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  1. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Hi Everyone! Katie here! Thought I'd post this little story for you guys! Hope you enjoy! Feedback is a wonderful thing you know :) Happy Reading!

    Title: Phoenix Song
    By:  Katie
    Rating: G
    Summery:  Obi-wan is slowly dying and the only thing that can save him may not even exist.
    Disclaimer:  Okay people you know the drill!  Obi-wan, Qui-gon, and the Star
    Wars Universe is owned by George Lucas and Lucas Films (which, consequently, is also owned by George Lucas).  I make no money off of these wonderful Characters and do this only for entertainment.
    Note:  I got this idea from watching "The Firebird" from Fantasia 2000 and from reading the Harry Potter books.  Good stuff people good stuff!!!

    Phoenix Song

    Jedi Master Qui-gon Jinn sat in the cabin of the small planet bound transport while he watched his young Apprentice, Obi-wan Kenobi, sleep. The tall Jedi shook his head and felt his heart breaking.  Young: that is what his Padawan is.  Far too young to meet this end.  Far too young to die.

    The Jedi team had just finished a very simple, and rather boring, diplomatic mission on the planet Rapcitan.  They were making their formal farewells to the King and Queen when an aide came bursting into the hall in hysterics.  The planet?s young Prince had wondered off into the forest behind the palace.  The forest was dangerous and forbidden to children in the area.  However, the curiosity of youth could often outweigh fear. Because of this  many had been lost to the forest?s dark clutches. 

    The Master and Apprentice hurried into the forest without a moments hesitation, hoping to find the child before he became lost forever.  They had not ventured to far into the pitch-black woods before they head a scream of fright.  Obi-wan, who at sixteen was able to maneuver threw the thick foliage with greater ease than his large Master, was soon at the boy?s side. 

    The young Prince was paralyzed by fear.  A large, horrid looking creature was before him.  A reptile with dagger like fangs. 

    Obi-wan saw the beast spring at the boy, and before he even knew what had happened,  he had placed himself between the reptile and the young Prince.  Fangs sunk down hard into the flesh of his upper-arm.  He was unable not to cry out in blinding pain.  A flash of green light cut the creature?s head from it?s body and released the young Jedi from the deadly grip. 

    Fear gripped Qui-gon?s heart when he saw his Padawan crumple to the forest floor, shaking in pain.  He quickly returned to the palace with Obi-wan and the Prince and asked for healers to look over the young Padawan immediately. 

    The Master sat and waited while the healers worked on his Apprentice for what seemed like hours.  Finally a medic came out to talk to him, and by her expression Qui-gon could tell the news was not good. 

    After many tests and a description of the animal that attacked Obi-wan the healers came to the conclusion that it was a jorthik,  a rare and poisonous creature native to the planet.  The venom slowly attacked and took over the normal functions of it?s victim?s blood.  It was very painful and ultimately caused death.  The blood and poison pattern of the jorthik was extremely complicated and the planet?s healers had not yet been able to create an antidote.  There was no cure.  Obi-wan would die.

    Qui-gon refused to believe this slow and painful death would be his Padawan?s end.  Within minutes he and Obi-wan were on their transport headed back to Coruscant where the Jedi Healers,  the most advanced medics in the galaxy, would be waiting to do all they could to save the young Jedi.

    Only, when they reached the Jedi Temple, things were not much different.  The Healers searched and searched but could find no cure for Obi-wan?s condition. Bacta treatment seemed to strengthen him some, but it would only buy the boy more time, something that he was rapidly running out of.    Qui-gon tried to remain hopeful and believed something would turn up soon and save the his beloved Padawan. But as the days slipped by with no answer his hope began to fa
  2. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Hi, Katie! Glad to see you're posting this here. Sweet story!
  3. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Thanks Jane! I'm glad to see me posting here too! :)
  4. Kim-kenobi

    Kim-kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 20, 1999
    more more more ;)

    Kim B :)
  5. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    more coming soon Kim! And that's a promise ;)
  6. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    K, here's the next part! Please let me know what you guys think! Hope you like!


    As the transport ramp lowered, the fresh smell of spring filled his nostrils. Qui-gon had been to many worlds through out his years, each holding their own special quality and beauty, but it was safe to say that Lusa was the most magnificent of them all. "Look, Obi-wan," said the Master to the boy cradled in his arms, for he was too weak to stand on his own.

    Obi-wan raised his head and took in the sight before him. There were green meadows with flowers every color of the rainbow, forests that seemed to go on forever, and tall snowy peaked mountains that reached up towards the heavens. "It's so beautiful, Master."

    "Yes, it is Padawan. The Phoenix is said to keep this planet in an eternal spring and the heart of the forest, where it resides, is to be a place of pure beauty."

    "May we go there, Master?"

    "Of course, my Padawan."


    The heart of the forest truly was a magical place. A magnificent waterfall poured into a sparkling lake below. Specks of light filtered to the ground from between the leaves and branches of the greenest of all trees. There was a peace here that Qui-gon believed no other place could hold. Yet, right now, it all seemed empty.

    "Obi-wan," he said gently to the boy. His Padawan's breathing had slowed considerably and Qui-gon was fighting with him to stay awake, however, nothing seemed to be helping. "We're here. In the heart of the forest."

    Obi-wan opened his eyes as wide as his failing strength would allow while taking in the beauty. The Master smiled when he saw the twinkle in the sea-green eyes and the grin that would stay in his mind for all the rest of his life.

    "Thank you, Master," Obi-wan said quietly as his eyes slowly closed.

    "Oh, my Obi-wan. Please don't do this." Qui-gon sank down to the forest floor, his Padawan still clutched in his arms. A soft breeze ruffled his cloak and made the warm tears on his cheeks seem cold. "Help him," his hushed voice pleaded into the wind. "Someone, please, help him."

