Pretty Pink Princess {{Round Robin}}

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    There's a costume party at the Jedi Temple and everyone has to come! PLEASE take this oppertunity to use your own original charectors! I hope everyone will have fun with this round robin. I'll start....


    "Hey Obi-Wan!" Siri called. "Guess what's on the agenda for Friday?"


    "A costume party."

    "Siri, if this is another one of your silly jokes."

    "Obi-Wan, this isn't MY silly joke, it's appearantly Yoda's idea of a silly joke."

    "Well, it doesn't matter." Obi-Wan shrugged. "I won't be here anyway, Master Qui-Gon and I are on a mission the day before Community Day."

    "Um, no you're not."


    "Because the party is ON Community Day."

    "What?!" Obi-Wan knew that Community Day was one day out of the year when every one was at the Temple. "Siri!"

    "I'm serious! hey, don't worry about it everyone likes you, so you even if you dress up like Blarny the Rinosaur no one will tease you."

    "Nope, only you, Jemmiah, Qui-Gon, Lina, Adi, Yoda, Mace, Depa, Thom, Bant, Garen, Reeft...."
    Here we go! :)
  2. Siri_the_Angel Jedi Youngling

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    I'm going to go along with the title.....

    Obi-Wan woke up to hear someone screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
    He pulled on his tunic and ran out the door and down the hall to see where the noise was coming from. It was coming from Adi and Siri's apartment. He cautiously opened the door, for fear that a Bounty hunter, or a zombie would jump out at him.

    He was knockjed over, not by a Zombie or Bounty hunter, but be Siri, who was on her way out of the room at a run. Adi was standing near the door, holding a pink ball gown, and a crown.

    He followed Siri to the fountain room, where she sat on the edge of a fountain and tried to catch her breath.

    "What's wrong?" he asked her.

    Siri frowned, "Its the costume party. Adi wants me to be a princess!"

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    Lets see if this works...

    Before Obi-Wan could say anything, he heard a snort of laugher behind him.

    There stood Kerju, a girl who was about Obi-Wan's age. Kerju had been Padawan a year before Obi-Wan and she liked to be higher then everyone else.

    "A princess?! That will be the day, Siri!" She said with a sneer. "So, Obi-Wan, are you going to be the prince?"

    Kerju walked off without waiting for Obi-Wan to answer.
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    "How about this suit of armor you got for that play you did last year?"

    "Nah, it makes me look like a tin can." Qui-Gon pulled out another costume.

    "How about this one."

    "Where did you get that clown outfit."

    "I just happened to have it."

    "Master, didn't Mace tell me you dressed up like a clown when you were in one of these things?"

    "I have no comment."

    "Right." Qui-Gon reached into a closet and pulled out an outfit with a navy blue cape.

    "Hey!" Obi-Wan's eyes went big. "Oooh can I wear that? It looks like one of Xanatos'"

    "Ah!" Qui-Gon shoved it back in the closet. "Where did that come from?"

    "I dunno."

    "Okay how about this one."

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  7. R2-D2_the_Droid Jedi Youngling

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    Obi-Wan shouted as he saw a prince oufit. "I'll seem like I'll be going along with Adi, because she's wearing a big pink princess dress."
    "Master?" said, Obi-Wan
    "Master?"Obi-Wan spoke up a little bit.
    "Master?!?!"Obi-Wan yelled.
    "huh? Oh Sorry Obi-Wan, I was just thinking."
    "About what?"
    "The costum party!"
    "I'll tell you later if you promise to do it."
    "Fine, I'll do whatever it is." How bad can it be Obi-Wan thought to himself.

    The next day Obi-Wan was walking around the temple.
    "Whats on your mind?" said Siri as she walked up to him.
    "Master Qui-Gon has an idea on what we can do for the costom party but he made made me promise I'll do it, before he told me what it is. He's supposed to meet me here in a min. to tell me what it is."
    "Master Adi sent me here fore the same, and that's why I'm here."
    Then the two masters walked out and said together:
    "For the costume party we are going as a group.
    Siri is a princess, Obi-Wan's a prince, and we are the king and Queen."

