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Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by fryda_swaid, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Hodge Trummer
    Wandering Folk Hero
    Human Male 30-40
    Brown eyes, medium brown hair
    Physical: Rippling mass of muscles barely restrained by clothing.
    DEX 4D PER 3D
    KNO 2D STR 4D
    MEC 3D TEC 2D
    Dodge 7D Blaster 8D Melee 5D+2 Melee Parry 5D+2, Brawling Parry 6D; Culture 4D Intimidation 6D Languages 4D+2 Streetwise 6D; Repulsor-lift Op 4D Space Transports 4D Gunnery 4D; Command 5D Sneak 5D Con 4D; Lifting 8D, Brawling 6D, Demolition 4D+1 Security 5D+1
    Equipment: Blaster Carbine(5D), 4 Grenades, blast vest (+1d Phys/+1 energy), White outfit, White wide-brimmed hat, knife, vibroblade, soundtrack followers
    Background: Hodge Trummer is from a quaint backwater world out on the rim territories. His speach is thickly accented (think Schwartzenager saying "Hedge Trimmer" and you get the idea), but in spite of that, he is capable of speaking and understanding a surprising number of languages. His agriculture laborer background produced a tremendous physique. Every once-in-a-while he forgets himself, flexes his muscles, and destroys his clothing. Hodge joined the local militia and gained extensive training and education. Afterward he made a living as a mercenary for hire. When he decided he didn't like who he was working for, he decided to use his wealth to help "the little people who need muscle". Since then he has fought local crime bosses, minor legal cases, duels, bounty hunters, and even the occasional imperial governor. He hasn't always won, but at least every opponent knew that they'd been in a fight. This has given Hodge a reputation as a good, honest, believer and a robin-hood complex. He records PSAs ("Stay in skoul oar Ah will bate hue ap") and makes public appearances at local events wherever he goes, signing autographs, touring schools, posing with shop-keepers, and saving drowning animals. Because of all this PR, between jobs he is very busy and showered with gifts.
    Hodge always wears a white outfit, with black boots and undershirt. The jacket (with tails) acts as his flack vest. He has several spares and changes of clothing on the ship.
    Hodge is constantly followed by a group of 4-5 sentients of mixed races who he refers to as his soundtrack. "Every Hero should have One." They play music constantly as they follow him arround. Their last audio recording featured "Hodge Trummer's Grocery Shopping Theme", "Hodge Shoots da Bahd Guys", "Hodge has Angst Momment", "Hodge's Romance", "Hodge in the Refresher", "Hodge makes empassioned speach", "Trummer Lullaby" and the extended version of "Countdown to Hodge's big Explosion goes 'bang'". Though the band members vary from time to time, there is always a ready supply of people wanting to audition. The musicians tend to have modest skill (4D-5D) in music, but a variety of other skills that make them useful to Hodge when not playing. Because of his soundtrack, Hodge has a +2d morale bonus (+5 for d20) regardless of the situation (from gambling to blaster-fight to charming females to buying ship supplies).

    Only one member of the band has been with Hodge from the beginning:
    Beskal Tyf
    Jennet Male 23
    Brown eyes, Grey-brown fur
    Physical: Trim rodent-featured humanoid
    DEX 3D PER 2D+1
    KNO 3D+2 STR 2D
    MEC 3D+2 TEC 3D+1
    Dodge 5D Blaster 5D Musical Instrument: Jenet SynthHarp 8D Melee 3D+2 Melee Parry 3D+2, Brawling Parry 4D; Music 7D Culture 6D Languages 4D+2; Repulsor-lift Op 4D+2 Space Transports 5D+2 Shields 4D Astrogation 4D+2; Sneak 4D+1 Con 3D; climbing 3D, Brawling 4D, Starship repair 4D+2 Repulsorlift Rep 4D+1 First Aid 5D+1 Blaster Repair 5D
    Equipment: Blaster Pistol(5D), 2 smoke Grenades, blast vest (+1d Phys/+1 energy), Jenet SynthHarp, "stock" Small Freightor
    Racial: Enhanced Memory(+1d to all knowledge skills rolls to any skill the jenet already has 1d in), Astrogation (+1d if Jenet already has 1D), Climbing/Swimming (can advance skills at 1/2 cost of normal), Hearing (+1d to all hearing-based PER rolls), flexibility (can disjoint limbs to fit through small openings)
    Background: Beskel signed on with Hodge Trummer after Hodge helped out his
  2. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Riono Xap
    Transport afficionado and stoolie
    Near-Human Male 22
    Topaz eyes, shoulder-length medium brown hair
    Physical: , slightly greenish skin, aqua-marine antenna stubs. Drab dirty clothing
    DEX 2D PER 4D
    KNO 4D STR 2D
    MEC 3D+1 TEC 2D+2
    Dodge 3D; Streetwise 6D; Repulsor-lift Op 4D+1, Space Transports 4D+1, Astrogation 4D+1; Con 5D;
    Equipment: Hold-out Blaster (3D+1), Grubby clothes, repulsor-lift transport (seats 6 in a pinch, 4 in more comfortable), Gottascram Barloz Medium Freighter, 700 credits
    Background: Riono's motto is that he will get anyone where they're going, eventually. He started out as strictly a local transport assistant (taxi driver) on a small, backwater world. He wasn't the most skilled driver, but he got by. And he learned things. Lots of things. Because he wasn't picky about his clientelle and didn't ask questions about their business, he saw a great deal of shady operations and learned the who's who. And he kept his mouth shut.
    Then one day, his big break came: a fare died in his back seat. Riono was able to use his knowledge to turn the body into the people looking for it, and in recognition (there was a 50,000 credit bounty), they gave Riono Xap the fare's ship (after it was searched thouroughly for anything of interest to the underworld market) instead of the bounty.
    This incident opened new doors for Riono and sparked a new excitement for him. Now instead of driving a decrepid repulsor-lift arround a backwater planet, he could transport fares to multiple backwater planets, and then ferry them arround locally. So long as the customers are patient... Riono isn't that great a pilot, or that skilled an astrogator. But he will get them there... ...Eventually.
    Riono has opened up a bit. While he won't testify to the Imperials or other local authorities, or mention specific incidents, in order to help his business he is willing to put interested parties in contact with each other. His network of underworld sentients is ever-expanding. While he won't talk about them, he will talk about anything else, whether asked to or not.
    He is available for hire by almost anyone--even honest citizens or authorities.
    He charges reasonable rates for ordinary services, plus 1000-20000 for hazardous extras.
    Gottascram is a very stock freighter of it's type. Absolutely no improvements have been made. In fact, with Riono's lack of maintenance skill, several systems are on the verge of breaking down at any momment. Any damage an individual system takes is doubled (I make 2 rolls on my handy, do-it-yourself damage chart, or for d20 the ship has to make a DC 15 Fort save or some random system of GM's choice (anything from autochef to hyperdrive) breaks and needs repairs). Several beings are unaware of the change of ownership. In space combat, Riono will try to run, or surrender--he is not a fighter.

