Lit Rank the novels of the new canon

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  1. StarWarsFan1997

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    Jun 22, 2005
    Best: Lost Stars
    Worst: Heir to the Jedi/Aftermath Trilogy Book I
  2. Shadowrain10

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    Sep 12, 2017
    1.) Lost Stars (This book is amazing.)
    2.) Leia Princess of Alderaan (Really good book, I cried quite a few times while reading it)
    3.) Rebel Rising (This book was super griping to me. I loved reading it.)
    4.) Bloodline (I don't remember crying while reading it, but it was still a great novel)
    5.) Thrawn
    6.) Inferno Squad. (I couldn't really find a good place for this book, so I put it here.)
    7.) Lords of the Sith. ( the first novel I read and used to be my favorite, but then I read other books that were amazing as well.)
    8.) Tarkin. (I didn't hate the book, I just need to reread it again, some of the flashbacks were a little blurry for me.)
    9.) A New Dawn.
    10.) Dark Disciple.
    11.) All the YA books that took place during the OT.
    12.) Aftermath Trilogy. (I actually didn't hate these book like a lot of other people did. Sure, the writing was off-putting, but I didn't hate them.)
    13.) Ahsoka. (It was cute.)
    14.) Heir to the Jedi. (I thought this book was really just meh all around. I mean it's not like I outright hated the book or anything, it just felt weak to me.)

    Honorable mention: Phasma, the novelizations (outside of the OT ones since I haven't read them yet. I own both The Princess, The Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy and Beware the Dark Side, but haven't read them yet. I'm not sure if So you want to be a Jedi is worth it or not, I keep hearing mixed opinions on it.) and Before The Awakening.
  3. canadianwookie

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    Jan 15, 2015
    1. Lost Stars
    2. Bloodline
    3. Phasma
    4. Aftermath: Life Debt
    5. Aftermath: Empire's End
    6. A New Dawn
    7. Catalyst
    8. Thrawn
    9. Aftermath
    10. Rogue One Novelization
    11. Rebel Rising
    12. Heir to the Jedi
    13. Ashoka
    14. Battlefront: Twilight Company
    15. Dark Disciple
    16. Lords of the Sith
    17. The Force Awakens Novelization
    18. Tarkin

    Still haven't read Inferno Squad or Leia: PoA yet. Of this list I'd say the first 3 are must reads, books that I couldn't put down. Feel like with the Claudia Gray books I don't really have much new to say, she just seems so at home writing Star Wars. I just finished Phasma a book I had 0 expectations for and absolutely loved it, couldn't put it down. 4-12 are all books I quite enjoyed to varying degrees. The Aftermath books in particular are really good and well worth a read. Thrawn and a New Dawn are great additions to Rebels, same with Catalyst, Rebel Rising and the Rogue One Novelization feel like a cool trilogy of their own as well. And I think most people didn't like Heir to the Jedi, it's certainly not a must read, but I found it a lot of fun.

    The last 5 didn't really do it for me. LotS, Tarkin, Dark Disciple just didn't really float my boat, parts of Dark Disciple I loved but the second half got a little silly for me. Twilight Company is a good book by all objective measures but isn't really a genre I'm super interested in. Ashoka felt really inconsequential to me as if the only reason it had to exist was so we could have a book about Ashoka (a character I really like!). And as a big TFA fan the book added nothing new.
  4. Shadowrain10

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    Sep 12, 2017

    I liked the second half of Twilight Company, I wasn't sure where the first half was going at all. I felt like Lords of the Sith was a movie while reading it.
  5. Uncivilized

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    May 8, 2015
    Everything I read so far...

    1. Bloodline (Great book. Hope to see more like this.)
    2. Leia, Princess of Alderaan (Also a great book. I don't usually read teen novels.)
    3. Phasma (Not my type of Star Wars story but still a good book. Phasma is insane.)
    4. Tarkin (Above average story.)
    5. A New Dawn (This book surprised me.)
    6. Heir to the Jedi (One of the most boring books about Luke. It was just ok.)
    7. Lords of the Sith (This was ok. This isn't the type of story I want to see Palpatine in.)
    8. Aftermath (The teenage boy was annoying and the battle droid was very silly. Otherwise it was ok. This should be a teen read.)

