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    MOD APPROVED! (Thanks everyone!)

    The T-virus is out in the open. Within hours, the city will be overrun. Raccoon City is now a hot zone.

    What part will you play?

    Spread the infection or stop it, the fate of Raccoon City is in your hands.

    For info on Resident Evil go to Wikipedia.

    This isn't cannon, so don't expect it to be. Characters from the games and movies are welcome.

    Please PM me your character sheets.

    1. Keep it clean! No gory details.
    2. PM me or the co gm if there are any problems.
    3. No God mode.
    4. *No Swearing* (If you have any questions reguarding words, you can check out the allowed/disallowed list.)
    5. Have fun!

    Home town:
    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color:
    -Eye color:
    -Body type:
    Special Skills:
    Affiliation (S.T.A.R.S, Umbrella, ect.):
    Tramatic Experiance(s):
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    Name: Alexandros Karishknov
    Age: 27
    Home town: Raccoon City
    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color: Black
    -Eye color: Green
    -Body type: Muscular
    Clothing: Standard Black-Ops BDU's
    Weapon(s): Silenced P90
    Special Skills: Hand-to-hand Combat(Judo, Ken-Jiustu)
    Affiliation (S.T.A.R.S, Umbrella, ect.): S.T.A.R.S
    Tramatic Experiance(s): None
    Bio: No-one knows.
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    Name: Cyrus Black
    Age: 25
    Home town: Raccoon City
    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color: Brown
    -Eye color: Blue
    -Body type: Muscular
    Clothing: A S.T.A.R.S bulletproof vest, black t-shirt, and blue jeans.
    Weapon(s): 2 Desert Eagles and a combat knife
    Special Skills: He can hot wire just about anything.
    Affiliation (S.T.A.R.S, Umbrella, ect.): S.T.A.R.S
    Tramatic Experiance(s): Lost his wife in a car accident.
    Bio: Cyrus was born and raised in Raccoon City. He once was hired as a lab aid for Umbrella. 2 weeks of that and Cyrus left. Even though it was an entry level job, Cyrus learned enough not to like Umbrella. He trained to be part of SWAT, but decided to join S.T.A.R.S instead.

    I'll also play some Umbrella people to move the story along. I'll also do "news reports."
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    Name:Zelda Zeppelin
    Hometown:Ukiah, California
    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color:Black hair styled to that of Davey Havok (link to see: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/dd/Davey_havok_new.JPG )
    -Eye color:black
    -Body type:stands about six feet tall and weighs around 95 lbs
    Clothing:loose fitting and badly ripped black pants. black autographed converse. AFI band logo shirt. Tattoos of different descriptions cover the arms, the most noticeable of which are the words Bleed Black and the AFI logo with the words Sing the Sorrow beside. She is always pale and wears earrings from the top of both ears to the bottom. Tongue ring, lip ring, and eyebrow ring of a tarnished silver are rarely ever removed. Wears black eyeliner and shadow at all times.
    Weapon(s):katana sword, tarnished silver revolver
    Special Skills:Black belts in 4 martial arts. Shotokan, Tai Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and ****o Ryu. very talented vocalist.Left handed, but can use both right and left effectivly in battle.
    Affiliation:works in a music shop/recording studio
    Tramatic Experiance(s): she once was with a band called "No Fate". While on tour the band got into a fight. The tour bus wrecked. All of them were killed, all except herself. The things she said to her bandmemebers haunt her still.
    Bio:Born and raised in Ukiah, California. She was always fascinated by the way music is able to touch one?s heart when performed right. She was sick of cruddy bands, then saw one band that she couldn?t ever let go of. A Fire Inside or AFI caught her eye and she was addicted to them right off. She joined their fanclub, DespairFaction and attended every concert in her reigon. Following the Singer's path, She went to college for double majors in English and Psychology, hoping to have the same success. Her and her friends formed the band "No Fate" and got a record deal within a few month's time. The began recording and shot to the top of the charts. They went on tour and just before the last concert at the house of Blues in San Francisco, the band got into a fight. The bus wrecked and they never spoke again. She went along on her own, not attempting anything in the world of music anymore. She works in a music shop that carries things from guitars to keyboards to CDs. The shop is also a recording studio for up and coming artists. Multiple times the managers have found her in the back recording hall singing, trying to connect with the past.

