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Indi, IN Put your Celebration II stories here!!! Mine's a dooooozy!

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by OriginalBryGuy, May 5, 2002.

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  1. Aderagon

    Aderagon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 4, 2001
    Well, here's my take on the whole thing:

    NOTE: I was sick on and off all weekend, and actually had to leave early Sunday morning. :(

    -The people
    -The costumes
    -501st and IK!
    -Quality of the exhibits
    -Overall "look" of the con
    -"Trilogy in 30 Minutes" (Outstanding!)
    -"Yoda" trailer

    -The people
    -WotC in general
    -Horrible lines
    -Lack of Fan Club "perks"
    -Cramped feel of the Exhibitor's Hall
    -Not able to purchase an Anakin costume, but having it delivered AFTER Episode II.

    Overall, I'm diappointed. Friday was okay, but Saturday and Sunday were intolerable. I know that WotC underestimated the crowd size, and I hope by C3 it will be improved. GenCon will help wit this, too.

    Now, I can't wait to actaully be a part of the Indy Knights now that C-II is out of the way!

  2. Naboo Queen

    Naboo Queen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 10, 1999

    I was very happy to be a volunteer. I anticipated being treated like a machine with no feeling (I classroom taught for three years, good training that) and so was not surprised by the chaos. I almost lost it when I thought we weren't getting concert tickets, but I also remembered that at the time I was upset about something else, and VERY tired.
    I was upset by how the Imperials and the Rogues were being ignored by the system in the autograph area. Many of those great people were losing money because of the disorganization of the lines.
    But overall, I was thrilled with the incredible memories. I wouldn't trade this weekend in for anything!

    BTW: It was not the ISO, but the IPO at the concert. The former is a professional, incredibly acclaimed orchestra, the latter is volunteer. So that's why they sounded like a volunteer orchestra, who nevertheless gave us a fine experience, and for that I am grateful.
  3. SnappyGalbladder

    SnappyGalbladder Jedi Youngling

    May 6, 2002
    Speaking of the concert and the Indianapolis Philharmonic: I thought they did a great job. I spoke with a couple of the members of the IPO after the concert and they had a blast! They?ve never played for a group that yelled, whistled, hooted and hollered the way we all did. They got more ovations than they normally do as well. They said they felt like rock stars. :)
  4. SkylaFett

    SkylaFett Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 6, 2001
    You know what I started all this complaining. Now I am going to clear some stuff up. Yes I was beyond pissed. I too even thought about quitting the IK. Not because of any thing any one in our group did, but with the way I was treated by WOTC I was ready to sell all my SW stuff on e-bay for $0.50. With help from a very good friend of mine I saw that I was so mad since I didn't see what I wanted to, that some very cool things happened to me and I didn't pay any attention to them. I was told that I didn't stop to take a step back and really see what was going on. Boy was he right. I am a worker give me a task and I'll do it until it is complete. Give me 10 tasks at the same time and I will stay all night until it's done. I over worked myself. I worked myself out of having fun at the party. I worked my self out of realizing how cool it was to talk to Daniel Logan or Mike Edmonds or Jerome Blake. I got to see Billy Dee ten feet from me. I got to see scenes from EP 2 digitally. I got to see the Jedi Starfighter from AOTC. And I worked all weekend for two ladies that actually work at Skywalker Ranch. My point is only that I needed to calm down and see what I did do. Did WOTC piss me off yes. Did I see Hayden?.. No!. Did I see Rick?..NO! Oh well. But how many of you can say that you got to work for Marni and Sharon from Lucas Film? I only know of a hand full. How many of you got to talk to Daniel Logan? I only know of a hand full. My reason for saying this is if you really look at what you did I'm sure you can find some thing that you did that only a hand full of people in the world did this weekend. Kevin I know you really tried to keep me and a lot of other people in good moods all weekend, I thank you but I couldn't even slow down to really listen to what you were saying. To my friend that talked to me for over an hour even though you had stuff you had to get done I thank you!! To the Red shirts next time you need to have IK badges made up and stay the hell out of our way because we own Indy not you. You want to keep me out of some thing that I want to see you better grab all the security people you can because it will take more than one or two or even three of you to stop me from seeing what I want. To all of you in the IK I am truly sorry about posting last night in such a bad mood. Thank you for your time -Jon
  5. NorvelleJedi05

