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  1. JediNemesis Jedi Padawan

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    Mar 27, 2003
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    Let us not forget that, as part of the JC Community, this Pancakes and Waffles forum is for everybody. To which end, some sort of clarification is required for the benefit of those users not from the USA, in order to allow the happy discussion of pancakes and waffles to proceed without unfortunate misunderstandings.

    So, if you would be so kind, please examine the following images, and reply with 1) approximately where in the world you are and 2) your local or national term for each foodstuff depicted.

    Users for whom English is a second language are encouraged to give both their native and first-choice English words.






    I'm from the UK (London), and I would call them
    1. waffle
    2. pancake
    3. Scotch pancake
    4. drop scone

    Thank you for your co-operation! I am sure this thread will help to further international relations in the field of Pancake and Waffle appreciation./>/>/>
  2. Zaz Jedi Knight

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    Oct 11, 1998
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    The 4th one is Scotch pancakes. Eat hot with butter.
  3. GIMER Manager Emeritus

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    Nov 15, 2000
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    Funny pancake.
  4. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Mar 26, 2001
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    Belgian Waffles
    Swedish Pancakes
    Silver dollar pancakes
  5. The_Face Ex-Manager

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    Feb 22, 2003
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    I am from the United S. of America.

    1. Strawberry gloop
    2. Crepes
    3. Pancakes
    4. Pancake infants
  6. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Jul 7, 2000
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    I think I'm in love.
  7. solojones Force Ghost

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    Sep 27, 2000
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    1. delicious
    2. delicious
    3. delicious
    4. delicious


    -sj loves kevin spacey
  8. Spiderfan Jedi Knight

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    Mar 9, 2004
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    1) Not Maple Syrup
    2) Not Maple Syrup
    3) MAPLE SYRUP!!!!
    4) Not Maple Syrup
  9. GrandAdmiralJello Comms Admin + Moderator Communitatis Litterarumque

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    Nov 28, 2000
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  10. Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Master

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    Feb 5, 2005
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    1) Waffle
    2) Crêpe
    3) Pancake
    4) More pancakes.

  11. Darth_Omega Jedi Grand Master

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    May 19, 2002
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    1) Waffle
    2) Crepe
    3) Fat American style pancake
    4) mini pancake

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