know that this isn't dead. I've got a good chunk of the next chapter written, I just haven't been able to finish it yet.

  25. Dantana Skywalker Manager Emeritus

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    I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated this. I've really struggled with this chapter, not really sure how I wanted it to go. But I finally got it done today.

    There's at least one chapter, maybe two, after this.

    --Chapter Ten--

    12:00:00 to go

    Kyp blinked blearily at the bedside chrono, wondering what it was that had woken him. He'd been up all night, trying to figure out a way to keep Jaina from marrying Vash, and he'd only dropped off two hours before.

    He sat up, rubbing at his eyes. Twelve hours until Jaina's wedding, and he was no closer to a solution than he had been days before. He might as well face it: Jaina was getting married today and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

    Kyp showered and dressed, feeling as if he'd been run over by a ground transport. His heart was heavy, and he had to admit to himself that he really had fallen for her all over again.

    Maybe breakfast would help fill that hollow in his stomach.


    Jaina stared at the ceiling, as she'd done for most of the night. She'd been unable to sleep, for the most part, remembering not just Kyp, but Jag. She wondered what Jag would say to her this morning.

    She didn't have to wonder, really. He'd call her stupid. He and Kyp had been the two people in her life who had been unafraid to call her on it when they thought she was full of poodoo. And even if Jag had been jealous over her feelings for Kyp, feelings she had denied so long, he would have told her to follow her heart.

    At least, laying in bed the morning of her wedding day, limbs feeling as if they were made of lead, Jaina liked to think he would have. Not that it made a difference, really. She was marrying Vash.

    She levered herself upright and went to wake Kaylee.


    "Are you ready, darling?"

    Vash looked at his mother, who was resplendent in cool blue shimmersilk. "Of course, Mother. I'm marrying the woman I love. I'd have married her a year ago if I hadn't been waiting for Kaylee to warm up to me."

    She came in and straightened his collar. "Don't worry about Kaylee, she'll come around in time. And I wouldn't worry about that Durron. He's obviously not reliable, otherwise he would have been here all along and Jaina wouldn't have felt compelled to make up excuses for him. It's pathetic, really. But by rights, you're Kaylee's father more than he is. After all, you've been around more than he has."

    Slowly, he nodded. His mother was right. Sooner or later, Durron was going to cut and run and leave him to pick up the pieces. Which was fine with him; after all, hadn't he been dealing with Durron's mess these past two years?

    He eyed his reflection and smiled, imagining how, just hours from now, he'd be married to Jaina.

    His mother smirked, backed out of the room, and pulled a commlink out of her reticule.


    "Are you dressed yet?"

    "The wedding isn't for six hours, why do I have to be dressed now?" Han asked.

    Leia stuck her head into the bedroom. "Because I don't want a repeat of our wedding and anyone coming in late. Got it?"

    "Yes, Your Worshipfulness."

    She beamed at him and went back out to supervise Jaina. Han poked at his finery and sighed.

    He'd tried, but Jaina was a Solo through and through: stubborn as blorash jelly. Han wondered if Kyp was actually going to attend the wedding, as he'd said he would, or if he'd stay away. Privately, Han wouldn't blame him one bit if he was already holed up in a cantina somewhere, getting plastered.

    "My little girl's getting married today," Han told himself. "Gotta be happy for her. Maybe she really does love him."

    He didn't know if that was true, but he had to accept it now. Maybe, after the wedding, he'd find Kyp and they'd toast better times.


    Kyp straightened the front of his Jedi robes. They reminded him that even if he couldn't remember it all, he was Kyp Durron, and a Jedi Master, and he could watch the love of both his lives marry another man. He wou/>
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