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Power Lust : Sequel!!!!! Lust For Revenge is back!!! part 14/20(L/V/Le/H/Mara ;P) pg

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by SJade, Oct 15, 2002.

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  1. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    Good ol Vader.
  2. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    Hello again, you two :)

    Thanks again for your comments :) Yup, Vader is in great shape for his son's return :) And Luke is 'quite' unpredictable to him all of a sudden :)

    Ready for more :)

    Here we go:

    Disclaimers and thanks, see first post

    "Luke," she sobbed and collapsed against her pillows. She was bathed with sweat, her red hair abnormally cropped and plastered to her head. "Thank the Force, you're here. I don't think I would have been to hold her back for much longer."

    "I wouldn't have missed it even if someone had wanted otherwise." He fractionally turned around and bestowed a furious glare at his nearing father; he then focused his attention on his lover. "How are you?"

    "Better now that you're here."

    For a long moment, the two soulmates held gazes, totally oblivious to their situation. Their eyes spoke of the love that their heart held for one another, rendering pointless any vocal communication between them. Then, unable to resist the temptation any longer, they kissed like only long-separated lovers could.

    Luke felt tears of relief fill his eyes; he let them come. She was alive and well. He still had a chance to save her life.

    "Aaaah..." she suddenly groaned, interrupting their moment of intimacy.

    Reflexively, he reached out with the Force to relieve her, but found himself blocked once again. He glared anew at the nearby black-clad silhouette. "Remove the lizards," he ordered calmly yet defiantly. He then locked his gaze on Han's eyes, silently asking him to obey 'his' command for once. His friend was still in the anteroom.

    "Then get out, all of you!" Mara spat from his side. "It's not as if I can go anyw----Aaah!"

    Luke turned back toward her, holding her hand in support. "It'll be all right, my love,? he tried to soothe her. ?Soon, it will be over. Just hang on, okay?"

    Mara weakly nodded as he kissed her sweaty temple in comfort.

    The young Jedi then turned back toward their unwanted audience. "Han, the lizards," he clipped commandingly. "And you," he glared angrily at his father, "get out, too."

    "Master Luke, it's too dangerous," Cilghal intervened. "Lord Vader share..."

    "Be silent!" Vader clipped, but too late.

    "... a life-bond with your daughter..." she trailed off.

    That piece of information thoroughly stumped Luke. Huh?.. His father had what?.. Then, his anger sprang forth once again. How dared his father bond himself to his daughter without both his and Mara?s consent?! "So that's what the lizards are about," he fumed further.

    "As if I could ever hurt the flesh of Luke's flesh," Mara scoffed at the Sith Lord, disgusted. "Who do you think I am anymore? You?"

    "Get out!" Luke bit out, equally disgusted by his father's actions. "Leave us, all of you, except Forester."

    "Master Luke..."

    "Kid, look..."


    "All of you shut up!!" interrupted an angry Forester. "It's ?my? medbay, and you ?all? will do as ?I? say. Lord Vader, you're assisting me, so off to the sterilizer with you. And hurry, we have no time! Cilghal, prepare the patient. Lord Solo, remove the lizards ?and? bring this royal highness with you." He pointed at Luke as he said so.

    Luke reflexively glared as he registered how the other had just referred to him. His royal highness?.. What in ?heck? had happened while his father had kept him under his complete control? "I?m not---" Luke began, but Forester interrupted him, shoving his face close to his, his angry eyes drilling into his. Luke reflexively backed away from the smaller medic.

    "Your irresponsible behaviour endangers your lover and your daughter,? he vehemently rebuked him. ?Or haven?t you noticed that we?re dealing with complications, here? You delay the caesarean. Out!" he shouted again as he physically pulled him away from Mara?s side and got him started toward the door.

    Luke was too befuddled by the medic?s unusual behaviour to resist him.

    A moment later Luke effectively found himself in the small antechamber, the sound-proofed doors closed behind him.