    Currently reading The Force Awakens.
  6. Master Endz-One

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    Jun 30, 2017
    I changed my mind, my new favorite is Lost Stars.
  7. JABoomer

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    Oct 23, 2009

    1. Aftermath: Empire's End - solid ending to the trilogy, made the downfall of the Empire believable, added to the Emperor's mythos with a kill-switch on the Empire, celestial stations, and exploration of the Unknown Regions
    2. Tarkin - really enjoyed the internal politics of the Empire
    3. Lords of the Sith - interesting to see the Vader/Palpatine interactions
    4. Aftermath: Life Debt - really enjoy seeing the galactic powers struggle for dominance after Endor
    5. From a Certain Point of View - really enjoyable, luckily the ones I didn't care for were the really short stories, some continuity mistakes towards the end of the book
    6. Ahsoka - tight and well paced story, wasn't expecting to enjoy it but the young adult novels excel, I read it in two days
    7. Catalyst - slow and plodding story, but one that kept moving forward despite few action sequences, again I enjoyed the look into the internal workings on the early Empire
    8. Leia, Princess of Alderaan - good book, explores Leia's character and is spot on while doing so, I was surprised how old she was when she became involved in the Rebellion but it makes sense
    9. Rebel Rising - a good read about a tragic story/life
    10. Lost Stars - I enjoyed how it intertwined throughout the OT
    11. Bloodline - good mix of action and politics, but it was difficult to see how useless the NEU New Republic is
    12. Dark Disciple - never knew where the story was going, was a really nice surprise
    13. Aftermath - different style of novel, but the content was interesting
    14. Battlefront: Twilight Company - solid action, never enthralling, enjoyed exploring the Rebellion during this time
    15. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - better adaptation than TFA, but still didn't add a whole lot to the movie itself, found Jyn's motives to be confusing at times
    16. Heir to the Jedi - the first person viewpoint was different (and not in a good way)
    17. A New Dawn - I see lots of people really enjoyed it, I found it to be dull
    18. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - glossed over the best parts and didn't properly capture the funny moments from the film, and added little to the story
  8. smisk

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    Feb 16, 2015
    What I've read...

    1. Lost Stars
    2. Thrawn
    3. Twilight Company
    4. Bloodline
    5. Empire's End
    6. Life Debt
    7. Tarkin
    8. Aftermath
    9. Lords of the Sith

    I've enjoyed all the novels to some degree, though LotS was easily the weakest for me. I just finished Thrawn, and was kind of surprised how much I liked it. It's a smaller story than HttE, but it's cool that we get to see the war from many different viewpoints.
    Probably will read FACPOV or Phasma next.
  9. Yunzabit

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    Apr 5, 2015
    I wonder where I'll end up putting Thrawn: Alliances?
  10. darthzac14

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    Nov 8, 2012
    Bloodline (I loved Lost Stars and Gray's writing. The book was so interesting with the political maneuvering I wish it could have been longer.)
    Aftermath: Life Debt (I was very apprehensive about this one after Aftermath. It turned out excellent. I liked that it had so much Han Solo in it.)
    Lords of the Sith (I was highly looking forward to this one and it delivered. Loved the tie-ins to what came before and what is to come, chronologically speaking.)
    Tarkin (I love everything Luceno writes and found the Tarkin-Vader relationship perfect.)
    Thrawn (I also love everything Zahn writes and thought the characterizations of Thrawn and Pryce were excellent additions to their Rebels appearances. I did think there was a bit much in the Pryce department though.)
    Catalyst (This book was something I wish I read prior to watching Rogue One the first time. However I think I'll appreciate some of the small things going back. As always Luceno knocks it out of the park.)
    Battlefront: Twilight Company (I did have to read this book over entirely. I tried to read it when It was reprinted on paperback but let it lay for a year. Picked it back up and really liked it. It reminded me of the Republic Commando series)
    Dark Disciple (After the lackluster Son of Dathomir, I was apprehensive about this one. It's very good especially Ventress and Vos.)
    Aftermath: Empire's End (The book was fine. It just wasn't as good as Life Debt. I would call it the Dark Knight Rises of the Aftermath trilogy)
    A New Dawn (This book was also fine. It was a good introduction to Kanan and Hera but more significantly in the literary section of the universe: Rae Sloane.)
    Aftermath (I hated this book. It was boring and the characters were uninspiring.)
    Heir to the Jedi (I did not like the first-person writing. I find it lazy and the story was forgettable.)

    **From a Certain Point of View was really great. It was something different and I hope to see more like that in the future. It was also different. That's why I didn't place it with the rest.

