Plan B -- A Drabble (ANH, AU)

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    Title: Plan B

    Timeframe: ANH (AU)

    Summary: General Dodonna reveals the rebels' backup plan.

    Notes: A drabble is a work of exactly 100 words (not counting title).
    Personal Drabble Tracker: 306 total; 3 "Star Wars"

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    "The shaft is ray-shielded, so you'll have to use proton torpedoes," General Dodonna explained. "Which makes it a real shame we don't have any."

    The pilots' jaws dropped in unison.

    "Then how can we destroy this thing?" Red Leader asked.

    Dodonna exhaled slowly. "We can't. However," he said, "we do have an alternative plan."

    He called up a fighter schematic. "Your ships have been equipped with spray nozzles and two hundred gallons each of neon pink paint. Your mission is to tag the Death Star. Those without graffiti experience, take your cue from the others. Now get to your ships!"
Thread Status:
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