    Riono's repulsor-lift is an old model:
    Scale: speeder
    Crew: 1
    Passengers: 5
    Cover: 75%
    Cargo: 1 ton
    Consumables: 1 week
    Shields: You're kidding, right?
    Speed: 3D (max verticle 2 meters, max speed 180kph)
    Mv: 1D--it's a bantha on a skateboard
    Weapons: whatever the passengers are carrying
    The speeder is a patchwork of different paint colors, dented, bruised, and has a few blaster-singes

    figure a NewYork/Brooklyn cabbie, or Bugs Bunny
    "Aahhh palpy! Would you look at dis traffic? Didn't used to be like dis. Ya-know wud-I mean?" "Where's ya wanna go-to? Short is cheap. Long costs a little more."

    D20 Conversion: LVL1 Fringer. Skills concentrated on streetwise and bluff, with some minor piloting & speeder skills
  3. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Ranat Male 19
    beady black eyes, Grey fur with brown on hands, feet, & ears
    Physical: hunch-backed rodent humanoid
    DEX 4D PER 3D
    KNO 2D STR 3D+2
    MEC 2D+2 TEC 1D+2
    Dodge 6D; Streetwise 4D; Command 5D; Brawling 4D+2; Search 4D+1; Primitive armor build/repair 3D+2; pickpocket 4D+2
    Force Sensative: Yes
    Sense: 1D
    Alter: 1D+1
    Skill Points: 8
    Force Points: 2
    Dark-Side Points: 2
    TK, TK injure/kill; Dim other's Senses; Receptive Telepathy, Life Detection
    Racial: can tunnel through 1 meter of stone or 'crete in 3 rounds, teeth (STR+1D), Considered annoying semi-sentient vermin (can be killed with impunity on most planets), Underestimated (they CAN use technology!), Learning curve (double-bonus for "primitive" skills)
    Equipment: Grubby rag clothes, Rag-armor (+1d phys), Ranat Gang/clan (over 50 members), knife (STR+1d+1), "treasure" hoard
    Background: Xzapak is what many sentients dread: An intelligent Ranat. Working slowly, Xzapak has managed to bully his way to the top of his small family, and recruited other families into his own. His main method of incorporating: his power to hurt others using only his mind. This "majik" caused the others to toady up in hope of gaining favor or keep a low profile until their own plans could remove Xzapak. Unfortunately, Xzapak seems to be able to identify the troublemakers in his clan and "deal" with them by making examples, thus solidifying his hold even further.
    Xzapak's gang has taken to burrowing into homes of wealthy individuals and corporations to kidnap them and steal anything of value. Most of the kidnappings fail, but because no-one really expects much of a Ranat, several have succeded. The clan is starting to learn some basic technology skills. The main activity, though, is foraging for food and pick-pocketing.
    There have been several attempts to exterminate Xzapak and his clan. So far, he has escaped every one, usually with at least 3 of his mates to rebuild his clan. They build new tunnels each time from a central "nest". Xzapak himself has his own private room within a week.
    Xzapak's goal is to eventually take over an entire city. He's not sure what he'd do with it if he ever succeeded, but the need for power drives him. So far, no large criminal organization has ever taken him seriously enough to attempt to exterminate. The expoints that have succeeded have cause some humor in the invisible market and embarrassment to high-society, but that's all. Should Xzapak ever gain control of a city, it would likely die and be abandoned within a month.
    Amazingly, Xzapak has not completely turned to the Dark Side, but it would take a formidable Jedi indeed to overcome Xzapak's greed and thirst for power, never mind hold a conversation with Xzapak for more than about 2 minutes.
    THe Treasure Horde of Xzapak includes: 34 pieces of jewelry (mostly 20-credit watches), 5 credsticks (retina-locked so that only the owner can access the credits), 89 cheap-print comic books, an educational text viewer (the source of their increased technical knowledge), a broken MSE-6 droid, the head-dome shell of an R3 astromech (used as a drinking bowl), and lots of shiney garbage that happened to catch the eye of some thief.

    Typical Xzapak clan member
    Ranat age: 12
    Physical: Drab dirty clothing
    DEX 3D PER 1D+2
    KNO 1D STR 2D
    MEC 0D+2 TEC 0D+2
    Pick-pocket 5D; Search 2D+2; Survival 3D; Brawling 3D; Melee 4D
    Equipment: Club (Str+1D), grubby rags, pouch, belt, "jewelry" (usually a piece of scrap metal on a string)
    SP: 2
    FP: 0
    DSP: 0

    Certain Ranats who have proved their loyalty (not necessarily intelligence) have been promoted to the position of Body Guard. Xzapak doesn't normally have more than 3 of these at any time. They also act as minor enforcers and bullies.
    Typical Xzapak Body Guard
    Ranat age: 14
    Physical: Drab dirty clothing
    DEX 3D PER 1D+2
    KNO 1D+1 STR 2D+1
    MEC 0D+2 TEC 0D
    Brawling Parry 4D; Melee Parry 4D; command 2D+2; intimidation 3D+1; Brawling 3D+1; Melee 4D
    Equipment: Knife (Str+1D+1), grubby rags, pouch, belt, "jewelry" (usually a piece o
  4. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Haley Blystos
    Ittinerant Spacefarer (traveling spacebum
    Human Female 27
    Brown eyes, Brown hair
    Physical: Trim, lean, physically fit 1.6m tall 87kg
    DEX 3D PER 3D+1
    KNO 3D+1 STR 3D
    MEC 2D+2 TEC 2D+2
    Dodge 6D+1, Blaster 4D, pickpocket 6D+2, Melee 3D+2, Melee Parry 4D, Brawling Parry 4D+1; Alien Races 4D, Languages 3D+2, streetwise 4D+1, planetary systems 5D+1; Repulsor-lift Op 3D+2; Gambling 5D, Sneak 4D+1, Con 4D; Brawling 4D, Starship repair 3D+2, Repulsorlift Rep 3D+1, First Aid 3D+1;
    FP: 1
    SP: 3
    Equipment: Blaster Pistol(4D), blast vest (+1d Phys/+1 energy), medkit, survival tent, 200 credits, backpack, comlink, datapad, emergency signaly & transponder pack, highly durable clothing.
    Background: Haley has a lust for travel--will go anywhere to see anything. Unfortunately, she wasn't blessed with a wealthy upbringing or connections, so she had to do it the hard way: stowing away and hitch-hiking. While she has taken odd jobs to pay bills and occasionally paid for her passage since, she is usually trading services for transportation. She's a fair hand at mechanical repairs, and though not as good as most professionals, the cost is fairly cheap. She also will act as a tour guide (unlicensed and maybe as part of a scam). Haley's main income has been through less honest circles: pick-pocketing, running con schemes, and gambling. She has served prison time and does have some small bounties (about 500 credits each) on her for skipping bail.
    On good weeks, Haley travels in first-class and dines in the finest restraunts. Other times, she sleeps in alleys and doorways.
    One thing Haley will always do (and what get her in the most trouble) is that she will always leap into a fight to help the underdog, or to help anyone in trouble that she hasn't caused. Usually, she has to go find a new city or planet to visit shortly afterward to avoid authority or underworld figures as a result, but that fits in nicely with her plans to see as much of the galaxy in her lifetime as possible.

