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Saga Preservation: OCs with a side of Yoda, Jinn and more. Updated 8/11

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jedi_Perigrine, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Title: Preservation--a continuation of [link=]Preservation[/link] from the Before the Saga thread.
    Author: Jedi_Perigrine
    Timeframe: Approximately the start of The Phantom Menace
    Characters: OCs: Wilch Evlon, human, former Jedi Knight
    Plort; Ithorian, former Jedi Knight
    Matris, human, Force Sensitive trainee of Plort, wife of Wilch
    Windy, Mrlssi, Force Sensitive wild child found and apprenticed by Wilch
    Guest appearances by Yoda, Qui-Gon and more

    Genre: Drama, some action
    Summary: Wilch senses the upcoming doom of the Jedi Order and leaves the Temple to save as much Jedi knowledge as he can.

    Author's note: Feel free to go back and read what has happened before, but I don't feel it's necessary to get some enjoyment out of the story. Please feel free to leave comments. I always welcome constructive criticism via PM!


    Months passed like racing swoop bikes, zipping by at an unbelievable pace. A full two years had passed since the wild young girl, Windy, had come to live with them. There were major adventures on a near daily basis for the first few months as the three settled together into a two-bedroom suite on the mining colony on Bespin.

    Day by day, Windy learned how to fit into galactic civilization through hours of hard study. Despite being [link=]Mrlssi[/link]--a complete alien species compared to her human foster parents--she fit into Wilch and Matris? family almost as though she had been born there. In many respects, she began her life with the two humans like an actual human baby--albeit a baby who was highly mobile, raised by wild rawks, liked to chew on furniture, and insisted on catching vermin and pests as snacks whenever possible. It was always hard to explain her behavior when they were in the park with other families. Fortunately their neighborhood was new and under populated. They eventually convinced her that she didn?t need to kill and eat every rodent she saw.

    But a few examples of such behavior were enough to start the family off on the wrong foot and considered very strange by the neighborhood. A small part of the misunderstanding was because Wilch, Matris, Windy, and their close Ithorian friend Plort were all Force Sensitive and kept to themselves. Nobody outside the family even suspected their Jedi roots. The four of them took ultimate care to keep that secret buried deep. Wilch kept a watchful eye on the emotions of everybody around him; at the first sign of recognition, he would have loaded his family into Matris? ship and disappeared into the depths of the galactic core. That?s how dangerous his knowledge was.

    Wilch?s secret concerned the fate of the entire Jedi Order. Even though he had to pass up a chance at becoming a Master and serving on the Jedi Council by doing so, he exiled himself from the Order. It became his self-appointed task to preserve as much knowledge as he could, in case the horrific nightmares of his visions played true. Even Master Yoda said he was jumping at shadows. But Yoda hadn?t seen this vision, or awakened during the wee hours of the night, tangled in his sheets and drenched in sticky sweat from seeing the terrible revelation play out in his mind for the hundredth time. Of the other Jedi, only Plort believed his warning, but even he couldn?t take all the strain off of his friend. No, this was Wilch?s duty to bear. His life wasn?t all terror and looming danger, but he never forgot the reason behind his exile.

    Wilch knew the Jedi were going to be destroyed from within?


    Dancing about the living room, Windy moved her very long arms and short legs purposefully, practicing bits of all the katas she had learned over the years.

    ?There they are!? Wilch?s voice loudly announced, startling her out of her short reverie.

    ?What did you find?? Windy asked, fol
  2. dianethx

    dianethx Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 1, 2002
    That was cute and a good idea of how to bring us up to speed on what has been going on with Wilch and company. It looks like he married someone with skills enough to make good.

    Good job.
  3. jedidas3

    jedidas3 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 25, 2007
    Nice job!=D= Looking forward to more adventures!
  4. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Thanks! I figured I probably better start somewhere that other people might find their way into the story. I'm hoping to drum up s'more interest, of course. :D

    More adventures, coming right up! Thanks for following me over here! :D

    Meanwhile, on with the show.


    The next morning, the four of them left together, walking towards the hangar. Matris took the lead and marched them purposefully through long hallways and several corridors leading to multiple ship berths.

