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Before - Legends Qui-Gon?s Apprentice (Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Shmi; AU, adventure/drama)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by DarthManul, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. DarthManul

    DarthManul Jedi Youngling

    May 7, 2010
    Title: Qui-Gon?s Apprentice
    Author: Darth Manul
    Genre: Adventure/Drama; AU, non-slash
    Summary: Instead of Melida/Daan, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have a mission on Tatooine, which goes too bad. Local woman, Shmi, agrees to help, but she knows more about the Jedi than she supposed to. And Obi-Wan seems to know the least of all?
    Feedback: greatly appreciated, as always.
    Disclaimer: owning the whole galaxy as his property is only Lucas? privilege.

    Great thanks to Darth Corsa: I can?t even imagine writing without her help and Force-support.

    Chapter 1

    Nobody paid any attention to the intensive sound of laser-fire burst somewhere in the streets. Indeed, who would worry about such a thing in famous criminal Mos Eisley? One who shoots knows why he shoots. Locals were not in the habit of poking their noses into another?s deal, especially at the noon, when every sane life form tried to hide in its hole from the burning sun.

    Some more shots, and a boy appeared from the corner, having the air filled with dust as he turned on the run. He was wearing a typical poorest local robe: a light, pale-gray tunic, loose pants of the same color, and soft boots, bound with twines. This boy could either be a slave, whose cruel master sent him somewhere through the scorching city, or just a local hurrying to the shady hideout. Also, he could be an target of those shots?such things happened here.

    When the boy had nearly passed the way to the next corner, a new figure ran the same way as he. The stranger was tall, he was wearing an average between light armor and dark-colored dense cloths; his brown cloak was fluttering. That man looked dangerous. Was he chasing the boy? There was only a dozen meters between them.

    Suddenly, the first one stopped and turned around; the armored person almost ran into him.

    ?A dead end!? The boy cried, breathing heavily. ?What?s next, Master? We?re trapped!?

    His Master could not help recovering his breath too, but kept his eyes and voice calm:
    ?Don?t panic, Obi-Wan. They know this street?s a blind alley and, thus, we know they think we?re trapped, too. At least, the guardians don?t hurry, do you notice that??

    Indeed, there were no more shots for a minute already. Obi-Wan scratched his red-haired head, looking around.
    ?We can use the Force to reach the roof,? he suggested. ?It?s the way for us to leave the district at least, or we can move to the parallel street to get round the guardians and then return to the Palace.?

    ?It?s too predictable,? the Master objected. ?The roofs could be easily watched.? He made a pause to allow the boy suggest something else, but when Obi-Wan stood silent, he continued: ?No. We?re going to attack first. The sooner we start, the less time they?ll have to block us here.?

    Obi-Wan nodded. They both quickly fixed their cloth, so that it would not hinder them in the battle, and went towards the corner they had appeared from. The pair moved fast, but cautiously; Obi-Wan covered the left side of the street and his Master took care about the right one.

    However, an enemy appeared before they reached the corner. That well-equipped Rodian with a laser rifle reasonably thought that his deal was easy: to finish off the victims, already driven into the trap. He leaned from the very corner, he aimed at the tall victim, who was closer, he estimated the power supply to have some spare shots for the boy? The Rodian considered everything, everything except?

    Qui-Gon ignited his lightsaber at the last moment and immediately reflected the first shot. The enemy even did not realize why the target had not fallen. The rest of the burst was masterfully sent back to the attacker.

    Obi-Wan activated his weapon, too, overrun his Master, showed himself from the corner?and instantly had to protect himself from numerous and rapid laser shots.

    ?They?re too many of them,? he warned Qui-Gon, who was nearly to join him.

    ?We only must reach the crossing,? the Master said after they made the attackers hide from their own
  2. obimom

    obimom Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2010
    Interesting idea! A thirteen year old Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon on Tatooine being helped by Shmi...Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  3. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Very interesting.