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    GM APPROVED (And I will still be Co-Gm)

    Name: Thomas Freeman

    Age: 29

    Physical Description:Very tall and athletically built. Short Black hair and a scruffy beard. Handsome and rugged.

    Clothes: S.T.A.R.S. military vest. Black UnderArmour long sleeve shirt underneath the vest. Military belt with dual holsters and clip holders. Shotgun Shell holder across the torso. Black pants with knife holder.

    Weapons: Two Custom Chrome Berettas. Military Upgraded 12 Gauge Shotgun.

    Special Skills: Very Accurate Shot. Fast and very strong.

    Tramatic Experiances: He doesn't believe he has. However, some people may consider the fact that his father raised him to be tough by being very hard on him traumatic.

    Bio: Thomas Freeman was raised in Racoon City in the Middle Class area. His father runs a fairly succesful restaurant. Even though he became succesful Thomas' father was born into a very poor family where you had to make it on your own. So, Thomas was raised to be strong if a time of crisis came.

    Thomas attended the Naval Academy and graduated in the top 10 of his class. During his two years of service Thomas became a very excellent soldier. Right after his period of service was up S.T.A.R.S approached Thomas with an offer to work for them, he immediatley accepted. Thomas became one of S.T.A.R.S most talented fighters. Now, his skills will be put to the ultimate test...
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    Name: Catherine "Cat" Wild-Scott
    Age: 18
    Home town: Portland, Maine
    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color: dirty blond
    -Eye color: green
    -Body type: slim, but athletic
    Clothing: jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and black hooded sweater
    Weapons: Hunting knife, Shotgun plus ten rounds
    Special Skills: Marksmanship, can carry large amount of numbers due to backpack
    Affiliation (S.T.A.R.S, Umbrella, ect.): none, but may later join the S.T.A.R.S people
    Tramatic Experiances: Father, Nick Wild, dying in car crash when she was eight.
    Bio: After her father's death Cat's mom Gina couldn't stand living in their hometown anymore, and so moved to Raccoon city. She remarried a doctor, Paul Scott, who had major ties to Umbrella in the past. Gina works part time at Emmy's Diner.
    Cat took up target shooting, toying with the idea of following in her father's footsteps and become a cop, maybe even a member of S.T.A.R.S, despite her mother's extreme dislike of the plan and wanting her to work in the hospital as Cat has always had high marks in biology. Cat is in her senoir year at Raccoon High School, but has yet to make any real, firm decisions about her future.
    Cat's best friend Tom has always been convinced of something really weird happening withing Umbrella, but Cat has always dismissed it as "Conspiricy theory weirdness"
    When the outbreak happens Cat was staying over at Tom's house, near Raccoon Park.

    Woooo, zombie party!!
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    Gm Approved

    Name: Maya Yubari
    Age: 27
    Home town: Tokyo
    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color: Black and straight. Shoulder length.
    -Eye color: dark brown
    -Body type: thin, relativly tall
    Clothing: White lab coat, underneath a dark red halterneck top, a black knee length skirt with a large rip up the side and black high heeled boots. She also has a pair of thin glasses.
    Weapon(s): A desert eagle taken from a dead soldier and a large hunting knife in her boot.
    Special Skills: She is a skilled scientist and is very knowlegeable about the T-Virus. She also has basic umbrella training in firearm use.
    Affiliation (S.T.A.R.S, Umbrella, ect.):Umbrella
    Tramatic Experiance(s): Almost all of her colleges are dead and possibly her husband.
    Bio: Maya grew up in Tokyo to a japanese mother and a american father. Maya's mother was a biologist and her father was in the navy. When her father was restationed they moved to America and to Raccoon city as it was the closest city to the port. Maya got her mothers scientific gift and begun working with Umbrella to find cures for new diseases. As she rose the ranks she begun to find out the other sections of Umbrellas income. She was appalled but descided she was too far into her T-Virus research to leave now. The ability to animate dead cells was too important to modern medicine to miss. She was off sick when the incident occured but later went in to work. The entire area was cordened off by Umbrella troops, they told ehr of what had occured and that they did not know of her husbands fate. A helicopter arrived to evacaute her from the area but she refused to leave without knowing if her husband was dead or not, so they left without her. She is now fighting her own creations while trying to discover where her love is.
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    Thanks everyone! This will start no later than Friday. I will probably start it tomorrow.
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    GM approved.