    At first, Windy thought they were going to the Corellian Fire's personal home, docking bay 6334. Instead, she stopped one doorway beyond, 6335.

    ?Are ye ready?? Matris asked, a wicked twinkle in her eye. She really was in a good mood today, she hadn?t snapped at Father once yet.

    ?Uhhh, sure,? the young Mrlssi said hesitantly, giving Wilch and Plort a confused look.

    With a terribly overdramatic bow, she indicated Windy should go through the hatchway first. After giving an avian shrug, she wandered in.

    The ship was parked at an angle mostly facing towards them. The high-towering landing struts made the craft seem overly tall; Windy could barely see the top of the cockpit windows near the front. It seemed bigger than it really was. If she had to guess, Windy would have said that the length was about the same as Matris? YT-1300. The first two-thirds of the ship seemed to be the primary hull, somewhat rectangle-like, though perhaps tapering mildly towards a point near the cockpit. A couple of obviously custom blasters poked out underneath the front end of the ship. A double-barreled turret was visible between the landing struts amidships. She thought she saw a twin turret on the top, near the middle of the hull, too. On the aft port side, a single round escape pod was nestled in at the very back of the larger section. Based on the ship?s apparent symmetry, Windy guessed there was probably another pod on the starboard side as well. Connected via a somewhat thinner hull was the engine mount. The fat, wide diamond-shaped section of hull had a single large radar array in the middle, over the central engine, while two other large round engine pods poked out on either side.

    ?What in space is it?? Windy asked at last.

    Matris looked disappointed that she had to identify the ship for everybody else. ?It?s a CEC YG-4210 light freighter,? she answered. ?These things have been around for a very long time, but I finally saw one that was in prime shape with all the modifications I wanted.?

    ?Oh,? Windy said. ?Well it?s nice,? she lied.

    ?Glad ye think so. It?s yers, here are the keys.? She tossed a couple of datachips at the Mrlssi girl who caught them instinctively. ?Happy Fifth naming day!?

    ?What?? she cried, startled. This piece of junk? Windy wasn?t sure it would make space, forget about getting her anywhere in style. They?re about to release the YT-1760 and I get this thing? She thought, irritated.

    Then she remembered her manners. ?Thank you very much, Mother. I like it.?

    ?Just like?? Matris blurted, annoyed herself. ?Well, maybe ye?ll like it better from the inside. Come on.?

    She reached down and grabbed Windy?s long arm and pulled her forcefully towards the lowered ramp that lead them into the ship just before the lower turret.

    The Mrlssi struggled a little with the keys, trying to figure out which end went where before the door snapped open. First thing that came to her attention once they passed through the door was the scent of freshly produced nerf furniture. The door closed behind Plort as he brought up the rear. He walked awkwardly, struggling with an obnoxiously large pack slung over his shoulder.

    The main ship
  5. VaderLVR64

    VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 5, 2004
    You KNOW I'll be slow in getting here, but please PM me anyway! :p

  6. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Thanks MamaV! You can be assured you'll get your PM, as always. :D

    I'm doing something I haven't done before in any of my stories--switching the focus from two different viewpoints in order to have two storylines going at once. Let me know if it seems weird. Since I didn't find splitting the POV particularly hard, that probably means I'm not doing it correctly. :D


    ?You spend so much blasted time at work!? Wilch shouted, only the barest degree of control left within. That tiny strand wasn?t enough to keep his arm from lashing out, flinging his drink across the ship?s main passenger area.

    ?And you spend every waking minute of your life doting on Windy! Maybe you should have married her!? Matris? glass zinged past his head.

    The poor cleaning droid was working overtime today. Fortunately it was just husband and wife in the Corellian Fire, tossing liquids and breakables. If Plort or Windy were present and feeling similarly disruptive, the droid would have blown its circuits trying to keep up on all the mess.

    ?She?s my daughter!? Wilch retorted.

    ?Yeah, I can see the family resemblance!? She looked like she wanted to throw something else, but there wasn?t anything at hand. Matris kicked at a chair instead. ?Why can you let her in but not me??