    NorvelleJedi05 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 26, 2002
    I took the Greyhound to Indy on Sunday. I was surprised that the bus terminal was so close to the convention center. I thought that I might have to walk a lot to get to the convention center. I walked through Pan Am Plaza where 15 years ago I saw the opening ceremonies to the games.

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

    25 years ago I first saw Star Wars when I was a senior in high school. I knew that I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

    I took a lot of pictures @ C2. When I entered the convention center I was losted. I missed seeing some of the stuff that I wanted to see. Though the 2 main places that I wanted to see was the C2 store, and the licensee and dealer exhibit. I picked up some apparel @ the C2 store. - C2:30+ min. w/ NJ- Then I took a lot of pics of the people waiting in line for autographs. (I'd be crazy to do this) Then I went to the L&DE. I saw and took pics @ the Lego exhibit. Took some pics @ the Lucas Arts & the Hasbro exhibits. I bought a JediCon 2001 poster. Out of cash I was frantically looking for free stuff. I looked @ the Master Replicas' catolog ~ those lightsaber replicas are expensive. I picked up some free posters @ the Lego, Dark Horse Comics, Scholastic and Topps booth. I picked up some free Phantom Menace widescreen trading cards @ Topps and a free AOTC promotional card @ Suncoast. Finally, I got 2 coupons - free dessert from the Hard Rock Cafe - from the Klipsch Audio Tech booth. I quickly slipped up to the Indy Knights booth on the 2nd floor before I left to go home. As I was leaving the convention center I heard the the carillon bells playing the SW theme song @ St. John Catholic church. I had a good day and I was tired.

    P.S. Was R2-B9 (George) there in a rouge leader costume? I took a pic of him. Was there any other IK member in costume that I might have taken a pic on Sunday?

    "May the force be with you."
    - Norvelle Jedi
  6. Sebulba-X

    Sebulba-X •X C2 C3 MW RSA• star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 11, 2000
    I can't post my favorite story...not here anyway. You could say it was a chance encounter & chat with a celebrity of sorts...that person holding a very dear place in my heart [rolleyes].

    I do think I deserve the good guy of Celebration award for selling my second Jorg figure to a family that was unable to get was the least I could do since they gave Femi Taylor's son one of their extra diapers.

    Oh yeah, my selling price: $10. (#$*()@#* scalpers...
  7. NorvelleJedi05

    NorvelleJedi05 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 26, 2002
    After looking @ my free Star Wars: Episode 2 Attack of the Clones from Dark Horse Comics I have an idea that the IK discuss on my new post: IK E2: AOTC idea?
  8. OriginalBryGuy

    OriginalBryGuy Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 9, 2002
    Still more blame games, but it's good to see some passion out there in the posts.

    I think it's all like working at a theatre. Some movies come in and you can handle the traffic. Some blockbuster then rolls in and everyone quits, or it's out on a weekday and you get trampled.

    I think the WOTC did what they could in the time that they had and it just wasn't enough. Hosting a convention "isn't like dusting crops" and they should have known that, but I truly believe that no matter who was hosting it isn't what made it so bad for some. I think it was one thing...the traffic.

    If someone had a rough time, they should email or write WOTC. If the higher ups believe hear that the convention was a success (which it was despite the B&M's) they may think it was in due part to WOTC (which is the debated point here).

    If that's what they hear WOTC may host it again. And if they do, what if it's NOT in Indy and we have to pay hundreds just to get there?