    "Master," Obi-wan's voice was now a mere whisper.

    "Yes, Padawan, I'm here."


    "Listen to what, Obi-wan?"

    "Can't you hear it? Can't you hear that music?"

    Qui-gon listened and soon heard what his Padawan did-the most beautiful melody he had ever heard. He almost did not want to dare to believe that it could possibly be the one thing he had hoped beyond all hope he would hear-the Phoenix song.

    Then from inside the forest, a light was quickly coming towards them, and as it grew nearer the song grew louder. Soon the light took shape and suddenly before him was a large bird unlike any other. Its body was long and swan-like, the crimson feathers shimmered like gold, and the tips of its wings and long tail feathers shone brighter than the noon-time sun. It was the Phoenix.

    It was staring at Qui-gon with coal black eyes that seemed to look right into his heart. It glanced to Obi-wan, and Qui-gon got the strange sense that the mythical bird understood. "Please, help him." As soon as these words left his lips, he felt his Padawan's spirit begin to fade. "Obi-wan! No!"

    The Phoenix hovered above the dying boy and brushed its beak on the pail Jedi's cheek. Obi-wan's eyes opened wide enough to see the glittering bird before him. He smiled weakly, then closed his eyes once more.

    Qui-gon gasped, for he was hardly able to feel his Padawan's presence in the Force any longer. Just as he was about to call out for the boy to stay with him, the Phoenix began to cry.

    Pearly white tears poured from the coal black eyes onto the young Jedi's face. As they hit the cold skin, Obi-wan began to glow. Qui-gon was not able to explain what was happening, so he just let it happen.


    Obi-wan felt strange. He had felt the pull of the Force, it was calling to him and telling him to come. But, the song, the Phoenix song, it was so lovely. He just wanted to listen to it for a little longer. Then, as strange as
  7. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Well, here is the last part. I do hope you guys liked it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)




    Qui-gon looked down. Obi-wan was staring up at him, a wide smile on his face. The youth's color was returned to it's normal hue and his presence in the Force was stronger than ever. It had worked. The Phoenix had saved his child.

    "Oh, Obi-wan." Qui-gon pulled the boy into a tight embrace and thought he would never let go. He only did when he heard a small but beautiful sound. The Phoenix was still floating before them, and it seemed to be happy. "Thank you," he said and put out his hand. The magical bird allowed him to stroke its long neck in gratitude.

    It then turned to Obi-wan, who was at a loss for words. What could he say to this creature that just saved his life? But he did not need to say anything, for the Phoenix understood and nuzzled it's head against the boy's neck. Then it took off into the sky, sparkling as it went.

    The Master and Apprentice stood to watch it rise above the trees and up higher than the waterfall. Both stood in silence and gazed at the mythical bird glide gracefully though the sky. Then, before either Jedi could as much as blink, it happened.

    A shot came from what seemed like nowhere. The breathtaking Phoenix song became an anguished cry of pain and it came falling back to the ground below.

    "No!" Obi-wan cried as he ran to where the majestic bird now lay unmoving. Qui-gon was instantly at his side as well. The Master looked over the fallen bird and his face fell. The Phoenix was dead.

    The sound of an engine caught their attention. A swoop ascended down from the cliff above them and landed only a few feet before them. Its rider carried a very large blaster-rifle and a cocky grin on his face. He dismounted and faced the pair, his expression not changing.

    "Well, I suppose I should thank you," he said without a quiver as Qui-gon stood to his full height and looked at the man with his cold blue eyes. "Your boy's innocence gave me the perfect distraction for the Phoenix. I really am lucky I ran into you two."

    "Why did you do it?!" Obi-wan practically roared, unable to possibly comprehend how a person could kill such a extraordinary creature without so much as a second thought.

    "Why, for credits my dear boy. You should be old enough to know that credits makes the galaxy go round," the man said coldly. "And when I bring that bird back to the hunting colony I'll have every buyer in the area begging to give me anything that I ask for. Now," he said and pointed the blaster at them. "I suggest you step aside. I seem to be a good shot today so I suggest you not test me."

    Qui-gon said and did nothing. He simply made a gesture with his hand and the hunter's blaster flew from his grip into Qui-gon's, who ignited his emerald-green lightsaber and held it before him. "On the contrary," the Master said calmly. "I believe you do need to be tested. Perhaps a trip to the Courucant Correctional Facility would do that?"

    "Now see here!" The hunter appeared to be a lot less confident now that he knew he was dealing with a Jedi. "I have every right to be here as you! There is no law saying that you can't hunt the Phoenix."

    "Perhaps there's not," Qui-gon replied. "However, I doubt it would please the legal system, or anyone for that matter, that you successfully killed a creature whose tears could have saved millions of lives. I don't think the odds would be in your favor, do you?" The hunter must not have thought so either because, without another word, he was back on his swoop and speeding off into the distance until he was completely out of sight.

    Qui-gon threw the blaster to the ground, distinguished his lightsaber, and knelt down next to his Padawan, who had tears in his eyes. "I am sorry, Obi-wan."

    "It's just not fair," the young Jedi said as he stoked the dead bird's silky feathers. "It saved my life."

    "I know, Padawan. It gave you a great gift, a gift I think it knew you would
  8. Aralna

    Aralna Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 1, 2000
    That was a great story! :)
  9. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Thank you much! Very glad you liked it :)
  10. DarkATX

    DarkATX Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2000
    I love the tale of the Phoenix. Heck, I love ANY tale of the Phoenix!
    Again, lovely tale and beautifully crafted from beginning to end.
    Well done!
  11. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Yay! THank you! I'm very glad you liked it! Many thanks! ;)
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