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Podracing/Jedi Light and Dark decks for review [DECK]

Discussion in 'Games: CCG, TCG, and Boardgames' started by pinbstr300, Jul 17, 2001.

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  1. pinbstr300

    pinbstr300 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 6, 2001
    please let me know what you think. this is the light deck...dark is next...description is under card list :) thanks

    Starting (6):
    Tatooine: Obi-Wan?s Hut
    Podrace Prep
    Tatooine: Podrace Arena
    Anakin?s Podracer
    Boonta Eve Podrace
    Brisky Morning Munchen

    Characters (15):
    Ben Kenobi
    Chewbacca, Protector
    Han Solo
    Han With Heavy Blaster Pistol
    Jar Jar Binks (x2)
    Leia With Blaster Rifle
    Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight (x2)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner
    Padme Naberrie (x2)
    Qui-Gon Jinn (x3)

    Starships (6):
    A-Wing (x3)
    Blue Squadron B-Wing
    Green Squadron A-Wing

    Locations (2):
    Tatooine: City Outskirts

    Interrupts (21):
    A Jedi?s Focus
    A Jedi?s Resilience (x2)
    A Step Backward
    Changing The Odds
    Don?t Get @#$%y
    Gift Of The Mentor (x2)
    Honor Of The Jedi
    Losing Track (x2)
    Out Of Commission & Transmission Terminated
    Run Luke, Run!
    Star Destroyer! (x3)
    The Force Is Strong With This One (x2)
    The Signal
    Weapon Levitation

    Effects (3):
    Brisky Morning Munchen
    Tatooine Celebration
    Traffic Control

    Weapons and Devices (6):
    Landing Claw (x2)
    Luke?s Lightsaber
    Obi-Wan?s Lightsaber
    Qui-Gon Junn?s Lightsaber (x2)

    Epic Events (1):
    I Did It!
    edit Lets start with the basics. Start Obi-Wan?s hut for the early force generation without giving your opponent much (an important factor to try to slow down their deploying). Then start with Podrace Prep to get out Boonta Eve Podrace, your racer, and the arena. this also comes with an effect, I find Brisky Morning Munchen to be best here.

    During the DS first turn remember to take I Did It! into hand. gets rid of an extra low destiny, and serves as more retrieval later.

    First turn, activate force, then pull Jar Jar and deploy him for the early drain. if you have Padme put her down too. If not, depending on hand I ususally take cards after that. *Side note: Jar Jar can deploy anywhere regardless of restrictions, and one of my friend plays a TTO deck. he tries to hide Jerjerrod from me at the DS2: Docking Bay. I take Jar Jar there and take him out 1st turn. this will prevent him from pulling the sectors and buy you more time to get your Jedi out and get your force drains going*

    for the second turn, you need to be sure to have some people or ships. if you have nothing to deploy draw everything (no fear here because of traffic control which you want to get out ASAP to put high destinys back). if you have people start putting people out based on their gameplan. with multiple copies of each Jedi, you can afford to go on a suicide mission or 2 so you can take out some important people. but be careful.

    once you see some good drains coming, start the race. high destiny usually takes care of this in about 5 or 6 turns (I have won in as few as 3). make sure you have enough force saved to combat Secret Plans so you can recover all your force. Once you win the podrace deploy I Did It! and recover 4 more force (make sure there are 4 cards in your lost pile first).

    then, use one of The Signals to get out Tatooine Celebration. Deploy Tatooine, your starships, and the effect so that you will have more recovery.

    Fortify Tatooine to ensure recovery, keep strong at the system. the ships in this deck are meant to keep you strong at one or 2 systems, not to compete with the DS ships. Collision is in there to take out a ship or 2 (if you can recover it).

    I have also had great success going after their characters with a few Jedi. one foul swoop. use Gift of the mentor to get sabers and to add destiny. use weapon levitation to steal or grab sabers from deck, and use The Force Is Strong With This One to add destiny.

    If you can, try to use Gift of the Mentor along with The Force Is Strong... in one battle to make the attrition huge. if you plan right, have luke with another jedi against vader and add 3 destiny. that will easily take out vader, and add a lot of extra damage for you which will help deplete reserve deck. then just try to sit back and recover
  2. pinbstr300

    pinbstr300 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 6, 2001
    heres the Dark Side :) thanks everyone!