    Name: Bayden Lane
    Age: Early 30's
    Home town: Port Devon, coastside village.
    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color: Black, with grey streaks, shaggy collar length cut.
    -Eye color: Dark Brown
    -Body type: Tall, slim, somewhat lanky.
    Clothing: Black leather jacket, fitted grey shirt, faded balck demim flares, Doc Marten boots, thick-rimmed black glasses. Dark blue scarf, fingerless gloves.
    Weapon(s): SPAS-9 auto shotgun. Glock 9mm.
    Special Skills: Bayden is a detective, first and foremost. Notable skills in foresnsics, mechanics and tracking.
    Affiliation (S.T.A.R.S, Umbrella, ect.): Freelance PI.
    Tramatic Experiance(s): Death of wife and son in unspecified circumstances.
    Bio: Bayden Lane grew up in a small portside village were it became evident at a young age that he possessed a vast intellect, with a near photographic memory and uncanny reasoning and deductive skills. Graduating first in his class with a joint degree in communications and medical foresnsics, he was granted acceptance into the STARS organisation, where he served for some years, before leaving under unknown circumstances. During this time, he became a deft marksman, combatant and covert operations expert.
    Lane went into business for himself as a PI, primarily focused on big-business corruption, aiming his sights on the Umbrella corp, which he managed to infiltrate for some time undercover as a low-grade scientist.
    Currently, Lane is still investigating Umbrella's mysterious science and bio-weapon division, after his wife and young son were killed in a curious accident.
    Lane is something of an aloof loner, but well-spoken and hightly analytical. Having isolated himself for a few years, Bayden is a paranoid type, fueling himself with cigarettes, coffee and minimal sleep. He strongly suspects that Umbrella will soon unleash some kind of madness, but as yet, his fears are unfounded...
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    *--GM APPROVED--*

    Name: Michael (Mike) Currie

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Home town: Pittsburgh Kansas

    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color: dark brown, relatively long hair with bangs reaching down to his eyebrow
    -Eye color: green
    -Body type: athletic, average height

    Clothing: Typical S.T.A.R.S. outfit with a black Underoath shirt underneath it, also a pair of black sneakers that help him to be much mobile.

    Weapon(s): MP5, Glock 9mm, blue-plated butterfly knife

    Special Skills: Marksmanship, very agile, good at chess, fairly aquainted with operating large machinery (combines, bulldozers, etc.)

    Affiliation (S.T.A.R.S, Umbrella, ect.): S.T.A.R.S.

    Tramatic Experiance(s): While visiting New York City with his family, they were attacked and robbed on a side street. His father resisted and was shot. In his rage, Michael successfully disarmed and then turned the gun on his attacker, killing him. He then held his father as he died.

    Bio: Michael has been around guns his entire life. His father and older brother introduced him to hunting and then his father attained a class 3 license, allowing him to own automatic weapons. As the family's hobby, they bought many automatic weapons and became extremely skilled at firing them.

    Michael's brother, who was 3 years older than him, left to join the Marines and will be getting home in 2 years. Meanwhile, Michael joined S.T.A.R.S.

    His brother was not around during the time when his father was shot. Michael's mother had begged his father to leave his pistol in their hotel room, which he did, and regretted. Michael killed the attacker seconds after he fired the shot, then comforted his father as he died, while his mother called 911. Since then, listening to music has often given him comfort when nothing else would. His favorite bands are Underoath, Spitalfield, The Bled, and Taking Back Sunday.

    Michael doesn't really know why he is in S.T.A.R.S. except for the fact that he likes to help people. It is hard to gain his trust, however, and he often finds himself not listening to orders completely because he does not want to suffer from someone else's folly. Because of this he often makes his own decisions and choices based on his gut instinct.

    Before his father died, Michael would talk your ear off. Afterwards though, he quieted down and became more of a loner. He is not sure where his life is heading, but he only knows that he wants to help other people, at the cost of his own life if need be.