  3. Binder-lover

    Binder-lover Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 3, 2003
    .. Oh boy. His highness?

    What are the up to?
  4. Tribun

    Tribun Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 2003
    Why not the whole chapter?
    At, we can read the whole chapter.
  5. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    Hello Binder Lover :) And nice to meet you, Tribun :)

    binder Lover: What are they up to ;P well, I must admit that Tatiana knows more about this than I do ;P But I can tell you that it's more formality than anything really serious ;P

    Tribun: Why not the whole chapter in one shot? because I use to do that and all it did was create extremely long pages to download, thus led to complaints. So, I changed tactics and began to post a few pages at a time. Also, posting that way allows me to keep the board on the more recent update list for a week or so instead of one hour only ;P Finally, it's the way most fic posts are done here at, so I just do it that way, too :) (Tatiana lets me handle this part of the sharing process)
    If you prefer to read the whole chapter in one shot, then yes, deals with stories that way. I guess it's only a matter of preferences :) As a writer, the board here gives me the possiblity to have a more regular contact with the readers so I love it very much, but as a reader, I, too, prefer :) I just make sure to review there, though ;P

    So, that being said, thank you both for your comments and interest, and on with the next part :)

    Hope your fun will continue :)

    The observation room was just above the operation room, allowing them a detailed view on the people working furiously around the green covered table.
    Upon arriving in the many-sitters room, Luke had walked up to the observation window to gaze down at the ongoing operations; he hadn?t moved since then.
    Nor had he spoken.

    "Forester is really good, Kid,? Han tried to draw him out of his apparent torpor. ?Don't worry, they will ?both? be all right. The little one is in good hands, too."

    ?Jemma,? the forlorn Jedi replied calmly.

    ?Huh?? Han frowned, wondering what his friend was talking about.

    Luke still didn?t take his eyes off from the operation table where Mara Jade was knocked half-conscious by the pain killers. ?Our daughter?s name is Jemma, after her mother.?

    Han smiled as he discovered his niece?s name. ?Jemma, huh?? He grinned further upon saying the name for the first time. ?It?s a beautiful name, for an undoubtedly beautiful little girl. I bet she will take after her father?s recklessness,? he tried to tease him out of his solemn mood.

    Luke didn?t smile. ?Hopefully, she will take more after her mother?s wisdom.?

    Jade again, Han grimaced. Although he had spent a lot of time with the woman throughout the past months, and although he had witnessed first hand how she seemed to have had a true change of heart, he couldn?t find within him the heart to like her. He respected her, as a worthy adversary, and he appreciated her for carrying his niece to terms, but he couldn?t quite imagine himself sharing a family hug with the cold-hearted assassin.

    No matter if he had seen her talk to her baby like any future mother did, and no matter that he had recently witnessed the strength of Luke?s love for her and vice-versa, he couldn?t forgive her for kidnapping ?and? hurting his ?little? brother in the first place.

    For a moment, at least, he then amended. He remembered all too well that once upon a time, he had also thought that being on friendly terms with Vader would only happen in a fantasy of bad taste. However, he had been proven wrong since then;perhaps, the same would be true with Jade.

    Perhaps some day he?d even share Luke?s thought about her, but he wouldn?t force himself to change his perception right now either. Only time, he decided, would bring about such change in his heart and mind.

    ?I still root for your side of the family to be stronger than hers, Kid,? he finally commented in the silence.

    Luke threw an askance glance at him, but remained silent.

    Below them Vader finally entered the room and joined Cilghal at the table. Luke grimaced. "Why is he allowed there, and ?I? am not. He is not Jemma?s father; ?I? am."

    The link between his father and his unborn daughter was visible and vibrant. He could also feel that it was indeed sustaining the baby?s life. ?Put
  6. Tribun

    Tribun Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 2003
    I don't think I like this new Han Solo. As far as I see, he is now just a typical, loyal soldier. In Luke's place I also would think of him as a stranger.

