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    I don’t know if anybody else noticed this but their seems to be a weird trend in SW novels these days. They all do flashbacks and side stories and interludes and it’s driving me crazy. Does anybody remember the NJO books or FOTJ. It didn’t do it as much. Those books were also I felt written much better. I don’t understand why I don’t like any of the neu books. I read them and I get bored. Is it just me has anybody noticed Star Wars books aren’t molded the way they used to be?
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    Please god don't let this turn into a "Legends was Better" thread.
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    I thought I agreed with this, but then I re-read Betrayal and it didn't hold up as well as I remembered.

    I'm going to read through NJO soon so I'll see how those hold up, but I think we look at the Legends books with rose-tinted glasses.

    That being said, I do definitely agree that the style of the Nu-Canon books hasn't really captured me yet, outside of Grey's books.
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    Apr 10, 2017
    I like a lot of the new canon novels, but Grey is on another level for me. Lost Stars and Bloodline are some of my favorites, hands down.
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    1. Thrawn - Everything I could ever want from a novel, a look behind the curtain of the Imperial military from the Grand Admiral himself

    2. Aftermath: Empire's End - solid ending to the trilogy, made the downfall of the Empire believable, added to the Emperor's mythos with a kill-switch on the Empire, celestial stations, and exploration of the Unknown Regions
    3. Tarkin - really enjoyed the internal politics of the Empire
    4. Lords of the Sith - interesting to see the Vader/Palpatine interactions
    5. Aftermath: Life Debt - really enjoy seeing the galactic powers struggle for dominance after Endor
    6. From a Certain Point of View - really enjoyable, luckily the ones I didn't care for were the really short stories, some continuity mistakes towards the end of the book
    7. Ahsoka - tight and well paced story, wasn't expecting to enjoy it but the young adult novels excel, I read it in two days
    8. Most Wanted - fun and enjoyable story that provided fantastic background to the main characters in Solo
    9. Battlefront II: Inferno Squad - solid book looking at the internal conflict the Empire creates within it's own ranks, fun to then watch cut-scenes from game

    10. Catalyst - slow and plodding story, but one that kept moving forward despite few action sequences, I enjoyed looking into the workings of the early Empire
    11. Leia, Princess of Alderaan - good book, explores Leia's character and is spot on while doing so, surprised how old she was when she became involved in the Rebellion
    12. Rebel Rising - a good read about a tragic story/life
    13. Lost Stars - I enjoyed how it intertwined throughout the OT
    14. Phasma - enjoyable and unexpected backstory that provides good depth to a character poorly utilized in the films
    15. Bloodline - good mix of action and politics, but it was difficult to see how useless the NEU New Republic is
    16. Dark Disciple - never knew where the story was going, was a really nice surprise
    17. Aftermath - different style of novel, but the content was interesting
    18. Battlefront: Twilight Company - solid action, never enthralling, enjoyed exploring the Rebellion during this time
    19. Canto Bight - first two stories were hard to get through (had to really concentrate to read Mira Grant's writing), last two were good, especially The Ride
    20. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - better adaptation than TFA, but still didn't add a whole lot to the movie itself, found Jyn's motives to be confusing at times
    21. Heir to the Jedi - the first person viewpoint was different (and not in a good way)
    22. A New Dawn - I see lots of people really enjoyed it, I found it to be dull
    23. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - glossed over the best parts and didn't properly capture the funny moments from the film, and added little to the story
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    The only one I enjoyed was A New Dawn. I would read it again. (That's how I know a book is good). The rest, once is enough.

    I'm hoping next week when Thrawn: Alliances comes out, I'll have 2 books I like. Right now its 50/50. The concept is great but I remember that the first Thrawn was not good. I was shocked. Timothy Zahn is regarded as the father of the EU, and an excellent writer.