    Michael is very athletic. He was in Track during high school and participated in many of them events. Over the years he has kept himself in shape and can 'pull a Jacky Chan' if needed and often reach higher places that others can not by running up walls, ect.
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    GM Approved

    Oh my god, D_J, i swear we're in everything together, and we didn't even discuss this!!!

    Name: Ylesia Kabari

    Age: 21

    Hometown: Raccoon City, USA

    Physical Description: Anorexic, 5ft11", long waist length straight fine hair, a slim face, large white irised eyes, full red lips, long thin fingers.

    Clothes: A tight dark red strapped top, with a small dar brown leather detailed jacket. Tight and bootcut black leather trousers with huge pvc goth boots only showing a part of the side.

    Weapons: In prepared combat- a double bladed sword (see Wei Yan on Dynasty Warriors 4 + 5.) In spontaneous combat- two underarm to floor length crystal bladed, ivory handled katana's.
    Special Skills: Slightly faster, more agile, has better senses because of TVirus

    Tramatic Experiances: Had been tested on by Umbrella.

    Bio: Last year, she received unwanted testing by Umbrella, with TVirus. But, she proved to be stronger than TVirus and her immune system managed to fight it off. Her body stored some of the virus and the cells that the virus incorporates, get used by the body to enable her with special abilities. Ages phsyically extremely slowly. Was raised until the age of 16 in Japan by American parents and learnt to use many a Japanese weapon. She trained herself back in America aswell.

    Affiliation: N/A, (but the story will go places hopefully)
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    "It's time." The person on the other end had disconnected before John could say anything. He didn't have to, he knew exactly what was going on.

    John closed his cell phone and looked at the other men. "Experiment dark cloud has been authorized. You all know what to do." The other men left the room quickly.

    Half an hour later, one of the men returned. "We are on schedule."

    "How many vials?" John asked.

    "5." The man responded.

    John frowned. "Fine. Now, leave."

    Moments later John was on his cell phone again. "We have a problem. The men put more into the water..." He smilied. "Yes, they will miss the helicopter. We will set up base camp quickly." John looked at his watch. "The experiment should be up and running in less than 3 hours."

    (Ooc: Even though the game has now started, I hope people will continue sending applications. There's always room for more people.)
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    ooc: Is the infection out now? As in are there zombies roaming the streets?

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    GM approoved

    Name: Leon Kennedy
    Age: 27
    Home town: Racoon City
    Physical Appearance
    -Hair color: light brown/blonde
    -Eye color: brown
    -Body type: built
    Clothing: he wears a brand 5.11 shirt and pants with a brown gun holster over the body, as well as a brown bomber jacket
    Weapon(s): dual 9 mm pistols, Shotgun
    Special Skills: speccialy trsained in many forms of combat and with many types of waepons
    Affiliation (S.T.A.R.S, Umbrella, ect.): US Government
    Tramatic Experiance(s):
    Bio: On September 29, Leon went to Raccoon City for his assignment, but how he managed to tresspass the U.S. Army blockade around the city is never explained. When he arrived, the majority of the city's police officers were already dead and most of the citizens had already turned into zombies. After his first encounter with the living dead, Leon met with another survivor, Claire Redfield, who had arrived in the city in search of her missing brother, Chris Redfield. Together, Leon and Claire decided to seek refuge within the R.P.D.'s headquarters, but after arriving there, they decide to search for a way out of the city separately.

    During his probe of the R.P.D. precinct, Leon meets another survivor named Ada Wong, a woman who claimed she was looking for her missing boyfriend. Together, they find a secret entrance within the sewer leading to one of Umbrella's secret facilities. Ada is mortally wounded (first, by a mutated William Birkin's claw and later, by either Annette Birkin or Tyrant, depending on the scenario) and Leon discovers that Ada was a spy working for Umbrella's undisclosed competitor. However, at the near end, a mysterious figure (with Ada's voice and silhouette) helps Leon (or Claire) by giving them a rocket launcher to help defeat the Tyrant. Leon is reunited with Claire and the two (along with William Birkin's daughter, Sherry) make their escape through a secret railway and then escape the train, leaving the mutated Birkin to be destroyed in the self-destruct sequence.

    In December of 1998, after the incident, Claire sets out to Europe to continue her search for Chris, while Leon remains in the U.S. He makes an undisclosed deal with the U.S. Government for Sherry's safety and, after that, joined an anti-Umbrella task force, participating in numerous classified missions until Umbrella's operations were shut down by the government. During one mission, he provided Claire's whereabouts to her brother, Chris, after receiving an e-mail message from her.