    ?You were already in!? he objected loudly. ?But then you started spending more time at work. Oversee the whole mining station why don?t you, and ignore us in the process!?

    Matris? mouth worked but no sound came out for a moment. ?That?s because you kept giving away all our money! I had to work hard or we?d be out on the streets.?

    Deep within his conscience, guilt twinged, just as it had with every other point she made. But, surely he hadn?t given that many credits out. He had always thought of other peoples? financial needs, never his own. Really, her salary was large enough before her promotion. They could afford to be generous with people who had nothing. Couldn?t they?

    When he didn?t answer right away, she gave a guttural cry of frustration and stomped off towards the cockpit. The door slid shut behind her.

    Wilch threw himself onto the couch and put his hands over his eyes. How had their relationship deteriorated so greatly? They had been happy for well over a year, as Matris? loving patience finally won over his deeply ingrained Jedi stigma against romantic relationships. For a long time after he recovered from his massive burns, they worked well together, they laughed and loved. Matris, Windy and Wilch were one big happy Jedi family. Together they worked and played, each thriving on the attention of the others. What in space had changed?

    The visions were back, that?s what had changed. The visions were the same, yet there was more urgency to them now, as though a turning point were near. Initially his vision was horrifying enough; a young human male with a massive platoon of white armored figures following behind marched through the Jedi Temple. A hooded figure with a blue lightsaber slashed angrily through young Padawan flesh and older, more experienced Jedi, destroying both with impossible ease. Blasterbolts by the hundreds ignited the night as the host of troopers fired, cutting down men, women and children where they stood or sat or fled. The shroud of death was everywhere. The light of the Jedi?s influence in the galaxy would be all but switched off. That feeling had Wilch in an iron grasp, strangulating him, killing him as surely as that enemy?s lightsaber cleaved through the younglings.

    On top of that pain, now he had to deal with an entirely new vision, one that was almost as hard to take as the first, though for vastly different reasons.

    A black-clad Zabrak, his face oddly tinted red and black, was locked in mortal lightsaber combat with Qui-Gon Jinn. The red lightsaber blade was masterfully wielded, and it seem
  7. dianethx

    dianethx Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 1, 2002
    I thought it was cute that Windy didn't like the outside of the ship but the inside was just right. Besides, how often do you see the outside when you're flying anyway...

    Very cute!

    And this chapter with Wilch's visions and his wife not understanding because he didn't tell her was scary. No wonder he wasn't seeing her POV and she certainly didn't understand his since he wasn't telling her!

    I don't like the sound of that post ending. Sounds like Qui-Gon has died. Perhaps Wilch should have told Qui-Gon about his visions, especially that one a lot sooner.

    Good job.
  8. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Thanks Diane! :) I guess I oopsed and didn't make it clear that the visions of Q-G's death were very new. Oh well, I'll know for next time. :D

    Sorry this is so short, today's a holiday and I only have a few minutes before we head out. So, on we go!


    The second they were in hyperspace, the lightsabers and a whole slew of parts were all removed from the bag, one by one.

    Windy was amused to see Plort having such a good time. ?What kind of pacifist are you? There?s got to be well over a dozen weapons here?? she joked, watching him as he comfortably sat in the middle of the great room. One by one he tossed the lightsabers onto the couch.

    ?Seventeen,? he announced, pitching the last one. ?Which is odd since I only remember sixteen.? He shook his head sorrowfully, as if he had just left his own mother?s funeral. ?It?s been far too long since I got to fiddle with these.?

    ?Why do you need so many??

    He looked surprised by the question. ?I don?t need any of them. They?re just my idea of a fun hobby. I enjoy experimenting with them, I find it very peaceful. Most of them I made myself, but this one here,? he said, hefting a particularly small cylinder, not much longer than Plort?s finger. ?I helped Yoda upgrade this one. Its balance was all off and the cutting power wasn?t really up to snuff. Well, for a Grand Master, anyway. Compared to most other Jedi, it was pretty good. Anyway, I optimized it for him and tried to give it back but he said I contaminated it somehow. Wouldn?t accept it back.? His tone of voice was definitely confused as to how he could have made the lightsaber that ?unclean?. He sorted through the silver pile on the couch. ?This one I?m particularly proud of, here try it.?

