Oregon Petition for C3 in San Diego! We need your help!

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by JediNyt, Jul 29, 2003.

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  1. JediNyt Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 27, 2003
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    As some of you know we are trying to get Celebration III in San Diego despite the odds it may be in Chicago. :_| Please sign this petition, we need all the signitures we can get! Our huge convention center is the perfect place for C3 not to mention thats where the comic con takes place. So help us bring the greatest Star Wars celebration to beautiful San Diego! :D

    Sincerely your friends in the Force,
    The San Diego Star Wars Society

    [link=http://www.petitiononline.com/SanDiego/petition.html]www.petitiononline.com/SanDiego/petition.html [/link]
  2. _Vengeance_ Jedi Padawan

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    Well, in my opinion C3 should be held at the Portland Convention Centre, but eh, that's just me and my Oregonian pride.

    San Diego is far closer than Chicago, so I guess that's one vote for SD!
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