    Starlight Cruiser incident
    Sometime in 2000, Leon, now a member of an underground anti-Umbrella organization, was sent to eliminate a prototype B.O.W. that was believed to be among the passengers and crew of the luxury ocean cruiser, the Starlight. Upon his arrival, Leon discovered that there had been a T-virus outbreak onboard. At some point, Leon met a young survivor named Lucia and fought a good candidate for the B.O.W.: a large, grey humanoid who could produce tentacles from its abdomen and transform into an amoeba. After 24 hours without contact, fellow operative Barry Burton was sent to find Leon. He was eventually found unconscious. After he and Barry saved Lucia from the B.O.W. again, Barry left Lucia with Leon. When they saw Barry on the security camera talking to Umbrella, who had contacted him on the way there, they found him and Leon was seemingly betrayed by Barry. While Barry and Lucia were on an Umbrella-owned submarine, Leon killed the B.O.W., who was trying to destroy the ship's fuel converter, by blowing him into the steam ducts. Afterwards, Barry and Lucia found Leon. In the end, Leon, along with Barry and Lucia, killed the real B.O.W., a fully-grown parasite that had been removed from Lucia's body, with a hail of gunfire, but not before Leon was seemingly infected by the B.O.W. A small cut on his neck was bleeding green blood, but this infection was apparently benign and temporary. However, due to the fact that the game wasn't made by Capcom and poor sales of Resident Evil Gaiden, the game in which this incident is featured and the c

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    OOC: as this is not cannon, OI am going to be playing Leon as though he is post RE4 Leon......just to let everyone know

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    IC: Leon Scott Kennedy
    Location: Undisclosed Government Facility

    Incident + Six hours

    Leon was at a firing range. Even though he had fired his weapon enough and seen enough blood to last four lifetimes, between the racoon city incident six years ago, and the Los Illuminados incident that he has only been back from for a few weeks. His life had become death. It was his bussiness, and bussiness was good....

    ......Ever since Umbrella.....

    He had twin Blacktail Pistols, customised to the hilt. Precise everytime.

    Then there was his shotgun, a 12 guage. There was one word for his shotgun. Badass. It was modified to hold 18 rounds in the chamber. It cocked so fast it was practically automatic, Leon had trained himslef to be able to reload it in 1.5 seconds, and it had a spcial modification to make it a long range weapon.

    He was just taking it apart to clean it when his PCD went off

    He looked down to see that fmailliar face, it was Hunnigan

    **We have another job for you**

    "Already? What this time?"

    **You're going home**

    Tag: Noone........yet
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    OOC: Hmmmm. I dunno if you made this up or if it is actually like that in the game, but that is one of the most impossible tasks that i have heard of...he must be exremely talented.

    Also, I have no clue if the T Virus is out yet, the GM hasn't given us enough information. I say we play it out as if the T Virus is already out of control.

    IC: Alexandros

    Alex had been cleaning his guns when he heard something crash outside, he had no idea what was happening. Quickly he ran to his room and grabbed three full clips of ammo for his Silenced P90, the one he used like a handgun.

    The big russian ex-black ops specialist looked out his front window to see two people with pale faces hitting his door with a relentless resound.

    "Who the..?" He didn't finish the sentance, because one of his squadmates came in through the back door.

    "Alex! There's something wrong with the people around here."

    Alexandros waved the man over to the window and handed him a handgun, "I know, they are trying to knock down my door."

    "We need to get out of here, get the rest of the squad. I have a car out back we can take it."

    Alex nodded to the man, then busted out his front window. Aiming his P90, he takes two separate three round burst and the two people out front lay face down on his porch.

    Alex follows his partner out back and they drive of to the S.T.A.R.S headquarters.

    TAG: Any Other S.T.A.R.S operatives.

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    Yeah that was on teh game,. I looked up the specs before I posted that. Bassically in the game he loads two shells and that is it, but meh, this aint reality. Regardless of how everyone else is playing it, Leon will not come in until the proverbial **** has hit the fan

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    ic: Maya Yubari
    Racoon City High Street

    Maya walked slowly down the middle high street holding her desert eagle in one hand and her mobile (cell phone) in the other. She two sides of the road were swamped with zombies, her creations. She quickly dialled her husband John's number.