    D20: lvl4 fringer
  5. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    By the by, there was a series of books for generating character histories called "Central Casting: Heroes of Legend" followed by "Central Casting: Heroes of Tomorrow" and of course "Central Casting: Heroes NOW!". Their system improved as the editions went on.
    If you're stuck for ideas on creating a character, they can provide a good start. What's more, they're a decent tool for rapidly creating NPC character backgrounds.
    Might be useful to see if you can find in the old used book store or on the back shelves of the gaming shop, or eBay.
  6. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Well, hopefully these ideas are of use to people.
    Here's the next of my little wonders:

    Cinder & Ashman are a team of Duke Hallier of Mecetti's "trouble-shooters". These two were highly trained and efficient agents completing yet another mission for their Lord and master when luck finally ran out. Some joy-riding teenagers on swoop bikes crashed into their speeder. On of the children was a scion of a minor Cadriaan noble, who tried to hush up the accident and made restitution to Duke Hallier.
    Hallier, however, had other ideas. He had Cinder and Ashman cybernetically rebuilt and augmented with the best and latest bionics his rank and privledge could buy.
    The result, while hideously expensive, was a pair of agents who have yet to fail, and have on occasion taken down platoons of Stormtroopers and house guards and not only survived, but won. Duke Hallier is very careful not to let Cinder and Ashman know of the safeguards built into their cyberwear to insure loyalty. With a word, he claims, he can destroy them. So long as they continue to obey, he will never use it. What he doesn't know is that Ashman overheard the Duke telling his secretary about the protocol. While neither knows what will destroy them, they are clandestinely looking for a cybernetic surgeon who could tell them, and are willing to go to any lengths, even breaking their oath of loyalty (something they would never do before) if someone can guarantee that the protocol can be removed. They consider the fact that the duke felt it necessary to install such a thing in them, after all their years of loyal service, insulting.

    Human Female
    1.6 m tall, 87kg
    Red hair & eyes
    DEX 6D*
    KNO 2D+2
    MEC 2D+2
    PER 5D*
    STR 5D+2*
    TEC 2D
    *'s denote cybernetic enhancements
    Blaster 9D, Dodge 8D+2, Melee 8D, Melee Parry 7D+1
    Cultures: Tapani Houses 4D+1, Languages 5D
    Repulsor-Lift Op 4D
    Command: Mecetti Personnel 9D, Hide 7D, Sneak 7D, Search 9D, con 6D+2
    Brawling 7D+2, Climb/Jump 6D+1
    First Aid 3D+2, Demolitions 4d
    Equipment: Cybernetic Reflex package, Cybernetic Perception Package, Cybernetic Strength enhancement package, backpack, blaster carbine, blaster, hold-out blaster, utility knife, vibro-blade, climbing gear, disguise kit
    Cinder is the more combat-beast of the pair. Her enhancements have just made her more-so. She is, inspite of her condition, fairly accepting of her situation, though not happy. While extremely capable of violence, she does her best to avoid it.
  7. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Sorry, got distracted & forgot to post the second half...

    Human Male
    1.73 m tall, 97kg
    Grey hair & eyes
    DEX 6D*
    KNO 2D+2
    MEC 4D+2*
    PER 5D*
    STR 3D+2
    TEC 2D
    *'s denote cybernetic enhancements
    Blaster 8D, Dodge 8D, Melee 7D, Melee Parry 7D+1
    Cultures: Tapani Houses 4D+1, Cultures 5D
    Repulsor-Lift Op 6D+2, Space Transports 6D+2, Starfighter Piloting 6D+2, Shields 5D, Gunnery 5D+2
    Gambling 6D, Hide 7D, Sneak 7D+2, Search 8D, con 8D+1
    Brawling 5D+2
    First Aid 5D+2, Demolitions 4d, Security 6D, Droid Program/Repair 5D, Computer Program/Repair 5D+2
    Equipment: Cybernetic Reflex package, Cybernetic Perception Package, Cybernetic Mechanical enhancement package, Cybernetic Courier socket, backpack, blaster, hold-out blaster, utility knife, security bypass kit, speeder, disguise kit, sabaac deck, 5000 credits.

    Ashman is disgusted with what has been done to him. He has held a deep predjudice against cyborging since childhood. That he has been made one fills him with deep loathing and disgust.
    Unlike his partner, he will take out his anger on others, and has needed to be reminded, from time to time, that stabbing a corpse 47 times isn't productive or efficient. When his anger-management issues are under control, Ashman is a very cheerful and caring person. He cares about his House, his partner, and himself. His technical abilities and piloting skills allow him to cover the larger deficiencies in Cinder's skill set, and vice versa.

    They will almost always be encountered together. They may recruit the party to help them (or use them to cause a distraction), or be a rival team for the same goal, or be in charge of stopping the party.

    Cinder and Ashman are actually not that advanced as characters (level 4 or 5). Their cyberwear, however, makes them extremely powerful. It can also be used against them. They have very advanced, top-of-the-line and even experimental gear, designed to appear perfectly normal without intrusive examinations, though anyone using the Force to examine or manipulate them will notice something is unusual almost immediately.
  8. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    The Undertakers

    Sometimes, blasterfire and prolonged battles take a toll on bystanders. Other times, the authorities want their own, independant analysis of what happened. Sometimes, they just want someone to clean up the mess. When this happens, they call the Undertakers.

    Gaige Tolmot set up this business on a frontier world on the border of the outer systems and the rim. Stingrav 3 was a nearly lawless world. Corpses became a health problem. Tolmot set up his shop primarily to dispose of remains. Eventually, the ability to "salvage" parts from cyborgs became sufficiently profitable for him to need medical assistance. Rather than pay for a doctor to do it for him, he began to learn on his own--mostly by trial and error. Eventually, Gaige Tolmot needed to expand. His reputation grew. Within 15 years, he was involved in off-world franchises.

    Tolmot is an incredible and notorious cheapskate. His employees are from the lowest end of the lavor force. Talmot is the largest off-tatooine employer of Jawas, as well as Ranats. He has a couple of minor "executives" who have medical training at each franchise, normally nor very ethical.

    If a cantina or tap-caf needs bodies collected, Talbot's undertakers are available. If you see a wheeled cart being pulled by 6 jawas, you know Talbot's were just called in. Talbot's are also available for "discrete" services and plain, flat-out, body dumping. The more morally dubious the situation, the more Talbot's charges. Picking up a body from a Tap-caf that was an honest and fair shootout will run 75-150 credits. Cleaning up a residence where bodies were mutilated into a bloody mess soaking carpets, wood, and other porus materials and disposing of the bodies without filing a report to local law enforcement can run up to 5000 credits or more, depending on the client's bank account and/or reputation. It is not unknown for Talbots to have faked a crime scene on the one hand, and been hired to clean it up on the other.