    Windy hefted the longer than average cylinder, noting the extra heavy weight. The hilt was still balanced, but the size almost made it prohibitive to use, especially for her smaller figure. She flicked the ignition switch hissing a short bluish white blade out, about two thirds of a meter long. The glow was particularly brilliant, hurting her eyes.

    ?All that hilt for so little blade?? she asked, skeptically.

    ?Ah, but in that configuration, that lightsaber will melt through a blast door in no time at all?much faster than any standard saber. Check the secondary switch near your left thumb.? Plort waggled his fingers as if he wanted to touch it for her.

    When Windy pushed in the button, the blade almost doubled in length and shifted to a sulfuric yellow color. Even though the brightness was diminished greatly, the weapon still hummed with vibrancy.

    ?Wow!? she exclaimed, very pleased at the result. ?How come this isn?t your primary lightsaber?? Windy deactivated the secondary feature, letting the blade go back to blue, then reactivated the switch, doubling the length again. There was an electronic groan from the inner assembly.

    ?Stop!? Plort said, snatching the weapon out of her hands and deactivating it. ?Because it?s not entirely stable. Doing what you did could cause a critical failure. I overtweaked it, I think.?

    ?Oh.? The Mrlssi adjusted her tunic so it sat more evenly over her narrow shoulders. ?Well, I still like the idea.?

    The Ithorian nodded. ?It?s a dual phase lightsaber. They were all the rage, years and years ago. They?re a little harder to build; need twice as many rare materials. In lean years, the two main cryst
  9. LarsKronus

    LarsKronus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 11, 2008
    Nice! Great to see you in this side of the world. May I be put on the pm list? I'm really enjoying this
  10. dianethx

    dianethx Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 1, 2002
    I liked that Windy knew that the lightsaber wasn't really hers - that it didn't feel right. I also liked that Yoda thought that he'd contaminated his lightsaber. Poor Plort. He's trying to be helpful.

    I would think a dual-phase lightsaber could be very useful.

    Good job.
  11. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Nice to see you here too, Lars! Thanks very much for reading--consider yourself on the PM list!

    I would think so too! I know Corran always found his to be just what he needed. Sometimes Plort is just too helpful for his own good. :D

    Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more on Thursday!

  12. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    And here's your Thursday-ly update! Thanks for sticking with the story!


    Matris and Wilch didn?t speak much during the trip to Naboo. Wilch was secretly glad she didn?t want to talk, now. Instead of spending the hours in the cockpit with Matris, Wilch retreated to their quarters for a lot of meditation.

    It was taking all his discipline to keep from breaking down completely. The pain of Qui-Gon?s and his last argument was overwhelming, even more heart wrenching than his and Matris? fights. That made no logical sense, since the two men had never really been close friends, and Wilch hadn?t spoken to Qui-Gon in over two and a half years.

    He really didn?t know why the death affected him so. Jedi did die on a somewhat regular basis after all, since their proscribed task was inherently dangerous. Wilch just knew he needed to be here for the funeral. He was so focused inward that he didn?t even sense Matris come into the room.

    ?We?re here.?

    ?Already?? He asked, blinking repeatedly to clear his vision.

    ?It?s been two days,? Matris told him, her voice a little harder than it needed to be.

    ?Oh.? Well, that explained why his legs were so cramped. It took two attempts before he was able to stand. He hadn?t eaten much, but his emotions were too raw, his stomach still too muddled from his strong sense of loss to care.

    ?There?s a lot of traffic in system. A lot of debris, too, mostly Trade Federation in origin.? Her nonchalance was irritating, until Wilch remembered that Vesuun wasn?t a part of the Federation anymore. He was being overly sensitive again.

    ?Looks like they got their invasion in,? he responded despondently, remembering Vesuun?s worry, all those years ago.

    ?Apparently Qui-Gon died a hero. I could only get permission for one of us to go to the funeral.?