    "The number you have dialled has not been recognised. Please try again. The number you have dialled has not been recognised. Please try again." The monotone voice stated over and over. Maya shut the phone and put both hands on the gun. So far the zombies hadn't noticed her, they were too busy ripping apart carcasses and such. Maya suddenly felt a hand grab her shoulder and saw one behind her, without hesitation she shot him in the head, he fell down but the shot aleted the others to her presence.

    Seeing them all turn and slowly lumber towards the fresh meat Maya took her hunting knife and slit her skirt. Shooting two of the zombies dead ahead she ran, jumping over her newest targets bullet riddeled bodies. The zombies started to follow but soon gave up persute, instead going back to the easy meat. It seamed Maya would be okay while the corpses sustained the hunger of Racoon City's newest inhabitants, but when they ran out it was going to get tricky.

    Something caught Maya's eye, a chunky radio hanging from a dead police officer's belt. Maya ran over to it and picked it off the ground.
    "Hello, hello? Is anybody there, are there any survivours?" She said quietly into the radio. "I'm on the high street, something has gone terribly wrong. It wasn't ment to go lik- Ahh!"

    The police officer grabbed Maya's leg and moved his mouth towards it before she kicked him, knocking the fragile neck and tearing the head away. However in the comotion the radio slipped from her grasp and crashed to the floor, cracking down the middle.

    tag: Anyone that heard message

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    OOC (CO-GM): Guys I am trying to talk to Enigma, I realize that the opening post was much to bare. Hopefully he will post a more detailed outline of what is going on!

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    IC: Alexandros

    Alex and his squadmate sped through the streets, there were these..zombies all over the place. They had been listening to their police interceptor, listening for any clue of what was happening.

    All of the sudden they heard a womans voice instead of the gumbling noises that was surely caused by the death of the officer that had it before her.

    "I'm o...he hi...street, somethi...as gone...ribly wrong. It wasn't ment to go...k- Ahh...!"

    Alex looked at his partner, "That's only two blocks south, let's go."

    Alex's partner turned on the nex road that led south, and saw the woman fending off against what looked to be an unending hoarde of pale people. They put the petal to the metal and crashed straight through, but stopped in time to pull up next to the woman.

    Alexandros opened his window and the back door. Firing off a couple rounds he looked at the woman, "I'm a knight in shining armor more often than not...get in."

    TAG: Darth_Joesha
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    IC: Cat Tom's house near Raccoon park, three hours after experiment began

    "I'm telling you, something's not right."
    "Tom, you think there's something not right about anything. You think it's some kind of nuitritional plot if the pizza is delivered ten minutes late."
    Cat sighed. She'd been at Tom's house for a couple of hours now, since her mom had collapsed and her step father had taken her to the hospital where he works. Tom was finding it weird that Paul wouldn't let Cat go with him, and so thought that something was going on. Cat sighed again, hoping to convey to Tom that she wanted him to drop the subject.
    "Look, he said he didn't want me getting upset in the hospital if it was anything serious. So are we gonna watch the movie or not?" Tom shugged, his own personal sign of giving up, placing his glass of water on the table next to the sofa. "Good, I'll go do the popcorn then."

