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    Hey Gang!

    Jess here from down south Mos Alba way!

    I think I may have discovered a new Imperial helmet from the Original Trilogy. I actually noticed the helmet about 4 months ago. Since then I have done research to see if anyone else had seen it or had written about it. As it turns out....I have found nothing on it.

    The helmet I am talking about can be found on ROTJ. The scene it can be seen is when the Emperor arrives on the Death Star. As the Emperor is coming down the ramp off the Shuttle....look over his left shoulder....there you will see Imperial Troops wearing a helmet that looks like the Rebel Troopers helmet......but it is in solid black!

    I sent this message to Jez who owns [link=]Star Wars[/link]

    Here is his response back to me:


    i had a look tonight and i think you're right

    U G L Y!!!!!!!!!

    It looks to me like the background costumes for that scene were put together
    VERY quickly by the costumers (Berman and Nathens?) and almost like they hacked
    together some existing helmets (or parts).

    Even the costumes themselves look very poor. I suppose they were only going to
    be used in a single long-shot but even so they look VERY rough! It would be good
    to see some on-set pics as even the dvd doesnt have the resolution to show them

    nice find though - well done!!!!



    Take a look at scene and let me know what you think!


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