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Pittsburgh, PA Post Your AOTC Review here!!!

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Lando_Da_Pimp, May 14, 2002.

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  1. jedi_1966

    jedi_1966 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 31, 2001
    O.K. I've been sittin here for a little while after havin come back from seein the flick.I had knelt in the parking lot in meditation,after leaving the theater,in order to gather my thoughts(BY THE FORCE....It IS a STAR WARS MOVIE!!!!)in order to focus on flying the transport back to my dwelling,all the while still trying to come to grips with the fact that there is a new SW film.Even though I'd come across a few spoilers before seeing it (didn't know what the ending was though), I was still blown away.....Far,far,far away!!!
    Gotta fall in with greencat though on a couple of points: 1.NOT,repeat, NOT looking forward to the fall of the jedi. 2.I was in tears (literally) when Anakin lost it in the
    Tusken camp. 3. Most Important,Not exactly lookin forward to Ep. III.Well,I am but this thought has been re-accuring to me: What will become of us (the Fan Force) after it's here and gone? Will we end up like they say old soldiers do(or like Master Yoda)....and fade away,to be forgotten (not that the forgotten part matters,as I'd like to hope we'd not forget one another)?
    I went to the quad in Cheswick fully dressed,Not the only one though. some one else came as a jedi also (was it some one here?One of our members? I went to 3:45 show.Staff said their 12 a.m. netted only 70... sounded kinda dissapointing to me, Idunnknow maybe,it's just me.But either way,I had more fun that at ANY other opening I've been to,EVER for a SW film. So that must mean it only gets better when I'll get to get together with all of you guys.LOOKIN FORWARD TO IT,DEFINATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fluke_Groundrunner

    Fluke_Groundrunner Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2001
    Lando, you had better not let greencat see your post.
  3. Athas

    Athas Jedi Youngling

    Mar 6, 2000
    Gosh, what a day it has been. I already have seen the movie twice within 24 hours, it's really that damn good. As I sit here writing this, we were about one hour into the movie in theater 11 in the upper level of the Loew's Waterfront Cineplex. My friends and I had settled into the plush seats reserved just for us, right in the center, at screen level. We had spent the last 90 minutes or so pacing along the balcony outside, waiting for the staff to unlock the doors to theater 11 so we could take our seats. Not that we minded - - that was my finest hour in the Jedi outfit. I received many sincere compliments from fans who seemed genuinely impressed. I was surprised and pleased to see Greencat again; we'd met only once before. It was good to see her again. But let me tell you about the movie.

    All I can say is, WOW. Better than I could have hoped for. When I entered the theater and sat down, I kept myself in a subdued and objective frame of mind. As a lifelong, die-hard Star Wars fan, I would've been deeply disappointed if the movie had been poor. I didn't want to set my expectations too high, in case I was let down. I didn't want to just assume that it would be good. But after the end credits had rolled, I sat astonished. WOW. Attack of the Clones succeeds on so many levels it may well replace Return of the Jedi as my favorite episode in the saga. As I'll explain, it is truly a study in extremes.
    In case you haven't seen it yet (what's your excuse?), I'll avoid specifics, but I can honestly say that Episode II is infinitely better than the last one (and the last one was, IMHO, not all that bad), and in fact, makes Episode I a better movie. Much is revealed in Episode II, as the six-episode story arc nears its closing. I can't tell you how clever the script is. It brings mystery into the Star Wars saga, as one question leads to another. There are many shots of the characters looking pensive, rubbing their chins as they ponder distressing events, trying to draw connections. There are a lot of subplots and undercurrents running through Episode II, and fans will see things they hadn't thought of and/or never expected to see but always wanted to.
    There are moments of dawning, moments where a line of dialogue (especially when delivered by Palpatine) causes everyone in the theater to release a collective "Ahhh. ." as everyone reaches the same realization at the same time.
    Don't listen to any reviews which criticize the acting. Natalie Portman shines in this movie, free from the constraints of her royal disguises in Episode I and demonstrating her skill as a genuine actress who can handle drama and action at the same time. Her grief at the death of one of her handmaidens is very real, as is her moment of tenderness and honesty with Anakin near the end of the movie. In this movie, we see some of the Natalie Portman that starred in Leon the Professional, her debut film, where she played a traumatized 11 year old girl.
    Hayden Christensen is totally believable as Anakin. Early on, he complains like the angst-ridden teenager he is (we see where Luke gets it from), but later, when he touches the Dark Side in a moment of anguish, he commits an act of rage that immediately fills him with horror and regret. We see the beginnings of his falling-out with Obi-Wan, the beginnings of his descent into the Dark Side, and the beginnings of his transformation into a mechanical man.
    Ewan McGregor really comes into his own in this movie. No longer Liam Neeson's apprentice, McGregor has such a firm grasp on his role as Obi-Wan that you totally believe you're watching a young Alec Guinness. Sam Jackson has a lot more to do in this movie, which is a good thing, because it gives him a chance to prove once again how badass he is. At one point, he holds his lightsaber to a villain's throat and declares with Jedi authority, "This party's over." Right on.
    If there was ever an actor who could match Ian McDairmid when it comes to portraying the calculating villain, Christopher Lee is the man. His deep, imposing vo
  4. DBJedi

    DBJedi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 26, 2002
    I am still awestruck! This movie kicked butt!