    Gaige Talbot
    Herglic Male
    1.92 meters tall, 222kg
    Whitish hair, slate-gray eyes
    Dex 2D+2
    Kno 4D+1
    Mec 2D+2
    Per 3D+2
    Str 2D
    Tec 2D+2
    Dodge 4D, Streetwise 7D, Technology 5D, Business 5D, Law 5D+1, Value 5D+1, Repulsor-lift Op 4D+1, Bargain 6D+1, Investigation 5D+2, Con 7D+1, Brawling 4D, First-Aid 5D, Cybernetics 3D+2, Medicine 2D, Forensic Sciences 5D

    Typical Talbot Agent
    Jawa or Ranat
    1.3m tall, black robes
    All stats 2D except: Blaster 4D, Dodge 4D, Investigation 4D, Repulsor-lift op 3D, Lifting 4D
    These are the poor underlings who have to pick up the bodies, sort out the mess, and report any potentially interesting details (information that can be used to squeeze a few more credits out of the clients or other interested parties) to their superiors.

    Typical Talbot Specialist
    All stats 2D except: First Aid 5D, Medicine 3D, Investigation 5D, Search 4D, Con 4D, Ferensic Sciences 5D, Value 4D, Technology 5D
    As Talbot expanded to multi-world service, he eventually had to hire some knowledgable help. Oddly enough, the most useful and unscrupulous source of specialists he needed were Squibs. There are 1-3 specialists serving each planet, depending on level of demand. In peaceful rural areas, there's no more than 1, who mainly strips the bodies of anything useful or valuable enough to resell. On a planet like Nar Shada, there would be multiple offices, each with 3 specialists, working round-the-clock to set up and stage whatever scenes were necessary to the highly paying customer.

    The Law has mixed feelings about Talbot's. On the one hand, they do provide a valuable service for very low prices. On the other, Talbot's Undertakers have been found guilty of several lesser crimes, and knowingly participated in shady dealings.

    It is extremely unlikely that the party would even engage Talbot's Undertakers in combat. On the other hand, sometimes a 'situation' may arise...
    Maybe the party needs to hire professionals to dispose of a body.
    Maybe they need discrete medical attention.
    Maybe they want to implicate someone in a murder (maybe someone they thi
  9. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    I would just like to appologize for that last post. It was very confused and disoriented. 8-} [face_tired] So much so that I originally posted this in the wrong thread![face_worried]

    Essentially, it started off as a humorous idea about the jawas being employed as cut-rate corpse disposal for seedy cantinas, and what would their boss be like, and kept expanding and snowballing into a CSI Team for Hire to the Highest Bidder.

    If you can make sense from either the original discription or this post, please feel free.

    As always, I'd like to think that these ideas might be of some use to someone, if only during my psychological evaluation hearings.

    If not, please ignore my demented ramblings. 8-}

    Maybe I should be added to Dr. Pitch-Flip Cracken's Collection of Crazed Crackpots... [face_tired]
  10. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Reivilo tSiwt
    Human Male (Kid Template)
    1.2 meters tall, 31kg
    Brown eyes, brown hair
    Thin and wirey.
    Dex 3D+2
    Kno 2D+2
    Mec 3D
    Per 3D+2
    Str 2D+1
    Tec 2D+2
    Dodge 5D+2, Pickpocket 6D+1
    Value 3D+2, Streetwise 3D+2
    Hide 4D+2, Sneak 4D
    Force Points: 2
    Skill Points: 6
    Dark Side Points: 3
    Force Sensative: YES

    Reivilo is a bright young tike of about 8 years who has learned that life on the streets is tough, and as an orphan, he has to steal to eat unless he wants to end up in an institution. He has hooked up with a minor criminal who runs the usual tricks: steal and bring whatever you find to him, and he will provide food & a place to sleep. The boss has discovered that there's a market for Lightsabers among collectors--no questions asked. Reivilo has found that he has an apptitude for filching lightsabers (as well as credit sticks and other weapons) right from people's belts. He works with a coupld of other children who distract the party by bumping into them, pawing at them (but not taking anything), begging for candy, etc while he sneaks up to pick pockets. Reivilo naturally has to split his take with his companions.

    Will the party shoot a defenceless child in the back?
    Should be a good challenge for any jedi. Esp if Reivilo snags their lightsabers.
    Breaking up the child exploitation ring of Nagaf should be a worthwile side-track in itself. And the party may end up with a new padawan. Reivilo's retraining will take time--he has 3 DSP to repent before he can begin training.

    D20: Reivilo is lvl3 scoundrel with skills invested in hiding, sneaking, and picking pockets. Nafag is a lvl2 Thug. The rest of the children are basic NPCs with no combat skills, and about 5 VP/HP/whatever
  11. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Daf "Brian" Nalgum is a sad case. He was originally detained as a political aggitator, but during interrogation, the true nature of his condition became obvious. Daf is nuts, which is to say, delusional. He firmly believes that he is a member of a capitalist industrial society dependant on hydro-carbon based fuel with only fledgling spaceflight capabilities. Every few months to few years he becomes very excited and agitated. Usually this periods coincide with major political events within the Republic, and before that, within the Empire. According to his delusion/fantasy world, these major events are part of "books", "comics", "cartoons" or "new movies" (primitive text media and 2-dimensional audio-visual recordings). It seems that, acording to Daf, the real world is an elaborate fantasy created by a mythical stranger and recluse. This creator figure (probablly based on his own father) then allowed other authors to "expand" the universe with their own ideas and interpretations. I, personally, have never encountered an author willing to share their creations so generously.

    Daf has created an excedingly elaborate fantasy world for himself, complete with alphabets, languages, histories, and complex political conflicts. There are even forms of fiction within the fiction, including adventures of exploration ships and their missions.

    Daf, or 'Brian' as he prefers to be called, demands constant attention, as his episodes are highly unpredictable. He insists on a diet consisting largely of bread products that have been cooked in oils and taste of chemicals and decayed bovine lactose, a baked dish consisting of a different bread, covered in red vegetable sauce, fermented bovine lactose, and sliced protein. The only beverages he will consume voluntarily is a complicated mixture of water, sugar, vegetable syrup, brownish dye, and assorted chemicals or fermented wheat mixture diluted in water.
    Exactly where he acquired these fetishes is not known. Certainly nothing like them has been described by any other patient, nor are the combinations of ingredients familiar to any chef we've contacted over the years.

    Daf should be permanently institutionalized, for his own good. His outbursts could cause harm to himself, or to others. He should not be released.