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"screamed the two apprentices!
    "Wait!" shouted Obi-Wan with an excuse. "Weeee ummm um" Obi-Wan stammered. "We all have to wear at, at um We all have to wear an oufit that has atleast one color that's the same in each oufit."
    "We are wearing pink", said Adi.
    "We know you don't won't to do it, but you promised and while you tried to get out of it you forgot that your excuse was true." The two Padawans growned.
    The next day when Siri and Adi were looking for some costomes to wear, Adi gave Siri the big dress She had on earlier and said, "You can wear this Siri!" "NO!" Siri yelled, and turned around. When she turned back around she saw, it was purple, the exact shade as her lightsaber, and it wasn't as fancy. "You have two choises on what to wear", this she showed her the purple one or "this or" Adi turned the dress inside out. "This" said Adi, showing her the pink one. "Purple" Siri said. "Then you will wear pink lip stick" You know you neep to wear pink." Adi added. "Fine" Siri mumbled. "Here's one for me." said Adi She held up a big fluffy orange dress! "So we got our costumes said Adi, lets put them on and go show Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan".
    Oui-Gon and Obi-Wan were looking for costumes too. "I found one" said Qui-Gon He held up a pair or black pants a black coat, a pink and blue checkered tie, with a pink shirt. All of the pockets were blue. "Well it does have pink it it said Obi-Wan, but one problem." "What?" said Qui-Gon "The only thing we have left with pink that some one royal would wear is this Obi-Wan said as he hels up a pink ball room dancing dress. It was all pink with a shiny yellow belt that said Princess on it. In a plastic bag in in the dress there was pink lipstick, pink nailpolish. Whan they finished tring on thier clothes, Adi came in. Adi managed to hold in her laughter, after seeing Obi-Wan. "Where's Siri?" asked Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan at the same time. Then they heard a noise, it was Siri, and She was on the floor laughing at Obi-Won.
    Obi-Wan looked in a mirror to see how stupid he looked, and screamed very loudly.
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    Ok, I'm gonna add on as soon as I have time. R2, have you gone nuts? For everyone who reading this, she is currently rolling on the floor laughing. Literally. I've gotta ask our mom what's in the pretzels she's eating.
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    This is looking very very Cool :)
    I will try to add on later when I get the time...
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    This is SO comical you guys! ***Joins R2 on the floor laughing*
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    Why isn't anyone posting to this? I want to make a post, but I can't because I just did! -R2
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    Ok! I'm going to post a reply to this tomorow if nobody posts! Plese post to this. I'm begging you! -angry R2
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    OK, I'll join in!

    Just then, Yoda cam in.
    "Yoda?" Qui-gon ventured "Why are you dressed as a purple Teletubie?"
    Yoda was about to answer, when Mace, Kiadi Mundie, and Depa Balaba came in dressed as yellow, green, and red Teletubies!!!!!!! (Depa was Lala)

    Mace looked uncertenly at Obi-wan
    "Come at a bad time, we have." Yoda said, a hint of amusment in his voice. "Come back later, we shall."

    After they left, Obi-wan slumped to the floor, were Siri was about to pass out from lack of oxagine. "Everyone is taking pleasure in my misfortune!" He complained.
    Siri finnaly sat up, tears in her eyes from laughing so much. "Well, I'm sure no one else has anything better!"

    Just then, Bruck walked in, wearing....Obi-wan sat up "Bruck! Your a-"Obi-wan was soon rolling on the floor with Siri! Laughing as hard as they could. "C'mon!" Bruck said annoyed "It was the only way I could get Zinthenia to go with me!"

    Zinthenia, was a girl who used to be Brucks best friend, but was now his arch enemie. Obi-wan was surprised she would come with him at all!