    I say let them know how you feel - The planning for Celebration III will be starting way before the event.
  9. SnappyGalbladder

    SnappyGalbladder Jedi Youngling

    May 6, 2002
    OriginalBryGuy: If there's one thing people enjoy more than Brain-Storming it's Blame-Storming. [face_devil]

    NorvelleJedi05: I too caught that St. John Catholic Church was playing the Star Wars theme. That was definitely one of my top ten memories of the weekend. Way cool to see the local community tipping their hats to the fans like this.

    NorvelleJedi05: Yes, that was R2B9 in the rouge leader costume.
  10. DroidboyB9

    DroidboyB9 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 16, 2002
    My only real complaint about the weekend was that I wasn't able to get my reimbursment for my tickets, but they will mail that to me, so it will all be cool in the end.

    I will say, for those of you who worked the autograph booths, I understand that C2 ventures will be mailing the autograph packets to Ron early this week, and he will have those to pass out shortly. George and I just happened to be at the right place and right time to get ours, and they were well worth the work. Now time to go blow $100 on picture frames and $165,000.00 on a house to put them in.

  11. R2-B9

    R2-B9 Jedi Master star 3

    Nov 11, 2001
    Thraken, I know what you mean about it being a thrill no matter what. I thought, as a joke I'd wear the plaid shirt, and maybe 4 or 5 people would get the gag.. little did I know. Holy Smoke!! I needed more beer on Friday night.

    To announce this for Celebration III, I am getting a suite in the Weston, and am hosting an all-night party for the Indy Knights and whomever they deem cool. See me in May of 2005!

    All of my displeasure for the weekend stemmed from WotC staffers. Everything else was cake. I knew that everyone who wasn't one of their insiders was going to be used like a Kleenex in a ragweed field. I expected this. I planned for this. I am fine with this. BUT, I am not fine with the fact that they didn't have any chain of communication that functioned. I was herding people in the autograph ticket buying line, and several times had to field questions to those hardworking ladies in the payment booths. Where were the WotC redshirts?

    It boils down to this. They need to have better information channels. That would have saved so much headache.

    My coolest moment of the weekend? When a little boy pointed up to me in my X-wing outfit, and tugged on his father's shirt, "Look daddy, it's the man from the special package!"

    Ok, and maybe getting my picture with lots of hotties. That was mildly stimulating :D

  12. SkylaFett

    SkylaFett Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 6, 2001
    I don't think it was WOTC mangers per say but some of the damn red shirts that didn't know what the Assitent bages ment. I was with one of the ladies with Lucas Film at the Fan Club store and they refused to let her and myself in earily. She showed her Lucas Film badge and they still told her no. If Steve Sandsweet could go in earily why could she not go in earily? That was the Saturday when they didn't open it untill 9:30 or what ever time it was. That is all I'm complaining about. I think that WOTC as a whole did what they could. They did not expect that many people. I understand that. But I think that most of us when we heard what # they were expecting before hand thought they were nutz. But we were not in charge. I am glad (looking back) for my experence that I had. I'm not sure I will sign up next time for so many hours because I am a single father and I had to reliy on basicly strangers to watch my kid. Even though I feel like I made friends for life, it was still a bad idea. Brad, Kim and Brian thank you so much for helping me out. I will never be able to pay you guys back.

    Edit: [cough]April[/cough]
  13. thraken76

    thraken76 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 19, 2001
    Darren, Scott and myself were happy to help anyway that we could. I'm sure our previous contact with the 501st helped the situation. BTW... Jeff Romanov was the name of the 501st imperial pilot that helped out so much with keeping the people back from the curtain. He is XO of his garison. Jeff if you're out there thanks again!

    And George, I would have thought that your highlight would be the standing ovation you got when you entered the concert. I've never seen anything like that.
  14. JediKitty

    JediKitty Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 12, 1999
    A very sound point was made a little further up the board. A well written, well thought out letter to WotC will achieve a lot. Although the complaints will be the major part of the letter, please also include things you think went *right*. Wizards needs to hear what they did right, as well, so they will do it again at C III!

