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    Okay, I had this one posted on my viggie thread, but I stopped getting readers, so I thought I would re-post it and see if anyone else read it.

    Please tell me what you think.

    The song I used is "Pilgrim", by Enya.

    TITLE: Pilgrim (Tahiri)


    Pilgrim, how you journey
    On the road you chose
    To find out where the winds die
    And where the stories go.

    Standing with her feet shoulder-width apart, Tahiri reaffirmed her stance; she had to be sure not to fall. She stared down the side of the cliff, feeling her stomach twist; it was a long drop, and the edge she was walking wasn?t wide enough to be reassuring. Through great strength of will, she tore her eyes from the drop and looked back across the chasm to the other side. She needed to get there, to cross this chasm now, before it got any bigger.

    All days come from one day
    That must you must know,
    You cannot change what?s over
    But only where you go.

    She knew what was on the other side of the great emptiness that filled the chasm; even now, as she looked across, squinting into the wind, she could see him, his ice blue eyes piercing hers. If she could somehow cross the great nothingness before her, maybe she could change it, make it all better.

    Turning to look to her side, she saw that off to her left and right stretched paths as far as her eyes could see, and behind her stretched the path she had been walking; but her gaze forever returned to the other side of the abyss. The further she traveled down the path, the greater the gulf grew, so that it was always at her heals, leaving her only this narrow ledge to walk.

    One way leads to diamonds,
    One way leads to gold,
    Another leads you only
    To everything you?re told.

    She had stayed on this path forever, never straying down the side roads that constantly beckoned to her. If she went off the path, she might lose sight of him, the great abyss behind her might cease to exist, and then she would never see him again.

    The roads branching off to her sides called to her, offering glimpses of their pleasure and hope, of the joy and friendship she might find there, but she knew she couldn?t leave him, even if it meant continuing on this dark, lonely road forever, with nothing but the great emptiness behind her and nothing but pain and despair ahead.

    She told herself she did not deserve the life the other paths offered, that she was meant to stay here, wandering this desolate path until the day she found a way to cross what was behind her and make it whole again.

    In your heart you wonder
    Which of these is true;
    The road that leads to nowhere,
    The road that leads to you.

    Her whole life from his death on had been sucked into the abyss behind her along with the path she had walked. She could no longer see any of it, could only focus on his image, though it grew further each day, each step. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to turn away, to take the first, grueling step forward to continue the journey.

    With each step it became harder and harder to resist the urges of the other paths, of the family and friends she saw waiting there. But no, it was better, safer, to continue down this road alone, without the hurt and pain of love and betrayal.

    Looking far into the distance ahead, down her current path, she saw herself. She saw the end, it was in sight, but what she saw there caused her knees to buckle and her breath to leave her.

    Will you find the answer
    In all you say and do?
    Will you find the answer in you?

    What she saw at the end of the road was exactly what Anakin had seen in his dream on Yavin IV; herself, a Yuuzhan Vong warrior wielding the powers of the dark side, and speaking silent words. As she drew closer, she began to hear the words, to understand and recognize what this image of herself was saying.

    ?You are the last of your kind? the image said, just as Anakin had seen; but now, standing before this image of herself, Tahiri
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