    Despite Luke's obvious own lacking attitude, I think they still want him to be what they expect him to be. That Luke doesn't want to fit into this system anymore they can't understand.

    I have a feeling that Luke will tell them later to **** off. (of course in not so drastic words).
  7. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    Han is so annoying.

    Leave Luke and Mara in peace!
  8. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    Good morning, Tribun and Lennox :)

    Hmmm, I see that Tatiana's Han doesn't really have your favors, huh ;P Let's see if the coming parts will help you change your mind about him ;)

    Anyway, Tribun, are you reading our minds ;P You've mostly described what the next parts of the story will be about: Luke coming of age and claiming his independence :)

    But let's not forget Mara in the lot, huh ;P How about we check on her and the baby now? ;P

    Thanks for your comments, both of you; entertaining you means a lot to us :)

    Disclaimers and thanks, see first post


    As far as Mara Jade was concerned, giving birth to her daughter was her worst experience yet.

    First, there had been the pain of labour, and then Vader?s obnoxious presence at her side instead of her husband?s.

    To top it all, she hadn?t been able deliver the baby the regular way; the medics had had to use surgery to help her give birth. While doing so, she had been drifting at the edge of consciousness, barely aware that her beloved was watching over her while he, too, resented their situation.

    At long last, though, the nightmare was over and the baby girl was here to stay.

    Mara had fumed inwardly when the Calamari Jedi had first presented the infant to Vader before showing her to her, but she had been too spent and dazed to act on her thoughts. Her only comfort was that Luke had been watching from above as the others had bathed and clothed the little one.

    Her precious, fragile daughter who represented everything that she had never thought she would even want in life. Shrugging off the last effects of the pain-killers that had dazed her during the surgery, Mara Jade tried once again to assess what was going on around her. Cilghal was nowhere to be seen, and Forester and Vader were exchanging comments while the aide was putting away the medical tools.

    What now? She wondered drowsily as she struggled against her sluggish body; she wanted to acquire a straighter position than her current slouch. Upon noticing her movements, the aide came over and offered her to be brought into another room so as to get some rest before they brought the child to her; she adamantly refused.

    She ignored her healing, bacta-covered stomach, too, and continued her attempt to regain a sitting position. She had enough of being in a less-than-dignified position.

    She was especially fed-up to feel at the mercy of everyone nearby.

    When her pain became more insistent as she kept straining her freshly sealed womb, she took it out on Vader once again, ordering him out of the room now that his bond with the girl was severed.

    She then closely watched Cilghal?s actions with her child as the other returned from the cleaning area behind her surgery table/bed. Meanwhile, Forester, who had understood her situation, gave her some new pain killers. It helped her to regain her calmer attitude, for the baby?s sake.

    A few seconds later, her daughter was finally in her arms. Mara marvelled at the way the cooing infant looked like a baby angel. She was Luke?s spitting image with her blond hair and blue eyes, yet streaks of red in her hair also belied her mother?s identity. Mara felt tears of happiness creep up in her eyes, but then she remembered who she used to be and her happiness was replaced by sorrow.

    Soon, she would die, she reminded herself. Now that the child was born, Vader had no reason whatsoever to delay her trial anymore, and the rebels were more than eager to gain custody of her. Unlike Vader, they would summarily execute her, too.

    ?I?m sorry,? she whispered at the infant, gently caressing her tiny cheek with the tip of her index finger. ?I wish that I had been a better person before I met your Daddy. That way, I would be able to be with the two of you.?

    But she hadn?t been. However, she was determined that the past would not hurt either her daughter or her lover anymore. She would not cause them grief with her death; she would not even make them hold a grudge against Vader for his actions.