    And if they ignore you, took the high road. You did what should have been done-and they will ignore it at their eventual peril.

    But please don't allow your frustration to mar something you love this much.

    OK, lecture over...:)

    Thankfully, my time as a yellowshirt went reasonably well. The redshirts I worked with were pleasant, just trying to do their job. Barbara in the art show was not even a SW fan, but loves Samuel L. She had several questions about the character and the films. Who knows? Maybe she'll see AotC and be hooked.
    The time at the Rebel Legion table was a lot mellower, and gave me a chance to sneak over to the IndyKnights table and say hi. It was nice to meet several of you over the weekend!
    (Emerald-I will get some 'work in progress' pictures up soon...)Always fun to put names and faces together. (and no, I don't normally sound like that...)
    My friend, the woman in the black Amidala outfit (the one with the plumes) was interviewed by two local stations and photographed by a Japanese magazine. Very cool for her.

    (Jorg? oh, yes, I actually saw one of those up close, that a friend had gotten at the last minute. Nice figure...but I am not going to reward some scalper for getting in there and sucking up multiples, so as to have the privilege of paying him extra for it. Sunday night they were $90 on eBay. )

    All in all? Loved the ILM modelers' panel, loved the R2 exhibit, loved the goodies in the dealers'room, loved the dioramas, loved the 'action figure box' photo booth, loved the costumes, loved meeting people. (and I'm not usually good at that...) Wish there had been more time for everything...would 4 days be more reasonable for a con of this magnitude?

    Now I'm *really* fired up for AotC. :)
  15. Jedi_Gepper

    Jedi_Gepper Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 23, 2001
    You know, in a perfect world we all would have met and chatted with everyone, the lines would have moved like downhill rushing water, and there would have been enough T-shirts and Jorgs for everyone.
    However, being that that is not the case, and that I am admittedly exhausted today, I had a most excellent (and surreal) time. One of the benefits that I haven't heard mentioned much was, for me, getting to hang out so much with some of the Indy Knights with whom I had not really conversed much. It was a comraderie-building experience. Most of the time, I only see these people once or twice a month, so I thought this was a great chance to socialize.
    I guess I just didn't expect anything more than I got, and we really should be happy for the lines, in one sense, in that it shows how appreciated "SW" truly is.
    As for awesome memories.:
    Fetching coffee and danish for "Admiral Piett" and meeting so many Imperials in general.
    Seeing "Star Wars Trilogy in 30 minutes" which was hilarious.
    Meeting many "SW" celebrities and getting pictures with them (most of which turned out well).
    Buying yet more jewelry so I never run out.
    Acquiring yet another nickname. (?) And,
    Finally, the funniest memory.: With Naboo Queen, turning away that nice little boy at the autographs because he didn't have a coupon only to realize moments later that he was Daniel Logan. Yup, we did that. Ask leedega. Don't worry. We brought him back and apologized profusely. What a nice little boy! I can't believe he grows up to be Boba Fett! :)
  16. Zuckkus

    Zuckkus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 10, 2001
    OK, here's my take on this weekend:

    Thurs really didn't go well for me. I got there early (9am)thinking I would get the chance to look around, expecting not to be able to see much when the show actually started, and found that what I could see was severly limited. I actually was put to use by 9:30 guarding doors waaaaaay in the back of the exhibitor's area to keep people from using those doors. I was there until the end of the day with ONLY one break. My feet hurt, my legs hurt and I was rather miserable. All morning Fri I again kept that spot by the back doors from running away.

    BUT! After some sensless ranting and raving, just more or less usless venting, I did however get luck enough to realize that I had some level of control over how I was or was not treated and my how my outlook on things really should be. Yes there was a strong lack of planning and the schedule was truely worthless. This only worked in MY advantage. Sat and Sun I decided that since no one important could decide what to do with me I would... and I did. I managed to find myself doing some really cool volunteer jobs!!!!