    The visiuals were stunning and the action was just intense. The tragic romance between Anakin and Padme has developed a lot better than I thought it would. Hayden pinned down Anankin to a "t". I love how you can see the rift growing between him and Obi-Wan. Is he getting private tutoring from Palpatine?

    For anyone who had high expectations for Jango Fett...I'm sorry. He had one good scene on Kamino, that's all.

    One word...Yoda! That's all I can say on that. Any scene with Minch Yoda kicked heinie! Even just his smaller scenes. He steals the show. Kudos to the CGI crew.
    I love Mace's appearance into the luxury box. I was to hear more of a "This party is over m'fers!"

    9/10. The second best behind ESB.

    Edited for language.
  5. JediJasen

    JediJasen Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 15, 2002
    Ok, ok my turn yippie! :D I just came back from seeing it in Delmont. I was assuming there would be a lot of people in the theatre. I asked the girl who gave me my ticket if theres a lot of people there. She said no. I walked in and there was like....maybe 20 in all after some people came in after me. Oh well. It was a 1:45 showing.

    And before I get to my review, I must say I cant wait to see The Matrix! :cool:

    Well what can I really say that none of you have already done? Not much really. *thinks*
    To be honest. I wasn't as thrilled for this one as I was for 'Phantom'. When "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." came up, I can only think, 'finally'.
    The explosion in the beginning was a lot bigger than I had expected. But seeing R2 from the start made me feel a little better.
    Hayden did a great job. No wonder he went to the dark side. He's torn between love and the Jedi. He's a young man still coming into his own. His master doesnt treat him the way he wants to be treated. He's having nightmares about his mother. Heck that'd drive anyone over the edge! I wish there was more of him killing off the Tusken's. But I guess what they did show gave you the idea of what he did.
    Natalie was great! She's maturing nicely. Padme seemed more loose as well. Not so uptight when in Phantom. And since no guy here will say something about it...I will! [face_devil] That mid drift was the best costume design in the entire movie! :p
    Obi Wan is definitely growing up into the Old Ben from A New Hope.
    Ok! On to the good stuff! I liked the music. And I really liked how some of it was from the Original Trilogy. You didnt hear that in Phantom. You hear The Emperor's Theme, Vaders Theme, and the Imperial March, as well as some other small clips.
    When Shmi died...I didn't cry, but tears were on the move in my eyes.
    Kamino is exactly how I pictured it when I read the Script long time ago. I think Jango and Obi's battle should have been a little longer. But then again, for being who he is, I'm suprised he didnt last longer against Mace. I was actually disappointed when that happened.
    The only line that got a chuckle from the viewers in the theater was when Obi Wan replies, "Good job".
    I thought that was wicked that Obi Wan just jumped out that window and grabbed onto the droid. What if he slipped or was too late? He'd plummet to his death. Jedi Pancake. Seeing all the Jedi in the arena was just way cool! :cool: Seeing Yoda take command of the clone army was just awesome! He really knew what he was doing.
    3PO's lines, though just quick remarks about things, just didnt do it for me. I didnt not like them. They didn't annoy me. But I think they were put in the wrong places at the wrong times.
    Anakin fighting with two lightsabers? Two thumbs up!! I didnt like it though when he cut the power cord and the lights went out. The flashing blades, though a cool effect, hurt my eyes. :eek:
    And when you hear Yoda walking around the corner...I knew exactly what I was truly in for. After all the talk, all the posts I've read about what he does, he...was.....phenomenal!!! Absolutely amazing!!! When he started whooping butt, "Oh ****" just jumped outta my mouth. But there were kids nearby, so luckily I said it low enough nobody heard me, heh.
    And one thing that nobody here talked about. The Clones. The way they listened and did what they were told to do with feeling. And the one that came to get Padme after she fell from the ship. They werent mindless zombies as I thought they would be. I just thought they were good and really cool - though we all know they become Storm Troopers sooner or later....
    I was a little confused in the end though. When Sidious met Dooku in the hanger. Then they show him looking at the Clone Army along with Bail. I thought. Whoa! Maybe Sidious and Palpatine really ARE two different people. How can they be in two different places at the same time? But alas. We all know their one in the same. At least now we got an answer as to why none of the Jed
  6. Mara-hari

    Mara-hari Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 2, 2002
    Lando, I was wondering the same thing about Sifidias possibly being Qui-Gon Jinn (Although, since Qui-Gon is my absolute favorite guy I really hope that he didn't have anything to do with the Dark Side - LOL...). However, as far as Jedi disappearing - during the Battle of Genosis, the Jedi who died there did not disappear - they lay among the smashed droids. So, I guess the question about why certain Jedi disappear when they die and certain ones don't still isn't answered....I think.