    Instead, she would not form a bond with her
  9. Binder-lover

    Binder-lover Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 3, 2003

    Please, Mara! Apologize to Luke! :_|


    JEDIFLYSWATTER Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 10, 2004
    Great having you back SJade because I really like this storey. I just want to remind Luke that: "Without calm, there is no peace." Keep up the good work my friend!
  11. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    Hello BinderLover and Jediflyswatter :) Ah, it's good to be back home, in front of 'my' computer :)

    Thanks for the great comments, both of you :) Tatiana and I are glad that your fun continues, and I can tell you that part 19 is in the works: I received the first pages of it last week... Tatiana is cooking something awesome once again :)

    I'll do my best to post this ASAP... just as soon as we'll be done writing it :)

    Thanks again for your continued interest, both of you, and looking forward to bring the next part to you :)

    Mireille XXX

    JEDIFLYSWATTER Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 10, 2004
    Holding you to it SJade. I have read most of your stories and do enjoy them very much. Have faith in you my friend and look forward to your next post. May The Force be with always...
  13. Binder-lover

    Binder-lover Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 3, 2003
    *Force pushes thread to page 1*

  14. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    hey everyone :)

    How are you today? well I hope :)

    Just wanted to let you know that after battling dead computers, Tatiana has finally been able to send me part 19 for me to complete it :) I'm working on it even as I speak ;P

    So, soon, very soon, I give you my word :)

    Thanks again for your interest, all of you; it means a lot to both Tatiana and I :)

    Mireille XXX (and Tatiana)
  15. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    More Piett!

    More Veers!

  16. SJade

    SJade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 15, 2000
    Hello everyone :)

    As I was sending the last version of chapter 19 of Lust for Revenge to Tatiana, I thought that I should drop a little line to let you know about it :)

    So, cross your fingers, we?ve actually managed to defeat DRL again and part 19 will soon be here? 25 pages, too ;P

    I?ll give you a hint about what it will be about: Luke?s new life ;P, with Luke, Han, Leia, Vader, and Mara. (Piett and Veers are coming later, but they are part of the final act ;P Eh, we need to kick their butts for good, don't we ;P

    Hope to see you again as the fun will continue :) Thanks again for your great patience; we?re really sorry about the delays that keep getting in the way of updates :(

    Mireille and Tatiana XXX
  17. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    Okay!! No more promises :) Here it is at last!

    Hope you'll have fun once again!

    Tatiana is in great shape these days, you'll see ;P

    Disclaimers and thanks, see first post.

    Power Lust: Lust for Revenge
    Part 19: Luke?s new world
    By Mireille and Tatiana 8-05-02/2005

    "Master Skywalker, where are you going?"

    Luke stopped and turned. He had just left the antechamber and was moving towards what he assumed was the exit of Executor's medbay. Jemma was still crying her lungs out despite all his attempts to calm her.

    "Out," he replied tersely. He felt weary to the bone and hollow... as if he were caught in a nightmare. "I'm taking Jemma home. We are orbiting Coruscant, aren't we?"

    "We are," Cilghal nodded," but your daughter has to stay under observation..."

    Luke stopped short in his steps and whirled toward the Jedi healer. "Is something wrong with her?"

    Cilghal reassured him with a gentle shake of her head. "No, have no fear. It's merely standard procedure for new born babies. Master Skywalker," she then appealed to him soothingly. "Please, don't worry so much; she can pick up on your turmoil and it scares her. Perhaps you could allow me to hold her? I'll calm her down."

    Luke shook his head, adamantly rebutting her offer. "It's my job now, I'm her father. Show me what to do."

    Cilghal accepted his counteroffer. "That's easy," she reassured him. "Imagine something soft and warm - a blanket - and gently envelop her in it.
    Cradle her, send only love and reassurance; she will calm down - at least for a moment."

    Luke nodded and set to work. He should have thought about such obvious method himself, he rebuked himself. It was not so unlike how he used the Force to heal someone, in fact. He smiled down at his daughter red face. She had already stopped to cry and seemed to relax a little.

    "Poor baby, so much anger all around you..."he whispered softly. "Don't worry, I'm here, now. I'll protect you..."