    I look forward to learn more about the situation.
  4. TraderWatto

    TraderWatto Jedi Youngling

    Apr 24, 2011
    Ho-ho! I gonna see how will young Kenobi live the whole week with Shmi. I hope, she'll be kind with him. But her last words worry me... [face_worried]
  5. DarthManul

    DarthManul Jedi Youngling

    May 7, 2010
    Thank you for the reviews!
    TraderWatto, deep in her character, Shmi?s kind, but? it?s Tatooine ;)

    Chapter 2

    Obi-Wan put the sharp knife aside and shook his tired hands. He had been working in the kitchen for already almost two hours, but the large amount of crumpled mushrooms seemed to remain the same. Shmi was doing something in the living room. All the rest of the day she had been making Kenobi help her with housework; however, it was a chance for him to think much about the situation alone.

    Could the Jedi consider themselves safe?

    On the one hand, Shmi really helped Qui-Gon and robustly sheltered Obi-Wan (he even knew where to hide, if someone came). If she had not wanted to save the Jedi, she would only have to pass them by in the street. Contrary, Obi-Wan sensed her concern with their safety. For now, at least.

    Indeed, should Kenobi fully trust her? It was an option for Shmi to leave the house at night and to betray both the visitors to Hutts. Or even worse: all this sudden rescue could be enemy?s show from the very beginning. That meant, the house would appear to be their prison and Shmi?s care about Obi-Wan?s safety only had the purpose to keep him inside. At last, even if Shmi was clear, they could miss shadowing from distance while they had been carrying Qui-Gon.

    Kenobi took the knife back and continued scrubbing mushrooms.

    Shmi?s last words about him worried Obi-Wan. She learned that Padawan?s comlink was broken and said it had played into her hand? What did she mean? Was she satisfied that the Jedi was cut off from the Order or was there something which Shmi herself was afraid of, related to this?

    Besides, she somehow knew that they two were the Jedi. Which way could Shmi learn this? Kenobi could swear that she had not seen him with ignited lightsaber, and his masking was perfect. Obi-Wan had never met Shmi before and he was sure that if Qui-Gon had had, he would definitely notify his Padawan about the ally if the worst came to the worst. The Padawan really had no idea about how could they be revealed?

    Hey! There it was. The gangsters had discovered the Jedi expectantly, too. What if Shmi was acknowledged about the enemies? plan, but betrayed her? masters and decided to save the Jedi? This theory explained much: Shmi now had an information source on them, and, of course, she was interested in hiding her guests best. Comlink transmission was dangerous because it could be intercepted, or the rescue team could draw undesired gangsters attention to Shmi. Now it was not a problem anymore, which, indeed, ?played into Shmi?s hand?. So, she had a plan of some kind?their chance to survive. For both the Padawan and his Master.

    Kenobi wanted to believe in this so much that he tripled the speed of scrubbing because of enthusiasm and even slightly cut his finger. The pain made Obi-Wan calm down his mind. The last option looked very attractive, but it required being checked. And as far as it was almost the only positive one, he had to recheck it twice, then. There was the only way to do so?to talk to Shmi.

    Not too soon, but the time came. Kenobi thought that Shmi came with another task when she suddenly invited him to sit down to the supper table. The meal was simple, but surprisingly various?from bakeries and fruit to mushrooms and soup?and quite delicious. The Padawan was tired and hungry, so that he tucked away the food; at last, he himself helped prepare it. He also secretly put a few pieces to the pockets on his utility belt?for the future, just in case.
    They did not speak while eating. However, when the plates got nearly empty, Kenobi decided to start the conversation?neutrally and carefully.

    ?You see, I didn?t expect any local to help us,? he tried tried to sound casual.

    ?That?s the biggest problem here: no one helps anybody,? Shmi answered seriously, frowning. ?Tatooine changes everyone.?

    ?And you?ve been here not for so long, have you?? Obi-Wan made his first attempt to learn more about her.

    ?Well? Long enough to be able to hide you f>
  6. DarthCorsa

    DarthCorsa Jedi Padawan star 1

    May 7, 2010
    Darth Manul
    Master! You know me personally and even didn't tell about the update?! Sometimes I think I should choke you. :mad:
  7. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    How does she know Qui-Gon Jinn?
  8. obimom

    obimom Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2010
    I read this the other day but didn't have time to leave a comment.

    Good chapter. Shmi puzzles me though, she seems stern and unfriendly, but then shows signs of caring. Something is on her mind, I think.

  9. DarthManul

    DarthManul Jedi Youngling

    May 7, 2010
    Lady_Misty, there are many possibilities of that. You see, Obi-Wan?s still choosing the right one ;).

    obimom, exactly, it?s much on her mind.