    Anyway, on to the review - so far, I've seen this movie twice and plan to a third time this coming weekend. It totally rocked!

    Hayden Christensen: George couldn't have picked a better Darth Vader. That expression on his face when he lifts his head right after his mother dies was positively bone-chilling!

    Ewan McGregor: I love his sense of humor in this film, and if he were about 30 years older, the guy would BE Alec Guiness.

    Natalie Portman: When I looked at her in this movie, I could begin to see Princess Leia's description of her mother from ROTJ - "beautiful, kind, but...sad." She did a great job.

    Tem Morrison: I loved how he used all of his cool weaponry in this movie - the flamethrower was great! I was a little bummed out when he finally bit the dust. However....

    Sam Jackson: Mace Windu is a total badass! If Jango Fett had to die, there couldnt' have been a better guy to do the deed.

    Christopher Lee and Ian McDiarmid: Yeah! Those two just reeked of evil! Now, I"m wondering just what happens to Dooku in Episode III - if Anakin turns into Darth Vader then, he might be the one who does in Dooku? Hm...

    BUT, my favorite part: When Yoda opens up his can of Whoop-ass! I knew about this a bit from being at C2, but it was just so great to hear and see the rest of the theater go absolutely wild!

    Yep - George Lucas definitely lays claim to some more of my hard earned money in the future. ;o)
  7. Rox

    Rox Administrator Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 24, 2000
    "George Lucas definitely lays claim to some more of my hard earned money in the future."

    I second that!
  8. Darth_Colt_45

    Darth_Colt_45 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 26, 2002
    just curious, what ever happened to Christopher Walkens part. he was in all the early trailers?
  9. Fluke_Groundrunner

    Fluke_Groundrunner Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2001
    If I remember correctly, Walken was just a rumor. He did however make it into a fan trailer, the braveheart-jedi one I think.
  10. Darth_Gohan

    Darth_Gohan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 6, 2000
    sorry i ahvent posted on this one yet!.. i saw it three times... you guys have said everything i need to say... a thought on the Qui Gon as a dark jedi... Tyranus says about how Qui gon would most likely help him if he were still alive hmmm dark jedi? perhaps :)... man i used to ahte sam jackson as mace windu... but in this one he is so much cooler... amce is quickly moving up the scale of coolest jedi..... besides of course Plo Koon i cant wait to see him duke it out in the next one! Any one see any of the little extras they added??? I saw the Falcon as they flew into theed...and those white mammal things the rode on in Tatooine in EP1... yeah one is floating in the asteroid field :-D
  11. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    Tem Morrision -- although Jango is gone, his clone Boba lives on. And who else would play Boba in Ep III? Tem did a great job as that "simple man trying to make his way though the universe"

    Dark Qui-Gon? Qui as Sifo-Dyas? (I looked up the spelling in the novel). I don't think so. Not just as a Qui-fan, either. I think Sifo-Dyas was a completely seperate person from Qui-Gon. Obi acted as if he knew who Sifo-Dyas was and not in the Qui-Gon's allias way, either. My theory, Sifo-Dyas was an associate of Dooku and he started up the clone army project with Dooku (who is Tyranus)

    As for Dooku's comments about Qui to Obi (and Dooku's real seeming regret about Qui's death), I think he was either deluding himself or just using it as a way to try to get Obi to join him. Qui may have been a bit of a maverick, but he was Jedi to the core.
  12. Fluke_Groundrunner

    Fluke_Groundrunner Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2001
    I think that Obi-Wan referred to Sifo-Dyas as his master at one point, but there was something else that made me think against him being Qui-Gon, but I can?t remember what it was right now. Ready for an absurd thought?. Sifo-Dyas is Dex, from the diner.
  13. Lando_Da_Pimp

    Lando_Da_Pimp Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 12, 2002
    I was told that it is confirmed in the novel that Qui Gon is Sifo Dias. I haven't read it so I don't know for sure. Any help? As for Ob1 knowing Sifo Dias I don't think he knows him at all. He refers to Mace and Yoda as Master. I think he knew that a jedi existed by that name. Look at the scene when he reports back to Yoda and Mace and listen to how he questions them about Sifo Dias. He doesn't know who he is but if you look at the way mace looks at yoda they know all about it.
    Just a thought
  14. Mara-hari

