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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Imperial_Hammer, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. Eme-ma_Himou

    Eme-ma_Himou Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 29, 2004
    OOC: I believe the Alias for Will is "Laces", but Bootstraps' son works... :p

    Name: Pintel; Ragetti
    Alias: None?
    Age: 45; 32
    Gender: Male; Male
    Nationality: British; British
    Hair Color / Style: Balding Blonde; dirty blonde
    Eye Color: green; one blue eye
    Skin Color: Tanned white, the both of ?em
    Clothing: Raggedy clothes, worn from many years of piracy.
    Weapons: 1 flintlock/1 saber; 1 flintlock/1 saber/ 1 dagger
    Home Town: Britain
    Bio / History: Pintel was just a par British Navyman, his heart was never really in the whole business. For the love of his dear sister, Pintel promised to look after her eldest son, Ragetti, as the both of them served under the Crown. For their various less-than-reputable acts, Pintel and Ragetti were cast out of the Navy and took up a life of villainy.

    The nephew and uncle turned best friends met a certain former East India Trading Company Agent and joined his crew aboard the Wicked Wench. They survived the sinking of the ship (Ragetti losing one of his eyes in the incident) and rejoined Captain Jack when it was brought back up and redubbed The Black Pearl. But the duo grew tired of the Captain?s antics and joined Barbossa in the mutiny. Since the plundering of Isla de Muerte, Pintel and Ragetti became cursed Pirates, unable to enjoy the usual benefits of pillaging towns. Life was rough up until the discovering of the final coin and the Return of Captain Jack.

    After the Battle aboard the Dauntless, the Duo were locked in the prison of Port Royale, facing the noose. Thanks to Pintel?s Quick-Thinking, the Duo were able to finally entice the dog over to their cell and give them the keys. They then fled Port Royale in a longboat.

    After a bit of escaping, Pintel and Ragetti spotted The Pearl again and ?helped? to bring it back into the sea. Since then, they have been ?fiercely loyal? to Jack and even tried to help him out by removing the temptation of the Chest.

    Upon Captain Jack?s demise, the two are very shattered, not knowing how much they?d really miss their former Captain. No worries! Trade one Cap for another, as Barbossa returned.
  2. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    ***Current Players***


    - Captain Barbossa (I_H)
    - Elizabeth Swann (NP)
    - Will Turner (Pheonix_Rising)
    - * Tia Dalma (Ktala)
    - Joshamee Gibbs (DARTH_GOLLUMSMEAGOL)
    - Pintell and Ragetti (Eme-ma_Himou)
    - * Mr. Cotton & Parrot (Dubya_Scott)
    - Kacia Andreakos (NP)
    - Victoria Roberts (Marna Veign)
    - John Ligdenburg (Reynar Tedros)
    - Patrick Guiness (DVC)
    - Auryn Britt (LeiaHair)
    - Connor Blake (Aragorn327)
    - Alaster Bentham (MASTERPRENN)
    - Erik Leroux (Jango313)
    - Thomas Rickard (Robal_Krahl)
    - Veronica "Polly" Rogers Fitzgerald (TheMaidofOrleans)
    - Ned Morgan (Darth_Nemisis)
    - * Robert MacBeth (Dubya_Scott)

    - Lord Cutler Beckett (I_H)
    - Davy Jones (Darth_Vassago)
    - James Norrington (Jello)
    - Richard Warren (BSSL)
    - Ashton Rackham (BLemelisk)
    - Michael Lannister (HandofSkywalker)
    - Jonas Risk (ScaPaCarmen)
    - * Fredrick Worthington (Dubya_Scott)

    Going to start writing up starter posts... :)

  3. Eme-ma_Himou

    Eme-ma_Himou Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 29, 2004
    OOC: ScaPaCamem, I'll change my icon to avoid confusion (and make it easy for lazy people to see who posted). :)


    Name: Lord Matthew Teach
    Rank: Privateer Captain
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: British
    Hair Color / Style: neck length, sea-blown blonde hair
    Eye Color: blue
    Skin Color: Caribbean White Tan
    Clothing: Very old and frayed British Navy uniform
    Weapons: Flintlock pistol, rifle, a very quick light rapier
    Home Town: Nassau
    Bio / History: Matthew Teach, born into nobility, was raised as the only son of British Lord Nathaniel Teach. Matthew lived in Nassau and witnessed the sacking of the city where the Pirate Captain of the Wicked Wench fired not one shot. This was not his first run-in with very powerful pirates: his uncle is none other than Edward Teach or Captain Blackbeard. Brought up to hate his uncle, Matthew Teach joined the Royal Navy, keeping the Caribbean safe from Piracy. But one task proved to be too much for young Teach: his mission was to infiltrate a Pirate Vessel and alert the Navy where it would strike. He didn?t and ended up turning pirate. Six years later, Captain Matthew Teach had crewed his own vessel, The Revenge, a 20-gun sloop given to him as a present from his Uncle upon learning of his nephew?s new lifestyle.

    When the East India Trading Company called for Pirates to lay down their freedom for employment, the pirating community was shocked when Young Teach accepted his Letters of Marque. He sunk his pirate vessel, burning it in the Tortuga Bay, then joined Beckett in Port Royale.

    Matthew Teach disregards his nobility as a way of showing his loyalty to Lord Beckett.
  4. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    Everything's been approved, me maties.