    Wilch nodded, unsurprised. There were likely to be a lot of Jedi at Jinn?s sending off. ?That?s all right. Here.? Wilch held out the holocam that he had located during one of his few moments of lucidity. ?You can record it for me.?

    ?Yer not bloody going?? She was having trouble holding onto her anger, now. ?I worked me backside off to get that invitation for ye.?

    ?And I really appreciate it, Matris. You don?t know what it will mean to me if you get footage of the funeral. I?have somewhere I need to go.?

    ?Yer not leaving me behind on the planet, are ye??

    Her accusation was almost cute; that made him smile a little. ?Of course not. I?m going to check out the palace, that?s all.?

    She seemed to finally catch on to his idea. ?If ye get arrested, I?m leaving ye in jail. It?s the least ye deserve.? Matris snatched the cam out of his hand and angrily stomped out of the room, down the ramp.

    Wilch watched her go with amusement. He?d have to make sure he didn?t get into trouble. He sensed she wasn?t joking, this time. Naboo was supposed to be nice, but he had no intention of becoming a permanent resident.


    Wilch walked the opulent corridors of the Palace in a thick daze, and luckily unchallenged. He was glad he didn?t have his lightsaber or robes with him, otherwise he would have been sorely tempted to put them on. It was hard not to be able to show his solidarity, his support for Jedi brothers and sisters in their time of loss. He shook his head ruefully; even years after he had left the Temple, he still thought of himself as a Knight. The last thing he wanted was to feel what it was like to be a true Jedi again. That might just be enough emotional trauma to push him over the edge into true insanity.

    Speaking of edge, there he was. He stood on the precipice of some sort of energy tube that dropped away in front of him for who knew how long. The image of the horn-covered, red and black-faced Zabrak falling down this same hole fluttered through his thoughts, lasting only long enough for the black-clad body to divide in half as it fell.

    So Qui-Gon?s killer was dead. That h
  13. LarsKronus

    LarsKronus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 11, 2008
    [blockquote]Anakin answered though, in a voice that was strong and despite the light way the boy said the words, it sent an extremely violent shiver down Wilch?s spine as he continued walking away.

    ?Bye! I?ll see you again later!?[/blockquote]

    Oh...God...that is scary...especially it being that he KNOWS what that kid is gonna do. Nice update!
  14. Jedi_Trevor_GulDan

    Jedi_Trevor_GulDan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 17, 2003
    Great story! Hardest part of writing OCs is keeping the canon untouched...

    Keep up the good work!
  15. dianethx

    dianethx Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 1, 2002
    I loved that Qui-Gon talked to Wilch and that they were at peace with one another. I think Wilch needed that closure. But to talk with Anakin and have him say that he'd see him later. Oh, oh. Hopefully, the kid will forget Wilch but maybe not.

    I thought this was at the heart of the matter.

    Wilch put his hand on Anakin?s shoulder. Immediately the ramifications struck him. He had the potential scourge of the Jedi right at his fingers. All he needed to do was snap the boy?s neck and the danger to the Order would be over. He could move quickly, Obi-Wan couldn?t stop him. Then all the future pain he sensed would be gone. No longer would a dark cloud hover over the Temple. Was it the Force that suggested destroying the boy, or was it the Code, begging for the survival of the Jedi Order?

    Anakin winced ferociously as if reading Wilch?s thoughts. That was when the scope of his thoughts really struck home. He couldn?t kill this child in cold blood. Anakin deserved the chance to live, to prove himself savior or destroyer. Wilch was not a judge and jury, he could not convict and kill on the potential of some future outcome. How could he live with himself if he did that? How could he live with himself for even thinking it?

    Indeed. Wilch needs to remind himself of just what he is - a Jedi still.

    Great job.
  16. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Yeah that line even gave me the creeps and I know how things are going to turn out. :D Thanks for reading!

    Thank you very much! I wanted to leave the cannon as untouched as possible. I try to keep all my stories in line with canon. There's just something I can't get past about changing events in the SW Universe. Thanks for posting!

