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Poll - Moderator Conduct

Discussion in 'Communications' started by NathanDahlin, Nov 20, 2001.

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  1. Skyler

    Skyler Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 5, 2000
    nevermind [face_plain]
  2. AlienAcid

    AlienAcid Jedi Knight star 6

    Nov 27, 2000
    Pizza cant fit in there with the 20-30 year olds so he came here to the 13-14 year olds its simple really.
  3. Ewan-Kenobi

    Ewan-Kenobi Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 21, 2000

    "Is PreacherBoy's behavior unacceptable for a moderator of his position?"

    I believe so some of the time.

    "If so, does this behavior warrant a demotion from his current position?"

    I don't know, sometimes yes, but I believe he wants to make an honest effort to improve on his behavior that is less than perfect.
  4. Sithman

    Sithman Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 6, 1999
    As far as the Games issue...

    I don't think PB really likes me, I dunno why. Maybe he doesn't know me, maybe he doesn't mind me, I dunno. But for some reason, his conduct with me seemed to be that he was agitated with me. I dunno. Anyways, I just stay out of the social threads when I want to talk about Games, simple enough. I try to keep a neutral attitude about the whole thing, and I have seemed to stay on good relations with most gamers there (except at certain points :) ).

    Anyways, Flare, just try to stay away from the stuff you don't want to be bothered with and just go into the threads to talk about gaming. I'm not trying to demand that you do that, I'm just saying that that's what I did, and it worked. :)
  5. AlienAcid

    AlienAcid Jedi Knight star 6

    Nov 27, 2000
    He doesnt hate you sithman

    I DO! MY JOB!

  6. Jedi_Jarvis

    Jedi_Jarvis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 7, 2001
    Well, it (dosent) seems strange to me that alot of the 'no' votes come from Slackers. Just wanted to point that out before I say...

    Yes> he needs to have more respect for his position, and for the other members. Posting ANY E-mail is not right, unless specific approval for that one e-mail has been given by the writer. And the reaction to he gave last night was definatly trolling.

    Yes> he should at least get a vacation from being a mod for a little bit. If just because it seems like job burnout is fast approaching.

    This is not to say I hate him or anything, I have had no contact with PB, but that's just my opinion from looking in from the outside.
  7. JediMaster22

    JediMaster22 Jedi Knight star 8

    Oct 15, 1999
  8. AlienAcid

    AlienAcid Jedi Knight star 6

    Nov 27, 2000
    Slackers are PB's friends? HELLO who tried to get him demoted orignaly? and Who caused slackergate?
  9. Jedi_Jarvis

    Jedi_Jarvis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 7, 2001
    Ok, then why are they backing him up?

    That's just the way I saw it...
    If it's not true, then it sure seems that way.

    EDIT>way to hold your ground JM22 ;)
  10. AlienAcid

    AlienAcid Jedi Knight star 6

    Nov 27, 2000
    well for one he hasent done anything lately to deserve it.

    And they wanna demote him for another reason I think.
  11. Jedi_Jarvis

    Jedi_Jarvis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 7, 2001
    THey who? The JC admins?

    If that's the case then lets talk about that instead of the topic of this thread.

    If our opinion dosent count and this is all about something else, then why are we wasting our breath on it?

  12. FlareStorm

    FlareStorm Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 13, 2000
    "For the last month or so, at least once a week has a largely hit thread such as this one, been made in concern with PreachBoy's conduct. Isnt that telling you anything??? "

    Thats exactly what I said. Wether he's a rule-breaker or not hardly matters anymore, he's had enough complaints that enough is enough

    BOBAFETISH Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 19, 2001

    Not Really. I haven't enjoyed my dealings with PB, but they aren't extensive enough for me to vote for a demotion. I also don't really go to games except to read sometimes, so I don't feel like I want to deny the people there a mod that they like. I do think he should attempt to react better to criticism.
  14. jamesdrax

    jamesdrax Jedi Master star 6

    Aug 30, 2000
    I've never had any run-in's with PreacherBoy, in fact I don't think I've ever acknowledged him on these boards at all! My only gripe with him is that I get really peeved off when there's an interesting topic that he posts in, if someone spels somthin incurrectally, the entire thread's actual topic goes completely AWOL!

    Occasions like this are few and far between but I'm present for nearly all of them. I've seen banning threats that make no sense what-so-ever. It's pretty funny when you see them in the first time around but when someone takes it seriously, it get's pretty boring after a while.


    1. I suppose so, I'd have to be able to sympathise because it's never happened to me before on these boards.

    2. Nah! Extended break will do and a spank that takes his modship away temporarily will probably teach him some manners. At least he get's his jobs done but... cut back on the grammar correction; NO ONE CARES!!!!