    "So what's she gonna' be?" Bruck shrugged
    "Somthing that corrisponds with my outfit, I guess."
    Siri sat up "Like what? Who would WHANT To corrispond with-" She began to laugh again, but managed to spit out "Barney!!!!!"

    That did it. Obi-wan and Siri had now lost it, they were laughing so hard!

    Finnaly, Zinthenia came in dressed as- a police women? Bruck whirled on her
    "You said you were gonna' wear somthing that corrisponded with Barney!"
    "I do!" She said curtly "I'm a police women who is dragging you, an insane dinisaur, to an insane esilem!" She grinned as if this reason was inocent enough. Then, she reached behind her, and unhooked a pair of hadcuffs from her belt-loop, and befor Bruck could say anything, slaped them on his wrist.
    "Hey!" He hollard "Now I can't get the costume off!"
    "Exactly!" She responded joyesly.

    Bruck struggled and thrashed, but try as he would, he couldn't get free. So he started kicking.

    Soon, another police women-dressd girl apeared around the door way. It didn't take Obi-wan long to realize it was Tsare', Zinthenia's older sister. "What's the problem?" She asked
    "Barney, here, is resisting arrest!" Zinthenia said as she tried to wrestle him to the floor. then, Tsare' reached for some larger hand cuffs and fastend them to Brucks ankles, tripping him the moment he tried to escape.

    Bruck fell, and while he tried to get to his feet, the girls uncuffed his hands, and re-cuffed them behind his back. Then, they halled him to his feet. "Lets put him..." Zinthenia ponderd it a moment "In my closet. We'll lock him up until the party!"

    The girls took off, hauling Bruck along between them, and talking about the party and wether they should gauge him, and if they should get a strait jacket for him, and if they should blindfold him.

    Obi-wan had found it so amusing, that he forgot that he was still wearing that rediculous outfit!

    He soon wished he had thought of that before, as Bant and Garen walked in the room.......

    OK, you guys, I've done my fair share. It's your turn!!!!! :D
  16. Padawan_Puppy Jedi Youngling

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    C'mon you guys!!!! Pitch in! It's fun!

  17. R2-D2_the_Droid Jedi Youngling

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    Great one Padawan Puppy! Now, it's my turn.
    Bant and Garen entered the room, as to Surfers. Bant was happy, unlike Garen. "Have you seen Yoda?" asked Bant. At the thought, Obi-Wan fell to the ground(again) laughing "YES!" "Have you seen Bruck?" asked Siri. Garen nodded. He's getting locked in a closet intill the party," said Obi-Wan. "I actualy fell bad for him," said Bant. "Todays Saturday, and the Party's on Moday." "Oh, I have to go. I have a mission tomorrow. I have to get ready." Obi-Wan said.
    "Obi-Wan, don't forget your costume," said Qui-Gon. "We'll need them incase the mission runs late." Obi-Wan groaned. Then he silently packed his coustume.
    At noon, the next day, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, were running down a hall. At the end of that hall stood a door. Qui-Gon opened the door. The Master and his apprentice ran through the door. Then, the fell into a hole, and landed in a cage. The cage's bars were sore powerful, that if lightsabers touched it, nothing would happen. Qui-Gon had landed on top of Obi-Won, and Obi-Wan was not seen.
    The next day, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon were still stuck in the cage. Then, Qui-Gon got an idea to get out of the cage. "Obi-Wan, put on your costume!" the master ordered."Do I have to?" the jedi complained. "Yes!" exclaimed Qui-Gon. "Fine," said Obi-Wan.
    Then the enemy came out of no where. "Princess Amy!" yelled the enemy. "Where have you been?" Then Obi-Wan saw in small letters on the girls dress it said Jewel. "Oh," Obi-Wan started in his normal voice. "I mean Oh hi Jewel!" Obi-Wan said in a high squeaky voice.
    "What are you doing in here!?" asked Jewel. "I fell," said Obi-Wan. Jewel sighed. Then she opeened the door to the cage. Obi-Wan left it, followed be Qui-Gon who snuck out.
    "Tricked ya!" Qui-Gon blurted out. Then Jewel turned around. "Where's Amy?" she asked. Then they all heard a high squeaky voice(just like Obi-Wan's pretend voice).
    Then a girl wearing the same oufit as Obi-Wan walked up and stood next to Jewel.
    "That's one question solved, but why is a jedi wearing a dress?" The two jedi stared at each other!
    Eventualy they completed thier mission. When they got back to the temple, they heared someone scream "Obi-Won where have you been!!!" It was Siri.
    Now I'm in for it Obi-Won mumbled.
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  19. Jacinta_Kenobi Jedi Padawan