    I've read the TFA novelization and I have no memory of it. I've picked up the RO novelization and haven't touched it. Gonna try to knock out the recent Disney-Lucasfilm books out soon (Rebel Rising, Leia, Legends of Luke Skywalker) before moving onto Inferno Squad and Phasma.
  11. Diego Lucas

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    Dec 12, 2015
    1) Bloodline: A
    2) Leia - Princess Of Alderan: A
    3) Catalyst: A-
    4) Rogue One: A-
    5) Lost Stars: A-
    6) Certain Point Of View: A-
    7) Life Debt: B+
    8) Tarkin: B
    9) TFA: B-
    10) Heir To The Jedi: C+
    11) A New Dawn: C
    12) Aftermath: C-

    I am reading Phasma now.
  12. WebLurker

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    Mar 12, 2016
    Yeah, I think it would be cool if at certain anniversary points, they did that for all the movies, or at least the original six (TFA kinda had one with that Aliens Vol. 1 book).

    Yeah, I found that one to pretty unremarkable. I do love the junior novelization version, though.

    I think that's a really good book. Like Catalyst, it adds a lot to the movie. I think it'd be worth your while after you've gotten through the rest of your reading list.

    Rebel Rising was good (although I think I was maybe expecting too much from it). Leia is really good (although not my most favorite). I've started Legends of Luke Skywalker. While there has been something of a narrative in the framing story (the idea is that each story is told by people on a ship going to Canto Bight, Canterbury Tales-style). Not bad, but it's not grabbing my interest like the others have so far. The first story is worth the price of admission, though. Inferno Squad is was good, but heavy.

    Phasma is kind of a "here's the backstory," so I'm not sure how many re-reads it'll hold up to. (It's also surprisingly graphic for a Star Wars book -- although I was surprised by the sexual material that got put into all the YA novels, so take that for what it's worth). However, the framing story ties everything together really well (Cap. Cardinal is one of the most interesting novel-only characters to date), so I think this's one of the more worthwhile installments. At any rate, you'll learn exactly why Phasma caved in so quickly about the shields with a pretty satisfactory explanation. If you're into comics, you might want to pair this one with the Captain Phasma miniseries. I'd read the book, first; the comic spoils a couple of minor details that are more fun learning from the book first.
  13. Jedi of Mandalore

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    Dec 22, 2015
    Now that I've read (really listened since all audiobooks) 5 books, might as well put together a small ranking.

    1. Lords of the Sith
    2. Tarkin
    3. Dark Disciple
    4. A New Dawn
    5. Heir to the Jedi

    I've got to be honest with myself and realize that I don't have all the time in the world. I've read them in order up to this point but now I'm just going to read the ones I'm really interested in and if I have extra time I'll move onto the rest of the books.

    I started up Thrawn and I hope it lives up to the hype. I'm really hoping they start moving beyond the Skywalker timeline and go into different eras. Just seeing the references to holocrons and ancient Sith/Jedi lore makes me happy.
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  14. Erkan12

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    Nov 27, 2013
    Lords of the Sith
    Dark Disciple
    The Force Awakens
  15. darthzac14

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    Nov 8, 2012
    Battlefront II: Inferno Squad
    Aftermath: Life Debt
    Lords of the Sith
    Last Shot
    Battlefront: Twilight Company
    Dark Disciple
    Aftermath: Empire's End
    A New Dawn
    Canto Bight
    Heir to the Jedi

    **I've read the TFA novelization and I have no memory of it. RO novelization was good not great. From a Certain Point of View was really great and different, I hope to see more like that in the future.
  16. JABoomer

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    Oct 23, 2009
    I may try a young readers novel. Of the following, which do people like?

    -Before the Awakening
    -Guardians of the Whills (novel)
    -Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure
    -Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure
    -Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens: Volume I
    -The Force Awakens: Rey's and Finn's Stories
    -The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron
    -The Legends of Luke Skywalker
    -The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear!
    -The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure
  17. Grievousdude

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    Jan 27, 2013
    I can recommend Weapon of a Jedi, Moving Target and Guardians of the Whills. They're short reads but are fun while they last.

