Montréal Princess Leia vs Bella (a topic brought to you by Marianne_Solav)

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    or How Leia was a good model for a strong women and Bella isn't.

    I need to be Neutral for this as a Mod, but in my best presentator voice:UUUnnnnnnLLLEEEASSSHhhhhhh!!!!!
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    I just think the Twilight bashing is excessive.

    Let's see...

    Leia: Senator at 18, travels on her own diplomatic vessel on a mission with stolen documents, tries to overthrow the government led by her father and his boss, kills innocent stormtroopers, dates a man who has a hairy beast for a best friend, kisses her brother, ...

    Bella: Student at 18, has a truck that backfires, starts a war between the vampire government and hairy beasts, dates a dead guy who eats innocent bunnies and kitties, buys fake documents for family members, kisses her future son-in-law...

    Such good role models! ;)
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    I think Shmi's behavior in spite of slavery is a good model for strong women and men alike;)
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    I quite agree benknobi1 she is a strong women and despite all those years of slavery she still bear herself without shame. She even let go of her only young son which she could have been very protective about and dismiss the Jedi, her son being the only thing that really matters in her life but she let him go in the hope for him of a better futur. That's something powerful.
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