    Name: Cotton
    Alias: n/a
    Age: around 60
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Caucasian, British
    Weapons: anything he can get his hands on
    Home Town: unknown
    Bio / History: Years ago, Mr. Cotton had his tounge cut out for something he...shouldn't have another pirate. Don't ask. He hasn't spoken one word since. But his pet parrot does all the talking for him. Cotton was one of the original crew members that Captain Jack Sparrow picked up in Tortuga before the curse on the Black Pearl had been broken.


    Name: Robert MacBeth
    Alias: "Turtle"
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Scottish
    Hair Color / Style: brown, shoulder-length, slicked back
    Eye Color: brown
    Skin Color: white
    Clothing: ratty vest and shirt, trousers torn off just below the knees, boots
    Weapons: two pistols (he's not much for sword-fighting)
    Home Town: Tortuga
    Bio / History: Being born in Scotland, his family migrated to the New World when Robert was still a teenager. They settled in the Caribbean, his father turning to a life of piracy. (Look for treasure...easy way to make money.) Robert inevitably took up the same "profession" as his father. He received the nick-name "Turtle" because of his looks. He has a round head that looks like it's too small for his body. And the elongated hook-nose didn't help either. Robert literally had a face like a snapping turtle.


    Name: Fredrick Worthington
    Rank: Sailor
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: British (English)
    Hair Color / Style: short, light brown
    Eye Color: blue
    Skin Color: white
    Clothing: the standard Navy uniform
    Weapons: trained to use both pistols and rifles
    Home Town: Port Royal
    Bio / History: He was born in the British-ruled Caribbean. After seeing his own home raided by pirates as a young boy, he vowed to put a stop to those monsters. So he joined the Royal Navy in hopes of thwarting piracy once and for all.
  5. RogueAce7

    RogueAce7 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 29, 2004
    I_H Approved

    Name: Liam Alexander
    Alias: N/A
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: British
    Hair Color / Style: Blonde/curly, shaggy.
    Eye Color: Dark blue
    Skin Color: Caucasian, tanned
    Clothing: Loose, flowing white shirt, black leather pants and boots, and a big hat.
    Weapons: A sword and long knife, and pistol.
    Home Town: England
    Bio / History: Liam was born in England, the only son of a Captain in the King's navy. From the start, his father drilled into Liam the qualities required to become an officer in the navy, even the art of swordfighting, which the boy excelled in. However, that was only what his father wanted. Liam wanted, in essence, to be free.

    At the age of 20, Liam and his father got into a heated argument. Liam thought he was being pushed too hard by his father to be what Liam didn't want to be; what his father wanted him to be. After a scuffle that his drunk father began, Liam left home to go to sea. As a child, he had heard stories of pirates, and their adventures. Their idealism seemed to Liam the embodiment of freedom.

    Venturing to the Caribbean, Liam landed at Tortuga, and is presently looking to begin his new life.

  6. TheWatchman

    TheWatchman Jedi Youngling

    Feb 17, 2006
    GM Approved

    Pirate Sheet:
    Name: Cato De La Rio
    Alias: N/A
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Spanish
    Hair Color / Style: Long dark brown hair, hangs pass his shoulders.
    Facial Hair: Very scruffy faded beard.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Tan
    Clothing: [image=]Except not as clean, more rugged and dirty. [image=]

    Weapons: A single Cutlass and a Matchlock Musket.
    Home Town: A small town in Southern Spain.
    Bio / History: Cato was once a young soldier in the Spanish Armada. He fought along side his father and together they were a formidable pair. In a feirce battle Cato's father was tragically killed. From that day on Cato was never the same, he spoke very little and became very devious. During one of his final days with the Armada he stole from the Captain of the ship and was sentenced to have his arm removed or cast overboard.

    Cato honorably dove into the sea. He drifted away excepting the fate he would be another death at sea's hand, to his surprise he awoke upon a ship and in the months to come found his way to the pirate capital of Tortuga, he spends many night's drinking himself to sleep awaiting a way to redeem himself and his father.
  7. MissingNo

    MissingNo Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 13, 2006
    Pirate Sheet

    Name:Erika Carpter

    Alias: Phantress Carpter

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: French

    Hair Color/Style: Shoulder length, black, straight, hair.

    Eye Color: Blue

    Skin Color: A pale white

    Clothing: Long sleeve black shirt and black pants.

    Weapons: Steel sword, pistol, and a steel dagger

    Home Town: Paris, France

    Erika's parents died when she was about 9 years old. Lived with her aunt for about 5 years before going to the opera house to learn how to sing. She didn't have many friends because she was always getting into trouble. To try and find more adventure, she got on a ship and eventually got to Tortuga. She's called Phantress Carpter because she's so pale, it always seems like she's dead or she just saw a ghost.
  8. Genimay

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    Jun 2, 2005
    Name:Asril (Ahs-ril) Kentor
    Alias:None yet
    Hair Color / Style:Dark brown almost black/in many small braids that fall to her mid back.
    Eye Color:sharp dark blue
    Skin Color:white but very tanned
    Clothing:A much to large white male shirt under a much to large dark maroon 'pirate' coat. Dark brown leggings. A banndanna that holds the braids out of her face(the braids are decorated with may small bables like Jack Sparrows). A males blet worn over her shoulder and holds several weapons(look below). A peice of rope holding her pants and other weapons.
    Weapons:eek:n shoulder belt:eek:ne long knife and two daggers. Around waist:short sword(is about the right size for her)and a pistol with four bullets.
    Home Town:London,England
    Bio / History: Asril was born into a life of poverty and death. Her twin sister died when they were just two. After this her father(who was a pirate) came home. He was gone all day and into the night while Asril stayed home with her brother,while her mother did whatever she could. There was never enough money and most nights the family went hungry. But Asril didn't care. Every night her father told her tales of the sea as she sat wide eyed and dreamt of one day having just as many adventures.