    "Nicely done, Master," Cilghal praised him when the baby started fighting against sleep. "The severing of the life-bond caused her a lot of stress, but she will get accustom to you in no time. I can feel that your bond with her has already taken shape." She studied them a little while longer, and then turned heels and walked toward the opposite end of the medical bay.
    "Please follow me," she instructed him.

    Luke fell in step with her. "Where to?"

    "To her room. She will soon need to be fed and cleaned. Her nursery room is on the second level, where the wards are located."

    Luke mulled over her words for a moment. Second level? "I never thought that Executor's mebay was so big," he muttered, calmly following his self-assured student toward the closest elevator.

    "It isn't. We are in the "Gray Prison"."

    Luke stopped short on this information. "Where?!" In his arms, Jemma started and resumed crying in discomfort. He tried to soothe her once again, sending her apologies for his newest outburst.

    Cilghal had also stopped walking and was waiting for him to calm Jemma down once again. "The High Security Military Hospital, Master," she said, matter-of-fact. "In orbit, in the second ring of defense."

    Luke frowned but made an effort to not upset again his very sensitive baby girl. "Then what is Forester doing here?" he inquired as quietly as he could. "And why isn't there anyone except guards around us?"

    "This subsection was closed when we moved you and Mara in. High security, I'm sure you understand."

    Luke reluctantly nodded in agreement.

    "As for Doctor Forester," his student continued soothingly, "he is one of the Empire's senior surgeons. He must exercise somewhere, doesn't he?"

    "True," Luke relented. The way she had said that, made much sense to him.

    Silently, Cilghal nodded again at him, then started toward the elevator once again. Luke followed.

    As they rode the old-fashioned elevator in companionable silence, he pondered her revelations some more. He had to admit that he had never thought that his father's 'personal physician' might work somewhere to
  18. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    A very good chapter!

  19. Tribun

    Tribun Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 2003
    I already read all of it at

    And I must say I despise Luke's new family already.
    Han we already saw what happened to, and Leia.... she now meet my criteria as the bitch-queen. They have become corrupted by the power, only they don't realize it. And when someone holds up the mirror, they look away.

    Nobody notices because the changes have come slow and sneaking. But Luke as someone who is a sort of outside-spectator, notices all at once.

    I can't wait until this farcè is over by either Luke leaving them on his own, or their system collapsing.
  20. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    Hello :)

    Thanks for the interest, Jerjerrod :)

    Warning, spoilers of the next posts, or perhaps not ;P

    Tribun, well, what can we say; at least you understand how Luke feels, that's for sure :p In a way, I understand what you mean because at first, I wasn't really thrilled to go in that direction for Luke, but Tatiana's vision is a whole galaxy on its own, and when seen from the parts of the story that are yet to be told, the changes in Han, Leia, and the others are not as bad as they are made to look at the moment. You have to understand that you mostly see them from Luke's point of view, and that as such, they are not presented under their best light :)

    However, for Leia, she really is still the same Leia he knows; she is simply taking care of the bad journalists... the kind that also gets sued from time to time here (we have such a trial going on in my province...). As for Han, well, the title doesn't change who 'he' is, but he has grown more responsible... but no more so than when he is the consort-of-the-lady-vader and husband of the Republic's president in the profic EU. His position in the society simply catches up with him. As for Vader, he didn't do anything, didn't force anything on any of them; they simply made their choices, as we've seen with Kyp in the first act of this sequel. So, now, Luke has to grow up, too, and to accept that while he doesn't want to live in the system of aristocracy of the Empire, the rest of his family don't mind much about it, yet do not allow it to corrupt them as he thinks. They do not hurt innocents with their actions, do not crave power in any way, and they are honest in all their dealings with everyone. They are simply different from when he left; that's all ;)And they face/use the responsibilities of their positions to do good and ensure peace and justice in the galaxy.

    Hope this helps you to forgive us for going in that direction with the characters :) I hope you'll be there for the final act: Tatiana's Sith secrets and magic are not done yet contributing to this story :)

    Thanks for your interest, both of you, and in hopes of making it up, here's the next part :)

    Hope your fun will continue, despite the rest :)

    Disclaimers and thanks, see first post.