    That sums it up for me. If there's anything that I mentioned that seems untrue or stupid, tell me seriously... and don't lie!
  15. Darth Dark Helmet

    Darth Dark Helmet Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 27, 1999
    I've never been PB's biggest supporter, there was a time, when I would have answered yes to both question sin this thread. But over the past couple of months my view has changed.

    There have been a lot of co,mplaints about PB lately, but I see them coming mainly from the same people. The same people come in every thread and start talking about how PB raped their childhood.

    Do I think PB steps out of line once and awhile? Yes, but honestly, who among hasn't? I would wager that everyone who has posted in here at some point or another has stepped out of line in one way or another at some point on these boards. Does he deserve to be demoted for this? Hell no. You people make it sound like PB is personally coming to your house and slapping your baby sister around the way you talk about him. He's not.

    For me, it comes down to one question. Does PB care about these forums and their future. Honestely watching him since he returned, I would say that yes, he does. Oh no, he called Bash a sick freak. I read that thread, it was warrented. Get off your high horses people.

    Yes, he can be sarcastic, and at times antagonizing. But, part of the problem with this place has been that the people here take everything so damned seriously. They see PB make a sarcastic comment when closing a thread and that must mean he hates them and wants nothing but to ruin every internet experience they will have. We expect our mods to be pillars of sanity and justice. Never straying from the noble ways of the knights. We expect them to this job and put with all of our excrement and then smile, and say "thank you sir may I have another."

    Would we even be having this debate if not for PB's sotried past? No, I don't think so. But so many stories and rumors about Pb have been spread around this board that there is an automatic stigma to him. He is seen as the person who is trying to get you, who is going to hack you and bring down your internet board. People view everything he says through this filter and they put a negative spin on everything he says. He is rarely given the beneft of the doubt.

    Yes, I have been party to some of the instance that spread some of those rumors. I'm not proud of this, and I would like to take this moment to publicly apologize to Preacherboy for any crap I have given him in the past.

    PB cares about this place, he does. I think everyone just needs to step back and take a break. Remember that this is the internet and if your letting things that happen follow you off the boards and your allowing yourself to get this worked up over things then you are taking ti too seriously. This place is meant to be fun. There should be no need for people to be starting long winded female dog sessions about people.

    So in conclusion.

    1. No
    2. No
  16. PreacherBoy

    PreacherBoy Jedi Youngling star 5

    Aug 3, 1998
    I appreciate the apology, DDH, but it was not absolutely necessary. I've always found you to be an insightful member, that can see past everything except realities, to move onward to actually doing something constructive. For that, I thank you. I appreciate every single one of you out there that realize "Hey, I don't need to take my real life frustrations out on other people online! I can just be a more mature, better person!"

    you=cool, d00d.
  17. Darth_Dagsy

    Darth_Dagsy Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 18, 2000
    ok, after lurking in this thread for a while, i figure i will give my 2c (and thats about all my opinion is usually worth anyway)

    Is PreacherBoy's behavior unacceptable for a moderator of his position?

    i can only speak from experience, and i have never had a problem with preacher. he takes my jokes as well as the next bloke, and thats about all i can ask for.
    IMO, many think he can be gruff when dealing with others, but i think its more that people have such thin skins. people get too offended too easily. of course, i dont know what he is like with respect to dealing with people via PMs, unban requests etc, so i cant judge that.

    If so, does this behavior warrant a demotion from his current position?

    i dunno. like i said, i cant judge what he is like away from what i see in the threads i visit. but from what i do see, i think many non-mods would get banned for what he says...but my beef here is not in what he says being bad, but rather i think that we commoners should be allowed to make comments like that.

    in conclusion...ummm...he pisses people off. i dont know what he is like outside of threads, but i have nothing against what he does inside a thread.
  18. Darth_Dagsy

    Darth_Dagsy Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 18, 2000
    well, like i said, i think many people have thin skins. people often take things too seriously.
    has he said things that ordinary members would be banned for? yes.
    but do i think that half the stuff he said is banworthy for anyone? no.

    i have seen both thread before. preacher has had a number of people say stuff about him, and has gotten very defensive, and came back pretty hard. to be honest, i probably would too.

    i stayed out of the TFU thread, because i didnt see the point of getting in an argument...TFU baited preacher, and paid the price. when the thread started, you and wadda got in a fight...both of you were in the wrong. preacher took waddas side, because wadda was defending him.

    i havent seen anything that terrible written in threads...i dont know what he is like out of the threads, but in the threads, i dont have a problem.
  19. Ooh_Aah_Cantona

    Ooh_Aah_Cantona Jedi Knight star 6

    Dec 13, 2000
    TFU baited preacher, and paid the price.

    I have already stated what I think is wrong with baiting/goading. When a mod does it, the poster gets banned, when a poster does it, the poster gets banned. Double standards.

    We all know which other mod used to do that.
  20. Humble extra

    Humble extra Jedi Youngling star 5

    Jun 12, 1999
    no, who?