    Human Male
    Age 53
    1.57M, 124kg
    Brown hair, Brown eyes
    All stats 2D (or 10) except Sense of 16D
  12. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Davin Holshorn is a descendant of the imfamous law-officer turned bounty hunter "Sherich Holshorn." Like his illustrious ancestor, Davin enrolled in the dominant defence force & law enforcement organization of his time. Unfortunately for him, it was the imperial navy.
    As a Junior officer, Davin didn't understand the fear & hate that he saw in every sentient's features and body language when he went on shore-leave in uniform. After 3 years of service, Davin has come to realize exactly what it is the citizens fear. He has seen enough "pacifications" and operations to turn his stomache. While he now understands that the empire is evil and needs to be fought, as a flight-operations officer on an Imperial Star Destroyer, he is not in a position to meet with Rebel Agents to arrange for passing warnings or other information, or to get himself extracted from is post. There are 2 years left on his current tour of duty, and most officers are expected to "re-up". He is afraid not to do so & attract attention to himself. He's afraid any attempts to contact the rebellion on his own will lead to a sting operation by ISB or CompNOR.

    Given the opportunity, Lt Holshorn would be delighted to help rebel agents, IF they promise to take him "hostage" with them. Holshorn knows all current Imperial codes for his Star Destroyer, including maintenance, shutdown, hanger doors, and computer protocols.

    Davin Holshorn would be about LVL4, noble/officer or technician or combination. He has excellent organization, communication, and computer skills, but minimal physical combat or piloting. (Hasn't flown anything since shuttle-pilot class at the academy).
  13. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Wallin Ykeb
    Twillek Female
    DEX 2D+2
    KNO 4D
    MEC 2D+2
    PER 3D+2
    STR 2D
    TEC 4D
    Bureaucrasy 6D+1, Knowledge:Medicine 6D, Alien Races 5D; Bargain 4D+2, Con 4D+2; First Aid 7D+1, Surgery 5D, Medicine 5D, Paramedic 5D+2
    Equipment: Field Surgical Kit, 2 Medpacks, Medical License, Datapad, Medical and Drug-interaction data chips, Perscription pad, Commlink with EMS command frequency
    Dr Ykeb is a dedicated medical professional who has spent her entire career working to help those who need it, regardless of the cost to herself and her career. She helps steer patients through the medical bureaucrasy and to whatever specialists they need to see. She also helps with financial needs like arranging loans with legitimate agencies (not Hutt Crime lords).
    She has made numerous friends and enemies within the medical community and administration. She will see and treat anyone, anytime. She will bully and push any other Doctors or medical staff, or finesse them, depending on their egos.

    D20 conversion: LVL 4 Tech Specialist(or whatever the new version is)/LVL 1 Noble
  14. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Lt. Ypse Bolan
    Imperial Intelligence Agent
    Human Male
    early 30s 1.67M 98kg
    Young trim man with brown hair combed back starting to grey at the temples, clean-shaven. Brown eyes and weathered skin with a slightly hawkish nose.
    DEX 3D+1
    KNO 3D+1
    MEC 2D
    PER 4D
    STR 3D
    TEC 2D+1
    Dodge 5D+1, Blaster 5D+1; Law Enforcement 4D+1, Sensor Op 4D+2; Con 6D+2, Search 6D, Investigation 5D, Disguise 5D, Bargain 4D+1; Brawling 3D+1; Security Systems 4D, Computer Prog/Rep 4D+1
    Equip: Disguise kit, blaster pistol, holdout blaster, voice-locked datapad, street clothes, ISB ID card (hidden in boot), Macrobinoculars (with infra-red filters), cybernetic prosthetic hand.

    Ypse Bolan specializes is anti-piracy investigations. Given the effects of piracy on imperial shipping, and the rumors of the Rebel Alliance investigating the use of privateers, Bolan has chosed to specialize in investigating those for whom attacking ships is merely a matter of short-term proffit. When possible, he prefers to infiltrate pirate groups as a new junior member. Gaining all the information he can (including base locations when possible), he calls in the Imperial Navy to finish the job.
    Ypse lost a hand during an early mission when his cover was blown. In spite if his injury, he was able to contact the imperial fleet and complete his mission. The empire provided a high-end cosmetic replacement which is virtually indistinguishable from the original. As an added feature, there is a recording chip build in that can be activated by Ypse in case he loses his equipment. Because of limited size, only the most important information is stored there.
    Leiutenant Bolan has a remarkable political flexibility for an ISB agent. Perhaps it is part of why he hasn't been promoted in spite of his successes. Bolan is fixated (perhaps 'obsessed' is a better word) with stopping pirates. To accomplish his goal, he is willing to work with anyone--even known rebel agents. Given a choice between helping a stormtrooper in a firefight with a rebel, and capturing a pirate sitting quietly in a cantina or TapCaf, Bolan will go after the pirate every time. Unless the rebel is also a pirate...

    D20 conversion: I have no idea. Scout/Noble hybrid?
  15. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    male Talz
    White fur, black eyes
    2.18 meters, 121kg
    DEX 4D
    KNO 3D
    MEC 1D
    PER 2D+1
    STR 4D+2
    TEC 3D
    Entertainment 4D, Languages 4D, Technology 4D; Communications 4D; Lifting 6D+2, Electronics Prog/Rep 5D, Computer Prog/Rep 4D+1

    Agamon was abducted from his home to work slave labor (the usual imperial practice) because of his physical strength on a communications relay station. His job was to lift heavy equipment and move it wherever it was needed. The two human technicians treated him like a slave. In spite of this, Agamon likes them (he likes everyone), and has used the opportunity to learn the communications technology and how to use the other tools and equipment on the station.
    He is still woefully naieve, and the techs take shameless advantage of this, and believes that violence is a shameful thing. If people would only open their hearts to other families, then there would be no need for the hurting and pain. Agamon fears the "Whiteshells" because he has seen them commit heartless acts. Not even the "StormTroopers on Patrol" show has convinced him that they are peaceful law-enforcement agents.
    If anyone can convince Agamon that he's being abused and taken advantage of (or offers to take him home), he would happily leave the communications station. He may even get angry, but it will take some serious discussion for him to become violent.

    His "co-workers" are Jed and Zek. Jed is short (1.3m) and skinny, chain-smokes "death sticks" and is scruffy & unshaven. Zek is large in all directions and dimensions, and blubbery--Zek has the same height & mass of Agamon, but has none of the muscle. Both are a little sleezy, and whenever possible spend their time playing entertainment games and watching illicit entertainment. They spend as little time working as possible, and take great delight making fun of Agamon. Neither bathes often.