    When Asril had reached the tender age of six her older Brother ran away to be found guilty of stealing the next day. Her family wouldn't take him back in. She never knew what became of him. Soon he became another dream in thier household and a distant one at that.

    Asril never out grew her dream of being out on the open seas. Her heart called to the ocean and she was often as the waters edge in the years that came after her brother left.

    Then when Asril was 10,her mother fell ill. She died and Asril's father never recovered. He allowed the girl to wear his old priate clothes and stay out by the sea all day. Her teachings never progressed past that point but Asril can read and write a little.

    Not a year after her mothers death,Asril's father died too. She always thought it was because he wasn't allowed to be where he belonged-the sea. So she decided to take what her father had taought her in sword fighting and life and set out for the sea. Though she is young her swordsmanship is advanced and she rarely acts like a 12 year old.

    Ever since she left her home to wander the streets Asril has jumped from ship to ship. She stows away and gets off at next port. Now she has made her was to Port Royal.

  9. Aragorn327

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    Aug 20, 2001
    Second GM approved character--

    Name: Richard Baker
    Rank: Captain
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: British
    Hair Color / Style: Short cropped black hair.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Color: Caucasian
    Clothing: Redcoat!
    Weapons: Officer's sword, musket.
    Home Town: London
    Bio / History: Third oldest son in the Baker family, decided to make his way in the world by joining the redcoats (Jack, the second eldest, had already gone into the Navy.) With his family's backing, he advanced somewhat quickly early on. However, his family lost standing, and so Richard lost any chance at political pull. While not looked at in the highest regard by other officers, he's respected for his sense of duty and extreme efficiency, and his loyalty to the men under his command.
  10. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    Name: Tia Dalma
    Alias: HER
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Carribean?
    Hair Color / Style: Brown/black dreds with bits of bone, cloth and other things, if you look hard enough.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Brown
    Clothing: She is wearing a very elegant, if not rather well worn 18th century High Court gown. Even in her swamp surroundings, she wears it like a queen.
    Weapons: Her lore and magic
    Home Town: Swamp Bayou (Upriver)

    Bio / History:
    Her past is hidden in the shades. She is a mysterious woman who has a firm grasp on the supernatural and uses voodoo. She is rumored to be able to bring back the dead, and can devine other mysteries as well, as a fortune teller. Blackened-tooth, she dresses in jewels and a regal gown. It was rumored that she once turned someone into a cat. She has a interest in Jack Sparrow, who comes to her for advice, and took a liking to Will Turner, seeing he had a destiny to fufill. She traded Jack the compass he currently uses. She also has added another, an old enemy of Jack...Captain Barbossa, for whatever reasons of her own.

  11. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    Name: Josette Cartier (Kar-tee-ay)
    Alias: Mirage
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: French
    Hair Color / Style: Brown, straight, waist-length. Front section of hair is worn in a braid on left side of her face, the rest is loose.
    Eye Color: blue
    Skin Color: Caucasian
    Clothing: Long-sleeved white blouse under a dark blue lace-up vest, black trousers, black boots. Will occasionally sport a hat.
    Weapons: Sword and two pistols
    Home Town: Born in Marseilles, France.
    Bio / History: Her father was, at one time, a respectable French lord. Her mother, Jacqueline, was a pirate. Said French lord gets drunk at a high-profile, fancy to-do in Paris, crosses paths with said pirate on his way home to Marseilles, things happen, and Josette, or Mirage, as she prefers to be addressed as, is the result.

    When Josette was born, Jacqueline attempted to contact Lord Cartier, in hopes he would provide Josette with the stable home she could not provide herself. Leaving Josette on her ship, the Brigitta (pronounced ?brigeeta?), she finally managed to locate Cartier at a social gathering in Paris and confronted him. When he refused to acknowledge that Josette was his daughter, Jacqueline grew angry and announced to the entire gathering that Cartier had?however briefly?had intimate relations with a pirate, and had fathered a child by a woman who was not his wife. Though this essentially destroyed Cartier?s reputation in the French court, it also sealed Jacqueline?s fate, for she had revealed herself as a pirate. Seized on the scene, she was sentenced to death by hanging.

    Following Jacqueline?s death, her crew?most of whom were women who could not find employ with male pirates, due to the common superstition that it is bad luck to sail with women?took it upon themselves to raise Josette. They became her family, and she became a rather well-known pirate, though not necessarily for reasons she?d prefer. Particularly in France, it was common knowledge that she was Lord Cartier?s daughter (though born out of wedlock), and Cartier?s supporters hated her for his downfall, just as his enemies thanked her for it. Josette knew that though Cartier was her biological father, he was also the reason she had no mother, and she hated him for it.

    Also, Josette was known to very suddenly show up somewhere, then just as quickly make herself scarce. Thus earning herself the nickname ?Mirage,? for, as the alias suggested, she could be right there one moment, then gone the next, as if she were a trick of the eye, and was never really there in the first place.

    By age 20, Josette had risen through the ranks on her mother?s old ship, the Brigitta, and held her mother?s former position as Captain. Recently however, the Brigitta came to a most unfortunate end when she was capsized in a storm, killing nearly all aboard. Those who didn?t drown in the storm eventually died of dehydration and starvation. Soon, Josette was the only one left alive, drifting on a piece of wreckage. Luckily for her, another pirate vessel happened to pass by and picked her up, offering to take her back to Tortuga, where she now hopes to find employ on another ship.
  12. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    Alright?. Well, lets get right to it shall we?

