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Pittsburgh, PA Random Thoughts From A Warped Mind, 9/14/02

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Big_Daddy_Payne, Sep 14, 2002.

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  1. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    I have lots of random thoughts, all the time. Even in the middle of teaching class, I have random and occasionally strange, twisted thoughts . . . but what I don't have is as much time as I once had to inflict those random thoughts on you all :)

    Time, time, time . . . Force but this week went slow, up until now the school year has flown by but this week is crawling. Can't believe that tomorrow I have to go to work again. On Weds felt like it should have been Friday. Sigh.

    Oh well, tomorrow is Friday. I'm going with the sibs & maybe Mom to see the opening of a new exhibit at the Carnegie Art museum. Anyone seen any of those painted T-Rexs that are supposed to be around town?

    I got my lastest order from the CD club today, including "Best of John Williams" two CDs of the best of his movie music. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Blasted the Imperial March. For a Jedi and a Rebel, I have a strange love of that song.

    I have the bad habit of singing outloud to myself in public. Today I was singing the Schoolhouse Rocks songs of the Preamble and 'Fireworks' (Declaration of Independence) I showed them to my US history classes today.

    Whoever decided that Open House and Poor Work Notices should be at the same time is a big ol' poodoo slimo!

    Today was dress as an 'undercover' Jedi/Sith day. The Padawans looked very spiffy in their 'matching' outfits (one light brown the other dark brown). I don't think I looked that bad myself. Even had a lightsaber (mini Luke one, made by Tiger, that lights up and makes a sound). So to answer the question -- yes, that is a lightsaber in my pocket [face_devil] See what happens when I get only a few hours of sleep and too much coffee?

    Anyone want to come an clean my house? Two hours, three tops, to get it in a decent order again . . .

    The theme from Schindler's list is playing right now. Its beautiful. I've never seen Schindler's List, believe it or not. Concentration camp films tend to result in me being extremely depressed for days afterwards. The books Five Chimneys and Night left me in a funk for days . . . That people could do that to each other. That people are still doing things like that to each other. :_| But then, I got through Life is Beautiful. That was an incredible film. Perhaps its time I watched Schindler's List . . .

    Why is it so HOT?? Its frickin October! It should be in the 60's with pretty orange and red leaves on the trees and NOT 80 degrees out!

    Thats enough random thoughts inflicted on you all for one evening . . .

    May the Force be with You!

  2. Mrs_jedi_1966

    Mrs_jedi_1966 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 14, 2002

    IT'S A LIAM MOVIE!!!!! :D
  3. Chris-Stacina_Rajinn

    Chris-Stacina_Rajinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 15, 2002
    I'm a manager! I'm a manager! I get to close on school nights after getting home from several club meetings and random play practices. Fun stuff! I wonder how long it's gonna be before I go crazy and start throwing things (that's what the other managers do) Oh well, at least now I don't need a second job!

    My animation project is screwed up!!

    I have to write an essay next period! Noooooooooo!! Not actual work! I do enough of that at work!

    Exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doesn't this kind of remind you of Kit Fisto --> :D ? Or is it just me?
  4. Saberpilot

    Saberpilot Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002
    *Whitney does her little victory dance* I had yesterday and today off school, oh I had yesterday and today off school... *sees everyone staring, shrugs, continues to dance.*

    I'm getting a raise!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! My boss said since I'm a kick-bum hostess, I'll get a raise soon! YAY!!!!!!!!!

    I'm taking the trials. I have 2/7 parts done so far. I am so so scared of the trivia. I really do stink at trivia. Really, really, really badly. *cowers from scary sal questions*

    I'm going to be watching the OT today- whitney's little marathon.

    I read my NJO book. I love it. Now, more than ever, I AM JAINA SOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, so please don't take me to the pickle farm- HEY!

    *smiles* I'm hoping to go see Veggietales' new movie. ^_^ I love Larry the Cucumber. He has buck teeth, like me!

    I'm trying out for the fall play next tuesday. *bites nails* But see, I'm not a favorite actor, so I don't know if I'll even be chosen. I hope I am. I can act.

    I'm going to drive Loew's nuts. ^_^ I'm going to call them again today.


    Why is it that people sometimes think that aluminum is extremely shiny and interesting? I'm wondering, because I remember some kid at my school found it very interesting. Then again, he's wierd.

    I'm not getting picked on! WHOO-HOO! And- get this- the girl who was picking on me actually talked to me. Non-threatening.