    D20: Agamon Tech Specialist LVL2. Jed & Zek are both tech lvl2, scoundrel lvl1
  16. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    male human
    mousey-brown hair, odly dilated black eyes
    1.68 meters, 81kg
    DEX 4D
    KNO 4D
    MEC 2D
    PER 2D
    STR 2D
    TEC 4D
    Technology 7D, Cultures:Entertainment Trivia 8D; Blaster Build/Repair 6D, Computer Prog/Rep 6D, Droid Prog/Rep 7D+1, Armor Repair 5D+2, Starship Repair 7D+2, Repulsorlift Repair 6D+2, Capital Ship Repair 5D+1
    SP: 8
    FP: 2
    DSP: 0
    Grubby tech suit, 3-day stubble, oily hair, Field Tech repair kit, R4-O9, Visual Accuity enhancer lenses, Autograph book (empty) & stylus, portable computer, datapad.
    Fonli can fix anything. That's what everyone says. Sure enough, he has a talent for repairs. It made for a difficult childhood as a social misfit, but he had no trouble making friends (with just a few spare parts). A genetic quirk also left him chronically myopic, which while making interaction with people or large distances difficult, like the Bith, enhances his ability to work fine manipulation of objects and tools close at hand.
    Fonli has a fascination for HoloVid entertainments--he has a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of Entertainments, celebrities, and schedules. Some have joked that he'd stare at a deck-plate if it was onscreen. What they don't realize is that the holovid allows him to see depth of focus his own eyes won't.
    Fonly has no aptitude for violence, and will likely curl up in a fetal ball if presented with the business end of a blaster (unless asked to repair it). Rumor has it he once repaired a lightsaber.

    Fonli can be immensely helpful, if perhaps annoying, to any party.
  17. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    2 very different takes on explosives:

    Tonthorn Dlanor
    Human Male
    Blue Eyes, short-cropped brown hair turning gray
    1.59M, 73Kg
    40+ years old
    Skinny, mousey, soft-spoken individual. Otherwise fairly ordinary appearance, if perhaps mal-nourished as a child
    All stats 2D except: Knowledge: Explosives 5D, Engineering: 4D+2, Demolitions 2D+1, Bureaucrasy 5D+1, Con 3D+1
    Equipment: Gov't Commlink, Gov't speeder, Gov't uniform (Civil Engineering), helmet, 5 cubes of Detonite, remote detonator, Award for Excellence from mayor

    Tonthorn works for a local government, and is definately the loud noise in a small room. He works for civic engineering and transport management. His solution to nearly any inconvenience cause by nature, be it a fallen branch across a public thuroughfair or a marine mammal washed up onto a recreation beach, is to use Detonite. This strategy has been amazingly successful for him, and the civic repairs contracts have kept his private-sector options open in case he ever gets tossed out on his backside by his cushy government job. It isn't that he isn't good at his job... It isn't that he's bad at his job... It's more that he reports even the most horrific blunders as successes to his superiors. Thus, by playing on perceptions, he has risen far above his actual level of competence.

    //I based this from the article about the whale that washed up on an Oregon beach 40 years ago--TV network had a fluff story nostalgia piece about "Way back when". The character's name is an anagram of the actual engineer responsible for grotesquely underestimating the tensile strength of whale blubber.//

    Redge Rosemont
    Human Male
    Brown eyes, black hair mostly gray
    1.71M, 97Kg
    57 years old
    Red-brown skin covered in soot and burn marks, missing 3 fingers, hard of hearing.
    All stats 2D except: Running 5D, Juggling 5D, Knowledge-Chemistry 5D+2, Knowledge-Engineering 8D, Tractor-Beam operation 3D+1, Demolitions 5D+2
    Note: Redge has severe hearing damage from years of explosions in close proximity. Any perceptions based on hearing is at -1D
    Equipment: Helmet, gloves, dirty coverals, 18 cubes of Detonite, Remote detonator, Timer detonator, Thermal Detonator order forms, Explosives Contractor License (fake), Gloves
    Redge Rosemont is the product of a backwater education stimulated by curiousity and a chemistry set. His entire knowledge of explosives is from empirical study--what happens when you mix A+B and light it? It has taken long years for him to develop his current level of skill. He claims he can set charges on a building so that he can transport it 8Km without damaging the refuling station next door, and that there is no greater, more romantic sight, than a 14M tall tree tumbling end over end into the sunset on the lake. Explosives are his life, though they have cost him 3 of his fingers.
    (Based on a character from The RedGreen Show)

    Note for the gamers out there: there is a difference between the skills "Explosives" and "Demolitions". "Explosives" is knowing how to make something go Boom! "Demolitions" is making it go "Boom!" the way you want it to.
    The explosives expert knows how to plant charges, rig timers, set fuses, and how far away to stand. He can also make explosives from common house-hold items.
    The demolitions expert knows where to plant the explosives so the building collapses inward, instead of falling on pedestrians or even neighboring buildings. He knows how strong the explosion has to be to get the job done. He knows when, perhaps, explosives are not the ideal tool. (But he may still want to use them for the fun!)
  18. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Devon Telsu is the 7th child of a minor Baronet within House Mecetti in the Tapani Sector. He is 12 years old, greedy, avaricious, and bored. He needed power. He needed credits. He needed to impress his tutor. He needed to do it without getting caught breaking curfew.

    First, he needed to inspire fear in followers. In order to make people follow him, they needed to fear him. He used his sporting armor as a basis, and then put finely tailored black robes over it. Sticking out of those robes are small, thin wires and fiber optic glow-wire. They are rigged up to a power cell chain on Devon's belt, and to the taser concealed in his glove.

    His first act for power was to go to a scruffy dive of a cantina. In the poor lighting, the wires didn't show up. When someone tried to do something (and with his flair for dramatic entrance, he made sure someone would), he appeared to be surrounded by purple lightning, which then lashed out at the being accosting him. Young Master Telsu quickly had a group of power-seeking followers.
    After he stole his older brother's light-foil, the image was complete.

    Eventually, he needed help, help who was in on the secret. Devon turned to his weapons instructor. The instructor had no problem with earning a few extra credits while protecting his master. He helped weed through the applicants to choose 5 assistants (plus himself) to build a layer of administration and add mystique to The Master's reputation.
    Within a month, he had a powerful organization and pyramid scheme running around, and attracting the attention of other crime syndicates. Some of these rivals tried frontal assault, only to find nothing to assault or an ambush waiting. Some tried diplomacy, but received no response. One of the smarter individuals decided to used an old trick, and made law enforcement agencies aware of this new threat to law and peace.

    Devon Telsu is ready for any challenge. Amazingly, one of his assistants has become of invaluable assistance and given superb advice. This assistant has brought advance warning of every raid and assault. Unlike the others, he isn't begging to be taught the dark path to power.