    I think you all have waited long enough!

    [b][u]Starting Roster[/u][/b]


    - Captain Barbossa (I_H)
    - Elizabeth Swann (NP)
    - Will Turner (Pheonix_Rising)
    - * Tia Dalma (Ktala)
    - Joshamee Gibbs (DARTH_GOLLUMSMEAGOL)
    - Pintell and Ragetti (Eme-ma_Himou)
    - Mr. Cotton & Parrot (Dubya_Scott)
    - Kacia Andreakos (NP)
    - Victoria Roberts (Marna Veign)
    - John Ligdenburg (Reynar Tedros)
    - Patrick Guiness (DVC)
    - Auryn Britt (LeiaHair)
    - Connor Blake (Aragorn327)
    - Alaster Bentham (MASTERPRENN)
    - Erik Leroux (Jango313)
    - Thomas Rickard (Robal_Krahl)
    - Veronica "Polly" Rogers Fitzgerald (TheMaidofOrleans)
    - Ned Morgan (Darth_Nemisis)
    - Robert MacBeth (Dubya_Scott)
    - Liam Alexander (RougeAce7)
    - Cato De La Rio (TheWatchman)
    - Erika Carpter (MissingNo)
    - Asril (Ahs-ril) Kentor (Genimay)
    - Josette Cartier (JediMasterAnne)


    - Lord Cutler Beckett (I_H)
    - Davy Jones (Darth_Vassago)
    - James Norrington (Jello)
    - Richard Warren (BSSL)
    - Ashton Rackham (BLemelisk)
    - Michael Lannister (HandofSkywalker)
    - Jonas Risk (ScaPaCarmen)
    - Fredrick Worthington (Dubya_Scott)
    - Lord Matthew Teach (Eme-ma_Himou)

    [b]IC: Lord Beckett [/b]
    [i]Location: The Port of Port Royale [/i]

    A crisp breeze flared the British Flag on the Nereus as [b]Lord Beckett[/b], along with [b]Admiral Norrington [/b] and [b]Lieutenant Lannister [/b] strode along the path towards the docks. The trio had left the fort at Port Royale not too long ago with a very strict destination in mind...

    ?I hear these newcomers are quite skilled.? Beckett said, straightening his coat as he walked. ?Good reports from the Colonies and various other engagements here and elsewhere. I had to pull quite a bit of strings to get them here. The Officers [i]should[/i] be all onboard the frigate. I trust Vice Admiral Warren has briefed them already.?

    Beckett held up his hand for the two he was walking with to stop, right before the turn towards the pier.

    ?This conversation stays here.? the lord said, dropping his voice to a lower tone. ?[b]Admiral Norrington[/b], I?m putting much of the initial orientation for these officers onto you. I have business to attend to, about?... it. I?ll be taking the sloop ?[i]Stratford[/i]? out to sea in the meanwhile. Introduce them to Port Royale, the armory and fort, as well as the [i]Britannia[/i] and the [i]Dauntless[/i]. Also get them prepared for the campaign. Should everything go well, I?ll rendezvous with the fleet at the battle.?

    The Lord looked over to [b]Lannister[/b]. ?You?ll be helping him, along with one capable sailor by the name of [b]Worthington[/b], no doubt in the barracks. I expect everything to work smoothly in my absence. My deputy [b]Mercer[/b] will be around to facilitate things. Though he shouldn?t be used.?

    ?Understood?? the Lord said, then turned to continue his walk towards the [i]Nereus[/i]. The ship had pulled into port along with the its accompanying Barque [i]Hawke[/i], this morning from other ports in the Caribbean. They were rather impressive ships, and made the fleet at Port Royale five strong. Five powerful ships that Beckett could use to hunt down and clean the Caribbean of pirates.

    As the trio strode up the pier, the three officers onboard the Nereus could be seen. First and foremost was the shiny bald head of [b]Vice Admiral Warren [/b], the leader of this group and supposedly a holy terror at sea. Beckett was confident however, that he could be handled by Norrington, one who grittily clawed his way up from the destitution he originally found himself in.

    To his left and right were his two captains, one that matched the description of [b]Rackham[/b], captain of the [i]Nereus[/i] and [b]Baker[/b], captain of the [i]Hawke[/i]. Rackham was by far more traditional with appearance, but Beckett would be a fool to doubt Baker based on something as simple as appearance.

    ?Gentleman? Beckett said, walking forward with a smile as the Nereus? gangplank >
  13. Reynar_Tedros

    Reynar_Tedros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 3, 2006
    IC: John "Too-Tall" Ligdenburg
    Deep in the City; Bar

    Alone at last. It had been a while since Too-Tall had touched land, what with his crew being quite busy out at sea over the past couple of months, and he enjoyed every bit of the stable ground that he was able to strode upon uninterrupted.

    There he was, his long black hair pulled back into the usual pony-tail that hung down to the midsection of his back, his immense hat set comfortably on his head, tilted slightly frontwards to shield his face from casual onlookers. After all, he was a wanted man by a select few. And those few were bound to have henchmen in this part of town. Whether or not they were on the job was another story.