    Chapter 3

    Tatooine evening was sultry, the night was rather warm, however by the early morning the air at last became cool, and even cold. The sunrise had already lightened the desert some time ago, but it was still rather dark in city houses because of huge dust clouds everywhere around Mos-Eisley. Harsh night buzz of pub orchestras, drunken shouts, spaceport maintenance works, and all-around showdowns had disappeared; the sounds of the citizens? dull morning pottering about took its place. Perhaps, it was the quietest time of Mos-Eisley slums day except for scorching afternoon.

    Obi-Wan was tiptoeing his way through the living room to Qui-Gon?s place. All the night Kenobi could not sleep well, feeling his Master getting better, and short time ago he sensed in the Force that Jinn had awakened at last. Now the Padawan intended to talk to Qui-Gon immediately. It was not clear how soon would Shmi learn her charge was in conscious and when there would be a chance for Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon to talk in private, too. Kenobi wanted the news to be told the Master directly from his own first.

    The floor was hard and cold, and omnipresent sand on it was pricking Obi-Wan?s bare feet (he left the boots in his room for most quietness). In fact, there was not much to tell Qui-Gon. They were relatively in safe for the nearest time, but after that they would have to search the way out from Tatooine quickly. Shmi, the only person who suddenly helped them, seemed to be a true friend? well, perhaps, the Master should remember her if they had met earlier.

    ?And if not?? a thought menacingly ran through Kenobi?s mind. Of course, it was a little chance that Jinn did not know Shmi, but she somehow had heard about him? Anyway, after the evening conversation Obi-Wan was sure Shmi was not just a desperate slave: she behaved and reasoned as if she was familiar with the Jedi Order. The question was, in which way? She could hardly be even a Force-user?neither Kenobi sensed so, nor a person with such a talent would allow to enslave her. Maybe, Shmi was one of the volunteers who helped the Jedi to keep peace all over the galaxy; however, it did not explain why had she been so informed about Qui-Gon and so concerned with his life. At last, how had she actually become a slave, being linked with the Order, and why she refused to tell about this?

    The present conversation could answer some of these questions. Kenobi stood before the door of Qui-Gon?s room (may it did not squeak!). He sensed pulsing waves of his wounded Master presence in the Force. But he could also hear something inside. Something, he could not explain.

    [i]?I can?t believe this!?[/i]

    [i]?Please stay calm??[/i]

    ?But it?s absurd!? Qui-Gon repeated stubbornly. ?You call this an appropriate Test Mission? Not to tell I think me and my Padawan need some more time before??

    ?Calm down, Knight Qui-Gon Jinn!? Master Giiett stopped him loudly; the other members of the Council did not object this.

    ?Call absurd, the decisions of the High Council, you must not,? Yoda said, meeting Qui-Gon?s sight. ?Trained for a long time already, your Padawan has been. Time for Tests has come.?

    ?Listen to the Council, Qui-Gon,? the male Jedi joined the Grand Master sincerely. ?It?s always difficult for a Master to decide when the first Padawan?s training is complete. We pay great attention to every such case, so that you could rely on our opinion.?

    ?But I cannot! Perhaps, you?ve missed something,? Jinn did not give up. ?My case is a special one! We had only two years to spend together? Master and Apprentice usually get used to each other for many years, you know. Our training bond yet isn?t as strong as it normally should be and??

    ?Knight Qui-Gon!? Micah Giiett interrupted him, but it was useless.

    ??and I think it would be enough for such a delicate mission,? Qui-Gon ended anyway.

  10. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    IS that something rotten in Denmark that I smell or is that the trash?
  11. obimom

    obimom Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2010
    What is going on here? I think there is an explanation for all of this that maybe Qui-Gona and Shmi may know, but Obi-Wan doesn't???...puzzling.

  12. TraderWatto

    TraderWatto Jedi Youngling

    Apr 24, 2011
    It's very intriguing what Shmi wants from Qui-Gon and why does he believe her, but... in my opinion, you've portrayed Shmi too "gutsy" and rude here. Maybe, there were some reasons for her to behave so? I liked the way Shmi was shown in previous chapters and I hope she'll be kinder to Kenobi in the next one. Not to mention Obi-Wan has much to tell his Master...
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