    This is a beautiful, beautiful thread Nathan, and it was right for you to do this, although as it was said by LoH that this is your decision, it is good to see you are consulting us, the interested members. Regardless of what results from this thread I think this open discussion policy should stay.....some people here may like being treated like slow children, and all power to them, one day they might even be promoted to Daddy...........

    Regarding PB and his conduct, well it seems to piss alot of people of perriodically, thats a given it seems in my experience here at the JC. However we need our rascals, and hey, if my memory serves me right he looks sorta like val kilmer, and thats got to be good for our public image

    Regarding Games, well there does seem to be several cliques there, and a lot of bad blood, personally I don't care, nor did I mind Howlrunner's conduct........seems that was more to do with the gaming league people, not the actual forum, but who cares I guess, things seem to be quite there at present....... just so long as they still agree PC gaming is a poor substitute to consoles, and nintendo in particular
  21. Valiowk

    Valiowk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 23, 2000
    1. Is PreacherBoy's behavior unacceptable for a moderator of his position?

    While I would say that PB hasn't been as good on the job as compared to some moderators, and as well as I would have liked, I have to say that he gets the job done eventually. Yes, maybe at times it seems as if more tact used would have been better, I think that everybody has their own style. Maybe I've become used to PB's style, or maybe after some time you realise that you can't have everything your way.

    I'll admit that there were a few incidents all this time that left me really disappointed (until today, sadly, I still remember the LC incident), but after some time PB's been consistant enough to warrant being all right, I guess.

    He's a good technical mod, I'll say, and I think that apart from that he's also managed to point out quite a number of things.

    Would be nice if PB was just a little less harsh sometimes, but I'll admit that there were times when we needed him the way he is. I don't really want to take a stand, but I'll say PB's still all right. And I'll say one thing - PB never was harsh unless someone got into a situation they shouldn't have had.

    2. If so, does this behavior warrant a demotion from his current position?

    I don't think so. There hasn't been an incident so bad that it's needed, that's the way I feel.
  22. toochilled

    toochilled Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 17, 2000

    You say:

    [blockquote]toochilled- Get your facts straight. I'm extremely irritated that you would go as low as spreading lies to change the outcome of something that, for once as the members want, is democratic. [/blockquote]

    Excuse me??
    Spreading lies.??

    I have not lied, unlike yourself.
    I have NOT attempted to change the outcome of this poll. I have not, as I could have, 'campaigned' for others to come here in any way whatsoever at any other boards or on this board.
    Trust me, I am taking this seriously and I am wise enough not to give you anything toi ban me over.
    I would observe that it looks like you have 'got a few friends' over from various places' - but hey, I guess that's an observation we both share about each other! Irrelevant of truth.

    As stated earlier this is, ultimately Nathan's descission and, if the ethos of 'all members treated the same / all members subject to the same rules' is observed then sorry Preacherboy, you will have to be demoted, and most likely banned.


    And hey, if you want to try and use f33r and fr34k3r7 to keep your position that is up to you. Personally I get the impression your skills are rather akin to a guy named Jeff whose second name is K.
  23. Genghis12

    Genghis12 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 18, 1999
    A non-mod (no reason to name names) said...
    "Thats exactly what I said. Wether he's a rule-breaker or not hardly matters anymore, he's had enough complaints that enough is enough."

    So just the mere existence of complaints, regardless of quality of the complaint is enough to get someone demoted and/or banned now?!? And people call mods fascist. [face_plain]

    So by this reasoning, if one were to start a thread a week in Communications about how someone, say Flarestorm, harrasses people (regardless of whether it's true or not) then that member should be banned on the quantity of threads alone? [face_plain]
  24. Ooh_Aah_Cantona

    Ooh_Aah_Cantona Jedi Knight star 6

    Dec 13, 2000
    Genghis12 you are ignoring all the links and examples people have posted in threads, (not necessarily this one) that has shown examples of Preacherboy's behaviour.

    Look, all I am saying is accountability has to exist and mods should hold their hands up and say they were wrong and try to atone. I might be wrong, but from what I have seen, Preacherboy hasn't done that. He gets all defensive and mildly flames people so the thread becomes sidetracked and a finger pointing session.
  25. DarthAttorney

    DarthAttorney Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 8, 2000
    1. Is PreacherBoy's behavior unacceptable for a moderator of his position?


    2. If so, does this behavior warrant a demotion from his current position?


    IMHO, you can't satisfy all the people all the time. PreacherBoy seems to have done more good than harm in his time as a mod here at the JC. I have had no interaction with PreacherBoy at all (except reading an occasional post while lurking). If some users hold a grudge, then make this affair his last warning......I dunno.

    But cheers to NathanDahlin for openning this topic to the public.
    Hopefully there'll be more of it. :)
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