    Well, I'm insane enough, so I won't drive you crazy any longer. Except I might drive my master nuts. I WANT THE PURPLE LIGHTSABER! (howls)
  5. Stina-Cri

    Stina-Cri Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 18, 2002
    Why is it so hot out????
    today I kept lauging because my music teacher said if its not baroque don't fix it lol. Hehehe oh no i can't stop laughing. I feel yucky.

    I wrote a story about a bunny today that stole some pillows...umm. nevermind. I thought it was funny so did my friend Lisa.

    Dude, this kid in mine and stacies video class honestly thinks we are sisters lol, Agh i keep getting hurt!!! dude i have marchimg band all day tomarrow...i have to call off work...i should do that soon.

    Uh...i don't want to clean my is so messy, but i won't have more time for at least the next week...

    I might get a job at the movie theatre that is opening, they put my name on a list.

    well I am going to clean so farewell my friends and may the force be with you!!!!
  6. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    Sorry to hear my Padawan is feeling icky :(

    Glad that CSR got a promotion to manager :) Good luck with that!

    Had a good fencing class today, learned that I've been in the wrong stance for the past 3 weeks (need to bend my knees more)

    Had a wonderful time last night out with sibs & mom. We went out to eat, were loud and rowdy (hard to believe out of quiet little shy GC, huh), and went to the opening of Panoptica at the Carnegie. It was so NEAT! So many different paintings, chairs and sculpture! Lots of people, too. I like watching people.

    Want to go take a several months long tour of Europe. Go see Italy, England and Scotland. Then off to the Orient -- China and Japan. Maybe stop off in Australia while I'm over in that part of the world. Sigh. Someday.

    Got the Heavy Metal soundtrack on CD. I have an old pirated copy of the movie on video. I should go invest the money and get a good copy on DVD. Is it just me or does the bird-lizard thing blondie sword chick ride resemble the flying lizard thing on Kamino?

    Despite the arguements that appear in Shadow Hunter and Traitor, I still maintain that the Force is not a single thing that is just used differently by different people. Positive energy created by life, Negative energy created by destruction. Destruction, by the way is not necessarily death. Death in the proper time is part of life. Only untimely death (murdering people or killing animals not to eat but for the pleasure of killing) creates negative energy. Both Light and Dark exist together however. You can't have one without the other. Connected, but still two seperate things . . .

    I got a neat Reek from my Padawan for my birthday. It roars. :D

    Missed Firefly again. Pity its on Friday night. I hardly ever see Samuri Jack either . . .

    Much Ado about Nothing is at the Playhouse. I'd like to see it . . . maybe towards the end of the month, a Sunday Matinee. Wonder if anyone else would be interested? Its one of my fav Shakespeare plays (MacBeth and Taming of the Shrew are the others incase your curious and even if your not, I posted them anyway) The movie version of Much Ado with Denzel Washington is excellent.

    My niece defied Nature the other day, on my behalf. She was upset the trees were changing color because green is my favorite color . . .

    Curiousity time . . . if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Anything at all . .
  7. corran_16201

    corran_16201 Jedi Master star 3

    Nov 28, 2000
    change one thing about my self hmm toughie. Probably I'd want to be more open around people. I'm almost always cold and silent. But if I could really change anything it'd be not being single this sucks I got too used to not being single in those 3 months.

    Other thoughts.

    RED DRAGON KICKS ASS! it was better than the book! I mean it was frigging awsome!

    what exactly is in a hushpuppy?

    Another James Bond movie next month looks good as well.

    Bruce Springsteen's on SNL tonight SWEET!
  8. Saberpilot

    Saberpilot Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002
    If I could change one thing about myself??
    Hmm. I think I'd have force powers, or be about 4 inches taller.

    (yawns) work sucks work sucks work suck suck sucks!

    I had to work a 7 hour straight tonight. I don't like working 7 hour straights. Especiallly since I had to wear a.. (shivers) SKIRT!

    I hate skirts. I hate dresses. Except for fancy ones. But overall, I hate dresses. You can't fight in lightsaber battles with them, either.

    I love Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. It makes everything bad go away! ^_^

    The trials are harder and easier than I thought they'd be. I'm scared of sal & his trivia... (bites nails)

    My kitties are asleep & lazy. Darn kitties.