    Cobalt Squadron was ok. This one could actually have done with being shorter since most of the action happens in the first 100 pages and it gets a bit boring after that.
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  18. JABoomer

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    Oct 23, 2009
    Thanks! Is the reading level noticeably inferior that it detracts from the enjoyment?
  19. Grievousdude

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    Jan 27, 2013
    A little bit in Cobalt Squadron. The others are the same as the Ahsoka novel was I would say.
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  20. AhsokaSolo

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    Dec 23, 2015
    I've only read a handful, and I don't remember them all. Of those I remember:

    1. Catalyst - I read it before I saw R1 and I really loved it. Unlike any SW book I have read and I loved seeing this scientific/Empire political side of things. It's the first SW book I have read that felt closer to sci-fi than to space fantasy, which is my favorite genre. It made Lyra's death in R1 more irritating to me than I think it otherwise would have been.
    2. Bloodline
    3. Princess of Alderaan
    4. Ahsoka
    5. Legends of Luke Skywalker
    6. Aftermath: Life Debt

    I enjoy all of the above, although less with Aftermath: Life Debt. I tried reading a few others including the other Aftermaths, but I can't remember anything about them. I think I didn't finish them.

    Thanks to people's lists, I'm going to go get Rebel Rising. Not sure why I missed that one, but it sounds like one I'd like.

    Edit ~ I just remembered my daughter read Rey's Survival Guide and I read some of that with her. I actually thought it was pretty cute.
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  21. Taral-DLOS

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Here's my ranking of what I've read so far from the New Canon novels:

    1. Lost Stars
    2. Leia, Princess of Alderaan
    3. Bloodline (top three by the same author. Hmm.)
    4. Aftermath: Empire's End
    5. Tarkin
    6. Lords of the Sith
    7. Aftermath: Life Debt
    8. Dark Disciple
    9. Heir to the Jedi
    10. Aftermath

    Still to read (but mostly purchased, and will read in this order):
    1. Catalyst
    2. Rebel Rising
    3. Rogue One novelization
    4. Battlefront: Twilight Company
    5. Battlefront II: Inferno Squad
    6. Phasma
    7. The Force Awakens novelization
    8. Ahsoka
    9. Thrawn
    9'. Thrawn: Alliances (will read it here if it's out in paperback by the time I get to it)
    10. A New Dawn
    11. Canto Bight
    12. The Last Jedi novelization
    13. Most Wanted
    14. Last Shot
    15. Solo novelization
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  22. Yunzabit

    Yunzabit Jedi Knight star 3

    Apr 5, 2015
    I have A New Dawn as number 1, but I hope Thrawn: Alliances knocks it off the top spot.
  23. Darkslayer

    Darkslayer Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 26, 2013

    1) Dark Disciple A+

    A great book that resolves Ventress's story in TCW. It felt so much like the TV show, which I was grateful for as I am a huge fan of the show and still miss it. I will admit I teared up at the end of this one.

    2) Bloodline A+

    A fantastic look at the galaxy between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, but also a great character study of our favorite princess. I loved the string-pulling and it being the Empire that had to subtlety for a change. Plus I love the study of politics IRL so this book was right up my ally. I didn't like the direction Leia was taken in TFA but this book made it A LOT easier for me to swallow. Excellent job Claudia Gray.

    3) Catalyst A

    James Luceno is back, and this time he gives Rogue One the Darth Plagueis treatment. While it gets a bit technical at times, the book is structured very similarly to the Plagueis book - I flew through the last third of the novel. Even though I knew the outcome I was still on the edge of my seat. Bonus points for the typical myriad of Luceno EU references.

    4) Ahsoka A

    This was another great character study. As stated above, I am a big TCW fan so of course I was very excited to read this book. It did not disappoint and was actually better than I anticipated! Glad we got to see the (extremely) early days of the rebellion and how Ahsoka was one of the first to join. She was also a beast in combat. Also loved the interludes that discussed Ahsoka's time during ROTS and the Siege of Mandalore - bonus points for working as a quasi-sequel to the Legends Kenobi novel by wrapping up a loose end in that book.

    5) Lords of the Sith A-

    Sidious and Vader Kick Butt could be an alternative title for this book. Vader was written so well, and Sidious's machinations were in full effect. I really enjoyed the Twi'leks too actually, as we saw the return of Cham Syndulla and his band of freedom fighters.

    6) Rebel Rising A-

    This book is basically a biography of Jyn Erso, but it manages to give a very good character arc to her as well. I also really liked Revis's portrayal of Saw.

    7) Aftermath: Empire's End B+

    This one got a bit dry at times, but the last two-thirds of the book had me turning pages at a breakneck pace. The Battle of Jakku was epic and Rax was a great villain.