    Luke hesitated and finally didn't ask the question that burned his lips. He had to go more calmly, more slowly.

    Instead, he asked another question, one which did not raise his hackles.
    "Talking about changes," he began calmly, "how come Forester took you under his wing?"

    Cilghal smiled. "I was foolish enough to offer assistance to your father once. He explained to me how stupid I was in my conceptions of healing and health and sent me to Dr. Forester for further information. So I went. And he indeed showed me the extent of my ignorance - so I asked for even further instruction and he agreed."

    "And you like him?"

    "He is a great physician. He would even be one of the greatest in history if he had any ambition. However, he says that serving Lord Vader is enough. I like him."

    Luke sipped his beverage. "Cilghal...," he began hesitatingly. "Have you noticed anything unusual during Jemma's birth?"

    "Unusual, Master?"

    "Well... Some unnecessary Force manipulation... on Mara..."

    The Calamari female, who had leaned closer in concern, slowly withdrew until she sat straight in her chair upon hearing his words. "Lord Vader did nothing of the sort," she stated adamantly. "His actions were only those that were necessary by the intervention. He didn't influence Mara Jade's further actions."

    Luke frowned at her. "Are you sure?"


    "Could you not detect his manipulations?" he tried more insistently.

    "I doubt it."

    "But it's possible."

    Cilghal, who rarely displayed anything but calm and care, gave him a stern glare. "It's also possible and much more probable that Mara Jade's actions were only her own decision."

    It was Luke's turn to lose a little bit of his temper. Again. "But it can't be! I don't see why she would do such a cruel thing!
  21. Tribun

    Tribun Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 2003
    Well, I can image the best thing would be for Luke to move with child (and hopefully wife), back to Tatooine and rebuild his uncle's moisture farm.

    He simly isn't made for that stuff the family now wants to force on him. He had stayed a simple farmboy at heart, that is the core of his being.

    They should just let him leave in peace, their world isn't his world anymore, and will never be.
  22. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    Eh eh, Tribun :) You have a very good grasp of Luke's current dilemna, indeed :)

    However, it's a good thing that you can't read either my or Tatiana's mind ;P We'll be able to surprise you with what will happen to him and his little family, but I can tell you one thing: he won't become aristocracy, that's for sure :)

    Hope you'll be around for that settlement :)

    Mireille XXX
  23. Tatiana

    Tatiana Jedi Youngling

    Oct 17, 2002
    First of all, thank you for reading :)
    But I just can't not to reply, because I feel somehow we didn't read (write in my case) the same text.
    [blockquote]And I must say I despise Luke's new family already. Han we already saw what happened to, and Leia.... she now meet my criteria as the bitch-queen. They have become corrupted by the power, only they don't realize it. And when someone holds up the mirror, they look away.[/blockquote]
    First of all, what's so terrible happened to Han? He changed, yes. Got a lot of responsibilities, yes. Is this terrible? In my opinion, not at all. His only fault, that he isn't as Luke wants him to be. So what? He loves his friends (who are btw more understanding than Luke), his wife, his kids. Tries to make the world better. He accepted the title - terrible thing indeed! Did it corrupt him? really? *How*?
    How did the power corrupted Leia, actually? She has a very difficult work, very complicated, had to manage the crisis (that btw Luke helped to produce too) and now she is suddenly a "bitch-queen"? For what? For a law that states that journalists must verify their sources? Terrible, terrible of her. For a stupid name-change? For a good image work she did to establish her as a heir and not a "little deceived girl" as she was described? Even more terrible.
    The fact they are working for the Empire means nothing in itself. It's just work - hard and demanding, that have its demands (in time mostly, in behavior too). Does the only fact they like their jobs (and they like them because they are able to do much good) means they are "corrupted by power"?
    How about looking at Luke a bit more objectively? He isn't a saint. He can err - and in this case imho he *does*. Because he doesn't see *anyone* at all, only his ideas at how they *should* be. But who died and gave him a right to judge?