    I love Shakespeare. I'd be interested in a trip! ^_^
  9. Stina-Cri

    Stina-Cri Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 18, 2002
    I have no iron in my blood lol...i have eaten meat, or well something else with iron in only 4 times in the past 8 days lol. I was in the cold tonight, that means i am going to get really really really sick...Woo hoo!!!

    If i could change something about myself...I'd look better. but then again that's what plastic surgeons are for (not that i'd ever get plastic surgery)

    Met thes cool people from springdale...some hot hot guys...I got their number, they got mine...It would be the oddest thing if they called me...i think i would be freaked out, they were kind of weird. Then my friend tommy jokingly told them i was i beat him up...

    Speaking of beating people up...anyone want to beat this guy named kevin up? He's so gross...he always comes up to me and tries to kiss and touch me and if you smack him he doesn't stop...Ewwewweww now maybe the world will understand why tina hates men...they always want her for well two things...Men are Pigs (sorry but..well most of the ones i know are) Now i am crying and people wonder what my problem is!!!! I hate men and i am going to grow up and rule the world and anyone that ever hurt me is going to pe tortured the way they tortured me until it slowly kills them and when they die i'll feed their bodies to my pet vultures.

    That is enough for now, just needed to vent...
  10. Rox

    Rox Administrator Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 24, 2000
    I have iron in my blodd, Iron City beer. On a similar note, has anyone seen this months playboy? There is a ad for IC Light, I guess Iron City went national.
  11. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    GRRRRRR. Who is this creep that keeps harassing my Padawan??? Perhaps he needs to be taught how to interact with females in a polite manner and I will be more than happy to administer the lesson.

    Hushpuppies by the way are made from cornmeal mush (basically a very thick cornbread batter) that is deep fried. I love hushpuppies.

    Rox -- No, oddly enough I haven't yet seen this month's issue of Playboy.
  12. corran_16201

    corran_16201 Jedi Master star 3

    Nov 28, 2000
    Maybe this old TIE pilot should teach this lad you speak of some manners.

    Random thoughts again,

    Arby's good food.....

    What the hell does futon mean?

    Got jumpsuit for costume today YIPPIEE!

    Helmet almost done Yippie agian!!

    Still single ummm not yippie

  13. Stina-Cri

    Stina-Cri Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 18, 2002
    Stacie and i made a beautiful music video, we had 3 hours of sleep last night...tired...sleep...edit...forever.

    Hey if it's not baroque don't fix it!!!!
    sorry i sped too mush time in music film and theatre classes...since when am i so artsy...i mean Eric (that's my guitar) is with me even more than stacie is!!! Even to school and to work!!!

    I got to direct this little brother is cool...he's a good little actor, he should've been anakin in episode 1 he would've been the right age.
  14. Saberpilot

    Saberpilot Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002
    I am a cucumber.. (shrugs, then sits down)

    I love it! I'm going to be 18 this friday (fave day of week) have off work (yay!) and have off school (for an apprenticeship- don't get to skip until the parents see my grades..) AND.. get to eat out during school.

    Turning 18 rocks.

    I'm testing for my jedi knighthood. ^_^ I can't wait to be a jedi, luck be a jedi tonight.....

    My parents are letting me go to the party! HEY! And I got my costume. ^_^ It's nifty. But I'll never tell.. what it is! HA!

    I'm going to my boyfriends' homecoming this weekend. I can't wait. I got this pretty dress and shoes and everything.. (sigh) I love getting dressed up.

    I have a cell phone now. Does anyone want my number? ^_^ Hardly anyone calls me.. (whimper)

    (yawn) Man, typing makes you tired. And being tired isn't good. I've been getting 6 hours sleep nightly. Not enough for me. I'm a sleep-aholic.

    Oooh! I try out for Jr. Mendleson on Sat. I don't think I'll make it, but I can try.. Singing is fun! :)
  15. corran_16201

    corran_16201 Jedi Master star 3

    Nov 28, 2000

    They want to close my school and ship us out. My answer to that is not typable around little children

    I like a girl in my class but don't know what to say i've known her since we were wee little ones. I'll probably do what I always do say nothing remain single and be as happy as I can be I guess
  16. Stina-Cri

    Stina-Cri Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 18, 2002
    Dude...a wise person once told're only in high school, if you date a friend and break up who cares you may have lost that friend but do you think you guys will be friends after high school? Most likely you won't, so why not go for it?...umm yeah any way...i think i mis quoted my master...any way the school paper mis quoted her. they said she liked teaching because she could share love and master is a hippy...she just kept sharing love all day and guess what...she'll do it all day tomarrow and almost every day for the rest of her life...