    Starting (6):
    Tatooine: Desert Landing Site
    Start Your Engines!
    Tatooine: Podrace Arena
    Sebulba?s Podracer
    Boonta Eve Podrace
    I Will Find Them Quickly, Master

    Characters (22):
    Aurra Sing
    Boba Fett With Blaster Rifle
    Darth Maul (x4)
    Darth Vader, Dark Lord Of The Sith
    Emperor Palpatine
    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Lathe (x2)
    Lord Vader
    Mara Jade, The Emperor?s Hand (x2)
    Pit Droid
    Prince Xizor
    Sebulba (x2)
    Sith Probe Droid (x4)

    Starships (6):
    The Emperor?s Shield
    The Emperor?s Sword
    Zuckass In Mist Hunter

    Locations (1):

    Interrupts (15):
    Alter & Collateral Damage
    Dark Maneuvers & Tallon Roll
    Force Lightning (x2)
    Furry Fury
    Hit Racer
    I Have You Now
    Main Course
    Pit Crews
    Podracer Collision
    Twi?Lek Advisor (x3)
    Vader?s Anger
    Young Fool

    Effects (5):
    I Am Your Father
    Mournful Roar
    Quietly Observing
    Reactor Terminal
    Watto?s Box

    Weapons (4):
    Mara Jade?s Lightsaber
    Maul?s Lightsaber (x3)

    Epic Events (1):
    If The Trace Was Correct
    edit This deck is rather simple to play. Get Maul out ASAP to the Desert Landing Site to start draining. more on that later...

    1st turn: Pull If The Trace Was Correct before activating (if its not in starting hand). Activate, then deploy that, and if you have maul deploy him (if you have enough force) if not save that until next turn. no Maul? draw everything. you need maul to get this deck going.

    next turns: if you havent already deployed maul, deploy him and his saber quickly. Make sure to deploy him to the Desert Landing Site. this will set up a drain of 3 every turn. sometimes you can get rid of a very important card for his stradegy.

    Make sure to pull Watto?s Box before you start the podrace. when you win you get 11 and they loose 11. make sure you stop them from drawing destiny when you are tied in race destiny. I can usually win within 5 or 6 turns. the fastest I won was in 4 turns. this combined with the drains from maul can deplete a deck pretty fast. if that doesnt completely kill them, go after them with vader and mara jade. pick your battle wisely so you can completely overwhelm them on power. Use I Have You Now to draw an extra destiny.

    The 6 ships are in this deck purely for protection. try to hold one system, mabye 2. dont be afraid to loose some force early to recover from the podrace. make sure there are 11 cards in your lost pile before winning the race.

    This deck has not lost a game. I played a space heavy EBO deck (which is this decks worst nightmare) I picked my battles and came at them on hoth to try to take away rebel planners at all systems. kept force draining using lightsaber bonuses and made them come after me. after luring them all the way to the North Ridge, I dump everyone left in my hand on them.

    I do try not to battle, but just continue to drain. this deck is strong enough to take on anyone on the ground, but pick your battles carefully in space.

    I know this was long...sorry, just didnt think it warrented 2 different topics because they are the same deck ideas, just adapted for both sides of the force :)
  3. 4Q2

    4Q2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 6, 2001
    Thoughts/comments on both decks:

    - Activation. Both of these decks have real low activation. Not a problem for Jar Jar or Maul, but it is a problem for Jedi Luke, Qui-Gon, Palpatine, and Lord Vader.

    - Podracing. Need one more Podracer Collision in your dark deck, and trade one Losing Track for A Step Backwards in your light deck. Removing race destinies is much more important than damaging your opponent's pod, IMO.

    - Starships. You sure picked an interesting mix there. A-Wings and B-Wings? Why not Lando in Falcon (with Punch It!) Red Leader in Red 1, Gold Leader in Gold 1, stuff like that? Star Destroyers? Why not Bossk in Hounds Tooth and IG-88 in IG-2000?

    - Characters. Personally, I wouldn't use Premiere Han Solo or Pit Droids. And I'd probably use Grand Moff Tarkin instead of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    Good luck this weekend!

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