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Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by Vua__Lah, Jan 7, 2003.

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    In regards to what we were talking about last night about celebration 3 i got some prices for van rentals:

    Avis had minivan's for rent... depending on how many are coming we can probably rent 2
    it's $284.32 for 4 days and unlimited km

    Hertz has mini's also. For 4 days it's
    $236 (w/ gst) w/ unlimited km

    National was the only one i got thru to that had minibuses (15 passenger) it's 89.95 a day with umlimited km. that's $385 for a four day trip. including gst but not any other hidden fee's there might be.

    I haven't gotten through to all the places yet. I'll try for some more tomorrow and post those prices too.

    Also a major credit card is required for most of these places.
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    Could you also post this in the [link=http://boards.theforce.net/message.asp?topic=9427651&replies=26]Celebration III thread[/link] so that it doesn't get lost? :)

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