    Anyway i hate my life i want to live in a hole for a few years and then come out a less busy mom scheduled senior pictures on a bad day for me...probably the worst..

    Happy Birthday Whitney!!!

    I will be at Duquesne on my birthday...for this music thingy.

    Hey is anyone here going to try out for PMEA district choir?

    I don't know if anyone is in my district but you are all in my region and guess what regional choir is in Penn Hills.
    well so is district band...i hope they make a hot guy come live in my house for the duration (as tina crosses her fingers and hopes...)

    Well sleep... i need some...GOODNIGHT ALL
  17. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    You quoted just fine, Padawan . . . :D

    Typing this late Sunday morning. On Saturday had what seemed to be a very good plan. I'd take my sister's kids out to the Carnegie Museum for the afternoon. Kids and I have fun running around looking at dinosaurs and the 'stuffed' animals, and my sister gets to make three Padawan Halloween costumes interuption free. Except for leaving the house a bit later than planned (normal thing for us) the afternoon was going great. Very excited both about spending the day with the kids and looking forward to seeing the kids dressed up as Padawans. Until the trip to the potty . . .

    Rachel gets her hand closed in the stall door by her brother (accident). At first I think its just a pinched finger, no big deal, run it under a little cold water, give her a hug & some comfort and go back to looking at the dinosaurs. But she doesn't stop crying and her voice has that tone in it, and when I get a good look at her thumb I see the skin is all torn up, there's blood from under the nail and its swollen up to twice the size in less than a minute. Quick call to my sister to inform her and we are off to Children's hospital.

    So there's Greencat, walking quickly through the museum, carrying a screaming, 45 pound four year old in one arm, pulling a 2 year old in a stroller backwards (easier than pushing it forward with one hand) while the six year old trots obediently beind, opening doors when directed. Talking in that overly calm crisis voice, telling Rachel she'll be okay, letting James know that he's doing a good job following direction, keeping Alex from joining in his sister's crying.

    Get to Children's. My sister gets there same time as us (okay, certain speed limit laws were not exactly observed by my sis). I take the boys home while my sister takes care of Rachel.

    Fortunately, the thumb was not broken. If the door had hit just slightly lower on the thumb, she most likely would have either broken it or lost the nail. They did have to drain the fluid, though (Imagine if you will, a four year old with a semi-crushed thumb having a small hole burned into the thumbnail and the fluid being drained out) When Rachel is scared it comes out as angry. She is also not shy about expressing her feelings. Doctors now do not rank very high on her list of favorite people.

    I realize that in the scale of things, this was a minor incident. A hurt thumb is hardly life threatening. Force willing nothing worse than this will ever happen to the kids . . . but I'd rank this up as one of the worst days of my life. Hearing my little girl crying because she was in major pain, feeling if only I'd been paying just a little bit more attention to where she was putting her hand even though I know intellectually that accidents happen (made sure her brother was told that a couple of times and let him know how much I appreciated his cooperation during the situation)

    Anyway, those are my random thoughts for today.

  18. Saberpilot

    Saberpilot Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002
    Thank you everyone for telling me happy birthday! ^_^ I feel so loved!

    I went to my bf's homecoming yesterday.. had a blast. I met his friends, all really very nice.. Tom bought me a bouquet of flowers that matched my dress...

    I'm studying like crazy for the trials.. The trivia part is going to kill me. I really, really really suck at trivia. I am sooooo scared. :(

    ^_^ IMAX & CLONES!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I'm trying to figure out ways to do calculus & sleep at the same time. They're not working.)

    (sigh) Where is everyone? No one seems to be online as of late.. oh well. :p

    It's a gloomy day out. I think I'll sleep.. and then do my homework. :)
  19. ZeroCool69

    ZeroCool69 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 22, 2002
    New thoughts from the in-house psych ward escapee!

    They keep adding new channels to my cable selection. Only problem is, there's still never anything good on.

    I'm poor. And Christmas is coming up. Those two things are not equal. Hmmm, could be tricky.

    I've been looking for halloween costumes for the last two weeks, and have yet to se anything good. Loks like I'm gonna have to get creative. :D

    I recently got to hang out with a friend of mine from college. After a long conversation, I came to a conclution. I'm freakin old.