    Mara-hari Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 2, 2002
    Lando, I haven't read the book yet, but I hope you're wrong! LOL Anyway, however unlikely, here's another thought. Maybe Sifo-dias was an alias used by either Dooku or Palpatine. Oh, and I just remembered something else...the Kaminoans mentioned Sifo-dias being a leading member of the Jedi Council, which Qui-Gon Jinn never was (being the renegade that he was...). Any thoughts on that one?
  15. Lando_Da_Pimp

    Lando_Da_Pimp Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 12, 2002
    Qui Gon could have been a dark jedi and a leading member of the council but was asked to leave after they discover what he had done. I want to be right about this for some reason
  16. jedi_1966

    jedi_1966 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 31, 2001
    I'm with green cat on this one, no way could it be Qui-Gon.I have noticed any other jedi master that Obi-Wan refers to,he uses the title "master" as that is what they are,even if not his,a mark of respect,I believe.Still in the middle of reading the novel,I also noticed in both book and movie,he is refered to as "master" and I'm wondering if in the past 10 yrs up to AotC he's attained the level of Jedi Master, or is it,again, a mark of respect that he's master to Anakin?
  17. jedi_master_sal

    jedi_master_sal Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 20, 2002
    Darth_Colt_45 and Lando_Da_Pimp did you guys see me at Destinta. I was the guy in costume holding the trivia contests.

    I have this feeling that I already know you DC 45 (Darth Colt 45). R U the guy i also ran into again at Eide's?

    Anyway, to my review!

    I absolutely loved it.

    I saw it at Destinta at midnight and again at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm. Yes, five times on opening day. (I have the stubs to prove it) Plan to see again this weekend. (On memorial day if anyone cares to join me)

    Star Wars is back!
    When I had thought of what the Clones wars would be like this surpassed them. My only MAJOR complaint is that there was no starfighter battle. Yea, I know the Jango/Obi-wan, but I mean an all out battle like the tie vs x-wings.

    This movie starts out with a BANG! literally. From the moment the naboo cruiser blows up on the landing platform you are transfixed and engrossed.
    Coruscant chase scene was AWESOME.
    That how Jedi should be. we only had a glimpse of their power in the original trilogy, now we see them for who and how powerful they really were.
    Interaction between Padme/Anakin was good. Natalie look very beautiful in this one. I think a good job was done to make her seem more mature yet still young.
    Clone facility (sp?) was a nice touch. Good way to explain it. Bring on those toy yellow, green and blue clones. and how about a resculpt of the white ones!
    Battle beasts were fantastic. Loved the REEK, sad to see him die. Nasty NEXU (the cat like one) The Acklay was cool (needed a bigger head IMO) Still, would hate to face any of them in a dark alley.
    Battle in the arena Jedi vs Droids. WOW! Just wanted more and more. For some reason I really clung to Kit Fisto (green dreadlock Jedi) his smile as he force pushes C-3po was so "human"
    Battle of Geonosis: clones vs droids......
    how else can I describe it..... no words can justify how spectacular it was. can't wait for some of the toys. Namely the AT-TE (Looks like a chameleon WALKER, in fact I've nicknamed him Louie from the budweiser commercials), Republic Battle Cruisers. We should have see them battling the Trade Federation ships in space. That would have been an awesome scene.

    Decapitations and limb severing galore.
    Tusken Raiders-heads!

    You definitely know why Anakin is drawn to the darkside after this. I'm sure Lucas will expound upon this in the next one.

    YODA!!!!! I knew this was going to happen months ago but kept myself from viewing any pictures of it. Great saber scene. Of course everyone in the theater is like "yea, right" after he puts his saber away and picks up his cane and hobbles on.

    This currently is tied as number one for me as the best SW movie.

    Well I've said my piece, peace, whatever.

    What say you?
  18. Darth_Colt_45

    Darth_Colt_45 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 26, 2002
    Sal, wasn't me at Eide's . How would you know me? hmmmm, interesting....I'm not trying to keep my love for SW a let me know who you are....My name is Ray, and I am a Star Wars-aholic....
  19. jedi_master_sal

    jedi_master_sal Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 20, 2002
    Your description of your EPII experience is exact to a guy I met at the EPII toy release and again met at the premiere. thought you were him. No harm no foul.

    On another note, I am extending the invitation to anyone who would to meet on memorial day at Loews theater at the Waterfront for a veiwing of AOTC. I will need any responses by 4pm fri as I don't have a computer at home. Please notify me by e-mail as well (this is the quickest way for me to know). I'd like the chance to meet other SW fans from the Pittsburgh area.
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