    Too-Tall sat on a lone bar stool in front of the tall wooden counter that separated the building into its two parts. One side, mostly peaceful, the other... well... not so tranquil. A barfight continued to wear on, drunken men throwing punches left and right, hitting the air more than their targets. Too-Tall paid them no mind. The area was darkened and possessed a gloomy ambience. Occasionally a newcomer would walk in, open the door to let the brilliant sun show its ugly face to the point where Too-Tall would have to squint just to maintain his eyesight, and then the darkness would restore soon after. A couple months out in the open sea will make a pirate appreciate the dusk of a bar.

    A seductive waitress showed up behind the bar, and was eyeing Too-Tall intently. "How can I help you today, handsome?" she said, leaning over the bar and peering beneath Too-Tall's hat to get a better look at his face.

    Too-Tall handed her a single shilling. "How 'bout some of yer finest rum?" he said, a touch of pirate accent on his voice. Although it was there, Too-Tall's accent was the lightest out of all the pirate's that he had come across.

    The waitress rolled her tongue over her lips and flipped her long, curly black hair over her shoulder. "You wait there, sugah," she said, and went to the back of the bar to pour Too-Tall some good ol' rum.

    "Here you go," she said, setting it on the bar in front of Too-Tall, not taking notice of the increasing fight on the opposite side of the bar. "So what brings you out here?"

    "I was in the neighborhood," said Too-Tall, taking a large swig of the most refreshing beverage.

    The waitress, whose name was Leona, placed her index finger beneath Too-Tall's chin and lifted his face to meet hers. "You're a wanted man, Too-Tall. I happen to like my men... dangerous." She moved her face closer to Too-Tall's, and slipped him a kiss on the lips.

    Too-Tall pulled out his watch from his pocket and held it next to his thigh as he glanced down at it. Bugger. His ship was due to leave in five minutes, and it was conspicuous that this woman wanted longer than that. "Thanks for the rum." Getting out of his seat, Too-Tall walked out of the bar, leaving a much disappointed waitress behind.

    "Oh shut it up back there," Leona yelled at the bar fighters after the pirate had left, throwing a glass mug at them. They didn't seem to notice and continued their brawl. She slammed her elbow down on the bar and laid her head in her open palm, disappointed.

    Tag: Any

    DARTH_GOLLUMSMEAGOL Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 20, 2003
    IC Gibbs
    Location: Black Dagger

    Gibbs took a swill off of his Canteen that he had freshly stolen from the Spanish. He listened to Captain Barbossa. They had three days to scour Tortuga. This was going to take planning. When the Captain was done speaking Gibbs turned into the group. He was standing with Will and Elizabeth Turner, and Pintell and Ragetti, and Cotton and his Parrot. There were also Le Loup and Andreakos. This would make things easy. Tia Dalma was also standing nearby.

    "Alrigh' ye' seadogs. Here is how I be seein' it."

    Gibbs pulled a map out of his his shirt. It was Tortuga. he spread it on top of a barrell. Pointing to different spots on the map he started to lay out his plan.

    "Now there be three majors parts o' th' town. Each o' these has three taverns where we'll be mos' able to recruit some poor souls ta crew. Th' firs' is th' portside." Pointing again at the map he continued. "The Seaspray be here. The Penelope be here. and The C and S be here." Now he pointed farther into the city "Next there is Midcity. The taverns here be The Mermaid, The Toscada, and Alleys" He pointed them out as he spoke. "Lastly we have the Inner City. Here we have The La Ray, The COurtyard, and The Black Witch." Likewise again pointing them out as he went.

    "Now to make best time we be going to haf' to spli' up. Here is ma' Plan." He made sure eveyone was paying attention. "Will, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Tia, you can take Ports. Cotton, Andreakos and I'll be takin' Midcity. Which'll be leavin' Pintell and Ragetti with La Loup with Inner City"

    He folded the map back up and put it back into his shirt. "Any QUestions?"

    Tag: Any and All
  15. TheMaidofOrleans

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    Sep 7, 2005
    IC : Polly Fitzerald, owner of ?The Mermaid?

    The Mermaid had long served the residents and travelers of Tortuga. Polly Fitzgerald was proud of her establishment, her tavern being one of the social centers of the town. The Mermaid was known for its inventory of fine spirits and excellent food.

    A corner of the Mermaid's Tap Room

    The Mermaid's Assembly Room, the largest of such in Tortuga

    Besides the tap room where many of her clients would soon be indulging themselves, located upon the first floor were the billiard room, the assembly room , the largest such room found in Tortuga where private parties might be held , a play or a dance. (Although it had been many a day that a formal dance had been held there?) and the dining room. Two smaller room were located downstairs as well, private parlors where business may be conducted or more intimate dining.

    Billiard Room , The Mermaid

    Upstairs were accommodations for guests who wish to rent the rooms by ?hour? or stay overnight. The overnight rooms were typical in that there were 3-4 beds in a room and it was common to share the bed with a complete stranger. One hoped the other did not pass on any fleas or other such nasty buggers.

    A common bed chamber, where a place upon a bed is rented to sleep for the night.
    Private bedrooms are more expensive and sometimes rented by the 'hour'.

    Keeping such an establishment required many workers, and most of Polly?s employees were indentured servants such as she was when she first arrived in Tortuga all those years ago.

    Each knew their duties and went about them in the proscribed manner that Polly demanded.
    The cook and her assistant had already been busy preparing the food over the open hearth in the kitchen and the four maids were finishing sweeping and mopping the floors from the night before. One was upstairs fluffing up the straw mattresses and turning the key on the rope beds. Later , they would help in serving the food and drink to the Mermaid?s thirsty customers.