    I never really liked Nirvana, but the new song they released is pretty good.

    If it looks like cheese, but smells like hamburgers, do you think it would make a suitable wall covering?

    Went to Kennywood's Phantom Fright Nights. I hought they weregoing to spookify everything? There were some haunted houses/mazes, but all the rides were the same. It would have been really cool if, in the middle of the racer, they had guys on wires swing out at you with chainsaws or something. But it was entertaining none the less.

    If someone treats you one way one minute, then the complete oposite the next, then back to the begining again, what does that mean?

    Man, did the Steeler own the Bungles or what?

    Anyone wandering through Blockbuster, looking for a good movie, I highly suggest The Boondock Saints. Much in the same vein of Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

    That's all for now. But, give me a week or two, I'm sure I'll be back for more.
  20. Stina-Cri

    Stina-Cri Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 18, 2002
    Hi...I am sick, or maybe i just need to put on different clothes!!! The heat of a sweatshirt might be the problem. I feel bad for my friends tonight if i feel like this now...last weekend they had to strip my sweatshirt off of looked really funny on tape. (for those of you who don't know, i have bad reactions to heat)

    I am going to see my little cousins tomorrow. at my aunt and uncle's haunted house. I might video tape it if they let me. It's so awesome...maybe they'll let me paint faces again...hehehe little kids with bullet holes in their foreheads is always funny.

    I love school this year!!! I get to do all this fun music stuff and play with cameras.

    Directing and Correcting rhyme.

    I am friends with Ugly Jon...stacie and i should bring him to a meeting lol...He's weird....he'd be good for a few laughs...he's really uncoordinated...and well he's ugly jon...not that he's ugly...but ugly jon is so much more interesting than just jon!!!

    I was greek last was cold out and i had no sleeves...Togas are the coldest things ever!!!

    AAAH my head is ...spinning...ewww, maybe i got sick.

    I have to get ready...i'm such a procrastinator.(did i spell that right?)

    I like Ed Rendell...sorry lol...i don't know why, i think because of a late night debate i saw before the primaries...not that i can vote.....

    Our current governer is sexy!!!! so is the president, when he leans on his podium it turns me on. (ask the marching band about that one they can quote me on it...the frequently do)

    I hope they didn't cut Anakin's nightmare from the IMAX version of AOTC...anakin half naked panting in bed on a REALLY REALLY BIG screen is somehow strangely appealing...

    Anakins purple!!!!

    I am yotina purpletina, you killed my father prepare to be bisected by Obi-Wan!!!!...cut scenes from episode 1!

    my birthday is in 10 days!!!!

    I want my SAT scores NOW!!!

    ummm ok i really must get ready to go now...bye bye
  21. Saberpilot

    Saberpilot Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002
    SAT's do rock. You guys must have taken the October 12 one, though. I'm taking the Nov. 2nd. So I get off work. HAH!!!

    Happy birthday! I'll have to sing you the dinky Damon's birthday song! YAY!...

    Happy Happy Birthday, we're Damon's here to say, Happy Happy Birthday, on this your special day! Happy Happy Birthday, ENJOY YOUR FREE SUNDAE!!!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday, that's all We're here to Say! HEY!

    Anakin on big screen- no shirt- very panicky.. If they cut that scene.. Grr.. This saberpilot will be taking her x-wing & lightsaber and SMASHING THEIR FACES.


    I am 18, and I am an adult. But I can't vote this next election because the stupid signup is like a few days before my birthday. WAH!!

    I've got a halloween costume. :)

    I ate a lot of ice cream. It was good. I love Mint Chocolate Chip.

    Co-worker Quote of the week: Whitney, I didn't believe this before, but now, more than ever, YOU ARE JAINA SOLO!
  22. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    "If it looks like cheese, but smells like hamburgers, do you think it would make a suitable wall covering?"

    It would depend mostly on the texture, I think. Does it stick well to the wall, peel off easily or just slowly slide down the wall? What type of cheese does it look like? Orange-yellow like chedder? Mixed white and orange-yellow like colby jack? Speckled like jalopena jack? These are important details to know before an answer to your question can be given. Also, if you are planning on using it for wallpaper in a vegatarian's home, you might want to reconsider. Go with something that smells like tofu, perhaps.

    "If someone treats you one way one minute, then the complete oposite the next, then back to the begining again, what does that mean?"