    Thanks very much, Diane. It's hard to say you're a member of a group when you haven't even spoken to a brother/sister in several years, but you're right. Deep in his heart, he's still a Jedi. He's lucky in that he has friends nearby. The making-peace scene almost didn't happen, I thought it might make for a more interesting character to have the pain of failed interaction between Wilch and Qui-Gon, but I decided the scene was too rewarding to write and read to leave it out. :)

    Monday will bring another episode! Stay tuned!
  17. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Many hours later, Windy was almost done with her new lightsaber. Now all she would need were the crystals and to permanently affix the beam emitter into place. She learned the secret of how to open the reddish wood casing Wilch had given her; it was quite difficult, requiring pressure on four different mechanisms. That was good, since she wouldn?t want the thing popping open in the middle of a battle.

    Plort had used the three hours to tune his other lightsabers, supposedly optimizing them all, pausing long enough to answer any of her questions and show her what step was next.

    A sing-song beeping from the cockpit alerted them that they were approaching their destination. The two of them had just finished strapping in when the navicomputer spat them out of hyperspace.

    Windy read the data on her screen. ?Varonat? Are you kidding? When did you have a chance to find anything here?? She asked, remembering the intensely hectic period that she had been here last. She wasn?t sure she would ever be able to think about the planet without recalling the death and destruction that she, Plort and Wilch had come to help heal.

    ?It was on our way in. May I?? he asked before Windy nodded at his taking over control. ?Now,? he said, flying them into the atmosphere towards a small green island off the main continent in the southern hemisphere. Rivers criss-crossed the uneven surface, following the low-lying ridges of small hills. ?If I remember correctly, the computer said it was around here somewhere.? Plort flew on for a few more minutes before the scanners picked up whatever it was he was looking for. ?There we go.?

    Windy saw the computer indicating a cave buried under what seemed to be a small hill in particularly dense jungle canopy. ?There?s a landing spot. It?s only five klicks away.?

    He eyed her suspiciously with his big black orbs. ?Five kilometers is a tough trek in this thick of a jungle,? he noted.

    She gave him a wickedly wry look in return, poking one of her talon-tipped claws at his pudgy middle. ?Lots harder for you than for me. It?s not my fault you?re three times my mass, tubby.?

    He rolled his eyes. ?Says the girl with hollow bones. It?s your ship, you put us down. But don?t break it, it takes forever for mechanics to make it way out here.?

    Windy wasn?t the best pilot, but she was capable enough to make the tricky landing. As the ship settled down onto its landing struts, the uneven ground caused the aft-section to be raised on a higher plane than the rest of the ship, so it was an up-hull climb to get to the ramp.

    ?Grab that bag. There?s enough food in there to last a few days, as long as you don?t eat like you usually do,? the Ithorian teased as he hooked the third lightsaber to the inside left of his light brown vest.

    ?I have a high metabolism!? she objected. Just in case, she packed another backpack full of food and water, as well as a very large and well-stocked first aid kit.

    ?Think that?s necessary?? he asked skeptically.

    She nodded. ?It will be if we don?t bring it.?

    Plort chuckled appreciatively. ?You?re right. Ready?? He held out one of his many spare lightsabers to her.

    Windy waved it away and pulled a vibroblade out of the weapons locker that was across the main cabin instead, after she handed him a blaster pistol and holster. She buckled a firearm to her own hip. ?Just in case we need to cut something without burning down a whole forest. Let?s go.?


    Seven hours into their trek, they were both completely exhausted, sweaty, and nearly deaf from the shrieking calls of local birds and other wildlife. According to their datapad though, now they were only another kilometer from their destination. She and Plort had taken turns being point in the hack?n slash through the immensely thick foliage. Despite the Force?s aid, all four of their arms tired quickly from the rough going; they changed places somewhat frequently. Green pockmarked vines the thickness o
  18. LarsKronus

    LarsKronus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 11, 2008
    Awesome post, I'm enjoying it, (as usual, ha!) Poor Rodians...*sigh*
  19. jedidas3

    jedidas3 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 25, 2007
    Whew! I'm finally all caught up. [face_dancing] Thanks for being patient with me and thanks for writing such an intriguing story. I'm definitely looking forward to more!
  20. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    I know, I pick on Rodians a lot. I'm starting to pick on Aqualish, too. I'll haffta have some human baddies soon. Thanks very much for your comments!

