KC, MO Rank SW movies from your favorite to least..

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by DarthBarbieDoll, Apr 27, 2002.

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  1. DarthBarbieDoll Jedi Knight

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    Apr 22, 2002
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    I just thought this would be kinda fun to talk about. Everyone seems to look for something different in a movie. For me it was kind of hard to pick between my top two choices but one finally came to the top:

    1. Empire Strikes Back - This one came out as my fav due to the darkness and tragic element. Alot of great twists and turns here. Plus I liked how Vader was developed a bit more in power and presence. It just rounded out the two oppositions of light and dark a bit better.

    2. Star Wars, A New Hope - It was hard not to pick this one as my all time favorite since this one started it all and I remember it so clearly from 1977. But it's right up there with Empire.

    3. The Phantom Menace - I liked the introductory elements in this one and the backstory. Not really fond of some of the humor elements aka Jar Jar, but overall a nice intro to the series.

    4. Return of the Jedi - This one to me was kind of a let down. I mean Vader went from an awesome bad guy to the whipping boy of the Emperor. I was sad to see his power deflate in that way I guess. And then the whole cute ewok thing.. I just didn't care for that part really. Now I was glad to see Han get out of carbon freeze and all..

    How about everyone else?
  2. GlennB Jedi Knight

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    Oct 7, 1999
    It's rare to find a Star Wars fan that agrees with me on this subject. Especially when ranking numbers 3 and 4. Most switch those two.

    1. Empire Strikes Back - Definitely the darkest film of the series (so far). The best thing about Empire is that they didn't have to spend a lot of time on character development since most of that was established in the first film. This one got right to the meat of the story. And you can't rule out the edgy romance.

    2. Star Wars, A New Hope - Also hard for me to place second, just because this was my first love. Realistically if it hadn't been for some of the cheesiness of it, it would have outranked Empire on my list, but it's a fun fairy tale regardless.

    3. The Phantom Menace - Unlike most fans, I walked out of this one with absolute pleasure. It is fantastic the way Lucas is setting up the rest of the story here. It has some incredible foreshadowing of events to come. And you actually fall in love with this kid who will later become the evil that is Darth Vader. The pod race is one of the finest pieces of film ever. Okay Jar Jar wasn't the greatest Star Wars character, but at least he wasn't an Ewok (see below).

    4. Return of the Jedi - This film could have been the crowning achievement if it hadn't been for the pesky Ewoks. Don't misunderstand, I love the message of primitive means overcoming technology, but the Ewoks just looked bad. The mouths wouldn't articulate and they looked like evil teddy bears. Have to give major kudos to the best space battle scene in a movie to date. Lucasfilm proved that they had it together in effects (for it's time).

  3. DarthBarbieDoll Jedi Knight

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    Apr 22, 2002
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    Coolies. I would agree with your statements as well regarding each of the movies, Glenn.
  4. JediDragon Force Ghost

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    I can't disagree with any of you.

    1. ESB - Without a doubt the best SW movie ever. Long live Kirshner and curse GL for not bringing him back for the rest of them.

    2. ANH - This started it all, and while I liked ESB better, this was a close second.

    3. TPM - Pretty cool, but the acting was sub-par (especially considering the magnitude of actors that were in the film), but the saber battles were far superior to anything in the classic trilogy...but this proves once again that while GL is an awesome creative mind, he's not the best director...

    4. ROTJ - Was really cool and all, but I didn't like the ewoks that much, especially after I heard about the originally planned Wookie story which would have made more sense and been more likely (wookies can whup ass...ewoks? well, duh). If the story would have been a bit better, it would have been over TPM b/c I liked the saber battle at the end of this one.

    BUT I would actually have to say that my favorite is Attack of the Clones, and after that my favorite will be Episode III. Why? Because you are always looking forward to the one you haven't seen yet, so it has you the most excited. AOTC is my favorite for now, but that may very well change after it comes out. Just wait and see.
  5. GlennB Jedi Knight

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    Oct 7, 1999
    JediDragon wrote:
    I didn't like the ewoks that much, especially after I heard about the originally planned Wookie story which would have made more sense and been more likely

    Yeah too bad that couldn't have happened. Although GL said it himself that after he'd established Chewbacca as this more sophisticated creature who (co)pilots a spaceship and uses a bowcaster, it wouldn't have been a credible plot device. I'd have loved to see a wookie battle though.
  6. planet_buzz Jedi Padawan

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    May 5, 2002
    one) ep5
    two) ep4
    thr) ep6
    fou) ep1

    Hopefully, after next week, it'll be:

    one) ep2
    two) ep5
    thr) ep4
    fou) ep6
    fiv) ep1
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