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    THIS IS SO CRAZY YET FUNNY! i have no clue what to write, so I'll wait for some ideas to come.
  20. R2-D2_the_Droid Jedi Youngling

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    anyway, I hope someone torchers obi-wan with Siri yelling at him. I can amagine Siri slapping him in the face! Then Adi Gallia will say, you two, that's not very princess like! -R2
  21. Padawan_Puppy Jedi Youngling

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    Hahaha! This is HILARIOUS! I'll pitch in!!!
    "Uuuuuuu hi Siri!" Obi-wan stammered
    "I repeat! WERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!"
    "We got sidetracked."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Well, we got stuck. But we came out okay!"
    "Joy." Siri didn't sound joyful at all.
    "You might have been late for the party! What would we have done?"
    "I don't know."
    "You don't CARE eihter! I can't believe this! I thought you cared! I thought you might just have enough of a brain to think 'Oh ya! I promised Siri I'd be there!' But no! Not Obi-wan Kenobi! Obi-wan Kenobi has things too important to bother with promises and comitments!"
    "I'm sorry Siri! I didn't mean to get stuck!"
    "Your sorry? Is that what you would've said if you came here too late and I would have had no partner and looked like an idiot? Your SORRY?!"
    "Well what do you WANT me to say?"
    "You can't say anything to fix the mess you put us in! You can only prove your sorry!"
    "Come here."
    "Come a little closer.......ya that's good."
    "You deserve it!"
    "Yes master Adi?"
    "What are you doing?"
    "I was just.."
    "She slapped me in the face!" Obi-wan exclamed
    "Siri. I'm surprised at you."
    "Ya!" Obi-wan looked as if he were enjoying this "You tell her!"
    "Really Siri, you should know better! You know your not supposed to hit a girl, especialy a princess!"
    "WHAT?!" Obi-wan looked furious "But she- didn't you- but I-"
    "Obi-wan." Qui-gon came at a stride to Obi-wan's side
    "Calm down before you hurt yourself."
    "Say Obi-wan," Siri had a sly look in her eye "How DID you get away? You know. When you got 'stuck'"
    This was one of those moments when Obi-wan wished he could sink to the center of the earth..........
    What'd ya think?
  22. Padawan_Puppy Jedi Youngling

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  23. R2-D2_the_Droid Jedi Youngling

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    "Wellllllllllllll."Obi-Won started.
    "Siri, did Obi-Won show up yet?" said Bant as she walked out the door holding a surf board. "Did he come yet?" asked Garen.
    "I'm here!" said Obi-Won.
    "Good! your just in time!!!!! It's your turn to model in front of everyone, and to permorm a skit!"Bant said
    "Don't worry, I recorded the teletubies for you." said Garen.
    "After you guys go on Garen and I go on. Then Bruck goes on. Then some droids go on. Then it's over!" said Bant.
    When Garen and Bant left, the masters and apprentices walked in the room.
    How was it? -R2
  24. Padawan_Puppy Jedi Youngling

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    LOL! Great job!Hmmmmmmmm.......... [face_blush] sorry, I don't have any ideas for the moment. [face_blush]
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