    Anyway, I'm sorry for apparently not being able to write all this in text itself. Somehow I thought it was evident. Well, I'll try to make better next time.

    Thank you for reading our work and for your opinion!
    Will the Force be with you!
  24. mireille

    mireille Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 8, 2005
    Good morning everyone :)

    Hello Tatiana :) Good to see you pop in ;P

    For those of you who 'haven't' read it all yet, here's the next part ;P

    Disclaimers and thanks, see first post.


    Winter met them in Vader's castle as they landed.

    "Welcome back, Luke," she said with a small smile that was an equivalent of hug-and-many-kisses from the less restrained people. She looked at Han.
    "Everything is well," she said. "The children were fed and are sleeping. Her highness ate well at dinner and is now sleeping, too; I checked five minutes ago."

    "Great," Han beamed. "Convince her to go to the park for an hour or two when she awakes."

    "I'll employ all my ruses," Winter smiled. "Good luck in your hunting, Lord Solo."

    "Thanks," Han grimaced. "I'll need it. Good day, Winter. Luke, see you in the evening!"

    He then turned and hurried back into the shuttle. Winter turned back to Luke.
    "Congratulations for your daughter!" she said. "I'm so happy for you!"

    "Thank you," said Luke levelly. He didn't want to continue in this painful direction and Winter felt it.

    "Your quarters are ready," she said. "Do you want to eat something?"
    "No, thanks."

    He followed her in the opulence of the castle. Leia's touches were visible here and there, he mused. She had obviously applied herself to 'humanize' the museum, but he greatly suspected that she never had time enough to finish this challenging task.

    The only places she redesigned completely were hers and Luke's suites.

    "How is she?" Luke inquired when they bypassed an abstract painting she had clearly put there; it was too bright for his father's liking.

    "Giving birth was difficult," Winter replied calmly. "She was very drained and it took her a long while to recover from the physical stress. But now, everything is well," she smiled, the sun shining through the ice of her eyes, "and the children are so adorable!"

    "Could I see them? After Leia's up, and that I've cleaned up?"

    That got him a surprised glance from the woman. "How can I tell you what to do in your own house?"

    Luke sighed glumly and cast his eyes down. "It just doesn't feel like a home to me, I suppose. I feel like I'm in sort of hotel or something..."

    "With me as a major-domo?" there was a twinkle in Winter's eyes.

    Luke smiled. "Sorry. But you'd be a great one."

    "Thank you."

    "The thing is, I don't feel as if I belong to this house. I'm sort of a temporary guest... It's not home."

    "It's not a house that I'd call 'home'," she retorted wisely. "A house is just a shell. Home is the family you belong to."

    "Which one?" Luke grimaced. "The one I was born into? Or the one I made?"

    "Both," was the reply. "It's the people who will always welcome you whatever comes."

    He pursed his lips at that. "Somehow, I don't think I'm quite welcomed by my family..." ... Surely not by my father, he thought.

    "That's not true," Winter retorted strongly. He felt she was replying not only to his words but to his thought too. "All your family loves you very much. Please, believe me."

    "My father doesn't know love."

    "Who told you such a nonsense?!"

    "Vader did."

    "Then, I believe, he either has a misconception of the meaning of this word, or he just doesn't know himself well enough." She gazed deeply into his eyes. "I saw him during his search for you, and only a blind wouldn't see how great was his love and his pain."

    "Care, Winter. It's just care. Nothing more."
    "When a feeling is of such intensity, I see no difference."

    "I do. I don't wish to discuss it further."

    They were not very far from his door now; they walked the rest of the distance in silence.

    "Thank you for your company and honesty," he said finally.

    "You're welcome," she replied with emphasis on the last word.

    He entered his room, and closed the door.


    TBC :)

    Had fun? Liked it? Hope so :) Please let us know if you did :) Entertaining you means a lot to us :)

    Mireille and Tatiana XXX

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