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NSWRPF Archive Please, need help on my RPG!

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Grievous, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Grievous

    Grievous Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 23, 2003

    It has been ages since I posted on!

    The last time I was here I was posting about ROTS. I've tried to make the best of life after Star Wars, so I've now taken up RPG (Play by Post) as a hobby. I use my own RPG format, and try to do the games like film scripts. I don't know if it is allowed to post links to my Camelot RPG sites here, but I would love to have some fellow jedis as members. (Star Wars Fans rule!). I'm not posting the links to my sites on the board, until I know if it is ok. (Help me mods!)

    If it isn't, what type of RPG posting format does use? I would love to do my RPGs with you guys on here (I really like the sites I made, because I have avatar images, and special banner, and a story archive). I made two different RPGs based on Arthurian Legend (very loosely) and one is about King Arthur and his Knights in the early days of Camelot, when everything is happy and peaceful (expect for some wars that will go on sometimes). The other game is my try at a "darker" theme, that deals with the time after Arthur is taken to Avalon. Here is the story of my second game (the "darker" one; the reason I'm sharing this one is because I think people may like the "darker" theme and it's more of my own story, than the normal King Arthur and his Knights adventures:

    Our Story:

    After Arthur: The Flame of The Pendragon

    It is a dark time, Camelot is in ashes, the Round Table lies broken, King Arthur and all of his noble knights have disappeared behind the vile of Avalon, where they sleep, until another age. Britannia is ruled by the warrior tribes, fear and death mark every path, the land cries out, begging for saviors to take up the blades of the past, in order to shape the future. A battle must be fought, the land must be saved, and restored to the bloodline of The Pendragon. Forgotten was this era, lost was it's heroes.... Until now.

    Yes, behind all the hype we have a real story too!

    The end of Camelot, is our beginning.............It has been 5 years since The Battle of Camlann, rumors have spread. Did Sir Mordred and King Arthur fight beside or against each other? Was Excalibur returned to The Lake? Did any of The Knights of The Round Table survive? Did Guinevere join the sisterhood, or did she join Arthur in Avalon? Is Merlin at long last dead? However, no one is really interested in learning the answers, no one has time. The Saxons, The Picts, and other War Bands have overtaken Britannia, unrest and violence rule the day. Merlin always said this time of darkness would come, and then the flame of The Pendragon would again be rekindled, and yet Prince Loholt, the only son of Arthur and Guinevere died at his father's side at Camlann...or so the story goes. Then there's Melehen, no one trusts him, after all he's the son of Morgana LeFay and Mordred Pendragon The Traitor....or so the story goes. What of Camelot? No one dares go near that haunted, vine tangled castle, and yet those who need to find hope, and remember the tales of The Round Table will enter the rusted gates, if only to stand where the heroes of Camelot once did. It is those few who still remember the lost glory of old, who will join the young man who claims to be "Loholt, The Son of Arthur", those few who will fight, live and die to help The Flame of The Pendragon to burn once more. Could this young warrior truly be Arthur's believed dead son, or is he just toying with destiny? Everyone will have to decide for themselves, then back up their choice with steel.

    if I can't post the link to my site, can I have one of my games going on here? I guess if so, I could always post the images for everyone to see on this thread. Please let me know what I can do about this.

    Thanks, and sorry for the long post!


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    LSA :) Edit: Advertising actually isn't permitted on these forums. It's nice to see you did not go as far as posting off site links because those actually aren't allowed either. Please take some time to look at a few of the RPGs within this fo
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