    Either the person is schizo or a jerk. Unless of course you are just hallucinating the person, than its hardly the person's fault for having an inconsistant personality.

    I like Rendell, too. And I'm old enough to vote. And I plan on voting for him. Democracy is a good thing.

    I think our current governor is a wienie. I thought the governor before him was (is) a wienie, too.

    Want a sexy president, check out Teddy Roosevelt. Gotta love a man who walks softly and carries a big stick [face_devil]

    Going to see Much Ado About Nothing this Sunday with my littlest sister. Can't wait. One of my fav plays. Love Beatrice, she's so cool -- clever woman with a sharp wit! Sigh, when will I find my Benedic?

    New Insider Magazine today! Got two Luke Skywalker TCG cards with it. Odd that two were enclosed. New Hope cards look very neat, though. The drawing at the end of the issue was so CUTE with an armored Jango telling a little kid armored Boba, who is holding a magnifying glass while a trail of ants go by, "No disintigrations." CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE.

    Also a very interesting article on Jex. Jex rocks. He should get his own series. The Adventures of Jex and Obi-Wan (his faithful Jedi sidekick.) Guest staring Qui-Gon Jinn as Blue Ghosty Guy.

    Saw an ad for the veggie tales movie Jonah. Wonder if Saber has seen the ad yet, isn't she a veggie tales fan? Wondering if my sister's kids would like to see it. I don't think they have seen any of the veggie tale movies . . .

    Inservice day today. The school district always gives us coffee and donuts and bagels on inservice days, but today No bagels. Just donuts. Didn't want a donut, wanted a bagel. So I just had coffee. I like coffee :D We did very very boring stuff. Wrote out the curriculum for each of our courses and then wrote out which of the PA standards were meet for each thing we taught. Had to be done because of state regs, but so boring. Took all day to do. We hardly messed around at all. Okay, we did spend a little bit of time comparing the most effective way to shoot rubber bands at each other. Another teacher uses this really complex style of holding her hand like a gun and wrapping the rubber band around it. I prefer the old fashioned over the thumb approach, although it doesn't work very well if you have long nails. But mostly we worked on aligning the curriculum with PA standards in history, civics & government, economics, and geography. Really.

    Another busy day tomorrow so I guess I'll go to sleep now.


  23. Saberpilot

    Saberpilot Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2002

    Sick, sick, sick. BAH!

    I hate being sick. Luckily I don't have to work this weekend.. but STILL! I HATE BEING SICK! WAHHHHHHHH!

    Yes, I did see the ads for the Veggie Movie. However, since I work, the only times I can get down there would be during the week.. hardly during the weekend- and I don't feel like paying $8 to see it.

    I'll wait for the video. Because Larry the Cucumber is special.

    My sinuses and throat stink. They just want to bottle up, then run, run, run. I'm having fun, fun, fun, repeating things three times, times, times.

    Saw Goku go SS3 today, though.. that brightens up my life a little. It's interesting, as well, how many bad remakes there are of movies.

    I watched the new 'Blob'. My gosh. It followed the old story line to a T- except it was now a genetic experiment rather than a pure 'alien' meteor. Bah. Still a big pink/purple thing that eats humans.

    I'm going to call Loew's. I will. I have a manager to talk to, now.. but she wasn't there the other day, so I'm going to call today.

    Ah.. The sweet smell of fresh air. Now only if I could actually smell it.
  24. corran_16201

    corran_16201 Jedi Master star 3

    Nov 28, 2000
    I'm tired.

    New random thoughts-

    A small box can be heavy if filled with gold,silver and bronze medals.

    Ohio is a big frigging state when you try to sleep through it. Michigan on the other hand is small when you attempt the same.

    BIG highschools suck you should see the one this tournament was in. My locker is equal to 3 of theirs.

    Hitler was out to get get me. I bought 2 new models today both Lufftwaffe ever see the camo on them things? Its damn near impossble at 1/72 the normal size.
  25. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    Peace over anger
    Honor over hate
    Strenth over fear

    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge
    There is no passion, there is serenity
    There is no emotion, there is peace
    There is no death, there is the Force

    Nothing is lost where the Force dwells, and the Force is everywhere.

    Jedi are the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.

    Jedi use their powers to defend and protect, never to attack others

    Jedi respect all life, in any form

    Jedi serve others, rather than rule over them, for the good of the galaxy

    Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training

    WWJD -- What Would a Jedi Do?

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