    Now for all the WOWS!!! I sat with (who is now my fav actor) Angus Macinnes the whole weekend while doing autographs. Both he, and my pass, got me back to the "private" smoke break area that the other stars were using and I got to meet those stars that I otherwise would have not!

    I was totally honored and awed at the fact that on 3 occasions, I was having dinner with and causally talking to (in my opinion b-line or not) the HUGEST stars in hollywood and they treated my with the same curtisy and respect as they would one of their own!! That is a memory that will be forever priceless :D

    My most appreciated thanks to Mr and Mrs Xizor for patiently allowing me to vent on them till I had it out of my system. Oh, and Deron, sorry to tell you this, but I AM the first to volunteer for the next con. They already have my name and contact info :)

  17. Naboo Queen

    Naboo Queen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 10, 1999
    My Boba Fett moment will definately go down in history as one of the dumbest things I've ever done. However, I was just following the rules.

    My time with the Imperials and a certain general were the highlights, easily. I was also happy to see what a celebrity George became. Not to mention bonding with the coolest group of friends a girl could ever ask for.

    And can I say enough "Beru the Great!"

    She signed my picture "Owen and Beru Forever!"
  18. Zuckkus

    Zuckkus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 10, 2001
    You mean that I wasn't the ONLY one to bust a little snipe for walking off from a celeb without giving up a ticket....only to find out that he was boba?!!!!

    {edit} Boy did I ever fell like an idiot! :eek:
  19. Shara

    Shara Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 4, 2000
    Bobafemme actually chased after Daniel Logan Thursday night because he raced into the Exhibit Hall without his badge. *giggles*

    Btw, I met with Mary Franklin this evening, and I guess whomever gave that 50,000 number on Saturday had no clue. It was actually around 27,000.
  20. alivings

    alivings Jedi Youngling

    Mar 28, 2002
    Well, I had a good time at the Celebration. My two biggest problems were waiting in line and time. The waiting in line I understand could not be avoided. They simply underestimated the number of people. They needed line ques like in Disney World or something. I did manage to get two Sacul figures, one to leave carded and one to open. (I think they should have limited it to one anyway, since so many people had more than the two limit anyway.)

    My problem with time was both my fault and the conventions fault. I had to work Sunday and graduated from college Saturday, so I was only able to attend Friday. It was hard to see everything when you have to wait in line or when two things you want to see are going on at the same time. I did manage to see the Fetts reunion and see Billy Dee and Peter (Chewie).

    My only regret is that I didn't join the Indy Knights sooner to volunteer and help. It would have been awesome to sit and assit a celeb. or something.

    All in all, I had a good time. Now that the conventions over, I'd like to become more active in the Knights and the Sith Council. It's nice to have people interested in the same things you are! The convention proved that.
  21. Zuckkus

    Zuckkus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 10, 2001
    Yep, that's just about what I did. Peter (Chewie) got a good laugh when I first of all mistook Daniel's body guard as just a family member or something and actually uttered the words "so??" when the man told me the boy's name. Well color me stupid or somthing. Guess spoiler free ain't such a smart thing to be when you're sitting with celebs :D
  22. The_bald_ewok

    The_bald_ewok Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 12, 2001
    Hello everyone!!

    Wow...I've had some time to relax and get myself somewhat caught up. And now that I can reflect on the past weekend I cant wait for C3. Yeah was their problems, absolutely. This was by far beyond any scope of what people thought as to how huge this was going to be. But like everything thing else in the world there are bad times and good times. I just let the good times get the best of me instead. Let me first say "Thank you Ron, you did an outstanding job and nobody could have handled it any better than you. Without you this would not have been a success!" I dont if anybody was able to see this guy in action, but everytime I saw him this guy he worked his A$$$$$$$$ off! I truly appluad him. Some of my fav highlights go like this...
    1. Pic of TK 616 with Peter Diamond (yeah I hear thraken running to the bathroom gagging!)
    2. TK 616 and Thraken doing the trivia. These guys are classic. Totally funny and hip at the same time. You have to check out their routine!
    3. The actors! I had a blast with all of them. Especially with Alan Roscoe, because we got along and joked around the whole time.
    4. George Starkey as Jorge Sacul talk about a truly epic moment. I am still laughing at that!
    5. The hard work and dedication of the IK's. Guys and gals, you deserve a pat on the back. Everybody was cool and did their best no matter what. Without us, C2 would have sucked!! HOO-YA!!

