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RPR Archive Question regarding RPing

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource Archive' started by oreotragus, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. oreotragus

    oreotragus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 1, 2009

    In respect to RPing, do you use one character for multiple games? As in, after one game is over (or your character dies), do you generally re-use that character in a different game, and give him/her a "fresh start"? Or do you just create a new character?

    Just curious. Thanks!

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  2. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    If you're asking what is the "rule" if you will, then no, you don't do that. Most players have a unique character for each game. In all honesty, that makes the gaming even better. The characters one plays may be a bit similar at times, but few of us that I have come across will recycle characters. I suppose if you prefer to play that way, then there is nothing to stop you. However, part of the fun, for me at least, in RP'ing is creating unique characters and developing each one individually throughout the game.

    I hope that answered your question. :)
  3. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2009
    Hey Oreotragus!

    You should really have posted this question in the [link=]Role Playing Resorce[/link], but I'll try to answer your question- bare in mind that I'm a newbie at Role Playing so its probably best to move this thread to the RPR and get the professionals onto it!

    You can use one character for multiple games, as long as it makes sense chronologically- that is Characters can make a return in a game that is set before/after they first appeared, as long as it can fit into the orginal Character Cannon. So you can't have the same character with two different personal histories.
    Also, if your character dies, you can't really start over with the same character- its best to create a new one.

    For RPGs set in completly different eras, it is best to create a new character to use rather than using a character who was somehow 'transported' back or forwards in time. (although there are, of course exceptions to the rule)

    There is nothing against having more than one character, but it is up to the General Moderator of the game (GM).
    Bare in mind that no one will be going around killing any of your characters without permission in a RPG- communication will be done behind the scenes before hand.

    If you haven't already, spend some time lurking in the [link=]SWRPF[/link], [link=]NSWRPF[/link] and ask questions in the [link=]RPR[/link].
    Everyone will much rather you ask questions than make stupid mistakes- plus you'll get responses from seasonsed role players rather than this Newbie!

    Finally, sorry if I'm going over really basic stuff, because I read in your RPF Adoptions program that you HAVE RPGed before, although a long time ago.

    *reads back through*
    Hmmmm, I hope that makes sense...anyways, Welcome to the Forums!

    EDIT: Chuckles seems to have answered it better than me, and in far fewer words! :p
  4. oreotragus

    oreotragus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 1, 2009
    Ok, thanks yall! Sorry for posting in the wrong place!
  5. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    We all posted in the wrong place upon arival. I confess I did it too! :)

    To answer your question, it happened. There re people who play the same character in every game. I remember a player for example who always submitted a bounty hunter named Nightsgroud to each and every game. But as the game run through various eras, stories and have different concepts it is rather limiting. Obviously you reprise the SAME character in sequels. But fresh starting them is usually not something we do.

    If make particular sense, that might happen though. Though, I guess this thread will soon be locked. But feel free to come over to our board and the Roleplaying Ressource Forum to ask and meet some more people.

    And . . . welcome. :)
  6. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    I'd caution against it. It's like an actor who plays the same kind of character, the same way, all the time. It makes games with you less enjoyable.
  7. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    I generally favor creating a new character for each game I participate in, although I have been known to reuse names on occasion (Although that's because I suck at coming up with names, and such characters are rarely like their counterparts). But, like Fins said, unless it's a sequel game there's really no fun in just playing the exact same character rebooted from game to game. While it's okay to play the same type of character more than once, the exact same character is probably best avoided.
  8. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    First up, what is WNU?

    Second, unless game timelines clash, I usually like to build histories for my main characters, and enjoy taking them into subsequent games to create a future or past that they can refer to in-game.

    I did not used to do this. I started with several good characters in a Star Wars...007 Style game, then when it finished, a GM with a name like Sai-Mera-Saa(?) created a 'investigators looking for missing jewel' game that looked perfect as a side mission for my guys, and that may have changed the way I recycle, or not, characters right there.
  9. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    WNU = Welcome New Users.

    And, Sith's example is the exception. Sequels or games that fit logically into the timeline of your character's history are ample opportunities to replay one of your old characters.
  10. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    howdy there, and welcome to the RPF.

    there's been a lot said on this, and most of it similar. but let me state this: there is no actual RULE for this at all. it is all a matter of personal preference. as has been said, if you reboot the same character all of the time that is frowned upon and might mean you do not get accepted to some games that you would like to play. so that is probably not the best thing to do.

    however, as what sith-i-5 and another user named kahn_iceay do a lot, creating a character and then playing him THROUGH multiple games, building a history for him as you go from the previous games he has been used in, can be a very good idea. it can result in some remarkably deep characters that would be very hard to get otherwise, and it doesn't technically have to be done with sequels, just something that would work in a realistic fashion. there are others that use the same character through a series of games, but those are all connected to the same universe, and so they have a history and such to draw upon.

    that said, if you can not figure out a way to work in your characters past, what should you do then? making new characters is a lot of the fun of role playing. i used to almost always play the same kind of character, but it got boring. now i've got a stable that includes a an 74 year old king, a broken jedi, a stormtrooper, a power crazed sorceress, a death obsessed kleptomaniac, a group of people in one game that are all force users and the absolute rulers of their kingdom each with drastically different personalities and foci, to playing a character that is very similar to the joker from batman... in short, it can be exceedingly fun to stretch yourself and learn about yourself through writing varied characters. personally i highly recommend creating new characters, but even i have fallen for the allure of reusing an old character or idea multiple times.

    all of that to say, it is a situational and personal choice as to what to do. if you create loads of original characters who are wildly different from each other you will be respected around here... or if you create characters that can traverse through different games and create a living being that has a history that they can call upon as they go forward you will be respected as well.
  11. Sai-Mera_Saa

    Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 18, 2002
    There can be benefits to RPing a character through multiple games. Back when I used to GM, Sith-I-5 brought existing 007 characters into a detective style game I ran. It worked exceptionally well, as the existing backstories of the characters injected much needed atmosphere into an otherwise plot-driven story.

    So it can work, especially by adding to the collective context at the start of a new game. I think it's the notion of having a static character that never changes or develops across games that many players oppose.

    If you can RP a character who is inherently molded by time and experience, then they are never static and taking them into multiple games can be just as fresh and dynamic as forming a new character.

    That said, RPing a number of different, even minor, characters is a great way to gain a broader RPing experience that can deepen the interaction you develop with your main character(s). As Trimaj said, there's no rule.
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