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Question for fans who were teens or older in 1977- when did the original Star Wars open here?

Discussion in 'Atlanta, GA' started by DookuIsTyranus, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. DookuIsTyranus

    DookuIsTyranus Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 27, 2001
    I was wondering if any Atlanta fans that were a teenager or older back in 1977 could answer this question for me. I found out something rather shocking. I was under the mistaken impression that the movie opened on May 25, 1977 like everywhere else. I was looking up something about the audio mixes about Star Wars and discovered more than that, thanks to some further articles-that Star Wars didn't even open here until about four weeks later or so! If any older fans who frequent this board can remember the exact date it came out, that would be great to know. I estimated June 16, 1977, but I may be wrong. If anyone can clarify, please do! Thanks.
  2. RosieWook

    RosieWook Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 5, 2000 put the list up at some point, but I'll be danged if I can find it.

    I am old enough to have seen it on opening day, but I wasn't here in Atlanta and I can't remember the date for here.
  3. Allie Fox

    Allie Fox FanForce CR Macon GA US star 3

    Jan 13, 2000
    According to (when they used to have the "Ask the Jedi Council" feature:

    Q: Where did Star Wars open on May 25, 1977?

    A: Although it was quick to become a worldwide phenomenon, Star Wars only opened in 32 theaters on Wednesday, May 25, 1977. It wasn't until a month later that it crossed the 100-theater mark. And unlike today's theater business where multiplexes might play a hit movie on four or five screens at once, in 1977 one theater almost always meant one screen. No wonder Star Wars was still playing at some theaters on May 25, 1978.

    Here's a list of those original theaters. We wonder how many have survived.

    New York, NY: Astor Plaza
    New York, NY: Orpheum
    Hicksville, NY: Twin
    (As a Long Islander, I know this theater is now closed)
    Paramus, NJ: RKO
    Pennsauken, NJ: Eric I
    Lawrenceville, NJ: Eric II
    Boston, MA: Charles
    Philadelphia, PA: Eric's Place
    Fairless Hills, PA: Eric II
    Pittsburgh, PA: Showcase
    Claymont, DE: Eric I
    Washington DC: Uptown

    Menlo Park, CA: Cinema
    Hollywood, CA: Chinese
    Los Angeles, CA: Avco I
    Greater Orange County, CA: City Center I
    San Diego, CA: Valley Circle
    San Francisco, CA: Coronet
    Sacramento, CA: Century 25
    San Jose, CA: Century 22A
    Seattle, WA: UA 150
    Portland, OR: Westgate I

    St. Paul, MN: Roseville 4
    Minneapolis, MN: St. Louis Park
    Detroit, MI: Americana
    Rock Island-Milan, IL: Cinema 3
    Indianapolis, IN: Eastwood
    Cincinnati, OH: Showcase Cin I
    Louisville, KY: Cinema I

    Denver, CO: Cooper
    Phoenix, AZ: Cine Capri
    Salt Lake City, UT: Centre

    One additional theater, in Kansas City, Mo., began showing STAR WARS on Thursday, May 26. Ten more theaters began playing it on Friday, May 27. One year after it opened, STAR WARS was still playing in nearly that many theaters in the United States, and still averaging more than $5,000 per screen.

    And that's. . .

    One To Grow On.
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