    The four men Polly employed were used to keep the stables, mind the bar when she was not behind it, do the heavy lifting work and keep order.

    Polly finished the last of the glasses and placed them behind her in the cage. Typical of the time, the bar cage kept the glasses, the pewter and the stock of spirits. It was behind the bar cage that Polly or another one of her employees served the alcohol to their clientele.

    Polly wiped her hands upon her apron and stepped from behind the cage, eying the three gents who were currently occupying her tap room. She directed one of her men servants who came in with several bottles of rum from the cellar to make sure to add more clay pipes next to the hearth. Several had been broken the night before and had to be replaced.

    Clay pipes furnished by tavern for smoking. Used by all.

    The gents supplied their tobacco and like all good tavern keeps, Polly provided the long clay pipes in which they indulged themselves. After their smoke, the pipe would be placed back in its container near the fire so another may partake.

    Polly gently tapped Connor Blake on his shoulder, ?Mr. Blake, you can?t be hanging onto my bar cage all day, why don?t you take a load of your feet and I?ll bring you a bowl of stew??

    Polly felt sorry for the man and feeling generous today she would give him a bit of food. She usually did not do such for then her establishment would be overrun with unemployed begging for a handout. That she could not afford.

    Not waiting for Blake?s response Polly she nodded to Mr. Guiness. Did the man have a home she wondered? He was at the door of the tavern when she opened for busin
  16. Eme-ma_Himou

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    Aug 29, 2004
    OOC: I?ve seen it spelled many ways, but I?ll be going with the novelization?s spelling on this one: Pintel (single L)

    And I'll be posting as Teach later today.

    IC: Pintel and Ragetti

    The Black Dagger whisked both pirates away, onto a new adventure.

    ?Pintel?? Ragetti asked, taking out his eye to give it a nice new cleaning.

    Pintel raised an eyebrow, ?Yesss??

    ?If we?re off to save old Captain Jack, but our captain in the voyage to save Captain Jack is Captain Barbossa, where would our loyalties lie??

    Pintel closed his eyes, as if trying to erase the horrible waste from his life, ?Wha? are you getting at, Ragetti??

    ?Well, the latter overthrew the former and became captain, until the former came back and took revenge against the latter for the said action that the latter did to the former formerly all those years ago. Then we pledged allegiance to the former until the former died, but now we are on a quest to save the former, allied with the latter?? Ragetti finished uneasily.

    Pintel blinked a couple times, trying to catch up with Ragetti?s train of thought, then sighed, ?I think? If Barbossa is allied with Jack, we?re all good? Unless of cou?se, Barbossa wants revenge on Jack for killing him? Or would they be square seeing as Barbossa mutinied against Jack and Jack killed him. But could that possibly be a fair trade off??

    The two were pensive for a second, then realized the sea rat named Gibbs was trying to talk to them.

    Jack?s former second first mate called out, ?which'll be leavin' Pintel and Ragetti with La Loup with Inner City."

    The duo looked at the Le Loup.

    ? ?e?s a Frenchie,? Ragetti whispered into Pintel?s ear.

    ?I know? wonder if he?s got a wonderful singing voice,? Pintel whispered back before breaking into a toothy grin. They did miss ol? Captain Jack?

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    Aug 12, 2004
    IC: Lieutenant Michael Lannister
    Location: The Port of Port Royale

    [blockquote]Lannister strode straightbacked next to Lord Beckett and Admiral Norrington. Though both of the men were his superiors Michael felt comfortable, afterall he was the scion of an ancient and powerful house. Still they were both powerful ambitious men and he would learn everything he could from them, before he returned from this backwater to the civilized world.

    ?I hear these newcomers are quite skilled.? Beckett said, straightening his coat as he walked ?Good reports from the Colonies and various other engagements here and elsewhere. I had to pull quite a bit of strings to get them here. The Officers should be all onboard the frigate. I trust Vice Admiral Warren has briefed them already.?

    Lannister digested this news stoicly. If Beckett thought that these newcomers were good, then they probably were. Beckett was not known for carelessness.

    Michael stopped at Lord Beckett's motion. Turning his attention from the ships to his leader. Once again he was reminded that for all his cunning and ruthlessness, Beckett was still only a civilian.

    ?This conversation stays here.? the lord said, dropping his voice to a lower tone. ?Admiral Norrington, I?m putting much of the initial orientation for these officers onto you. I have business to attend to, about?... it. I?ll be taking the sloop ?Stratford? out to sea in the meanwhile. Introduce them to Port Royale, the armory and fort, as well as the Britannia and the Dauntless. Also get them prepared for the campaign. Should everything go well, I?ll rendezvous with the fleet at the battle.?

    Michael felt somewhat uneasy when Beckett mentioned it, afterall he was a good Christian man, and allying with it felt like dealing with Lucifer himself.

    Beckett looked over to Lannister. ?You?ll be helping him, along with one capable sailor by the name of Worthington, no doubt in the barracks. I expect everything to work smoothly in my absence. My deputy Mercer will be around to facilitate things. Though he shouldn?t be used.?

    Hopefully those he would associate with would have some semblance of gentlemanly behavior. Perhaps that was too much to hope for in the Carribean though. It didn't matter really because hell or high water he would bring glory to thename of Lannister.

    ?Understood?? Beckett said, Lannister nodded and followed his superior onto the dock. These ships would help the Empire to exterminate any and all piracy in the Carribean.

