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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by MissingNo, Jul 13, 2006.

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    A world with only pokemon divided up into type tribes. A world that was just discovered by humans. The humans are starting to come to this world and are ruining the balance between the tribes. The legendary pokemon are trying to keep the banlance, but are failing. Now, the legendary pokemon have come up with a plan to peacefully get the humans out.

    That's the stroy. Make your own pokemon! It can be any color you want. (e.g. a pink Meowth, a a blue Voltorb, ect.)The tribe you'll be in is the same type as you are (e.g. a Meowth will be in the Normal tribe, a Charmander in the Fire tribe, ect.), but if your have two types (e.g. Nidoking) you'll have a choice. Of course we'll need the legendary pokemon, so you can try out for one of the legendary pokemon too! (legendary pokemon can have different colors). You must PM the following information to me so that you may be a pokemon:

    Pokemon Species:
    Place you live:

    Here's an example of my pokemon:

    Name: MissingNo.
    Pokemon Species: MissingNo.
    Tribe: Glitch
    Color: A bone white
    Place you live: Cinnabar Island
    Bio: Created by accident in the Cinnabar Lab, the very first person I met was Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. I saw how terrible he was and thought that that's the reason that humans are causing all the disturbance between the pokemon tribes.
    You may give yourself a name, or keep the name of the pokemon you are. No two people can have the same names. You may include a picture of what you look like. You may be a glitch. All the following are glitches that you can be:

    Ghost MissingNo.
    Kabutops fossil MissingNo.
    Pixel MissingNo.
    Bad Egg
    The following are all the tribes:

    Glitch (this tribe is ONLY for people who want to be glitches)
    You may also just reply to this giving the form to be a pokemon and I'll post who are pokemon. Remember, you can be a legendary pokemon but there are ONLY one of each legendary pokemon.

    I am going to be the Kabutops fossil MissingNo. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.