    Devon Telsu
    Spoiled Brat
    1.2M, 56kg
    Blue eyes, Red hair
    Dex 3D+2
    Kno 2D+2
    Mec 3D
    Per 3D+2
    Str 2D+1
    Tec 2D+2
    SP: 4
    FP: 1
    DSP: 2
    Dodge 5D, Armor Weapons 4D+2, Lightsaber 4D+1; Bureaucrasy: House Mecetti 3D+2, Intimidation 4D+2, Streetwise 4D; repulsor-lift operation 3D+2; Con 5D+2, Command 4D+1, Armor repair 3D+1, weapon repair 4D+1
    Equipment: Theatrical Armor (upper torso & arms only)(+1D phys, +1d energy, no Dex Penalty), black cloak & robes, suped-up taser (6D energy), Light-foil (3D), racing swoop, criminal organization of followers, 200 credits
    Devon is spoiled, arrogant, and imperious. For all that, he is still a child, and it shows in the limits of his ambition. A good spanking followed by some parental affection would go a long way toward making this spawn of Telsu a decent human being. The likelyhood of that happening, however, is slim.

    Sir Havyel is a direct decendant of the House Malcite, though he doesn't know it. He is currently a knight within House Mecetti. While serving within the house, he descovered that one of the more spoiled noble children so far down the chain that he was unlikely to ever inherrit anything of worth, was foolishly trying to set up a criminal empire, with no real idea of how to go about it. He paid careful attention, and when the opportunity presented itself, he worked his way oh-so-slowly into a possition to 'help' the poor lad.
    Havyel learned by himself to harness his anger for power. Even without an instrutor to show him the way, he has made incredible progress in his studies. But it hasn't been without cost. And he knows he isn't in the same league as others. Devon Telsu is his experiment. He uses the boy as a figurehead, a puppet. He gives advice and uses his knowledge of the Force to make the child seem more and more powerful. The idiotic brat doesn't even realize what's happening, and neither does his Weapons Master (who also serves as
  19. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Darth/Inquisitor E'aiyes
    Dex 3D+2
    Kno 3D+2
    Mec 2D
    Per 3D+2
    Str 3D
    Tec 2D
    Control 4D
    Sense 4D+2
    Alter 3D
    DSP 7
    FP 4
    SP 9
    Lightsaber 8D, Dodge 7D+2, Blaster 4D+2, Melee 4D+1, Melee Parry 3D+2; Planetary Systems 5D, Jedi Lore 5D, Sith Lore 6D+1, Psychology 5D, Cultures 4D+2, Bureaucrasy 5D+1; Disguise 5D, Investigation 6D+2, Sneak 7D+1, Hide 5D+1, con 7D, Command 5D+2; Stamina 5D+1; First Aid 4D, Security 4D+2, Demolition 3D+2
    Control Disease, Lightsaber combat, farseeing, TK, accelerate healing, enhance senses, control pain, hybernation trance, Dim other's senses, Rage, Battlemind, TK Injure Kill, Projective Telepathy, Receptive Telepathy

    LightSaber (5D), Heavy blaster(5D), Holographic disguise & Cammoflage pack (+2D to Disguise), Scout Armor (+2 Ph/+1E), knife, synthrope, 500 credits, Imperial ID w Unlimited Security Clearance, Security Bypass Kit, Comlink, 4 training Sabers (1D), Collection of Locks of Hair & other trophies.

    E'aiyes is unusual in the Sith scheme of things in that he takes a much longer, less flamboyant approach to eliminating Jedi. Also much less risky. His plan is to eliminate the Younglings, prospective Trainies, and apprentices, preferablly before they can even reach Padawan status. By killing off as many potential Jedi as possible, he plans to drastically reduce their numbers. And it has been working. Many children on their way to the temple never arrived. Their deaths were viewed as accidents. Others had night-terrors that caused them to hallucinate in their sleep, sleep-walk, and die by accident or misadventure.

    E'aiyes is the aggravating coward who stikes the helpless or nearly helpless and flee's. Many Jedi Masters have turned their back at the wrong momment to find E'aiyes had killed their young Padawan Learners and was in full retreat.
    For all his cowardess, however, E'aiyes is also quite cunning. Several vengeful authorities have been on the trail of his escape craft, only to find out too late that it a decoy so that E'aiyes could escape by other means.

    E'aiyes can take on and challenge Jedi if pressed to. He just perfers not to run the risk.

    In appearance, E'aiyes wears dark clothes, dark cloak, and has a Holographic projector kit programmed to project a black swirling mist over his face. He wears a number of training sabers from children he has killed, as well as his Wookie-saber (taken from the Mother just after killing her child/student). He can also use the projector to disguise himself as any other race, or just switch it off. He also sometimes uses "Dim Other's Senses" to simply walk unnoticed in a crowd.

    E'aiyes has been at work for a long time. No one knows what race he is, but his activities have been traced over 300 years. Among younglings, E'aiyes has become a boogey-man figure, whispered arround darkened rooms.
    After the rise of the Empire, Palpatine gained control of E'aiyes through unknown means and commisioned him with the ISB as a Supreme Investigator/Inquisitor. This allowed E'aiyes to demand whatever cooperation he needed from any Imperial official or officer. In this capacity, E'aiyes continued to hunt down Jedi and students. His whereabouts after the fall of the Empire are as uncertain as ever. Some say he died, either of old age or in battle against a Jedi he could not defeat. Others say he had a falling out with Palpatine or Darth Vader and was elliminated. But no one knows for certain...

    D20: LVL 5 or 6 Dark Side Devotee or Force Adept, Lvl 2 Scoundrel. Remember, given a choice, E'aiyes will always try to run away from a serious fight. He likes to pick off the weak links, especially children, and flee. Collecting the souvenier lightsaber is strictly a bonus. He will also sit patiently, hiding in the background, until just the right momment. He has even posed as a Jedi once or twice to lure victims into trusting him.
  20. Darth_Laudrup

    Darth_Laudrup Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 7, 2004
    Name: Nalina Oyaya (and if you're real clever you'll figure out were I got that name from once you see what species I play:p )

    Species: Mirialan
    Sex: Female

    Dex 3D
    Kno 3D
    Mec 2D
    Per 3D
    Str 2D
    Tec 2D

    Control: 2D
    Sense: 2D
    Alter: 1D

    FP 3
    DSP 0
    CP 4

    Jedi Lore: 4D
    Communications: 3D
    Repulsorlift Ops.: 3D
    Bargain: 5D
    First Aid: 4D

    Force Powers so far: Concentration, Hibernation trance, Life detection, Life sense, Magnify senses & Telekinesis.

    Equipment: Blaster pistol, Knife, Robes, A99 Breathing apparatus, Comlink, 4 Medpacs & 1615 Credits.

    Born on Mirial and taken to the temple about a year before ORDER 66, she was rescued by a computer technician from the Temple. When the clones led by Vader attacked the temple the computer technician, who had never doubted the honesty and Kindness of the Jedi, took Nalina from her cradle and escaped the temple through the sewers. He brought her to the outer rim planet of Mirial were she was hidden. The traditions of her species forbade her from ever learning about the Force from a non-mirialan so she is pretty much self-trained explaining the lack of a saber or lightsaber skill. Focusing on healing and diplomacy I intend to make her the negotiator & field medic for the group.

