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TOR Pie-in-the-Sky Future Features Brainstorming

Discussion in 'Games' started by Yeade, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Yeade

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    Aug 27, 2003
    With the official forums about to undergo a pre-launch wipe and be locked thereafter to game subscribers only, among whom I won't be counted in the foreseeable future due to real life constraints, I've decided to copy-and-paste a series of posts I made on the suggestions board there to TFN. For posterity, not my own vanity, of course! :p

    As everyone can tell by my current grand total of [i]one[/i] post, I'm a newbie to the forums. In fact, I have exactly zero experience playing MMORPGs and KOTOR about five years ago is the sum of my gaming in all other genres. Tetris, Minesweeper, and Solitaire aside, lol. It's doubtful I can even afford SWTOR in my (unemployed!) financial state...

    That said, I love SW to mushy bits and am quite excited about the game's potential. I've lurked on these boards before and truly enjoyed the extended discussions about how guild capital ships might be implemented in SWTOR, so I thought I'd try my hand at presenting a couple features of similar scale that are on my wishlist.

    Of course, given my unfamiliarity with MMORPGs, everything below could be hogwash. I mean, I can hardly comprehend what you guys here are on about when game mechanics are the topic. I'm curious what those possessing greater knowledge than myself have to say, anyways. [face_blush]

    [i]Warning: HUGE wall of text incoming! No, really![/i]

    [u][b]Huttball Tournaments[/b][/u]

    While I see great promise in Huttball as an in-game sport, I also feel any tournaments ought to be structured to encourage dedicated professionalism and competitive achievement, even if this means all but the best players are barred from participating. Sports, by nature, are exclusive events at higher levels, IMO, and I'd like Huttball tournaments to have the same flavor.

    Here's my proposal:

    A cross-server tournament held no more than four times a year, preferably less, depending on how many teams sign up. Teams must have a full roster of eight players plus two to four alternates in order to be eligible. Guilds cannot apply as organizations but are welcome to sponsor teams composed solely of guild members. Participants should understand a serious time commitment is required.

    The first round of matches is a server qualification wherein all the teams on a given server play all the other teams on that server in series of seven games for seeding. Only the top three to five teams on each server advance to the second round.

    During this next round, servers are bracketed by time zone into divisions of about five servers each. All the teams in a given division again play all the other teams in that division in series of seven games to qualify. The top two seeded teams in each division advance.

    All the remaining teams play in the third and final elimination round to crown the SWTOR Huttball champions. Matches are determined by random draw with series of seven games still. Whereas a series is finished in a single session two to three hours long in the earlier rounds, teams now face each other two or three times over the course of a week.

    Once the tournament's done, the whole shebang's on cooldown for at least two months. Rewards can include special titles for the duration that a team holds the crown, suitably attractive credit prizes for, say, the top three teams, exclusive moddable gear, perhaps access to otherwise locked quests as favors from the Hutts, even stat buffs for the winners until the next tournament starts and, of course, bragging rights, lol. Team listings in a Hall of Fame along with decorative trophies or pennants to stick in ships and maybe full recordings of the championship plus runners-up series might be nice, too.

    [i]A Spectator Sport (PvE)[/i]

    Build an extendable observation deck that rings the top of the Huttball pit so spectators can view an ongoing match and socialize. The complete tournament schedule can then be posted on public terminals across every server where anyone can check scores and access any instanced game in progress.

    In addition, a quest can be designed around the tournament. Basically, >