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Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by Plo-Cool, May 4, 2002.

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  1. Plo-Cool Jedi Youngling

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    Just for something to do, I'm gonna make a list of stuff I think might be possible to see in Episode III, then I'm gonna print it out and seal it up until the movie comes out and then see what, if anything I got right. Here goes:

    The Death Star: I think, with the DS stuff in AOTC, that we could see the DS in its early phases of construction, a lot less completed than the DS2 in ROTJ.

    Tarkin: There's word from Lucasfilm about a new villain for the third movie and this could very well be Tarkin. The guy was bossing Vader around in ANH, we have got to see why.

    Mon Calamari and Sullustans: It's clear from ROTJ that these two types of aliens are prominent members in the alliance but we don't see any of them in TPM and there's no indication they'll be in AOTC. I hope they're in Ep III just to show some continuity with the OT. (I'd LOVE it if they had Akbar as Tarkins servant like in the EU stories)

    Jabba and Boba Fett hunting Jedi: I'd love to see these two pooling their resources to hunt down the Jedi for Palpy. It's almost certain we'll see Fett doing this (he'll be sixteen so he's old enough) and I hope Jabba at least makes a brief appearance, maybe dispatching a new cool bounty hunter who gets killed trying to get Obi Wan or maybe by Fett. This would also be a good time for cameos by more of Jabba's cronies like Bib, Ephant Mon, and AMANAMAN. I'd love to see him in action but that will never happen. The other bounty hunters from ESB would also make nice cameos, esp IG-88 and BOSSK.

    Alderaan: I'd bet that we see Alderaan in the next movie. We're definately gonna see more of Bail Organa, hell be like Mace was in TPM in AOTC but he'll have a larger role in the next one. It would also add to Alderaan's destruction in ANH if we got to see how beautiful it was.

    Mon Mothma: We gotta see her as a senator or something. I'm sure there will at least be a hint of the rebellion to come.

    Krayt Dragon: I don't know how but if George can work one into the plot I'd love it.

    Sttuf I would prefer NOT to see:

    Han Solo et. al. : I think that Han, Chewie and the Falcon should be completely left out of the prequels. It would just be ridiculous to incorporate them in ANY way into them. They should be left to the OT.

    Naboo: I think we've seen enough of Naboo. It's a pretty cool planet but I think that we need new ones. It's been in two movies now and that's enough. I'd say the same for Coruscant except I want to see it as the Center of the Empire. And Tatooine wil be in it FOR SURE. I can feel it.

    Finally, my pick for the title would be REVENGE OF THE SITH. This would mirror RETURN OF THE JEDI, and, since "revenge" was something deemed inappropriate for Jedi's title, and Jedi in general, it is something that would suit the Sith perfectly. Hell, Maul even says in TPM "At last we will have revenge". I don't know, it's just a hunch I have.

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    Hmm, good predictions, Leia Adresses Tarkin as Governer Tarkin so we may see Palpy give the land away to governers in EP3
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    I have a very nice prediction for episode 3, but for those who don't want spoilers, I will not make it so I don't ruin episode 2 for anyone...especially since this info came to me from a source that gives info after episode 2...anyway, I will give the prediction as soon as the 16th rolls around.
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