    Cat had been in the kitchen ten minutes when she heard a thump come from the living room.
    "Tom? You OK?"
    No reply. Cat picked up the bowl of finished popcorn and walked into the other room. Tom was lying face down on the floor.
    She knelt next to him, shaking him slightly. This was exactly what had happened to her mom. She gently rolled Tom over onto his back, and inspected his face. Paul, I have to call Paul. She thought, getting up and moving over to the phone.
    She dialed, but all the emergency services were engaged. She tried again, directly calling the hospital. Nothing. Trying to keep calm, she called Paul's cellphone number. Thankfully he answered.
    "Paul, it's Cat. Something's wrong with Tom, he's just collapsed."
    "What! Are you serious?"
    "No Paul, I've just got a twisted sense of humour. Look, what should I do?"
    "Nothing, just get out of the house."
    Cat stared at the phone, had she heard him right?
    "Excuse me?"
    "Just get out of that house and come to the hospital. You'll be safer here with me."
    He hung up on her then. Cat didn't move. How am I not safe here?
    She turned around to find Tom crawling along the floor towards her.
    "Tom? Tom what are you doing? THIS ISN'T FUNNY!"
    Tom said nothing, a bizzare, dead and downright freaky look in his eyes.
    Cat backed away, grabbing a chair and placing it in front of her. Tom grabbed the chair, pulling himself up, jaws gaping for Cat's arm.
    "GET OFF!"
    She pulled the chair back and swung it. It hit Tom in the head, making his head snap comepletely to one side, almost entirely off.
    Cat freaked out. Running out of the room, pausing only to grab her backpack, Cat made for the garage. She slammed the door behind her, locking it and putting a large lawn mower in front of it.
    Cat looked around the room frantically. Come on Tom, don't tell me it was just one of your exaggerations. She then found it under a tool cupboard. Tom's Dad's emergency kit. It contained a shotgun, plus ten rounds, money, and the spare keys to the garage doors.
    Cat grabbed Tom's racing bike and wheeled it out, opening the side door of the garage and stepping into the front garden.
    Getting onto the bike Cat sped onto the main road, allowing herself only a quick glance back at Tom's house.

    TAG: anyone on the streets really.
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    Bayden Lane, Private Investigator. Raccoon City outskirts.

    There was no sense of confort in coming home, or to what had passed for home the last few years. Sure, the simple open-plan loft overlookingt the portside pier on the edge of Racoon was a nice enough pad, but it was a domocile, not a home. Bayden Lane hadn't had one of those in a while.

    He felt the engine shake a little and smirked to himself. It was really about time he got rid of this old thing. He wasn't a college senior anymore, so maybe driving a battered old 70's Mitsi GTO coupe didn't suit him, but the car had memories, ones that he couldn't let go of just yet. And it got him to the Graven Cemetery in Port Devon up the coast every week just find to pay his respects.

    Isobel. Lucas.

    Bayden took another drag of the half-burnt cigarette and exhaled. The sadness was creeping in and it would be hard to avoid. He didn't want to feel this way tonight. No, he had work to do. The GTO rounded a corner, and Bayden noticed that Racoon was somewhat eerily quiet tonight. It was strange,and being the observant type he was, he noted such things.

    He'd cut through a residential section on the way back to the port, and was now heading up through surburbia. Bayden took a moment to adjust his mirrror, catching his reflection. He looked a tad haggard and worn, much older than his thirty-years of age, a few streaks of grey tempering his dark hair, which had grown to his collar in the last few years, along with the accompanying stubble beard from his "shave-when-i-really-need-to" approach. He fixed the black glasses on his face, which helped to make him look a little less like a street hood.

    Pulling up to a set of lights, he set the GTO in neutral and pulled the handbrake up. There was no one else around and he thought of running it, but was promptly a thump on his windscreen. He looked up and saw a figure outside. Window washers at this time of night?

    He grimaced slightly as he replied.

    "No thanks, windows are fine...."

    However, his sentence trailed off as he saw the face of the figure outside. It was a young woman, but her eyes were ice blue, her skin pale and chalky and blood oozed from her ruby lips. Bayden recoiled and felt his jaw drop suddenly as a fist came down on the window, cracking part of the glass, but not breaking it.

    Bayden gasped in horror, his cigarette falling to the floor of the car as he realised that there was something wrong with this girl, and it was something he'd certainly heard of before.

    Oh lord....no...Umbrella went ahead with it...

    He didn't wait another second before throwing the car into gear and gunning away, leaving the mysterious figure behind the intersection. He ran a hand through his hair and lit another cigaretted as he increased speed. If that was an indication of what was about to happen, there was something terrible afoot. He had to get home to the loft, and look at the intel he had acquired. Luckily, his abode was only a block or two away.

    Rounding the corner, he heard another engine, but not a car. A small bike perhaps.

    They shouldn't be out here alone.

    Facing the sound of the approacing engine noise, he paused the car, waiting for it to approach.

    TAG: Cat, perhaps.
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    OOC: I apologize, but I am going to have to resign from this game. Something big just came up and I will be very busy. Sorry...

    ENIGMA if you are looking for another CO-GM I recommend Pheonix_Rising...
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