Pacific Please Welcome The New Pacific Region Co-RSA!

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Mara_Jade_Fan, Jul 28, 2004.

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  1. Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight

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    Feb 1, 2002
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    JediRacer (Matt) will be helping me out in the Pacific Region as my Co-RSA. Matt is an officer in the Los Angeles Fanforce chapter, he is in the Rebel Legion, and is a collector.

    We have split the 18 chapters/forums in the Pacific Region evenly.

    The chapters/forums JediRacer will be responsible for are:

    - Bakersfield
    - Fresno
    - Los Angeles
    - Orange County
    - San Jose
    - Tulare County FF
    - Ventura County FF
    - Everett WA
    - Seattle WA

    Those I will continue to be responsible for are:

    - Inland Empire
    - Sacramento
    - San Diego
    - San Francisco
    - Oahu
    - Idaho Falls
    - Boise
    - Oregon
    - Mojave Desert

    Matt and I will be working together to cover the Pacific Region, so if either one of us is not online, please feel free to contact the other one of us to deal with any issues or concerns that pop up.

  2. TionneHawk Jedi Knight

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    Apr 28, 2002
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    Welcome Matt! Good luck with being co-RSA. Be glad you don't have Sacramento, we are a wild and crazy group.

    Okay maybe not, but we like to think we are. ;)

  3. JediRacer Jedi Knight

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    Apr 5, 2000
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    Thanks!! I'm glad and honored to be Co-RSA for the Pacific Region!

    I want to thank Mara_Jade_Fan in advance for all the help she will be giving me.

    If anyone in the Pacific Region needs any help with anything (Fan Force related of course). Send me a PM, and I'll help you out.
  4. Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight

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    Feb 1, 2002
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    /\ You mean you won't help them move or detail their cars for them, or anything else? :eek: Didn't you read the RSA expectations thread thoroughly? :p

  5. Master--Kenobi Jedi Padawan

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    Dec 8, 2003
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    Wait, mean that he won't drive 3 hours north to help us with building and repainting the "Jedi Starfighter"? Common..Matt...duties should come first.

    In all seriousness, Welcome aboard. The Order of the Twin Suns is small but we defintely have a lot of heart. LA is the old stomping grounds of Master Ash and myself..we spent many a week(s) in front of the Chinese theater during the opening of Empire and Jedi..(we are part of the orginal "old" LA SW group..portrayed Leia and Han..which suddenly seems way way waaaay to long ago!)

    So, whatever you need, let us know.. especially when it comes down to the opening..We have a tradition to maintain :)

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