    Ahhh yeah...sweet memories. I like to wrap this up with a final couple of thoughts. First THANK GOD for the associate badge. I couldnt imagine waiting in line outside to get in. Not only that, without it I could have never gotten the highly sought after Jorge figure. Also, I am happy that I took part in something bigger than me and everybody. Its like the actor(s) that complain that they dont get respect for Lucas, but yet they are part of star wars. At least they was in star wars. I dont know about anybody else, but I would give up my left n** to be in star wars. Even if it meant I was just a cameo. In conclusion, it could have been us waiting outside to get in. I bet if you asked anyone of those people they too would have given their left n** to be a part of what we just accomplished.

    Long live IK
    long live the empire

  23. Anna_kin

    Anna_kin Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 6, 2001
    Couple things I have to say, even though I wasn't at C 2:

    About Daniel Logan: some of my friends went and they said he looked like a 10-year old even though he's 14-15. And they mistook his bodyguards for parents, too. They also apparently saw him RUN INTO the side of the RCA dome and then go into hiding for the rest of the day! :D

    About the people calling you "freaks": that is TOTALLY NOT COOL, and they deserve to be yelled at, but don't go AWOL on ALL the runners. A bunch of friends of mine ran(actually they walked the whole thing :D ) it for fun and they had a great time.
  24. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001

    I just stopped in to tell you Indy Knights what a great time I had at CII. Yes, there were some bad moments (closed out of Peter Mayhew's autographing being the biggest) but they were far outweighed by the fun I had (like getting to talk to and getting photographed with Peter Mayhew at Friday's fanforce party)

    I was one of those out of town yellow shirts, by the way. I had no problem with the way I was treated. Everyone I worked with (Red shirt and Yellow shirt) was great. One Red shirt in particular went the extra mile and did me a big favor that he didn't have to do.

    My only complaint is something that I know the Indy Knights weren't resposible for. I would have liked to have had more preparation for what I was assigned to do and info on where things were. I couldn't read those maps any better than people who were asking me where things were, either.

    Anyway, I'm glad that I went to CII and I'm glad I got the chance to work it. I had a FANTASTIC time. Indy is great. The Indy Knights I met were great. One saved my life Sunday by providing much needed water while I was working the Fisher autograph line (Thanks!)

    Here's my funny story: On Friday afternoon, I worked the Will Call for a couple of hours. One of the Indy Knights (Chad???? Too many names, I can't remember them all, sorry) Pointed and said, look, its George Lucas. Of course I acted like a crazed fan and was about to run over and worship at George's feet when the Indy Knight intercepted me to let me in on the fact it was not THAT George. :p :D


    BILYOUMAUL Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 26, 2001
    Let me clarify somethings real quick then I'm going to drop it. I am not mad at the Indy Knights. I am disappointed how the weekend went for me! I am glad some of us had really great experiences and then there are some of us who did not have a great exprience. I hope the future Celebration won't have repeat for the volunteers. I wished I could take back the sickness that I had received Sunday morning. Do I regret volunteering or going to CII? No!!!! If I could do it over again differently, would I? YES!!!!! I had my bad weekend and unfortunately it fell on Celebration II weekend. But, I did meet alot of nice people from other boards and I loved the costumes people wore. And when the 501st lined up on the steps of the RCA Dome early Saturday morning. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!
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