    Lannister appraised the three officers: Warren looked just as he had expected grizzled and hardened, Rackham looked to be a by the books kind of gentleman, and Baker seemed to be a bit... akward. However Michael refused to let rumors or mere appearances color his perceptions, the Carribean was infamous for its surprises.

    ?Gentleman? Beckett said, walking forward with a smile as the Nereus? gangplank was lowered. ?Welcome to Port Royale. I?m sure you know Admiral Norrington, ranking officer of these waters to my right. And this is Lieutenant Lannister, a rising star in this navy. I trust your voyage went well??

    He wondered what he looked like to the newcomers: did his size and stature intimidate, his perfectly upkept uniform, did they realize that he was a member of the Lannister family?

    Nevertheless he remained silent allowing his inherent attributes to speak for him.[/blockquote]

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    Jan 31, 2002
    Victoria 'Rats' Roberts - The Port of Tortuga, somewhere in the streets

    To anyone passing by, if they even took notice of Victoria, they would believe she was either possibly drunk, or dead. Just a body or a drunkard dumped in a pile of trash. In reality, though, she had selected this particular pile of trash to have a sleep because it was quite comfortable. For a pile of junk.

    With the Britts tightening things up on Tortuga, there wasn't much to do. For the men, they've been keeping occupied by keeping drunk. Victoria slept now because she spent most of the night keeping the drunkards away from her.

    While she slept, the sun warmed her nicely. She didn't pay any attention to the smell of the trash, she herself did not smell any better. She dreampt of riches beyond belief, and not only having that, but not needing to act like a lady. Paradise to her.

    Rats awoke to a tickling on her face. She turned her head and saw a rat looking right at her. She knew that most ladies, and some men, would jump up and run away screaming. But not her. She sat up and looked at the rat, smiling.

    "So, Bobby, ya find anythin to eat?" she asked it.

    The rat, Bobby, nodded, understanding her perfectly. It then climbed up on her shoulder and nuzzled behind her ear, making her laugh. Rats reached back and picked up Bobby from her shoulder.

    "Ya know that tickles when ya get back there, Bobby." she told the dirty-looking brown creature. She stood, placing Bobby in a special pocket in her vest.

    "Let's go. There's gotta be somethin to do around here."

    As she started walking the streets, Bobby clibmed out of the pocket and perched on her left shoulder. His favorite place to ride on his owner and friend.

    tag - GM, anyone at Tortuga who wants to see a pirate lady walking around with a rat on her shoulder like a parrot. :D
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    IC: Le Loup

    Erik Leroux nodded to Gibbs. Then noticed Pintel and Ragetti whispering about him.

    "I was born in France, gentlemen," Leroux answered the two with a smirk. "I was raised at sea. I'm curious..."

    Leroux looked at Ragetti's wooden eye, questioningly.

    "... what happened to your eye, mate?" He finished.

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    IC: Thomas ?Deadeye? Rickard
    The Courtyard

    [=]With every step, the clink of metal on metal could be heard; the hilt of his rapier against his belt buckle being the source of the sound. A slight limp mostly covered by his swagger, Thomas Rickard was on a direct course for the La Ray bar; a drink sounded pretty damn good right now. Word had reached his ear of a few ships on the prowl for crewmen, but he remained unimpressed. There was always some new captain looking for a crew, bent on going after a hidden treasure. Rickard knew of that Aztec Gold fiasco, and was extremely wary of such ventures. Which was why he spent most of his time in the hear of Tortuga; any captain who was willing and able to make it this far into the corrupt seaport was deserving of his respect.

    He slipped into the tavern, recognizing the familiar face of Ned Morgan just before entering. Rickard didn?t bother eyeing the patrons; most knew him well, and would avoid contact. It was behind this very tavern that he had lost his eye; robbed and beaten by a small collection of thieves. One of the barmaids, a delightful wench by the name of Esmeralda, had discovered the bloodied Rickard, and nursed him back to health. She had been the one to give him the nickname ?Deadeye,? which stuck; he had been unable to give his true name for some time.

    He cast a nod in her direction, his crimson bandana flapping with the motion. She returned the gesture, handing him his poison-of-choice. He threw his head back as he gulped it down, a slight trickle of the liquid trailing down the side of his face to the collar of his off-white shirt. The half-drained mug was set down with a loud thunk upon the bar, some of the drink splashing out of it with the impact. At one point, his clothes had been in superb condition. Now, the off-white shirt was stained, the black vest, ragged and frayed at the edges. His obsidian boots were scuffed beyond all shine. But despite the condition of his clothing, the hilt of his rapier, his most prized possession, retained a beautiful shine. He took pride in his sword; it was his life. If it was not kept in excellent condition, it was possible it would fail him when he most needed it. Rickard was not one to take that kind of chance.

    He drained the contents of his mug, raising his arm to signal for another. Esmeralda flashed him a toothy smile, the redhead moving quickly. In moments, his mug was filled to the brim with rum, his beverage of choice. Indeed, it was the only kind in the La Ray; they weren?t exactly rich folk. Rickard himself was not wealthy; he had been born into it, but abandoned that life; his concern lay not in doubloons, but in living. Freedom, of course, was a fool?s dream; the British Navy had seen to that. Their patrols had been slowly wiping piracy out of existence, doing away with many a good man that Rickard had known, had served under... he did not take kindly to that. The death of Barbossa left Rickard without much hope of a captain worthy enough to crew under; Sparrow had seen to that. He held no ill will against the man, however; Sparrow did indeed have courage, and confidence a-plenty, but the man simply had no sense. Most who crewed under him rarely came out of it for the better.