    No problem, welcome back! Glad you're still enjoying the story!

    Better enjoy it. I just realized I haven't written or planned anything in Wilch's story, after the last 2-4 posts, so after next week, I'm afraid that's it!

  21. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    All right. This morning, we're returning to Windy and Plort, deep in the jungle...


    She gave Plort one of the blaster rifles and half of the spare power packs. She pocked ammunition of her own, and triple-checked to make sure none of their unconscious foes had anything that looked like a weapon or com-link. The rest of the weapons she shoved through a small gap between the vines where they would likely never be seen again.

    The Ithorian lead the way into the cave. Here and there, barely green tinted glow-sticks pockmarked the wall, shedding a little light onto the charcoal-gray walls. The entrance was only about four meters across, though the ground was well worn, as if hundreds of years worth of footsteps trampled down the stone.

    Likely, the sentient Morodin had been using this cave for a long time. What the Rodians were doing here was anybody?s guess, but it seemed logical that there were probably more hostiles located further inside the cave.

    They stayed in the shadows as best they could, winding around, heading deep under ground. Every couple hundred meters there seemed to be a pair of sentries standing guard. Apparently they were to keep anybody from escaping; they didn?t worry about anybody sneaking up on them. They weren?t very effective guards, in any case. Once each pair of Rodians were deeply unconscious, they were bound, disarmed of any weapons, and their com-links destroyed. The two Jedi tucked their limp forms into hidden alcoves that seemed secure and where someone might walk by them if they weren?t paying attention.

    ?Let this be a lesson to the rest of you!? a voice shouted harshly, echoing throughout the cave. ?Everybody keep digging and we won?t have to kill anybody else!?

    Four figures came just into view, struggling with a huge mass that appeared to be tied on to some sort of hoversled. Two sets of brilliant red blaster bolts slammed into the Morodin?s thick frame, wounding and subduing the creature somewhat. Apparently that wasn?t enough to kill him; his limbs thrashed weakly.

    Plort and Windy hurried back up the way they came, hoping to find a place to take down the oncoming enemies without further risk to the prisoner. Unfortunately, all they could do was buy some time by putting more distance between the oncoming four and however many were back inside what sounded like the main cavernous area. All of them seemed to be paying more attention to their prisoner than where they were going. It was a pretty easy task for the two Jedi to subdue the captors. More weapons were disposed of, more bodies tied together.

    Plort waved Windy over.

    She knew what he had in mind. Together the two did their best to heal the worst of the wounds and to triage their patient. Windy knew the Morodin was likely to be in great pain, but they had done the best they could to mute it. Assuming the herbivore had some time to relax and recuperate, she figured he would recover.

    The Ithorian figured they could get away with whispering, now that they knew how far the cavern was.

    ?Are you all right?? Plort asked, his hand gentle on the bicep of the giant Morodin. Even as he was tied down, he had to reach up to grip the huge alien?s arm. Windy went to work with the vibrosword, slicing away his bindings.

    Huge, heavily lidded dull eyes blinked incomprehensibly at him. ?Who??? he said, voice seeming impossibly loud.

    Plort laid a big hand over the thick snout. ?Shhhh,? he interrupted. ?We?re friends. Uhh?spelunkers.?

    The giant creature was too distracted to notice the hesitation, or wonder why spelunkers were suddenly investigating his cave. ?Clan?hostage,? the Morodin murmured as quiet as he could; pain made his words far more simplistic than the otherwise intelligent sentient would have used. The sound was still too loud for Windy?s liking. ?Need help. Queen?in danger. Heavy guard. Clan?laboring all day and night, mining?gems.?

    ?We?re here to help,? Plort reassured. ?How many of them are there? How many Morodin are in your
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    I was wonderin' when that would happen, lol.

    Nice post, Peri, a genius masterpiece as always *applaud*
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    Sorry to be late. RL has been real again.

    Loved the last chapter with them going through the jungle and how they reacted to the trip. Really liked their banter, too.