    8) Thrawn B+

    Another character study (NuCanon seems fond of these), Timothy Zahn returns and shows us Thrawn's rise to power in the Empire. He's a wonderfully complex character, and reading from Thrawn's PoV was a real treat. Also enjoyed the characterization that Zahn gave to Governor Pryce in Rebels.

    9) Leia: Princess of Alderaan B

    Unfortunately, this is the worst of the YA books that I have read. Although it was still an enjoyable book, I didn’t find myself too invested in Leia’s trials, and as they took up like half the book. Also the romance was a tad cheesy to me. Those two things kept it from reaching Grade A status with me. However, any parts dealing with the politics, the rebellion, or Leia’s family issues were great. Overall a good, but not great, book.

    10) Lost Stars B-

    This book was lots better than I expected. The only reason I have it lower is because love stories are just not my thing. However it was a new and different concept so props to Claudia Gray for doing a great job.

    11) Aftermath: Life Debt C+

    Mixed feelings on this one. The story and world-building were great. What I did not like though was that Han Solo was written very out of character. I know much of that is due to where he is at in TFA, but I feel like there could have been a more organic way to get him there (like Leia in Bloodlines).

    12) Tarkin C

    Honestly, I was disappointed with this one. The parts with Tarkin's backstory were a slog. I'm glad Vader guest-starred, and I thought getting inside the mind of Tarkin was interesting, but overall despite the typical Luceno universe-building there just isn't as much here as there is in his other works.

    13) Phasma C-

    This book was a struggle for me to get through. It’s pace was just to slow. It did a good job building Phasma as a character though and showing how her rise affected the First Order.

    14) Aftermath C-

    I have a bizarre relationship with this one. Tried to read it once before TFA came out, gave up about 100 pages in. Upon hearing good things about Life Debt I tried again and I liked it much better. The story is decent and the end battle is cool. The book feels very padded to me though and it drags the score down a lot.

    15) Heir to the Jedi D+

    I liked the first person. I liked the characterization of Luke. I liked him learning how to build a lightsaber and be his awkward self. Unfortunately though there really isn't that much that happens in this book, hence the low score. It's not a bad book, it's just kinda forgettable, which for a Star Wars book loses a lot of my points in my evaluation.

    16) A New Dawn D

    I'm part-way through but I've given up on it for now. I don't like the Rebels characters that much (why does it have to be Kanan who gives Obi-Wan the signal beacon idea he uses in ROTS - I feel like the saga is put around Rebels characters as opposed to the other way around) to begin with but also it feels like the overall story of this book has been covered better in other books. Hera's stuff that I've read was decent.
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  24. Dannik Jerriko

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    Sep 12, 2017
    This is my ranking of the novels that I have read so far. For me, Lost Stars is by far the best and easily makes my top 5 Star Wars books of all time. Thrawn was a well executed re-imagining of one of my favourite characters. I just finished Last Shot and really didn't enjoy the writing style.

    1. Lost Stars
    2. Thrawn
    3. Bloodline
    4. Catalyst
    5. Dark Disciple
    6. A New Dawn
    7. Tarkin
    8. Inferno Squad
    9. Leia: Princess of Alderaan
    10. Lords of the Sith
    11. Guardians of the Whills
    12. Heir to the Jedi
    13. Aftermath
    14. Last Shot
  25. Taral-DLOS

    Taral-DLOS Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 29, 2009
    I read a few more books, so need to update my list:

    1. Lost Stars
    2. Leia, Princess of Alderaan
    3. Bloodline (top three by the same author. Hmm.)
    4. Catalyst
    5. Aftermath: Empire's End
    6. Tarkin
    7. Rebel Rising
    8. Lords of the Sith
    9. Rogue One novelization
    10. Aftermath: Life Debt
    11. Dark Disciple
    12. Heir to the Jedi
    13. Aftermath
    14. Guardians of the Whills

    Still to read (but mostly purchased, and will read in this order):
    1. Battlefront: Twilight Company
    2. Battlefront II: Inferno Squad
    3. The Force Awakens novelization
    4. Before the Awakening
    5. Phasma
    6. Ahsoka
    7. Thrawn
    8. A New Dawn
    9. The Last Jedi novelization
    10. Cobalt Squadron
    11. Canto Bight
    12. Solo novelization
    13. Most Wanted
    14. Last Shot
    15. Thrawn: Alliances