    He cast a glance at the entrance as the sound of rusting, creaking hinges reached his ears. He eyed the newcomer, his free hand drifting to his weapon out of sheer habit. After a moment, he went back to his drink; this is where he would stay. It was the only establishment in the Inner City that he frequented; if ever there was someone looking for Thomas ?Deadeye? Rickard, they would surely be directed to the La Ray.[=]

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    Aug 29, 2004
    IC: Pintel and Ragetti

    "Me real eye was... 'damaged' during the battle between the Wicked Wench and an East India Company fleet," Ragetti answered truthfully.

    "Back when Jack Sparrow was our captain," Pintel finished the story, knowing full-well that Ragetti wasn't going to bother to, "You see, Captain Sparrow was an Agent of the East India Company until he wanted to remain pirate. They didn't exactly agree with him on that point and chose to send his vessel to the Locker."

    "The Wench," Ragetti added.

    "It was then that ol' Jack made a deal with Davy Jones... bring back the Wench, and he'd give the Devil his soul. Jones decided to do one better: he gifted the Wench with supernatural speed, a true terror of the Caribbean. Jack renamed her... the Black Pearl."

    "Bit ironic really, seeing as the Pearl itself ended up back where it started," Ragetti once again chimed in. He went to giggle, but was instantly stopped by tears welling up in his remaining eye.

    TAG: Le Loup

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    Dec 21, 2005
    OOC: Post will come later tonight.
  23. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    Auyrn Britt
    Port of Tortuga, Streets

    Auryn walked through the crowd, pushing through the few that either didn't know who she was or hadn't noticed her comming. Most of the time, people avoided her, afraid that she would go crazy on them and kill them.

    Perhaps she would yet.

    Occasionally, people would come to her looking for a fight. Why not? Take out the crazy girl, save everyone some trouble. Except, they usually overlooked something... she was an avid swordsman, and could dance the sword better than most men. Although she would end up with a few scratches here and there, they would loose limb and life.

    A salty breeze floated off the water and past Auryn, sending her long black hair in her face. With a sigh, she turned the corner. A familar sight. It was the corner her mother used to primarly get... buissness at. Just down the street was the docks, her destination. It was about time for her to ask her daily question of the new Captains who had arrived in Tortuga.

    Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a woman with a Rat purched up on her shoulder as if it were a Pariot. And they call me crazy. she thought to herself. I'm just trying to find my father.

    Auryn walked over to the woman. "If you'd like, I can remove that varmin from yer shoulder." Her accent was almost non existant.

    TAG: Victoria, anyone

    OOC: SOrry it's so short and lacking... umph... I unfortnatly have to get off to give the rest of the family time on the internet. *sigh*
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    Tia Dalma
    Location: Captain?s Quarters, the Black Dagger, Pulling up on Tortuga

    Tia Dalma stood quietly as she watched the assembled group. Captain Barbossa leaned back in his chair as he looked at those he had called into his office. Elizabeth Turner, William Turner. Tia smiled darkly. What a waste. She could have enjoyed a quick turn or two with him. But there were always new opportunities. A few of the old pirate crew, and a few new folks she had just leanred of their name. They had helped the crew ?borrow? the Black Dagger from the Spanish. Barbossa began to speak to them all.

    ?Assss ye all know?? Barbossa said, letting his boredom be communicated clearly through his tone. ?We be pullin? into Tortuga in less than an hour. Our job, mates, is ta get ourselves a crew. I sssspect, in a town such as Tortuga, we?ll be findin? alotta willin? souls.? Barbossa sighed and looked up into the wooden ceiling as if reciting. "I don' care what ya do or how ya do it when in town. We be Pirates after all. But I?ll not be bailen you out if ya get into trouble. When ya get yourself a willin' lad or lass, send em over to me at the inn by the shore. I think that?s the ?Seaspray Inn? the last time I was there.

    Tia looked over bored. Barbossa was one thing. But she had not come on board to help him snatch a crew. She had her own deeds to complete. But, she did need some supplies. She smoothed down the front of her dress, as she Barbossa continued to spout off. ?I wann my crew within three days ladies and gents. I shalln?t have any lollygagging. After all?We?ve got oh so much ta do and oh so lil? time ta do it in.? ?Disssmisssed.? He said with an air of slight disgust.

    "Humff." Tia looked over at him,

    "You be ah do-ing what ya will, but me have me owns thins that must be done, if em wants to make it to our des-ti-nat-tion."
    She gave the group and toothy grin, even as one hand dropped down to the locket she wore. Tortuga. Lovely. She knew exactally where she would go, to get what was needed. She moved, and walked from where she had been standing. "It woost be doing em good to rem-mem-ber that!" She left Barbossa's office, heading for the room she had called her own. She needed to check that those fools of a pirate had not damamged any of her things that were brought on board. She also had a few things to check, before she stepped foot on Tortuga.

    As she left his office, she looked up, noticing the sky. Antoher grin. With a turn, and a flip of her gown, she headed for her room.

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    IC: Le Loup

    Leroux nodded, "Aye, I heard about Davy Jones. I heard the legends about Captain Jack Sparrow. I always wanted to meet him."

    Leroux noticed that the two men looked slightly upset over the subject. Leroux decided not to press it any further. He check to make sure his rapier was tied to his belt securely.

    "Anyway," he siad, when he was done. "Shall we, gentlemen?"

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