    The fight was well done and I like the description of the being they rescued.

    I also liked the conversation between Yoda and Matris. Poor Matris doesn't sound happy being married at least at the beginning of the post but by the end... she sounded quite happy. Pounce, indeed.

    Great job!
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    You're far too generous with your comments, thanks very much! I appreciate your chasing me around so regularly! :D [:D]

    Yeah. A lot of my female heroes aren't too shy to pounce, that's for sure. :) I like to think one of my strengths is dialogue. Someone please tell me if I'm wrong. ;)

    Thanks very much for all your comments! Darth RL is going to get me soon too, I just hope he doesn't Force Choke all my writing time out of me! I still have 3 bunnies that have yet to be hatched. Arrrrggghhh!
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    This is the final post in Preservation. I have no plans to continue the stories relating to these characters. In the deepest, darkest, and most disturbing recesses of my mind, I have one small bunny left for Wilch and company. But that's about it. Perhaps in the future, they'll have something for me to say, for their adventures are far from over.


    Windy shook her head to herself again, relatively sure the plan wasn?t going to work as easily as Plort thought. Ten Rodians would be a hard enough challenge without having to worry about the collateral damage of the Morodin?s clan. Especially the queen, apparently. Harder still, Plort didn?t want to use lightsabers unless it was absolutely necessary. That was fine with her, she didn?t particularly need to play with a glowing sword in a dark room to draw attention to herself. Windy thought the poor Ithorian was going to give himself a seizure out of disappointment, though.

    Mrlssi eyes weren?t as keen as Rodians? in the fairly dark cavern. She couldn?t light any of her own glow sticks without bringing attention to herself, and all it would take was for one hostile to see the unusual Mrlssi frame through their infra-red vision, sneaking around the edge of the cave. To make matters worse, whatever was in the giant cavern, it was causing her Force senses to go haywire. She couldn?t get an accurate bead on any life forms. No, this wasn?t going to be simple at all.

    All she knew was the general location of the Queen. With a quiet sigh, Windy started her way in. With the near-blackness, she had to rest her right hand on the side of the cave?s walls to keep herself oriented. Each step was perilous from the uneven floor and stalagmites that seemed to poke out regularly. All it might take to give her away was one stumble?

    As she worked her way farther in, the Mrlssi saw the pale glow of a glowstick. Sharp eyes picked out three Rodians as they hung around some sort of tent. Crates and supplies were haphazardly strewn about, from laser cutters to sonic charges.

    The Rodians weren?t very alert yet, but she would have to act fast. Tapping into the Force, she accelerated her body greatly. She was on top of them before they knew what was happening. Two went down before they could make sense of her presence. The third had enough time to attack her with a fluid punch that connected with her face. The blow slowed her just enough to let him grab a comlink and radio in an intruder alert.

    Annoyed that she had been given away already, she hit him with a Force-assisted right hook that smashed the unconscious Rodian into some crates. Thinking fast, she found the communication device and waited for an answer.

    ?What? Intruders? How could they get past our sentries?? A voice asked in Rodese.

    ?Never mind,? she said, trying to mimic the gruff voice of the male she had just knocked out. ?False alarm, I guess I saw a shadow.?

    There was a long pause. While she destroyed all the weapons she could find, Windy didn?t know if the leader was buying it or not. The longer he took to answer, the more she realized her limited time was almost up. The vaguest of senses that she could gather from the Force told her where the wall she had previously been following was.

    The comm she was holding went off again. This time the voice was speaking Aqualish. ?Who is this?? it demanded.

    Windy kept moving, but she had to answer. Did she answer back in the same language? Or did she play dumb? What were the odds that anybody spoke Aqualish in the group she had just encountered? The modulated tone of the speaker?s voice suggested Rodian origin, but the Mrlssi knew she could be fooled.

    ?Huh?? She asked, making her confusion palpable in Rodese at last, deciding to go with her gut feeling.

    There was a sigh. ?Forget it. Stop screwing around and do your job!? The connection was cut suddenly.

    Windy let out a sigh of her own, tucking the captured comlink into a pocket. She wasn?t s
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