    The setting is 1 year after ROTJ and Nalini's 3 main goals are:

    1. Making a difference/Bringing back hope to the galaxy.
    2. Becoming a Jedi
    3. Building her own saber.

    We will be playing our first sesion in 2 days, so I really don't know how this will work, but the character has been fleshed out together with the GM so I hope it's going to work out fine.

  21. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Lt. Cmd Talos Halton
    male human
    oily-brown hair, ice blue eyes
    1.72 meters, 92kg
    DEX 3D+1
    KNO 4D
    MEC 2D+2
    PER 4D
    STR 2D
    TEC 3D
    Dodge 7D, Blaster 4D+1, Pickpocket 5D+2
    Streetwise 8D, Cultures 5D, Languages 5D+1, Bureaucrasy 7D+1, Law Enforcement 6D, Willpower 8D
    Starship Pilot 4D, Sensor Op 4D+2, Repulsorlift op 3D+1
    Command 7D, Bargain 7D, Con 8D, Search 6D+2, Sneak 6D, Disguise 7D, Intimidation 8D+2
    Stamina 3D+1
    Security 5D, Demolitions 4D, Surveilance Gear Build/repair 5D, Electronics 5D
    SP: 15
    FP: 1
    DSP: 3
    Compnor uniform, Blaster Pistol (4D), Security bypass kit, comlink, COMPnor Datapad, Disguise Kit, IMP ID, 3000 credits, Protocol Droid
    Commander Halton is a rarity: a Compnor officer with intelligence. He doesn't really believe in the new order, except that serving it will further his own ends. With that in mind, he will route out the rebellion simply because it is in the way of his career path. Rather than rushing in with both feet, he will wait patiently and scheme. He is excedingly clever and intelligent, and can manipulate people and events into unwittingly serving him. He has been known to give starships to rescued survivors of pirate ships under generous payback terms, without tellign them that the starship is filled with tracking and sensor programs that will relay and report back anything that happens within or near the ship. He is a serious threat to anyone trying to keep secrets.

    D20 conversion: Lvl3 fringer, lvl1 noble, lvl1 tech
  22. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Cartoloi Abascla
    Template: Ex-Wife
    Human Female 30
    Long brown hair partially dyed flaming reds, Brown eye
    Physical: Moribund obese
    Height: 1.6m Weight: 170kg
    DEX 2D PER 3D
    KNO 2D STR 2D
    MEC 2D TEC 4D
    Melee 4D, Melee Parry 4D+2; Technology 4D, Knowledge:Medicine--Disease 6D, Value 4D, Bureaucrasy--Medical 6D; Ground Vehicle Op 3D+1; Con 6D; Con--Feign Illness 7D, Bargain 4D; Computer Prog/Repair 5D+1
    Force Sensative: Yes
    Control: 2D
    Sense: 1D
    Alter: 1D+1
    Skill Points: 8
    Force Points: 2
    Dark-Side Points: 5
    Control Pain, Project Misery/Depression, Drain Life, Manipulate Metabolism, Farseeing, Receptive Telepathy, affect mind
    Equipment: Personal Transport Chair, Ugly Ground Vehicle (custom for personal transport chair carrying), practice melee weapon (1D), art collection (value 20,000 credits), Credit Debt (90,000 credits) field medical kit (complete pharmacy of medications, sedatives, pain killers, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and more)

    Background: Cartoloi Abascla has been sick almost her entire life. For three years, she was healthy, then time caught up and the 3-year delay slammed home with interest. Actually, she is a genetic fluke. What she has assumed was luck (materially speaking, in spite of poor health, she has been able to capitalize on market trends, timing, and "coincidence" to enormous financial profit in spite of her physical condition) was actually a Force-based intuition and receptive influence. As her primary motivation is, and always has been greed, the Dark Side has manipulated her and given her what she wanted, through various methods. It has fostered and festered within her. When the healthy period ended, her powers lashed out at everyone near her.
    Her endurance and coordination vanished. Her weight more than doubled.
    The Dark Side tore out her mind and will, ravishing both as well as her body.
    Her Force-talents actually turned against her, using her twisted perceptions to manipulate her body. She is actually hurting herself by altering her body chemistry in incomprehensible ways. With her knowledge of medicine (knowledge or principles, not the ability to actually heal/repair injuries), her mind is using the Dark Side to attack and destroy itself. She is thus able to convince chemical tests and machinery that her body is destroying itself, and with her Con and Bureaucrasy she is able to convince Medics, Doctors, and Insurance companies that they need to give her expensive procedures and medications. Many of these medications then create/enhance the psychotic effects of the Dark Side's corruption of her mind and body.
    What's more, Cartoloi Abascla projects a telepathic field which depresses and strains those around her, either one at a time or distributed to as many victims as she can reach, depressing them, lowering their resistance, and applying a slow torture that will eventually lead to madness, dispair, and/or death. A WillPower roll and several months out of proximity are needed to break free and recover from the effects.
    Cartoloi Abascla is constantly researching obscure medical conditions in a twisted hope of discovering which one might be the cause of her problems. The more she learns, however, the more the Dark Side has to twist and corrupt her body.

    Intel/counter-intel assessment: should be considered merely pathetic if she weren't so dangerous. A highly sophisticated and manipulative mind hides behind the grotesque husk of a body. Should be approached with extreme caution only, and with proper support personnel afterward to assure physical and mental health following the confrontation.
    Art collection contains a number of actual weapons, but the body is no longer able to use them effectively.

    D20: tech2, Force Adept 3,
    STR 7, DEX 12, CON 6, INT 16, WIS 10, CHA 14, DSP 9
  23. FlareStorm

    FlareStorm Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 13, 2000
    lol, that is so wrong
  24. NJOfan215

    NJOfan215 Jedi Master star 5

    May 17, 2003
    Yeah how can a 354 pound woman have a + 1 dex bonus.
  25. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Asthetic Technical Droid
    DEX 1D PER 1D
    KNO 1D STR 1D
    Dodge 4D (6D if there are low objects to hide behind); Cultures:Art 9D, Streetwise:art criminals 7D; repulsor-lift op 3D; Cleaning Device Operation 7D.
    Equipment: small round body (.3 M tall, .5 M DIA), wheeled base, 2 fine-manipulator arms, Dust/debris collection armature/nozzel, IR/UV photoreceptor, basic vocabulator with snobbish accent

    RT-DKO was designed to help the museum curator on a small world expand the collection of masterpieces by any means possible. Mostly, however, the droid has spent it's time cleaning and maintaining the existing exhibits and not much more. The curator had a limited imagination and even more limited budget. Consequently, the droid hadn't had an opportunity to show off, and has taken to sulking, speaking in astromech rather than using the vocabulator, and from time to time chastizing those visitors to the exhibits whose personal habits (death-stik smokers or just those with acidic body odors) threaten the art displays by bumping into them and making sarchastic or offensive remarks.

    The customizations of the droid have attracted the attention of others in posession of similar collections, so RT may have some sibling units modelled after him.
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