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    (1) Knocking Luke out without combating him doesn't demonstrate a superior spiritual power, it only demonstrates superior tactical judgment. ESB Luke certainly is at the point of concentration -- he's out there lifting stones and droids while upside-down, no less, and he's already focused enough to concentrate for telepathy even in a life or death situation. The whole point of Vader trying to get Luke in a carbon freeze was to take him unharmed and also avoid him doing anything tricky like using Force powers on Vader's mooks. Vader torturing Luke's friends in front of him doesn't demonstrate the power of the Dark Side, it just demonstrates that Vader is a jerk and even less to be trusted or allied with. The Dark Side, per Yoda, is "quick to join in a fight." That's what Vader is counting on, that Luke will reach out for the Dark Side in battle against him.

    (2) Like I said, in ROTS, for one moment, during the Warner Brothers cartoon duel between Luke, Dooku, and Anakin, Dooku uses Force choke on Obi-Wan before flinging him aside. It's set up and implied as a sort of sucker punch, that Obi-Wan wasn't ready for it, which in turn implies that a prepared Force user can counter it. Either way, Vader didn't invent it. But I'm setting aside ROTS because I'd rather try and figure out Vader's motives from within ESB or the CT as a whole than bring the PT into it.

    (3) Where does it say in the film that becoming a cyborg diminishes a Force user's power? That's nowhere on screen. And IIRC even the EU says that chopping off or immolating limbs doesn't really hurt your Force potential because it's the midichlorian concentration in the blood that matters, not whether you lose 10% of your cells due to some dude with a lightsaber doing a Black Knight from Monty Python.
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    I think you missunderstand what moment I am talking about. I am speaking of the moment, when they are on the walkway, just after Vader says "You are beaten.." Luke still fights on and scores a hit on Vader and then Vader ends the fight in less than a minute.


    No because you don't see the full game Vader is playing. Vader wants to turn Luke and use him to overthrow Palpatine. But if Luke is too weak then he is of no use, if Luke doesn't trun he is of no use and if Palpatine is the one who turns him then Vader might not have any use of him.

    So, given this, Vader first has to test Luke's might, to see if he is powerfull enough to be of use.
    Then, once he knows that, he has to start to work to turn Luke, first by testing his weakness, fear and later anger.
    Third, he could overpower Luke at anytime but he has to break Luke's resolve, to show Luke that it is useless to fight. On top of that, he sweetens the deal by offering Luke a chance to rule, to put an end to this war and have peace and above all, he offers himself, Luke's father. That is a might tempting thing, esp if the alternative is death.
    But Vader did underestimate one things, Luke's resolve and thus Luke drops to his death rather than join evil.

    Bye for now.
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    This one just came to my mind today when we were watching ESB. Luke leaves Hoth and there is NO ONE around. The Falcon leaves Hoth and is surrounded by Star Destroyers and TIEs. Doesn't make sense.
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    I would assume that the Empire was assaulting the planet from one side and Luke left out of another
    Of course the way I say this makes it sound like a 2-dimensional plane, but hopefully you get the idea of what I mean
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    There were probably dozens of X-wings leaving Hoth, but only one Falcon. Vader had probably made it clear that the Falcon was a higher priority than X-wings, so all the TIEs and SDs chased after it and that left plenty of room for the fighters to escape. If all the Imps had been able to tell which X-wing was Luke's, things would have been different.
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    How does one tell the X Wings apart?
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    By the Astromech unit plugged into the back. As well as being told in advance where theirs is parked.
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    The stripes on the wings denote pilot - Luke is "Red Five," and the wings have five red stripes. And so on.
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    I would also imagine Luke's would be marked as the leader of Rogue Squadron.
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    Aw man I thought it was the Force.
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    I think many plot holes form the Original Trilogy could have been explained better if Lucasfilm had better technology and money at the time. You would be surprised how much art is sacrificed from compromises that have to deal with cost and ability.
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    It's because Leia was homies with the ewok, Warwik Davis...that's why....
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    And vice versa, how much better things have come about due to the limitations - i.e. sometimes less is more (e.g. Jaws)
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